Unwrapping Nina

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Every once in a great while the world turns exactly the way you want it to turn. And today is my day. Actually it’s our day.

After months of exchanging emails, and working on an erotic story together, and exchanging phone calls, Nina and I will finally be together.

Milwaukee is over 1200 miles away from Littleton and so we thought it quite unlikely that we’d ever actually meet. But today we will!

I remember the email she sent me several weeks ago. “Victor, we’ll be coming to Boston a few weeks before Christmas. I hope we can find some way to get some private time and meet.”

I doubted that it would work out, but then my wife Linda decided she needed to see her mother before Christmas. And so she flew off to Michigan a couple of days before Nina and her husband arrived. She would not be back until after Nina left. And our daughter Michelle wouldn’t be home from college until then either.

It was truly a stroke of luck how Nina ended up coming to Boston. She told me how they had won a contest for a week in a “deluxe suite in the fanciest hotel wherever the dart lands.” When they went to claim their prize they had to throw a dart at a map to see where they would go. Her husband, Bill gave her the privilege of throwing it, and it stuck in Boston. She told me it was first time she had ever hit anything she had aimed at.

Bill, an amateur pilot, had thought about exchanging the plane fare for spending money and them flying them both to Boston himself. But the possibility of bad weather at this time of year caused that idea to be rejected.

And so although they flew together to Boston they booked different return dates. Her husband didn’t want to be away for an entire week from the company he runs so he returned early. But Nina convinced him that she had been under so much stress recently that she needed some time alone. She told him she would stay the full week, enjoy the Christmas atmosphere of Boston, do some shopping, and maybe visit an old school friend she hadn’t seen in almost 20 years.

As soon as I found out that she was coming I secured tickets for us to the Boston Pops Christmas Concert. It’s one of the more famous holiday events in Boston, and it’s something I knew she’d enjoy.

They’ve been in Boston for five days now. Her husband leaves sometime today. And I’m just sitting here by the phone, waiting for her to call and tell me when we can meet.

Finally she calls and we decide to meet early afternoon. And she says it would be wonderful if I could spend the remaining two nights with her. She tells me she might not be able to greet me when I arrive, but that the door will be unlocked and I should come right in and make myself comfortable.

We will probably be getting quite intimate, and so I want our first time together has to be as pleasurable as possible for both of us. So on the way to the hotel I stop and pick up some KY warming massage lotion. On the internet I’ve read some very arousing descriptions of how it enhances intimate sensations and so I think we’ll give it a try.

I’ve never been to the Ritz-Carleton before but I’ve heard that the honeymoon suites are truly sumptious. Quietly I enter the beautiful and massive suite and see that in addition to the unusually fine furnishings the hotel has put up a large Christmas tree. Its fragrance fills the large parlor which is filled with Christmas decorations.

I almost stumble over the lone chair that’s in my way as I enter the room. And as I look down I see a note on it from Nina. “Victor, I’m sorry I can’t greet you. Please make yourself comfortable. Check out this fantastic suite and then unwrap your Christmas present; it’s in the bedroom. I’m so anxious to see you.”

I’ve porno indir read enough erotic stories to figure that she’s my Christmas gift. So I’m confident that the reason Nina can’t greet me is that she’s the present I’m supposed to unwrap. The mistletoe scotch-taped above the door to the bedroom is another clue.

I’m truly delighted at this prospect. I hope I can unwrap my present in a very special way, a way I’ve fantasized about for a long time.

Being extremely quiet so that she doesn’t hear me, I open the door to the bedroom and step in. The sun is streaming in through the window. There in the middle of the king-size bed is a body under a sheet. There’s a large red ribbon on top of it. She’s completely covered, but from the way the sheet is lying it looks like she’s naked underneath.

I gaze at my present for a moment. The sheet rises and falls with her breathing. I can only see the contours of her body. But it’s clear that she’s already aroused because her large nipples that she’s told me about are erect, pushing up bumps in the sheet. I’m so anxious to see all of her and pleasure her.

As I gaze at my present I realize that the real gift is something much more important than the obvious. In her emails Nina has mentioned her encounters with other men. And she’s said that when she meets a new partner she’s always concerned that the cyber arousal won’t translate into a physical attraction. But here she is offering her naked body to me. She’s really trusting that the connection we’ve made through our communications will transcend any physical shortcomings. Her trust in me is a much more valuable gift than anything physical could be. I hope I’m worthy of it.

