Untamed Longing for Forbidden Fruit

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I sat down on the sofa and shook my head. I couldn’t believe he’d done it again! Despite the fact I was pretty much broke from moving halfway across the world for him, from Britain to the Dominican Republic, my fiance was always taking my money and using my card without asking. I’d just opened my purse to find that the 5000 pesos I’d packed for our weekend trip visiting his family in the countryside was gone. I had no money and was in the middle of nowhere in his aunt’s house while he’d done his usual disappearing act. This was another of his tricks – going out for hours on end, any questions were blatantly ignored. I felt like I was going to cry. I sunk my head into my hands, grasping my hair in my fingers.

“Aria?” – I looked up to see who’d called my name. Well not my name per se, but it was to his family and my friends in DR. My full name is Persephone Aria Tysen, but they all find Persephone a bit much to get their heads around. I’d always preferred my middle name anyway – damn my mother and her crazy taste in names! Anyway, in front of me stood the glorious form of my fiance’s cousin Francisco. I know it’s awful but I’d always found him attractive, 6 foot 6 of toned muscles and skin the colour of vanilla fudge, with eyes of such a deep, dark brown they could as well have been black. He kept his hair cut short apart from a thin chin strap. His smile is perfect and his cheekbones look hand carved by the Aztecs, his brow furrows and I realise I may have been staring at him too long. I smile sheepishly and look down at my lap. “Are you OK, sweetie?” he asks in Spanish.

I nodded but he wasn’t convinced. He insisted, and I ended up pouring out all of my problems with his cousin. Francisco looked at me deep in the eyes. “Look, Aria, Yudanio’s a kid. I know I’m only 3 months older, but I act, dress and think like a 21 year old. Yudanio’s mentally stuck in middle school. Even there they called him Jughead Danny. No comment on whether or not I started that,” he added with a smirk. “He’s out now looking for a friend of Yarelis’ who’s selling an iPhone cheap. Um.. 5000 pesos. I swear I didn’t know it was your money, I would have kicked his ass.” I smiled at that but I was livid – the son of a bitch had stolen my money to buy a phone! He already had 2. I decided Jughead wasn’t such a bad nickname after all. Dickhead would be even better.

In the heat of the moment I did something I’d wanted to do for months but never thought I’d have the balls to actually do. I threw my arms around Francisco’s neck and kissed him deeply, passionately, hungrily on the mouth, my tongue playing between his thick, dark pink lips. I quickly came to my senses and pulled back, but not before sucking and biting his bottom lip. I was very excited, but suddenly also very embarrassed. I felt myself go bright red as I stammered an apology.

He looked shellshocked, his mouth open and confusion in his eyes. “Aria, I..” he swallowed hard, “you’re an incredibly beautiful woman..” I blushed an even deeper shade of crimson – I knew I wasn’t ugly (if you’re interested I’m 5’6″, not skinny but not fat with wide hips, a full rounded ass and perky 36C breasts, creamy white skin and dark blue-green eyes with a nose I’ve always found a little too long but big, light pink lips and long waves of very dark red hair) – but for this Adonis to call me beautiful, that was bigger than winning Miss Universe! “..but I can’t, you’re my cousin’s fiance, I don’t know why but you are. So nothing can happen between us, okay?” I nodded and he hugged me.

That night I was already asleep when my fiance, Yudanio, arrived. I don’t know what time he came in, but when I woke up at 3am he was already there, all 6 foot 3, 18 stone of him, snoring obnoxiously. I noticed the iPhone box on the nightstand. Motherfucker. I got up to get myself a drink of water. On my way to the kitchen I walked through the living room and almost didn’t notice Francisco sleeping on the sofa. I felt bad remembering we’d taken his room. I stood for a moment just looking at him, lying there like a sculpture. Suddenly something caught my eye. I had to look again to make sure due to the dim light but sure enough, he had an erection straining hard against his silky light blue boxers.

I knew that happened to all sleeping men but never in my 20 years of life had I been so excited by a dick, or longed so much to see it. Before I knew it, I’d moved over to kneel beside the sofa and was gently moving his boxers to let his member through the little opening. It spring free and I took a shaky breath and bit my lip. He was a tall, well built man but no one could have anticipated this size. It was twice the length of my fiance’s, so at least 9 or 10 inches, and thick with a huge, dark pinkish purple head that I longed to suck. I knew I couldn’t, I knew he’d wake up and be furious, so I reluctantly went for my drink before going back to bed.

