Undercover Informant

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I was a new law enforcement agent, recently recruited from the District Attorney’s office and trying to make a name for myself. I was looking into some drug deals and gang activity, and had to rely on an acquaintance from my prosecuting days. Barry had gotten under my skin early on in the game, he always admitted his involvement yet always managed to be so good natured, polite, and helpful that neither the cops nor the prosecutors were eager to throw the book at him. He was never willing to commit to being a real Confidential Informant though, as he realized that would compromise him permanently.

I had relied on Barry during my prosecution career and learned to trust him, but I only came to him when I was really desperate for help. And Barry never begrudged me information. He was cocky, sexy, and knew his exact role and value to both sides of the game. We never met in the real world, never at the courthouse, it was always in Barry’s haunts; which were usually the very private rooms of the newest or most exclusive clubs. I never knew his exact role or relationship to any of these places, and it was meant to stay that way.

One night I was supposed to meet Barry at one of these such establishments, a place of which I had never heard, which was probably the point since it had no name, and it didn’t look like anything other than a warehouse from the outside. From what I had learned, it was a mecca of pleasure. Anything you could imagine, right there for the taking. It was dark, mirrored. You didn’t know if you were being watched via camera, or through a two-way mirror… but both seemed feasible. Without any guarantees of who or how many people were watching. And as usual Barry was right at the center, doing god-knows what or whom.

I needed Barry to break my newest case, and admittedly I looked forward to the energy that sparked between us. So I geared up to impress him, the bouncers, and whoever else was going to be watching; I had to make it look like I belonged. Mile high heels, thigh high stockings, black school-girl type skirt in micro-mini, and a black tank-top revealing so much cleavage that I got some good-natured catcalls and wolf-whistles when I walked into the briefing. I’m used to being the only female on our taskforce and can bull-shit with the best of them, most of the time they treat me with equal respect and bull-shit, but tonight there were definitely appreciative looks going along with the obligatory ribbing.

We worked out the plan, which was supposed to get me through the club without suspicion. I wasn’t sure exactly who came up with it, but I really didn’t care as long as I had the resources and approval necessary to see Barry. Once I was one-on-one with him, the act could drop. Mostly anyway, I was always careful to follow Barry’s cues when we met. I didn’t want to accidentally sell him out as a snitch.

My cover was vague, but I was supposed to deliver a present to Barry. My escorts were to wheel the gift along beside me. Two well-built undercover agents posing as my security guards, entrusted to ceremoniously present a nubile young blonde to his royal highness. The gift was a gorgeous young blonde, naked, on all fours, positioned on a decadent chaise lounge and ripe for the taking. A good-will gesture by some idiot in the department who figured Barry’s help could help him get elected or rich or both; clearly someone who had watched too many mafia movies. But all the guys really got onboard with this plan, and I figured I would be a Grinch if I nixed their opportunity to stare at a naked chick while on duty.

We finally arrived at the club and assembled our gift. Luckily we had researched that the parking was underground and secure, I don’t know how else the bosses envisioned us delivering the gift and not attracting unwanted attention. We made our last minute checks and decided we were good to go.

There was a bouncer at the door, how he kept a straight face and avoided looking at Goldicocks was beyond me, I guess they teach that at bouncer school. porno indir He held the door open for us and I strode in feigning confidence even though there was a knot of anxiety in my stomach. I could feel eyes on me, without seeing a soul. The temperature was just cold enough to send shivers down my skin but not so cold that I felt like I needed a jacket. The blonde didn’t seem to notice. I stood in an austere dimly-lit foyer letting my eyes adjust until I saw a long hallway in front of me. I kept walking forward, knowing this place was designed to look intimidating and foreboding. I follow the mirrored hallway, suppressing the feeling that I was being trapped in a maze.

We trooped through the cold mirrored halls, trying to ignore the twitching blonde repositioning her ass every second – wanting to show her assets to their advantage. I was amazed they recruited someone so attractive, I hadn’t had time to look at her file to see what transgression she was trying to work off; must be pretty legit to agree to this. I knew the agents were getting an eyeful, when I looked at each of them I received a wink and a smirk. Yea, this was a good gig so far.

We kept following the hallway until out of nowhere one of the mirrors slid open to reveal a darkened room. I registered both agents reflexively reach for their guns and start to position themselves on either side of the door opening and simultaneously check that movement and resume their cover. Glancing at me for approval they went ahead and wheeled in their blonde surprise. I followed a short distance behind.

