Unnecessary Words Ch. 01

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– press record + play —

Avoid saying no. Seriously, “avoid saying no”, they used to say; the advice they’d give to women when men were coming on to them too directly. “Avoid saying no” only because it can be frustrating or sound too blunt, and well, who would like a forward response to a forward request. Oh, ME!

I’m aching for someone who can just say what’s on their mind, and be real. No perverted one-liners, half-assed rhetorical questions and cheesy macho cliches. Flirting, however, is not always best for that rugged type of behaviour. Proceed with tact there. Proceed with caution. Be careful with your words. It is often assumed that men are the only ones capable of being blunt, forward, istanbul escort care free.

“I’m going for a shower — would you like to join me?” he said. He was leaning against the arch of the living room wall that gave to the hallway, and he had this stare of cluelessness about him. I nodded no.

It had only been four hours. For four hours, we’d been busy at getting his garden set up for spring. He broke a sweat. His long Kenny G. hair was draped over his skinny frame. If this guy didn’t have his hair, he would probably hide. It was his only asset. He smiled and waited for my answer. I sat on his couch, taking a deeper breath.

“I’m going for a shower — would you like to istanbul escort bayan join me?” — every other word, a string that made me want to laugh at him. I imagined having to kiss his nerdy face and really felt sorry for the guy.

He waited for an answer. I stuttered, but I answered. It probably sounded like an unsure ‘yeah’, but in my mind I was saying ‘oh puhlease’. This was gonna be a mercy shower.

So he walked to the couch, grabbed my hand and I followed him to the bathroom. He slowly got the shower ready and running. Smiling at me, eager for me to join him I just let him undress and watched.


It was about 20 minutes later that day when escort istanbul my second date, Eric, called on my cell and saved me from having to spend more time with this little online role-playing game addict nerd. I left to play in his bathwater and went on to be with a real man. Ah… the fabulous world of a free woman.

– gulp –


– clears throat –

When I got to Eric’s house, I was greated with a big warm hug, as he smoothly tackled me at the door, his large shoulders, hockey player type, pinning me there.

– gulp –

I just lost it.

– swallow –

I just grabbed hold of his ass cheeks, and really let go as I explored his wonderfully hot mouth with my tongue. Something told me that he had something planned out for the afternoon or maybe it was the fact that I saw the curtains were drawn open, and the towels were on the kitchen counter. Wait a second — I thought. Did he want me over here to test out his new hot tub?

(to be continued)

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