I thought of waking my fiance to quench the aching desire in my wet, shaven pussy but I decided not to, not only because I’d türkçe altyazılı porno feel guilty but also because I was furious with him and genuinely would rather fuck myself than him.. so I did. I played with my nipples gently through my red satin nightdress until they were almost painfully erect. At that point I used one hand to continue rubbing and pinching my nipple.. thinking of his strong hands.. while my other hand moved down to my swollen, throbbing sex. I was soaking wet, and used my juices to lubricate my fingers as I flicked and rubbed my clitoris.. imagining his gorgeous mouth licking me, his tongue stimulating my engorged clit.. the images ran through my mindd as I frigged myself harder, moaning softly now, gyrating my hips against his face.. my hand rather.. until I felt my orgasm building. I continued rubbing my large, pink clit and used my other hand now to slam 2, then 3 fingers into my pussy until I came. I came hrd, writhing and moaning and sighing like a depraved little whore. After my orgasm faded, I glanced over to the other side of the bed. As I’d expected, my clueless fiance was still sleeping. He’d sleep through an air raid, I thought as I sucked my honey from my fingers and wiped them dry on my nightie before rolling over and going to sleep.

I slept well, when I got up everyone else was already up. Everyone said good morning to me except my sister in law, Yarelis, because she’s a bitch to put it plainly, and Francisco as he was nowhere to be seen. Trying to be as casual as possible I asked his mother in the kitchen “so Emily, did Francisco go out already?”

She laughed. “No, my dear, he’s in my room sleeping. Says he didn’t sleep at all last night. He’ll be up soon no doubt.” Well I knew he’d slept last night, but whatever. I was just happy that I was going to see him. I scolded myself for the thought and went back to the living room.

I asked my fiance twice where I could have a shower and both times got ignored due to the fact he was glued to the new phone. His mother Juana overheard and told me to ask Emily, Francisco’s mother, as it was her house and she’d get me sorted. I headed to the kitchen where Emily still appeared to be preparing lunch for later, and asked. “You’ll find a towel and shampoo in my en suite. Actually, just use that shower,” she smiled. “Just try not to wake up Lazy Bones.” My heart skipped as I realised she meant Francisco. He’d be sleeping just meters away while I showered. I thanked Emily and headed for the room.

When I walked in, he was asleep and I wanted to kick myself for feeling disappointed at the fact he was covered in a blanket. I tiptoed past the bed and into the bathroom. Despite wanting to try some of the fancy soaps and gels there, I was still getting used to the fact that this country had no hot water, so I washed quickly and got out. I wrapped a fluffy peach coloured towel around myself and quietly opened the door. Francisco was already awake, standing with another of the peach towels around his hips. I looked in awe at his body – a six pack with a perfect V leading down. Gorgeous. “Buenos dias,” I smiled.

“Buenos dias, bella,” he replied. Beautiful again! I tried not to blush. Suddenly I noticed he was looking at me very intensely. “Did you like it?” he asked.

“Well it was a little cold, but your mum’s shampoo smells great, I love the smell of coconut so…” he put a finger over my lips.

“Not the shower, Aria. Did you forget already? Forget what you saw last night?” My heart pounded. How did he know?! He was.. “I wasn’t sleeping,” he said. I was confused. “I was wide awake, Aria, thinking about what happened between us. When I heard someone coming. I closed my eyes. I’m glad I did. So I ask again.. did you like it?”

My heart was racing now. I swallowed and looked down. “Y-yes.. I liked it. It’s big.. so big… and perfect,” I admitted, my pussy growing wet again at the memory. He walked away from me and I understood – I’d probably be upset too. But to my surprise, when he reached the door he didn’t go through it.. he locked it and turned back to face me. I felt a drip run down my thigh. It could have been water but I suspected otherwise.

He walked over to me, bent down and kissed me on the neck. I whimpered lightly and held him close to me. I felt his huge erection pushing into my stomach. He stepped back and with one hand removed my towel, leaving me completely naked in front of him. I gasped and glared at him. “What?” he asked, removing his own towel and holding his massive rod in his hand. “You’ve seen this before, it’s only fair.” He looked me up and down, subconsciously licking his lips. He slipped a hand between my legs and pushed one thick, long finger inside me. I breathed his name and he grasped one of my full, round breasts with the other hand. “Fuck,baby, you’re hot,” he sighed. “Perfect body, wet little coño.. let me take you.”