After the discomforting coolness of the hallway I didn’t know what to expect as I walked inside. Nothing could’ve surprised me more, than the warm, cozy, candle-lit and fire-lit den. We had entered what looked like a gentleman’s library, the furniture positioned to face the door, with a large fire going in the fireplace on the side. A large brown leather sectional took up the majority of the room, and there was Barry right in the center getting sucked off by a naked brunette, positioned on her knees at the foot of the couch.

I’d expected nothing less, and I knew Barry was expecting us – otherwise there was no way this place would’ve let us in the main door, much less into his private sanctum. He wasn’t even pretending to enjoy himself. As the door opened, his cool grey eyes rested on me taking in my outfit appreciatively then flicking with mild questioning interest onto the blonde.

“For you,” I said, “courtesy of the boss.”

Barry took the opportunity to disengage the brunette from his cock, seemingly looking relieved for the reprieve; he leaned down and whispered something in her ear and watched her ass as she sashayed across the room to welcome the blonde. My guys also watched her progress across the room, while I tried to see if I could sneak a peek at Barry’s goods before he zipped up his jeans. He caught my eye as he finished zipping up and smirked knowingly at me. I rolled my eyes knowing full-well he enjoyed the attention.

He motioned for me to come join him on the couch then pointedly glanced at my men; telling me without words that they were invited to leave. My men were briefly entranced as the blonde and the brunette had started making out like long lost-lovers. When I started walking toward Barry they quickly looked at me waiting for me to give them the nod to leave; both to show Barry I was in charge, and to reassure them that I was ok at being left alone. One of the agents hesitated minutely and looked at me questioningly, as if to ask whether I was sure; I gave what I hoped was an imperceptible nod and blinked once insistently to let him know that I was really ok and that he needed to go.

As I turned back to Barry I saw that he had been watching me intently and caught that whole exchange. I wondered what if anything he had read into that, did he think the agent and I were lovers, and tried to calm down and concentrate on walking over to him without tripping or making rokettube a fool of myself. I sat down on his left, just in time to see his brunette start licking the blonde’s pussy.

I looked at Barry with a wry expression, and he leaned forward to whisper in my ear, “I suspected she wasn’t really into dick; thank you for confirming it for me.”

“Why did you keep her around if you thought she was faking it?” I asked.

“Someone must’ve had a reason to plant her, and she was real eager to please… just not any good at it.” He replied with a wicked grin.

I rolled my eyes, “and yet you’re now willing to let her blow her cover.”

He looked at me and replied deadpan, “better than her keep trying to blow me… She seems much more suited for this.”

We both watched as the brunette slid her fingers inside the blonde’s pussy. The blonde was positioned facing away from us, still on all fours. And we had a clear view of the brunette licking and fingering for all she was worth. It was a stimulating sight, and neither of us was able to remain unaffected.

My breathing starting to quicken, and the urge to squirm and squeeze my thighs together was growing insurmountable.

“I should leave, I was just supposed to ensure the delivery of the package… we can talk later… enjoy the show” I said.

“If I wanted the blonde, I would’ve arranged for her a long time ago… as for the brunette I’d suspected she was working for the enemy for a while; this confirms it… besides we have unfinished business,” Barry told me, as he angled his body to face mine.

“Oh, and what would that be?” I replied with a mischievous tone while batting my eyes innocently turning to face him.

Barry looked at me intently, his body now turned so that he was almost completely facing me and he put his right hand on top of my knee. I felt my entire body jolt at the sensation; I could barely focus on him. The contact was so unexpected and caught me so off guard I hadn’t had a chance to put up any of my defenses.

“What…is…” Barry started to ask me while slowly sliding his hand upward, all the while maintaining eye contact.

My head was spinning, my nipples were tightening, the only sounds in the room were the slurping and moaning noises being made by the blonde and the brunette as they licked and sucked each other. I wanted him to move his hand higher, I wanted him to slide his fingers under my panties and feel how wet I was getting.

Almost as if he heard my thoughts, Barry moved his hand higher reaching the tips of my thigh highs and touching my naked skin. I moaned softly in anticipation, waiting for him to go the last few inches.

