Uptight Woman Turns Sexy

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I’m angry. I’m hurt. We’ve lived together for six months, shared a bed for six months. He tells me I’m an uptight bitch and leaves. And what bothers me the most of all is, he’s at least partly right. I am up tight. I’m trying to make my way in a very prestigious law firm with lots of competition and there is no doubt at all that the firm has less regard for women. Even though I had the highest grades in school, edited the journal and was picked ahead of most others to enter the firm. And, I’ve contributed greatly on the few occasions I’ve been given a chance.

He also told me that there’s probably a real woman in me somewhere if I’d just let it out. I think that it’s likely that I let my female side be too open to him, made myself too vulnerable. I thought our sex life was terrific. He didn’t think so. Too uptight. Never open emotionally. Always need to plan everything. What’s so wrong with planning?

What I need to do is prove to myself that he’s wrong. That I can be emotional. That I can be spontaneous and sexy. That I am a woman, not an uptight bitch. Besides, it’s been almost two weeks. Two weeks without sex after months of having sex at least daily, usually several times a day. He was insatiable, which is one thing I always liked about him. I liked the feeling that he wanted me, that I was wanted, was sexy. Truth is, I loved the sex. So it bothers me even more that he could just walk away from it and I’m the one that’s missing it.

These are the thoughts running through my head as I finish dinner at one of my favorite restaurants. It’s also convenient, just a block from my apartment building. The bus boy at the table across the room must be new, I’ve never seen him before. Maybe I’m too horny because my first thought of him is that he’s a male animal. Too old to be a bus boy. Too big to be a bus boy. He needs a hair cut. Dark, wavy hair down over his ears. Tall, over six feet. Big, or at least broad. Big shoulders, big hands. An animal face. Not fine and beautiful but almost coarse, strong looking. I bet he fucks like an animal.

What am I thinking? He’s a bus boy. Probably an illegal immigrant or something. But I can’t help thinking that he’d probably be a very good fuck. An animal fuck, rutting away. He’s coming this way with a tray, my empty dishes are on the small table I’m at. He nods at me and starts removing the dishes, cleaning the table.

“Do you speak English?” I say to him. Why am I talking to him? Up close that face looks more than masculine, it’s a strong face. strong bone structure. He’s even more massive up close. I’m more sure than ever that he’d be an animal in bed.

He looks at me. Really seems to look, as if he’s studying me. “Yes,” he says. Just that. “Yes.”

“Will you come home with me, spend the night with me?” What am I doing, Beth, acting crazy. I can’t need sex that bad.

He looks at me some more. His eyes are softer than I expected. Looks as if there’s a brain in there somewhere. “Yes,” he says again. Nothing more, just yes.

What do I do now? I have to pay the bill. “Ten minutes,” I say. “Outside the front door.”

He doesn’t smile, just picks up the last of the dishes and starts to turn to take them back to the kitchen. But he says one more thing. “Yes.”

I’ve had three words from him, all “yes”, so at least he does speak at least a little English. Didn’t seem to have a strong accent. This isn’t like me and yet, maybe it is. In college, I wasn’t social. I worked hard. And then, every once in a while, every few months, after a party or something, I’d have a one night stand with whoever I managed to pick up. No long affairs. I was too busy with school. My only long affair ended two weeks ago so I guess I’m back to another one night stand with the animal I just propositioned.

Out front, he’s waiting. He’s big. Not fat at all but tall. I’m not tiny, I’m five feet eight. Fairly trim, perhaps even slim by most standards. But he’s big enough to dominate me and I guess that’s what I’m hoping for. To just let the animal loose on me. I hope he’s not too evil. It wouldn’t look good to come in Monday morning with a black eye or maybe worse. Maybe this is stupid. But we’re at my building quickly, it’s only a three minute walk, then up in the elevator and into my apartment. He’s just come along, said nothing. Neither have I.

“We might as well get naked,” I say to him and start toward the bedroom. He follows me, unbuttoning his shirt as I unbutton my blouse. Naked, he’s even bigger than I had thought. Muscular. Extremely strong looking. Not hairy, as I had almost expected. His cock is already erect, jutting out from a black bush. Big and strong, just like the rest of him. Not anything abnormal, I may have even had larger ones. But definitely big and strong looking. Uncircumcised, the foreskin covering part of the head.