I took his cock in my hand and sunk to my knees. “First let me pleasure you,” I told xnxx him before finally taking that big, glistening head into my mouth. I licked it and sucked it, flicking my tongue on the urethra and rolling my tongue around it. His eyes rolled back and he staggered to sit on the edge of the bed. I kneeled between his long, muscular legs and began sucking on the first few inches of his rock hard, enormous manhood. He placed his hand on the back of my head and pushed down. I knew I’d never deepthroat the whole thing but I let him force at least 7 inches of it into my mouth and throat. I bobbed my head up and down and he moaned gutturally, he loved fucking a little white bitch’s throat and I worshipped his Latino cock and could have sucked it until he spurted his hot cream into my mouth, but after a few minutes he pulled my head away from his crotch and stood up, pulling me up with him by the hair.

He picked me up and threw me onto the bed. “You hot, amazing little slut,” he growled passionately while positioning his face between my legs. He ran his warm, silky tongue along my slit and kissed my pussy. “Dios mio, you taste so good..” he buried his face in my shaven, puffy, tight little cunt, expertly licking and sucking my clit, using his tongue in a circular motion on my throbbing little bud to give me sensations I’d never imagined, nipping the outer lips occasionally with his teeth adding a thrilling hint of pain to the overwhelming pleasure. He ate me relentlessly as I moaned, convulsed and pushed his face into me. “I’m coming.. oh fuck Frank, I’m coming!” I gasped suddenly as the pleasure took over. He didn’t flinch, just kept licking and sucking, he slipped one finger inside me as he ate me, then another and I went over the edge. He fucked me hard and fast with his fingers, sucking hard on my clit as I moaned and yelped loudly, surpressing screams, and clutched at the sheets underneath me. He didn’t stop until my orgasm was over and I was lying a shaking, whimpering mess on the bed.

He looked up at me and smiled. “Frank?” he said. “I kinda like when you call me that.” I couldn’t even reply. His beautiful face shimmered with my nectar, and when he uprighted himself onto his knees his dick stood up against his breathtaking body, as hard as the moment it had left my mouth. “Do you want it?” he asked, stroking it sensually. I answered by sitting up and pulling him down on top of me.

He kissed me deeply, using his tongue in my mouth just as expertly as he had on my pussy and I tasted myself on his lips. As I pushed my tongue deeper into his mouth I felt his manhood parting my pussy lips. I wrapped my legs tight around him and with one stroke he drove his full length inside me. I screamed into his mouth. He bit my lip hard and then looked me in the eye. Fire danced in the pupil, a fire of passion and lust. “Shhh, mi amor!” he whispered. “If you scream like that, someone will know!”

“Sorry,” I mumbled, “it’s just that I’ve nver had anything so big before.. you must admit you’re fucking huge…”

He smirked proudly. “It’s not small,” he admitted, gyrating his hips to move it inside me, making me sigh with pleasure, “but you can’t scream. When I have you alone I’ll make you scream like a little bitch.. but right now if you need to scream, bite the towel there beside you, or bite me, that could be fucking sexy.. just don’t scream. Okay?” I agreed then bucked my hips upward into him. He kissed me, then I learned what real good sex was.

He started off slowly, grinding and giving it to me deep, hard, filling me and making me hum and groan without withdrawing as much as an inch of his dick. After a minute or so he became impatient and picked up the pace, thrusting deep into me as I bucked upwards into him, he moaned softly and muttered dirty things to me in Spanish as he pounded me, once or twice I bit down hard on his shoulder to stop myself from screaming which excited him no end. “Te gusta, perra, te encanta mi pene,” he growled, pulling my hair and slamming it into me as hard, deep and fast as possible. He was right, I did love his dick, and the combination of his smouldering voice and the way he was fucking me like a sex starved savage was too much for my body, mind and soul to take. Any inhibitions flew out of the window as I came and I held him tight and screamed, almost crying from the strength of my orgasm.

He clamped a hand over my mouth and continued until my orgasm had subsided, then pulled out and told me to get on all fours. I did, and he slapped me hard on the ass while pushing my face into the pillow. “Now I know you can’t scream,” he explained. With that he grabbed my hips and impaled me again on his enormous member. I was suddenly grateful for the mouth full of pillow. Francisco was fucking me deeper than I’d ever thought possible and without that to muffle my screams the whole village would have known it. His girth filled me to the point I thought he might split me and his length felt like nothing I’d ever felt before, in this position porno izle it felt much bigger than before and I began to think I may pass out. Oblivious, Francisco continued his blissful assault on my tight white pussy until yet another orgasm hit me. This time when my cunt contracted around his cock he let out a low, sensual cry and filled me with his cum. Gripped by the urge to taste him, I turned myself around and took him into my mouth again. Now that he wasn’t fully erect, I was able to suck his entire length clean, even giving his clean shaven balls a lick too. As I did this he gasped and jerked, grabbing my hair, obviously very sensitive from his orgasm. He fell forward and I collapsed at his side and we both lay there for a few minutes, recovering.

