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Ray stood up from the chair in the New Millennium African Braiding salon and checked his fresh cornrows in the lengthy wall mirror. He folded off three twenty dollar bills and told the attractive dark-skinned stylist from Ghana to keep the change. She had attempted on occasion to get the six-foot-four-inch, two hundred forty pound brother to get inside her panties. Ray had flirted back suspiciously as he had met her ill-tempered much shorter husband. He was not looking forward to a bullet in the head for fucking that man’s wife.

He strode out the door and disarmed the alarm on his midnight black 1977 Oldsmobile Cutlass Supreme couple. The pristine vintage vehicle sat on 24-inch rims and had an update red leather interior. He rarely drove the flashy car, but made sure to take it out at least once a week for good measure. His day-to-day ride was the much less austere, but equally well-appointed metallic gold 2010 Chevy Tahoe. He pulled slowly out of the parking lot and onto the unusually busy boulevard.

It was a Tuesday afternoon and the thirty-four year old hustler decided to swing by his only child’s daycare and scoop up the little tyke. He planned to take his mini-me to Mickey D’s and then chill at the park. He and the four year-old’s mother had split up 18 months prior, but maintained a solid relationship for the sake of Akeem. He had given her the townhome they owned outright and paid substantial child support to ensure the toddler was well looked after.

After a couple of hours of father-son time, Ray dropped the youngster at his grandmother’s house and headed out of the city and back to the suburbs. As he drove along the Interstate, he thought back to path that lead him to meet Shana.

That fateful night was nearly four years ago. He knew this to be the case because Akeem was still an infant and Theresa had been unable to have sex for a few months prior to the birth due to complications. He was out making some money when a kid that was barely eighteen years old approached him wanting to buy some pills. Ray quoted a price, but the swarthy-skinned Black boy sporting a freshly dyed head of red hair only had a ten-dollar bill. Ray took no pity and shook his head in the negative. “Please man! I need this high,” begged the young man with a lisp.

“Naw playa. I can’t cut no deals. Got a new mouth to feed.”

“Damn boo. This my last. How about I give it to you and I suck that dick,” the apparent fag whispered audibly.

“I don’t get levent escort down like that, nigga! Now get the fuck outta here,” Ray scowled.

“Sorry,” mustered the waifish fellow as he walked away.

He turned left down an alley and Ray hopped in his car. As he maneuvered down the street, he saw the potential customer once again. Ray took pity and pulled over. He rolled down the window and yelled out to slim switching man. “Look. Take these on me.” Ray figured giving the kid a taste would get him hooked and make him a lifetime customer. The five-foot-four-inch, one hundred five pound boy smiled broadly.

“The offer still stands,” quipped the pleased patron.

“I don’t know about all that,” Ray objected.

“A mouth is a mouth, Big Daddy.”

When Ray heard the teen call him that, his dick tingled. He freaked himself out slightly and produced a worried look on his face. The fairy outside the vehicle recognized the look and pounced.

“You like it when I call you Big Daddy, don’t you,” he purred.

“Huh,” was all Ray could utter.

“I’m Byron,” said the now named tenderfoot. “We can go back to my place if you like? It’s safe.”

“Hop in,” Ray whispered.

Byron served as navigator and had Ray bring the car to a stop in front of a row house on Abernathy Road. The shorter one led him around the back and up the stoop. Before sliding his key in the door, he turned towards Ray and signaled, with his forefinger perpendicular to his lips, for the dealer to be quiet. They walked through a cramped kitchen and down to the basement.

“Who you stay with,” Ray asked as he rubbed his concealed Sig Sauer Mosquito .22 caliber handgun.

“My grandparents, mom, and great uncle.”

“Damn, you sure we can do this here?”

“Yeah boo, they all stay upstairs and I have the basement to myself.”

“You sure,” Ray hesitated.

“Positive,” he spoke softly. My grandparents and great uncle go to bed at sundown and are all hard of hearing. My mom is slightly retarded and that’s why we live here with them.”

The basement was tricked out with a 46-inch flat panel TV, beige leather sectional sofa, and a Bose stereo system. There were blue lights dimly illuminating the space on either side of the room. Byron excused himself and returned a few moments later wearing mint green lace boyshorts and white go-go boots. Ray swallowed hard as Byron placed his small hands on his own thighs. beyoğlu escort Byron knelt and skillfully removed Ray’s limp dick from his shorts.

