Unexpected Road Trip

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It had been a streak of bad luck for Jim. With the economy turning south the company he worked for was forced to let people go. After 12 years he found himself unemployed. The job market was scarce for his field and he was having a hard time finding work. His wife, who was sympathetic saw the need to get him out of the house for a while and suggested he go on a road trip to visit family in the East. He felt it was a good idea to get away to clear his head.

Monday morning came and he had his car packed and was ready to go. With the tablet loaded up with all his favorite music hit the road not having any expectations of what is going to happen. He was going to take his time and enjoy the sights along the way. With the sun rising at 6 AM he was on his way

The drive on day 1 was rather uneventful. The usual gas stops and lunch. The weather was gorgeous so he took his time not really having a care in the world. By 4 o’clock driving through Utah he decided that it would be a good time to stop for the night. And pulled off the interstate.

He found a hotel that was suitable for the night and went to check in. Now understand, he had been married for 9 years so it had been well over that since he had been with another man. The memories of playing with his best friend always bought a smile to his face. He remained faithful to her and for a while the sex was good but lately falling off. Sex was the farthest thing his mind…until he saw Corey.

Corey was the desk clerk at the hotel. Around the same age as Jim and had a smile that brightened the room. His eye were a light blue that immediately caught Jim’s’ attention. At 5 foot 7 inches they were able to look directly into each others eyes but he didn’t have the belly Jim grew over the years with a desk job. Not obese mind you, but a little belly and man boobs. He felt that stirring in his belly he hadn’t felt in years. He was compelled to carry on a conversation with him.

“Hi Corey, I’m Jim. Been on the road all day and it’s time for me to settle in for the evening.”

“Hi Jim and welcome. We’ve got some very comfortable rooms here with queen size beds for you.”

There was something about the way he emphasized queen size bed that made Jim take notice. He had never been one to flirt but today he was feeling very interested

“I could definitely use a queen…size bed tonight, Problem is I am all alone on this road trip. Sounds like a waste of space to me. Is there anything exciting to do around here?.

“Here in this small town there really isn’t a heckuva lot to do.”

“Well, what do you do for fun?”

As he handed Escort İstanbul Jim his room card he let his hand linger on Jim’s for a few seconds sending electricity through his body. “I like to find new friends to hang out with and have a good time. You really have to make your own fun.”

Jim replied “Not being from around here I wouldn’t know where to start.”

With a smile “I have another half hour before my shift ends. I would LOVE to show you how fun this town can really be. I gave you room 138 at the end of the hall away from others so you can have your privacy. Out that door and to your left.”

“Perfect” Jim said. “That should give me plenty of time to clean up. Thanks.”

He exited the lobby and made a left. He was surprised how quickly he was walking and could not believe that this was actually happening. Never in a million years would he have thought when he left his house this morning that he would be hooking up with another guy again. As is usually the case he was very nervous, the butterflies churning in his stomach. “what am I doing?” he thought. “am I really gonna go through with this? I can’t believe I’m gonna do this”. He used the card and opened the door to a nice spacious room. Putting down his bags he grabbed his bathroom kit and hurried to the shower.

He took his time making sure he was clean from head to toe. Grabbing a towel he stepped out of the shower and while he dried himself off he couldn’t help notice his reflection in the mirror. He wasn’t thrilled about the weight he put on but not too terrible. He liked what saw in his 7 inch thick cock, tho. He had been told both bi his wife and his old bud Jerome that it is was very impressive (too big for the wife to suck, or so she says). He took a quick look at his clothes and said screw it and wrapped a towel around his waist.

The next 15 minutes seemed like an eternity. He wasn’t at all paying attention to the TV quietly playing in the background. The waiting was excruciating but also exciting at the same time. Absentmindedly he grabbed the remote when the knock on the door finally came. Opening the door there was Corey flashing that amazing smile. “Hi Jim, thanks for the invite”.

“Hi Corey, cum on in.”

As Corey walked through the door he looked down at Jim’s towel and claimed “I love how you dress up for guests Jim. Very comfortable and VERY casual.”

This was the sign Jim needed to know that they were gonna be a go.

He took a step towards Corey reached up and put his hand behind his neck and gently pulled him forward until their lips met immediately bringing a response İstanbul Escort Bayan to his cock. As the kiss went on they opened their lips slightly at first then a bit wider to allow their tongues to do a dance. They each marveled at what a good kisser the other was, lightly rubbing tongues but not shoving them in each others mouth.