He looks at me and actually says something. “You’re beautiful.”

“My breasts aren’t big enough.”

“Your breasts are perfect for your size. You istanbul escort have a gorgeous body. Most of the women in this country would love to have a body as good as yours. And perfect coloring. You’re beautiful.”

I’m a red head. At times I’ve liked that and a lot of other times I’ve hated it. Pale skin, tendency for a few freckles on my face. I’ve never shaved my pubic hair, never thought I needed to. I just don’t have much and what I do have is relatively fine and soft unlike the frizzy stiff stuff of many women. Blue, or maybe a little toward green, eyes.

I step closer to him and reach down and wrap my fingers around his stiff cock. He puts both arms around me and leans to kiss me. He’s a very good kisser, particularly for an animal. He uses one hand to pull my pins out of my hair and let it fall loose. I usually have my hair pulled back tightly, it seems fitting for a good attorney. “You’re even more beautiful with your hair loose. You should always have it that way. I thought that as soon as I saw you.” He kisses me again and holds me against him.

The next thing I know, I’m on my back, half way onto the bed and he’s leaning over me, fondling my breasts, licking them, sucking on my nipples. One hand of his moves down over my stomach to my pussy and he slides a finger up and down my slit. I open my legs some. That seems to draw his attention and he kisses down over my stomach , kneels on the floor between my legs and gets his fingers and mouth to me. He is unbelievably good at this. I’ve never had anyone eat me any better, ever. It’s obvious that he’s enjoying it himself, not just trying to please me. It’s as if he’s getting some sustenance from my juices. When I cum he doesn’t stop. It almost hurts, it’s so much. But it’s glorious. I can hear the slurps of his tongue working on me quickly as his fingers move inside me. I’m pulling on that long hair of his.

And then that good cock of his is in me. Filling me. I guess the fuck you’re having is always good but I think maybe this really is the best ever for me. I’m noisy, I love this, I want more. and I tell him so. He tells me how sexy I am. Somehow, we’ve moved from being half off the bed to being on it and he pounds into me. He is an animal, just as I hoped. A really, really good fucker pounding away at me. I have another orgasm, maybe more. I’m yelling and screaming, my legs are up around him, then on the bed pushing back to help him fuck me even harder. This is exactly what I want because now I’m acting like an animal, too, not thinking, just fucking, letting my emotions run my body.

He pulls out and almost hits my hip with a slap, “Roll over” he says and I do. He grabs my hips and lifts and I’m on my knees and he’s back into me, filling me again from behind. He seems even bigger in me than he did before. I’m about half way into an orgasm. In fact I’ve been close to orgasms ever since he started on me. I’ve never felt quite like this. He tells me what a gorgeous ass I have. As he pounds into me his hands roam over my butt, feeling and squeezing. His fingers play around my anus. He reaches down around and massages my clit as he continues to push into me. He’s gathering some of my juices that his fingers carry back to my butt and he wipes them on my anus and starts pushing a finger into me. I’ve never felt this before. It’s uncomfortable. But since he’s fucking me strongly all the while, it’s also sort of sexy. I’ve heard of people having anal sex but I’ve never been interested, however I have to admit that his finger moving in my anus while his cock is moving in my vagina is sexy.

He shoves hard into me and I can feel him ejaculating, filling my insides with warm stuff. He pulls out, grabs my hips and turns me over and lays down on top of me and kisses me, his hands massaging my breasts. “You are one terrific fuck, you know that? You’re a very sexy lady.” He rolls us over so that I’m laying on him. His hands are holding my butt. pressing me to him. I kiss him and he kisses back.

“I’m sticky, how about a shower?” I suggest.

He remains a huge animal as the hot water pours down on me. His hands are all over me and he keeps telling me what great breasts I have, what a lovely body, how sexy I am. I have to admit I love it and stay well aroused and then he’s kneeling on the floor, one of my legs over his shoulder and he’s eating me again. Eating me as if he needs me, wants me. I’m back into orgasm all over again. The water is still running over us and my legs are weak, I can hardly support myself. He turns off the water and lifts me up and lays me on the floor of the bathroom, I’m atop him, his face is in my crotch, working on my pussy and his massive erection is right in front of me. I grab it and feel it, run my hands up and down,. I lick it, get my mouth over the head and suck on it.