Very soon thereafter, the member was in Byron’s mouth. He worked up and down the shaft methodically causing it to grow in width and length. Finally, Ray’s rock hard eight-and-a-half inches tickled the back of Byron’s throat. The tiny hands massaged Ray’s balls and stroked his cock. Byron lifted up his head and looked into Ray’s dark eyes. “When is the last time you fucked someone?”

“Couple months,” sighed Ray.

“We can change that tonight,” Byron mused.

“Not sure I’m ready for all that.”

“I understand,” the panty-clad boy offered. “Just let me sit on it for a second and I’ll stop if you want me to.”

Before Ray could stop him, the boy had already turned around and started massaging the head of Ray’s dick with his tight asshole. The leftover saliva served as a natural lubricant and Ray’s monster popped inside of the taut anal cavity.

Ray moaned. Byron’s ass sliding up and down on his tool caused Ray’s eyes to roll to the back of his head. Within two minutes of entering the inner sanctum, his seed flooded the cramped space. Byron felt the steamy cum release inside of him and smiled. He cleaned up his newfound friend and showed him back to the door. Before leaving, they exchanged numbers after Ray made him promise to keep his mouth shut.

From that moment, a beast had been unleashed. Ray craved boipussy and fucked it regularly. He did it with transsexuals, femboys, and even the occasional power bottom at every chance. A year into it, he decided to make a video of a sissy sucking his dick with his phone. He loaded to a user-generated-content porn website. The reviews and rating were all positive.

Some months later, he came across a video on the same site of slim and highly attractive t-girl with a phat ass. She loved being called names like faggot, slut, bitch, and pussy boy. Ray posted a comment and was surprised to find a private message from the vixen in his inbox a week later. The pair began to converse via text messages and started talking on the phone regularly.

Her name was Shanna and she flew up to meet him one weekend. They spent the entire time in a posh hotel room fucking and capturing it all on cam. Ray had loved her independence and her conversational skills. Now, he was learning that she was the total package. After kağıthane escort dropping her back off the airport, Ray became very conflicted. He and Akeem’s mother had not been doing well as of late — namely because he could barely get turned on by vagina anymore.

When Shanna landed, she had a text message from Ray asking her to come back soon. She let him know she was on the ground and moments later her phone began vibrating.

Shanna answered, “Hello.”

“Damn girl. I miss your sissy ass,” he confessed

“I miss you too.”

“You gotta get back up here. Real talk.”

“Just tell me when.”

“I’ll buy you a ticket for this coming weekend.”

Shanna returned five more times before Ray verbalized his love for her. They made plans to settle down together and now here they were.

Ray pulled into the three bedroom ranch style home and parked his ride in the garage. Shanna was home as indicated by her Toyota Camry sitting in the driveway. She had elected not to teach during the summer term at community college where she was an English instructor. Ray opened the door that led into the mudroom and smelled ginger. Shanna loved scented candles and burned them often. Shanna walked around the corner wearing a white fishnet mini dress, silver spike heels, an Afro wig, and a full complement of make-up with false eyelashes. Her perky A-cup tits and round ass enhanced the form fitting piece of clothing. Ray immediately dropped his pants and Shanna bent down to suck on his throbbing member. The five-foot-nine-inch leggy chocolate tranny eagerly went to work on his shaft.

Ray helped her from her knees and bent the thirty-one year old sissy over the table. He licked and fingered her fuck hole as he readied it for entry. He slid in his tool inch by inch with Shanna cooing and moaning the entire time. Once fully inside, he pulled out partially and then rammed it back into her.

This prompted Shanna to scream out, “Fuck my tranny ass.”

“You want this dick, baby?!?”

“Hell yeah! Fuck your faggot pussy, Daddy!”

“Damn I love you, bitch.”

“You love your sissy punk ass tranny slut, Ray,” she wanted him to confirm.

“Shit yeah,” he snorted as he pounded her booty.

Ray began massaging Shanna’s six inch clit until it shot a stream on the breakfast table. The contraction of her sphincter muscle teased Ray’s member and launched him into as assault on Shanna’s now open anus.

“I’m about to cum in that faggot pussy, bitch,” he announced.

“Shoot it, Ray! Make me have your baby.”

“Take it boo. Here…it…comes,” he gasped as he planted his seed deep inside of her.

He collapsed on top of her and kissed the back of her neck. “I love you, Shanna!”

“Your faggot loves you too.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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