Jim then moved his hands down to Corey’s waist and slowly started to pull up his shirt. They broke their kiss for a second as he pulled the shirt over his head. The kiss was making them so hot at this point.. Jim then went and unbuckled Corey’s pants and reached into the back of his underwear grabbing his butt cheeks making Corey moan. He then pulled the underwear down releasing Corey’s 6 inch cock which sprang to attention. With this Corey pulled the towel away and both guys began feeling each other up.

There they were, completely naked and in each others arms. Jim reached down and found his new partners cock grabbing the shaft and moving his hand to the head finding a drop of precum bringing out another moan. He used his fingers to rub the precum all over the head for lubrication. Corey’s hands found Jim’s cock and began to stroke him. Jim’s hunger was growing fast and he said “I can’t wait anymore” and slowly started kissing his way done making sure the nipples got a lot of attention doing what he knew he liked having done to him.

Continuing to work his way down he came to Corey’s hard cock. First he licked around the base and slowly worked his tongue up the underside and to the head licking all the way around and tasting his precum. He looked up at Corey and said “you have no idea how long it’s been since I’ve done this” and with that took the head into his mouth. The memories came flooding back to him about how much he loved having a cock in his mouth as he started out slowly working up and down his shaft stopping every few minutes to lick all around the head and underneath. Judging by Corey’s reaction he knew he was doing it right.

As he worshiped the cock in his mouth he wanted this to last forever but he also knew he needed Corey’s cum and he could tell he was getting close. He could feel his dick throbbing and growing bigger and worked his cock with mouth and hands until Corey let out an “OH God I’m cumming!” Jim wanted the cum in his mouth, not down his throat so he pulled back a little and the juices started to flow. His mouth filled up and some started to escape out the corners. Neither had any idea how much he shot but when he was done Jim held his cum in his mouth and started to swish it around like mouth wash. A little Anadolu Yakası Escort drooled out but that was OK because Jim was determined to get every last drop. As every good cock sucker he believed it was his duty to swallow it all and he did.First licking all his fingers then licking the last drop from the cock he just drained.

“Wow, you are amazing at that!” Corey said. Jim replied “it’s easy if you love doing it.”

When Corey snapped out of his euphoria he announced “not sure I can live up to that but I am gonna give it my all” and with that pulled Jim up and swung him around to lay him on the bed. He climbed aboard and straddled Jim so that Jim;s cock was rubbing Corey’s crack. He leaned down to kiss Jim and could taste his seed. Jim was so worked up he thought he would lose his mind. He worked his way down like Jim had done but wanted to have that cock in his mouth quickly and hurried his way. Jim wasn’t sure how long he could last since he had been worked into a horny frenzy.

Corey was an expert at giving head because he was gay. As he took Jim into his mouth his expertise was immediately realized. The velvety feel of his mouth along with his fast moving tongue proved to be too much for Jim to handle and he cried out “here I cum.” Corey was a bit surprised that it was happening so quickly but pulled him out so that he could cum on his face. Corey loved to have his face covered in cum. The first 2 blasts hit Corey in the forehead and mouth and the next 2 went directly into his mouth.

Never in his life had Jim cum so hard and now he was spent. Corey crawled up to Jim’s side and laid his head on his chest.

“That was the most amazing blow job I have ever had in my life. You are an expert. But tell me, Why did you pick me? I’m married and haven’t been with another guy in years. How did you know when I didn’t?”

“You had a vibe to you” replied Corey. “I could sense that you had pent up desires that I could fulfill. I assume you have fantasies that you want to try. I could feel it. I’d like to know what those fantasies are.”

“Well, back in the day before I was married I had always wanted to try a couple of things. I always wondered what it would be like to have 2 mouths giving me head at the same time. I also wondered what it would be like to get spit roasted. Then again I always wondered what it would be like to be the center of a cum party and get drenched. Once I got married they all just got put on the back burner.”

“It’s a shame you are only in town for 1 night. I have a friend that I think would enjoy making 1 or 2 of those cum true.”

To which Jim replied while massaging Corey’s neck and shoulders “My time right now is my own. I have no schedule and I have the luxury to do what ever I please.”

Corey looked up at him and smiled. He gave him a kiss and said “Sounds like we are gonna have a ton of fun then aren’t we?”

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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