He trailed his fingers all over the exposed skin of my inner thigh, torturing me. There was no denying the effect he was having on me at this point. I was trying to restrain myself, but the urge to push him down on the couch and straddle his lap was about to overtake me. I felt his fingers graze my panties and almost jumped out of my skin from the electricity of the contact. My breathing was ragged, my skin felt like it was on fire, and I felt like I was going to burst into flames if Barry didn’t take me right then and there.

His fingers brushed over my panties and withdrew again, making me whimper lightly and pout. That just made him smile and move his hand back to tease my thigh. I thought two could play at this game but before I could move a muscle, he started leaning towards me; I could feel his body heat, and smell his spicy cologne. He moved his hand back up my thigh to cup my pussy while using one finger to scrape and tease a path back and forth over my panties teasing my clit in the process.

I thought he was going to kiss me for sure, and I lifted my face to meet his; instead he bent his head toward my ear and whispered in the sexiest, huskiest voice I’ve heard, “What is… your decision?”

And I finally realized what he was asking me and that no matter how willing I was to let him seduce me, porno he still needed to know that I understood and accepted the warnings he had given me the last time I’d come to him needing information. When we had come close to crossing the boundary and losing our clothes.

As I considered my response, he finally slipped a finger under the material of my now-drenched panties and slid it through the folds of my pussy, running circles around my clit. I was so close to coming I would have agreed to just about anything. Barry alone was a potent aphrodisiac, but his ministrations, combined with the environment, and the tableaux unfolding in front of us was a lethal combination.

The girls, clearly trained exhibitionists, were in sixty-nine position. The brunette was laying on the bottom, and the blonde was riding her face; we could see that the brunette had at least three fingers pumping in and out of the blondes pussy. And from the looks of it the blonde was working just as hard. Their muffled moans were constant and so loud it was obvious they were both about to explode.

And I was right there with them. My nipples were painfully tight, my pussy felt so wet it was aching to be filled. I was wound so tight, I had to gasp for each breath between jolts of pleasure as the pressure kept building within me.

“Relax.” Barry commanded quietly, his breath and voice stimulating the sensitive nerves in my ear and heightening my pleasure along with the forceful tone of authority. I tried to comply by leaning further backward into the couch, and was rewarded for my effort when he slid a finger inside of me. It felt so good my body arched, my head rolled back, and I closed my eyes in pleasure. I expected him to be fast and quickly add another finger but instead he kept taking his time. Driving me insane with need.

I reached out again to try to touch him, to bring us both out of this torture. And again he stopped me.

Using his left hand, he brushed a strand of hair away from my face. “Just relax. Let me make you come. You’re so wet. God, your pussy is so tight.” He breatheed in my ear, huskily, as he slowly tried to enter me with two fingers, using his thumb to massage my clit; I knew it wouldn’t be long until he sent me over the edge. I’m so tense, my body is practically shaking with the need of release.

He starts whispering to me, “That’s it, baby, you’re so close I can feel it. God, I want to fuck you so much you can’t even imagine it. I want to take you just like this the first time, with you under me and my cock gliding in and out of you so slowly that you will be begging me for release, but I won’t rush it, not until I feel you almost as tense as your are right now. Then maybe I’ll flip you over and fuck you from behind, bury my cock deep in you over and over until you’re screaming my name and we both cum together.”

His actions now mimicked his words; what started as slow and steady is now a hard pounding, his fingers lightly curled in me as he hits the g-spot over and over, his thumb flying over my clit making tighter smaller circles and adding more pressure in perfect harmony.

The blonde and the brunette explode right then, in high pitched keening multiple-orgasmic bliss.

Barry tells me, “Come with them. I want to see you get off right now. I want to feel you come.” With those words, he adds pressure on my clit and I’m lost to all reason. I moan and my world shatters, my body spasms around Barry’s hand. All I can see is flashes of color as my entire body contracts and archs repeatedly. Barry has to keep me steady until the aftershocks subside and I’m no longer in danger of falling off the couch.

When I return to earth and open my eyes the blonde and the brunette are passed out, intertwined. Barry is still next to me, a self-satisfied expression on his face, his hand still inside of me.

“Wow.” Is all I can manage.

Barry adjusts his fingers and presses them deeper, causing a flurry of after shocks to go through my body. His eyes lock on mine and he gently strokes my clit. His eyebrows raise expectantly, waiting for the verbal answer I haven’t yet given.

“OK! Yes! I’m not crazy about your terms, and I don’t know how long I’ll abide by them but I’m willing to give it a shot.” I finally tell him.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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