Up For Some Naughty Girl Loving?

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Up for some naughty girl loving? I am such a bad girl, are you wondering what makes me a bad girl? A warm pool during twilight not quite dark but not light enough so people can see. We would move to the side of the pool where we can both stand and I can feel your hands holding my face and bringing me close to you as you kiss me gently and then it gets hotter and our tongues meet.

Your hands are moving from my face to my neck to my shoulders as you wrap my arms around your neck and I feel your fingers playing with my breasts on the outside of my suit then they slowly move down and find the spot where the tankini ends and one hand is now playfully tugging and pinching my nipples. Little moans are escaping my lips as I kiss your neck and face, when I try and move my hands so I can play; you bring them back up around your neck. Your other hand has now moved down lower and your fingers are gently caressing me on the outside of my suit.

My breathing is getting heavier and I am wishing your fingers would move in side of me, I am pushing my self towards you hoping you know what I want and a sly smile crosses your lips and you tell me to wait and slow down we aren’t in a hurry. Your fingers are still touching me thru my suit and it’s driving me wild to the point I am almost begging you to finger me. Instead you lift me up a tiny bit and slide my suit over to expose my lips and instead of your fingers you slide your dick in me. I am not ready for that and almost come as I am so excited.

I look over your shoulder and see a guy sitting on one of the deck chairs watching us, neither one of us saw him enter. He tells us to keep going and forget he is there, having someone watch us makes me even wetter and I come fast and furious. You ask me to tell you what he is doing and I say he is watching but rubbing himself, we play a little more in the pool and then you pin me into a corner and slide my suit over again and insert 2 fingers inside of me and find my spot as I come again, the watcher is playing with himself even more and is totally turned on by our tryst. You are also ready to explode and remove your fingers and slide back inside of me and we both come at the same time.

We exit the altyazılı porno pool, grab our towels and head over to the guy who thanks us for a lovely evening of entertainment. We leave the pool area and head up the stairs but we don’t make it very far before your lips are kissing me yet again… We haven’t made it up 5 or 6 stairs and you have grabbed me, turned me around and started kissing me again. I maneuver us up to the landing into a corner and we can’t keep our hands off of each other. We look at each other and at the same time we run up the stairs to the door, you are fumbling to find the key and I am standing behind you (not making it easy for you) rubbing your ass with one hand and sliding around to the front, the other hand moving across your chest. You get the door open and we can’t get in fast enough to close it. I push you against the door and start kissing you and running my hands over you and will not let you touch me…it’s my turn to drive you crazy.

I slowly slide your wet suit off of you and tease you with my fingertips, you are sneaky and have managed to untie my top and slide it down so you now have my breasts in your hands. You caress them and kiss them gently biting and teasing. We move over to the couch and you sit down and have me sit on your lap straddling you. I love looking into your eyes while we kiss and we can see the passion burning inside of us and both know this is going to be a long and wonderful night together.

You decide we need to shower to get the chlorine off our skin, we get into the shower and as I lean back to wet my hair you kiss my neck and run your fingers down between my breasts all the way down to my mound and let the warm water run between my legs. I start to put shampoo in my hair and rub it in, as the soap is making its way across my body you are playing with it and rubbing it in my skin and pull me close to you so my slippery body is up against yours. I turn you towards the water and grab the soap and start washing your stomach, arms and legs, I teasingly head to your penis with a handful of soap and start washing him, you are moaning like crazy right now. You rinse off quick and grab me, turn me around and bend me over and zenci porno slide in my wet pussy, I lean back against you as your one hand comes around to the front of me and starts playing with my clit. I tell you I am going to cum and you stop telling me it isn’t time yet.

We rinse off and grab towels, we start drying each other off and you wrap me up inside your towel I can feel your dick poking me between my legs and I beg you to fuck me. You tell me no and say your hungry, so we head to the kitchen.

I jump up onto the counter to entice you and you look over and see me there. You come over and start licking my clit and stick 2 fingers inside of me and find my spot and I come instantly all over your hand. You tell me I am a naughty girl I wasn’t supposed to do that and now I am going to be punished.

We get a snack and head into the living room, you turn on the TV and start watching it, I lean over and start sucking on your dick, I move down between your legs and I run my tongue up and down the shaft and over your balls which sends you into a frenzy. You grab me again and have me straddle your legs and place only the tip of your dick inside of me as punishment as this is such a tease, when I try and go down lower you move me back up and spank my bare ass. I beg you to let it go in further and you tell me no not yet. You pull me close again and we start kissing and somehow I end up lying on the couch with you on top of me teasing me with everything you got. I am begging you to let me come and you do, I cover you in kisses thanking you as I couldn’t take it any longer.

You tell me my punishment isn’t over yet and naughty girls must do what they are told. You tell me to kneel between your legs and take your dick in my mouth as far as it will go, you then grab my hair and tell me to go further and take the whole thing down my tight throat. I try and gag numerous times and this heightens your desire for me. My fingers are caressing your balls and one finger is gently rubbing the spot between your balls and your hole. You ask what I plan on doing and I move down to sucking your balls and that space between. I slowly spread your ass cheeks and expose aldatma porno you, I lick my finger and tease you there, your moans are intensifying with each little circle or poke I make. I surprise you with the tip of my tongue there and your moaning my name telling me to suck your dick before you shoot cum in my face. I move up and take your dick in my mouth and as I do you shoot your load down my throat. It tastes so good; I slowly suck the last remaining drops and release you from my mouth.

You look at me and say I was an even naughtier girl for what I just did and tell me to head to the bedroom and lie down and wait for you there. I do as you ask and wait what feels like an eternity. You come in and say you have a surprise for me but will not tell me what it is. You spread my legs apart and see I am wet with anticipation and you start to lick me again. I now feel a finger tickling my ass and you say that my punishment is coming.

My breathing changes and I want that finger to slowly move inside my ass, I am so excited and can’t wait for what you may have in store for me. You notice that I am getting very excited and stop. I ask you not to stop and you say I have to do what all naughty girls do and beg. I sit up and lean close to you whispering into your ear to please punish me and fuck my ass. I am now covering you with kisses and begging you.I am getting so turned on by you almost ignoring me that I slowly straddle you again and rub my ass up and down your penis while I beg and plead to promise to be a good girl.

You grab my ass cheeks and spread them wide and instead of your dick you slowly move a skinny dildo into me and slide me back a bit and the head of your dick is rubbing my clit. I am now moaning and begging you to fuck your naughty girl like she has never been fucked before and you tell me you plan on it. You roll me over onto the bed and tell me to lie on my stomach. You’re sliding the dildo in and out of my ass and two fingers into my wet pussy with your thumb rubbing my clit. Your fingers slowly slide out and I feel your dick pushing deep inside of me as you move the dildo quicker and I explode with the wettest orgasm of the night as you cum all over my ass cheeks.

We lie in the bed spent from our night of fucking and we lay there looking at each other and you grab my hair and ask me if I am going to be a naughty girl again? I smiley coyly and shrug my shoulders, kiss your lips and snuggle into you and say you never know.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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