Quietly I leave the bedroom. I hang the “Privacy Please” sign on the entrance to the suite and loudly close the door so she’ll hear that I’ve arrived. I undress in the sitting room and use warm water in the bathroom to take the chill off of my hands. Then I pick up my silk scarf and massage lotion and walk into the bedroom, this time coughing to be sure she’ll know someone’s there.

“I wonder what my present is,” I say, although I’m sure she knows I’ve figured it out, and that what I said is just an act. I wonder if she has any expectations about what’s going to happen next.

I reach under the sheet where I’m sure a foot is. “Victor?” she asks as my hands begin to fondle her foot. “Shhhhh! I’m unwrapping my present.”

I slowly pull the sheet away just enough to expose her foot, hold it in my hands, rub and fondle every inch of it, kiss her toes, and do the same thing with the other foot. I move the sheet to uncover an ankle, encircle it with my hands, rub and feel all around it, and do the other. As I do this I take as much time as I need to explore and touch every inch of what I uncover. And then I work my way up past her ankles to her knees. Again, I explore every tiny part with my fingers and enjoy the feeling of her skin in my hands. My present begins to hum with contentment.

I move towards her head and slowly pull the sheet down until the edge is at her forehead. I lay the silk scarf across her eyes and hold it there as I slide the sheet out from under it. Then I tie the scarf like a blindfold so that she can’t see me. “What are you doing?” “Shhhh. This present has to be unwrapped just right.”

I pull the sheet down to just above her breasts. Her arms are completely exposed all the way up to and across her shoulders. I kneel right next to a shoulder, pick up her arm, encircle it with my arms, and hug it tightly against against my body.

She feels so warm and soft. I take her warm hand and squeeze it in mine. She squeezes back. My erect cock brushes rokettube against her arm and her other hand reaches across to touch it. I’m tempted to tell her to behave like a good present should. But she fondles my cock exactly the way I’d written about in the story we’re writing, and it feels so wonderful I just can’t stop. So as she pleasures me I explore each finger of the hand I’m holding, tenderly kiss her hand, and run my hands up and down her entire arm, enjoying her warmth and softness.

With some reluctance I move away, over to the other arm. The hand that I’ve just finished with reaches over to continue exploring my cock and this time tenderly grasps and explores my balls too. Somehow this hand feels different, even though she’s touching me the same way. What she’s doing feels just an unexpectedly different wonderful.

I decide to finish her legs since they’re already uncovered as far as her knees. And I’m so anxious to see her pussy. But it’s still difficult to move away from her erotic touching.

As I slowly draw back the sheet to completely uncover her thighs and lower abdomen I am treated with the sight of her trimmed mound, damp with arousal. I decide that I’ll still hold back the massage lotion for a while; I think I know how to use it to pleasure her the most, and now is not the right time.

As my hands firmly rub her thighs all around she starts to hum again. Her skin feels so soft and pleasant. I’m really enjoying this and I’m glad she is too.

When I get closer to her center I spread her legs so I can fondle deep inside between her thighs. I take extra time there, and when I brush her pussy I hear just a quiet “Oh!” I make sure to brush her pussy whenever my hands come near it.

I grab a pillow and when I try to lift her up to slide it under her buttocks she understands immediately and lifts up. I spread her legs as wide as I think she’ll be comfortable. Her pussy is raised up, completely open to my view, her moist lips begging for attention. I rest a hand on her mound and slowly move it in circles while my other hand teases her warm moist lips.

The smell of her arousal begins to permeate the room. My cock is so hard and erect, wanting release. But it’s not yet time. Instead, I position my head between her legs and begin to lick her sweet moistness.

At first I tease her by kissing around her center while avoiding direct contact. I kiss and breathe on her lower abdomen just above her clitoris. I kiss where her legs join her torso. I breathe on her clitoris but don’t touch it. I lick and kiss inside her groin, just brushing her labia. Finally I start to lick her lips and tease her clitoris. Her juices start flowing like a torrent. But she tastes so good I can hardly get enough.