We were both still lying there when there was a knock on the door. We both sprang up and put the towels back on and I looked at him wide eyed, panicking. He picked me up and placed me down on the bed. “Trust me,” he mouthed, then walked to the door.

He opened it and my sister in law, Yarelis, stood there in a frilly top and denim shorts that showed off her pretty body and almost ebony skin. She looked nice you see, she just didn’t act it. “Mama sent me to see if Aria’s okay,” she said. Shit, I must have been gone a long time.

“She fell in the shower,” he lied like a pro and stepped aside to let her see me lyin dishevelled and wet on the bed. I thought she actually looked concerned. He continued, “I was just about to come down to tell you guys but I wanted to stay to make sure she was okay first.” Yarelis nodded and walked into the room.

“Are you hurt?” she asked, looking down at me.

“My legs hurt a lot,” I told her. I wasn’t lying. “I’m sure I’m fine, but I can barely move right now..” Francisco stood behind her, smirking. I fought the urge to do the same.

Yarelis sighed. “You, me, my brother and him,” she said, gesturing to Frank, were supposed to be going to a salsa club night tonight. Now Danny’s off gallivanting as usual, my mother and aunt are staying the night at the river cabin so there’s more space for everyone to sleep or whatever, then you go and break your leg! Looks like I’m stuck home playing nurse,” she complained. I should have known it wasn’t really me she was concerned about.

“Nothing’s broken, Yarelis. Find one of your chums to go to the salsa with you, tell our moms to have fun and I’ll stay here with Calamity Jane. Nothing to worry about.”

“Alright,” she said. “Make sure she doesn’t do anything else dumb.. well thanks, I’ll go and let our moms know they can go since your mom prepared lunch and dinner already.. then I’ll start calling around to see who wants to come out tonight.” She smiled sweetly at him then looked at me. “Hope you feel better soon,” she said, more out of courtesy than anything else, then flounced off, closing the door behind her.

Francisco bent down and kissed my lips gently. “Yarelis would believe anything, don’t worry about it,” he said. “Plus she played right into my hands and now we have the house to ourselves tonight.” I kissed him back. I liked that idea.

We went downstairs – well he carried me downstairs to keep up the act – and he walked and I limped to the dining room. Yarelis was already there eating, and he went to the kitchen and brought us each a bowl of pasta salad and a large glass of passion fruit juice. We ate, then watched some TV while we waited for Yarelis to go out.

He had nothing on but a pair of grey sweatpants and I had on a white vest and pink shorts with the word “couture” written across the butt – nothing special or sexy, but we were aching for each other and every look made the wait more unbearable. At every opportunity we’d kiss, or I’d run my hands across his body, or he’d cup my breast in his hand.. Once, while she was away in another room chattering on the phone, he took my breast out and sucked it, it was erotic and exciting, how he played with the hardened, light pink nipple with his skilled tongue, using the same techniques he had earlier on my pussy to give me a mind blowing orgasm, to tease and stimulate my nipple. “Ohhh.. I’m.. I’m getting so wet Frank, please don’t do this to me, please don’t tease me any more,” I said quietly but desperately. He fervently sucked on my breast for a few seconds then put it back inside my vest and held me tight, kissing me feverishly, letting me know that he was craving me too.

5 hours after my “fall” Yarelis finally left to go over to see some friend she hadn’t seen in “like forever” and get ready for the salsa thing. We were finally completely alone. Once her car was safely off down the street Francisco closed the blinds, locked the door and approached me like a lion stalking its prey. When he reached me he picked me up, I wrapped my legs around him and he pushed me against the wall, kissing me and grinding his perfectly sculpted body against mine. I felt him grow hard between my legs and he carried me to the sofa and placed me down before dropping his sweatpants. I stripped too and lay down, opening my legs wide for him. “No, baby,” he smiled, taking me by the hand and pulling me up, “this time you ride me. Why don’t you show me what you wanted to do to me last night, right here?” he said, laying on the sofa stroking his dick.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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