I’m cumming again from his mouth and fingers working on me. He rolls us over, his cock pushing so far into my mouth that I’m gagging, momentarily. He istanbul escort bayan pulls out and lifts my hips again and gets behind me. His fingers reach into my vagina and pulls out clods of lubrication that he pushes into my ass. It’s scary because I know what he’s going to do. And then he does it. I can feel that massive cock of his pressing against my anus, pushing its way in. I’m still so aroused and so mentally into sex that I have no ability to do anything but accept what’s happening.

“My God, you’re tight,” he says. “You’re the sexiest female possible.” And it’s amazing but he’s fully into me, filling me in ways that I’ve never experienced, Hurting me some but also arousing me some. He slaps my butt cheeks, hard, and pulls his cock partly out and then slides it back in. He reaches around to get his fingers to my clit and massages it. I’ve never been in mid-orgasm for as long as this in my life. I can’t even think. It goes on and on and then I can feel it, this time down inside me, he’s cumming, putting out a warm load. And then he pulls back and out. He lifts me up, holding me up with his arms as he kisses me. “You have the sexiest body possible,” he tells me and carries me into the shower and uses his hands and soap to wash me again. Back out, he dries me off and carries me back into the bedroom and lays me on the bed and lays beside me, holding me against him.

“A really sexy woman needs a load of sperm in her vagina, her bowels and her throat.” He sits me up and kneels in front of me, his cock in front of my face. His cock is too big for me to deep throat it. I can barely get my mouth open enough to get the head into my mouth. But I use my hands and jerk him off while sucking on the head, taking as much in as I can and then sliding it out again. I pull off and lick up and down on the sides. He has a really magnificent cock. I’m so aroused I need to something and my pussy and rear are both almost sore so using my mouth and hands seems to be the sexiest thing I can do and I sure don’t want all this to stop. I guess it works because eventually, after I began to think my jaws were going to freeze open permanently, he starts shooting into my mouth and I swallow.

We both collapse on the bed. I’m sure we slept although I don’t remember. I was wakened though, by his licking my pussy and sucking on my clit. I could see daylight outside, it must be morning. And then I’m cumming and he just keeps on licking and sucking me, then slides up over me and pushes into me again. I wrap my legs around him. I could do this forever, just fuck him and fuck him, on and on. Which is what I tell him. He finally shoots off into me again. I wrap myself around him as tightly as I can.

“Can we just continue this all day long?” I ask. Last night was Friday so this is Saturday and I have today and tomorrow with nothing planned and now that we’re here, I’m dreaming of continuing all this for another couple days.

“You asked if I would spend the night with you and I have. But I have other things planned today. You’re as sexy a woman as possible and I loved every moment with you but I’ve got to go.” And the next thing I know, I’m laying in bed all alone. He’s gone. I’m disappointed but at the same time I hug myself, remembering how great everything was. As I think back, it makes me realize that I don’t know his name and he doesn’t know mine. He knows where I live and I know where he works but that’s it. I’ve had my one night stand and it was everything I needed. I wasn’t uptight at all, I was beautiful and sexy and he was every bit the animal I expected. I’ve even had anal sex for the first time.

Back to reality. Back to being the hard working, brainy lawyer, working her way up in a top firm. And my pussy almost aches, wanting more of what I’d experienced with the animal. Mid week, I went back to the restaurant where I’d seen him, for dinner. He wasn’t there. I asked the maitre’d about him, trying to describe him. “Oh, you must mean Costas, my nephew. He fills in sometimes when we have an emergency.” I had no idea exactly what to do so I just asked him to tell his nephew that I was asking about him, would like to renew our, uh, relationship. I’m not sure I’m going to be able to go back there after the look he gave me, as if he knew what had happened and he was seeing me as a very different person than he was used to. It was embarrassing.

Friday evening I was buzzed from the lobby. It was Costas, so I let him in and waited at my open door for him. As soon as he came in, he pulled the pins from my hair and let it fall loose and kissed me. “You’re such a beautiful and sexy woman, why do you hide it? You should flaunt it. You’d make every man you walk by want you.” The evening was almost a repeat of our first one. I spent hours in what seems like a constant orgasm and he tells me over and over how sexy I am as he makes love to all the parts of my body. I did learn his name and he learned mine. I also learned that he was escort istanbul an architect, at least a beginning one, and he only worked at his uncle’s restaurant as needed — partly to help out his uncle but partly to earn a little money. It’s expensive to live in this city, he tells me. And again he needs to leave the next day, he has a work assignment that he needs to complete. But I get him to agree to see me again, here or wherever he prefers. He says that here is probably best, at least for now.