I continue licking and teasing as her arousal builds. And finally I hear “Oh God, Oh God, Ohhhh,” as she cums. I continue licking as she comes down from her climax, and then resume rubbing and fondling her thighs and deep inside her groin all around her pussy.

It’s time to see my complete package. I slide the sheet entirely off and gaze at my Nina. She is relaxed, limp, quietly breathing, her mouth smiling, slightly open. Her mature breasts are a delight to my eyes. Her nipples are just as I imagined them, large, erect, beckoning. She’s told me they’re very sensitive, and I’m going to test them to the limit.

Slowly my hands explore and rub, starting at her abdomen, working slowly up her body to her breasts. On the way I pause at her navel, explore it with a finger, breathe on it, lick it, suck on it. She is purring with contentment.

Her breasts are a delight to hold and feel. Some parts are warm, other areas are cool, but porno every inch is soft; they’re fascinating to touch and explore. I imagine my erect cock wrapped in them, something I know she’ll enjoy too, but later, not now. For now I content myself with burying my face between her breasts and feeling their softness on my cheeks. She smells so nice there in her cleavage.

I love nipples, especially nipples as large and sensitive as hers. And as I tease one with the tip of my tongue I’m delighted with its citrus taste. She’s remembered what I told her months ago in an email about things that turn me on! Oh, I’m definitely going to enjoy this! With one hand I fondle one nipple while I breathe on the other, kiss it, suck on it, nip it gently, tease it, lick it. I continue like this for several minutes as Nina’s purring and sighs increase in intensity.

My free hand reaches down and pours some of the warming lotion directly on her clitoris. “Oh that feels so fantastic,” she moans. The scent of her arousal fills the air. My hand touches, teases, and fingers her clitoris as my mouth continues to enjoy her hard erect nipples. I can sense her arousal growing, bringing her to a climax. “Oh yes, Oh, Oh God, Oh God, Ohhhhhhh,” she cries as she cums. I continue to touch and caress her as she comes down from her release.

I shift to lie next to her, facing her, and she, sensing my position does the same. I remove the blindfold and gaze into her sparkling blue eyes. We say nothing but continue to just look at each other, content finally to be together.

With tenderness I caress her face, her forehead, her earlobes, her cheeks, every part of her head. I kiss her nose, her forehead, her neck, and nibble on her earlobes. When our lips meet I’m thrilled by her warmth and softness. We continue with soft tender playful kisses, and then our kiss becomes deep, passionate, arousing, and our tongues touch and play and explore.

We embrace tightly to enjoy the touch of our bodies against each other in their full length. My hard cock is nestled in the warmth between us. Her hard nipples feel so wonderful as they press into my chest.

We look into each other’s eyes. No words need to be spoken to know that we want to be together, to experience the ultimate intimacy.

She reaches down and guides my cock to her entrance. She’s so warm and moist, and I enter her as slowly as I can manage. I want this experience to last as long as possible. Her lips feel so wonderful as they close around my cock. Inside she’s smooth, warm, wet. I so enjoy the sensations pleasuring my cock.

We tenderly look at each other as I slowly move in and out of her. When my cock is in as far as it will go I imagine pushing my entire body into her, to feel her completely around all of me. She senses my excitement building. “I’m getting there too, Victor.” As we continue we somehow know how to arrive at the same place at the same time. And as my orgasm sweeps over me I feel her squeeze my cock with exquisite tightness as she cums.

We remain intertwined like this as we come down from our ecstacy. And then we fall asleep wrapped in each other’s arms.

When we awaken it’s time to get ready for supper and to go see the Boston Pops Christmas concert.

These two days pass like a whirlwind. We make exquisite love. We talk about things too difficult to discuss with email. We share showers together. We walk like lovers through the crowds of Quincy Market. We experience Tuba Christmas outside Fanueil Hall. We visit the huge Christmas tree outside Filene’s. And in the evenings we stroll arm in arm through Boston Common which is alive and romantic with Christmas lights and decorations.

There is only a little sadness as we say goodbye at Logan Airport. We know we’ve been lucky to have this time together. We know that we’ll continue to be friends, but now much closer. And our memories of this special time will brighten each and every Christmas season for us from now on.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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