Under the Gown

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I watch you as you lie there, peacefully sleeping beside me. I’ve just woken up and am once again amazed at your beauty. I lean and lightly lick your neck, gliding it almost too lightly from the crook of your neck, up the smooth flesh and all around your ear.

You shiver at my touch and start to stir from your slumber. My hand strokes down your side, across your hip and over your pussy, cupping your sex through your long white cotton nightgown. You moan lightly and I feel your lips nuzzling my neck, placing feather-light kisses there.

I rub your pussy through the material of your gown, my middle finger dragging along the outline of your slit. My other hand rubs your belly in slow circles. You let your tongue lazily trace a vein in my neck before you move your lips to my earlobe. I shudder at your touch, my ears are so sensitive.

My hand moves from your belly to stroke all around your body, my fingertips barely touching you, the fabric of the nightie making my touch even lighter. They glide over your legs and your sides, over your breasts and your neck. My other hand starts rubbing your pussy a little harder.

You playfully nibble and suck at my earlobe, your cool fingers play on my neck and your hips start rocking ever so slightly against my hand. My thumb finds your clit and starts spinning around it through your nightie. I cup your breast and rub the firm round flesh.

You moan in my ear and arch your body against mine. I clamp my teeth playfully on your neck, gnawing at the flesh as my hands play with your body. “Mmmmm… God…” you moan. I suck on your earlobe, flicking it with my tongue in my mouth. Then I run my tongue over the curves of your ear before sucking the lobe some more. You shudder and whimper, wrapping one of your legs around mine.

I lean down and start biting your breast through your gown, finding the nipple and gently chewing it and canlı bahis rubbing it with my tongue. I can feel your nightie getting moist with my hand rubbing your sex. You let out another quiet moan and you play your fingers over my shaved scalp, your head spinning from the sensation of my tongue and the wet fabric against your nipple.

I run my tongue stud in circles around your nipple, the hard metal pressing into your little nubbins. I start pressing the fabric between your pussy lips, my finger sliding up and down along your slit. You groan and squirm under my touch, trying to pull the fabric up.

I move my hand over to your round ass, rubbing and squeezing it in my palm as I keep biting your breasts through the fabric. “Off,” you gasp, “I want the gown off…”

“Then what are you waiting for?” I ask teasingly. I always sleep in the nude, your gown is the only thing between our hot naked bodies.

You reach down and pull the gown up and over your head, tossing it to the side. You’re nude underneath the gown and my cock hardens completely at the sight of your beautiful body. You lick your lips and smile, letting me look my fill.

I lean in and kiss your moist lips, gently biting your lower lip and sucking it into my mouth. Your hands run across my shoulders and down to the small of my back.

I pull you up on top of me so you straddle my belly. I reach up and take your breasts in my hands and lean in to suck and lick them some more. You close your eyes, letting your head tilt back, still getting wetter and wetter by the second. I reach down and slide a finger into your slick snatch, pushing it in and out of you as my thumb frigs your clit. You shudder beneath my touch, your body already burning.

I take your hand and move it around to my throbbing cock, just behind you. I whisper in your ear, “It’s your cock… Use it how you like…” and go back to sucking bahis siteleri on your gorgeous melons.

Your eyes light up and you smile! You start gently stroking my cock, sighing at the feel of it in your hand. A smile spreads on my face as I feel your hand on my dick. I take your ass in my hands and massage the cheeks as I enjoy the sensations you’re giving me. You run a thumb around the head of my cock, pressing your ass back into my hands.

“Mmmm, yeah…” I whisper, “that’s right… play with your cock…” I rub you between your butt cheeks, feeling your nether hole twitch as my fingers brush it. You bite your bottom lip. That’s always been a weak spot for you…

I slide two fingers into your pussy, then bring the slick wetness around to your ass, rubbing your juices up and down your crack, twirling my fingers around the puckered hole. You take a shuddering breath, your eyes closing and your hand going still on my cock. I press a finger to your anus, slowly pushing against the tight muscles, gently pressing into you.

You hold as still as you can, still trembling in pleasure. I push my middle finger all the way inside you, my ring and index fingers playing around the edge as I slowly start pulling my finger out of you and pushing it back in. You lean forward, bringing your hands to rest on my chest, your mouth open slightly.

I reach over and pick up a tube of KY from the bedside table. I put some on my fingers and spread it up and down your crack, pushing some of it into your butt, making you nice and slippery. I slide two fingers slowly into you, letting you get used to them there. You take slow, measured breaths, releasing them in quiet moans.

I push you down a bit, positioning my cock at the entrance to your ass. I pull your cheeks apart to let you settle your way comfortably onto my dick better. You squirm impatiently before I bring my cock up bahis şirketleri and into your ass. I can feel your tight hole squeeze me beautifully as I push inch after inch into you.

You cry out, a near sob of pleasure. “Fuck yes! God…” you moan as your body shakes. I hold you there, my cock deep in your ass, letting you get used to its presence. Slowly I start sliding it out of you, until just the head of my dick is inside you, then I Slam it back into you, slowly pull you, and Slam it in!

“My God…” you groan, “Mmmmmmm… incredible…”

My pounding cock slides in and out of your beautiful tight ass! I reach up and chew on your nipples again, going wild with your ass clenching my dick! You deliberately tighten your muscles around my cock, gasping for breath! Your pussy is dripping onto my stomach.

“Oh fuck yes!” I grunt. In and out, my cock plunges into your ass, my balls slapping against your cheeks with each thrust, an intense look of pleasure spreading across my face. You reach down between us to slide your fingers across your dripping pussy… you shudder when you brush your throbbing clit…

“Mmmm, fuck you look so sexy like that…” I whisper, “my dick slamming into your butt, your eyes clenched shut, your fingers playing with your pussy on my stomach…”

“Mmmmm…” you gasp, “it feels so amazing…”

“I don’t think I can hold it much longer!”

“God… Fuck… Then don’t…!”

My dick explodes in your ass! My cum splashes all over the walls inside your ass, my cock pulses hard with each long spurt!

“Ohhhhhhhh Goddddd…” you moan at the top of your lungs… shuddering… cumming hard… gushing all over my stomach!

I reach down and wet my fingers in your cum, licking them off over and over. I wet them again and offer them to you. You take my fingers into my mouth, sucking hungrily.

“Mmmmm, God that’s sooooo gooooooood,” I groan.

You let my fingers slide out of your mouth with a pop and lick your lips clean.

I pull you down to me and just hold you in my arms, your ass gently squeezing my slowly softening dick…

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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