I’m left about half believing what he keeps telling me, that I’m truly a beautiful, sexy woman. I realize that may have been part of my problem, that I never felt that was true of me. I was a brain, a hard worker, didn’t let others get to me. And now the animal. Costas, was getting to me.

A week later he’s back, this time agreeing to stay for the entire weekend. Again, I spend Friday evening and night in a continuing orgasm as he tells me how gorgeous I am and uses every inch of my body for sex. Saturday morning I wake next to him and see his luscious erection. I’m licking and sucking on it, sliding my hands up and down on it, as he wakes up. Soon we’re in a 69 as he sucks and licks my pussy and the day is starting gloriously, I’m in orgasms again. After we fuck for what seems to last forever, we head, both naked, to the kitchen to get some breakfast. Coffee and some toast go normally but then he wants something hot for breakfast, he tells me. He sits me on the table, gets in a chair between my legs and puts his mouth to my pussy and away we go again. It does enter my mind that he surprises me, eager to eat a pussy he’s already filled with his cum a couple times the night before and earlier this morning. But then I loved sucking his magnificent cock this morning with our dried juices still on it.

Once he has me gushing out, he lifts me, places me on the floor and mounts atop me and we fuck for another lengthy time, his continuing to say loving things to me and about me. We then take a shower together. Everything arouses him and nothing seems to wear him out, so we’re back on the bed again. I’m convinced he likes his tongue in me even more than his cock. I’m not complaining, I love both.

He almost lectures me on how I should present myself differently. As a beautiful, sexy woman I should dress to make the most of what I have. He checks to make sure I can afford it but then we dress and he goes with me to a couple stores to help me pick out some new clothes. Since I’m still not convinced I can do this, I end up with two new dresses, some new underwear (including push-up bras) and two pair of high heels. Back in my apartment he has me try everything on and raves about how great I look. Changing back out of the new clothes leaves us both naked and back on the bed. My pussy should be sore from his constant licking and sucking but instead I seem to get more and more turned on as time goes by.

It’s by far the greatest weekend of my life. Saturday night and Sunday are almost non-stop sex. We’re both naked all the time. I’m becoming free enough to tell him what a great, muscular body he has and how magnificent his cock is as he goes on and on about my beauty and sexiness and how delicious my pussy is and how perfect my breasts are and what a great ass I have. Incidentally, that ass gets his cock a couple times, too, which surprises me since I’d thought anal sex was dirty and evil until being with him.

The next week I didn’t have the nerve to wear my new outfits to the office but I have a court appearance scheduled that will likely last all day, so I try out one of the new outfits. My hair is loose, my dress is fairly conservative but shows off my body, my heels make my legs look more attractive, at least according to Costas. The hearing goes pretty much as planned. I had researched the whole case and prepared our arguments. I expected one of the male lawyers to actually do the presentation, as they had in similar, earlier situations. But as I walked in, my male cohort feigned to be shocked and told me how great I looked and let me do the entire presentation on my own.

He told me later, once we won the case and were ready to leave, that he spent the whole day looking at me and feeling like he wanted to fuck me. It shocked me some that he’d have the nerve to say that. “I don’t think you’re going to be doing that,” I tell him, even though I’m sort of flattered.

He just grins and replies, “I don’t think so, either. My wife would kill me. It’s just that you look so great after looking so mousy ever since I first met you. I don’t know what’s happened but I think you should open up like this all the time. I also think that maybe you’ve made a conquest. That tall opposition lawyer was giving you the once over all through the trial.”

I looked. He’s actually a good looking guy. “I doubt if he’d ever even recognize me again, if he was looking it was probably in anger because I had better arguments than his side did.”

“Maybe,” my office mate answers, ‘but it looked like more than that. Anyway, I’m going to recommend that you argue these cases yourself from now on, you don’t need a monitor or watchdog along. If anything, we should send one of the new people along to learn from you. You’re good, Beth.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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