Undercover Cowgirl

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I sit next to Chris in class. He has gorgeous green eyes and the softest black curls that I always want to run my fingers through. We talk sometimes, and have hung out in study groups after class, but I want more than that.

I just can’t tell him. I’m too nervous. I’ve never been good at sharing anything with anyone, other than myself.

And so, week after week, I sit in my desk and watch him out of the corner of my eye as he listens intently to the professor. I long to help push the curls out of his eyes when he pours over the textbook in front of him.

On the last Friday of the semester, I can’t watch Chris as I need to concentrate fully on the exam in front of me. After the professor dismisses us, Chris stops me as I’m gathering up my bag.

“You didn’t look at me at all today.”

I blush in mortification. “Oh,” I squeak.

He smiles slightly. “I know you’re attracted to me. I think you’re sexy, too, Sammy.” I feel myself relax a bit. He feels the same way?

“Why don’t you come hang out with me? I’ve got my dorm room to myself, because my roommate already left for his holiday vacation.” I hear myself agreeing, and he takes my hand, and we walk through the crowds of students celebrating the end of the semester. I shiver, even though his hand appears to be sending waves of warmth throughout my whole body.

We are mostly quiet on our walk to his dorm, mainly making porno izle small comments about the final exam and if we passed the class. We walk through the lobby and into an elevator, still holding hands. As the doors shut us in, he puts his arm around my shoulders, and I sink into him. It’s not a long ride to the 5th floor, and as the door opens, he pulls me along to his room. I wait impatiently as he unlocks the door, and once we have the door shut between us, tension builds. I look at him and can’t take it anymore.

Reaching up, I grab his face and kiss him. He stumbles back against the wall in surprise, but instantly reciprocates. He kisses me as if he needs me to help him breathe. We take a moment and unzip our heavy jackets and untie our boots, throwing them carelessly onto the floor. He moves towards me slowly and pulls my hat off my head, releasing my long, curly hair. He buries his fingers in it and pulls me back to him. I unbutton his shirt, and then mine. He kisses down my neck and then pushes my shirt off my arms, taking a moment to admire my cleavage in my lacy black bra, before reaching around and unclasping it.

He pushes me down onto the bed and helps me pull off my jeans, then unbuttons his. I am only wearing my panties, and he is only in his boxers, and though the dorm is not well-heated, we are both flushed and panting. I reach out and push his boxers to the amatör porno floor, watching as his erection pops out at me. I reach out and wrap my hand around it and give a few gentle pumps. He groans, and I feel exhilarated. This man that I’ve admired for so many months is turned on by me and what I’m doing to him.

After a while of stroking his cock, I pull him towards me. I kick off my panties and he kneels between my legs. I lie back and wait, looking up at him eagerly. He smirks and leans down to kiss me. Then, he kisses down my neck, finally stopping to wrap his mouth around a nipple. I arch my back and he easily slides a finger inside me.

“Oh, god. You’re soaked, Sammy.” He murmurs around my nipple. I groan, and he adds another finger.

This is fun, but after a while, I know I need to be filled with more than fingers. I push him away, and Chris looks at me in disappointment.

“I need you,” I whisper huskily. He nods and moves towards me, but I grab him and push him onto his back on the bed. He looks startled, but then smiles appreciatively as I straddle him and position my sopping wet pussy over his hard cock.

“Are you ready, Chris?” I whisper, rubbing myself over the tip, teasing him a bit. He grunts and nods. I place my hands on his chest and slowly begin to sink down on top of him. Without warning, he thrusts his hips and he is all anal porno the way inside me. I cry out loudly from the sudden, intense feeling of fullness, scratching his chest a bit with my nails. He groans underneath me.

“Ride me, Sammy.” He whispers pleadingly. I oblige and begin to move my hips.

I feel so powerful, so in control. I find a rhythm where my clit is being stimulated by his pubic bone as his cock hits just the right spot deep inside my pussy. He reaches up and fondles my breasts, grunting and panting as I move faster and faster, feeling myself get ready to explode.

One of his hands moves to my waist and his nails dig into the skin of my lower back, while his other hand pinches and pulls on my right nipple. I thrust my hips more quickly, and then feel myself losing control.

“Chris! Oh oh god!” I yell as I push down onto him and feel my insides clench. My wet walls squeeze as I cum, calling out my pleasure, and he clutches my hips tightly as I feel him cum inside me, too.

Finally, I collapse on top of him, and we are both silent for several minutes.

“Wow, Sammy,” Chris whispers once he’s caught his breath. “I definitely didn’t expect you to be like this in bed with how shy you always have been.”

I smile against his neck and gently ease off of him, instantly missing the fullness. He turns his head to look at me and I wink.

“You don’t have to be outgoing to be a cowgirl.”

He laughs and rolls on top of me. I feel that his cock is already hardening again. “You can be anything with me, Sammy.” He slips three fingers inside me as he kisses me, and I know next semester will be much more fun.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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