Vacation Sex

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What is it about being on vacation that makes sex so great?

My theory is that you are totally away from all the bullshit of your normal life: the kids, the dog, the bills, the job, all the crap that grinds you down in your daily life. And you’re at a place where no one knows you; you can leave all of your inhibitions at home. If you’re at a beach, particularly one that’s out of the country (the Caribbean, Europe, Scandinavia), topless or total nudity becomes part of your life. Your significant other would never let any one see their private parts at the local beach at home or at the pool, even if it’s your own pool. Hotel sex is pretty much the same as vacation sex. Las Vegas and South Beach are perfect examples of places that make you forget about your mundane life and allow some libidinous role-playing. Fantasies come true on vacation. And it’s when you’ll step out of the box sexually.

My wife and I recently rented a beautiful house on the northern New England coast. The house had a deck overlooking the bay. On our first morning there, we woke up refreshed and had our coffee. The TV was satellite so we had our choice of 60-plus channels of music. I put on the “Standards” channel and some of the greatest love songs ever written became our background music, adding to our mellow mood. About 11am or so, my wife went outside to lie in the sun, wearing only a little sheer black micro-panty from Wicked Weasel. If you’re at all familiar with Wicked Weasel, you know that a lot of their bottoms have a seam that really accentuates a nice cameltoe. My wife is in her late 50’s and still looks great without any clothes on. Her breasts are full 34C’s, voluptuous hangers with class and character. She’s been shaving her pussy completely since we saw Linda Lovelace in Deep Throat some thirty years ago so a cameltoe has become standard equipment. But she grew a landing strip for our vacation.

The first time she shaved her pubic hair she asked me if I liked it. I told her I had to eat it and fuck it and then I would let her know what I thought. Well, after doing both, I told her that I thought it was awesome. The smooth skin felt so good, touching it and licking it. Because my wife has full outer labia and a clit hood that is always visible, the visual was beyond description. Her lips hang out, especially when she’s aroused and it’s very easy to see her juices because they drip down from her vagina. When she’s naked, it’s always an invitation for sex.

Her response to my appreciation of her new look was a little bit of a surprise. She said that if I liked the shaved look so much, she wanted me to shave off my pubic hair to see if she felt the same about it on me. I was in the shower faster than I could say, “Can I fuck you again?” Minutes later, after a quick but careful shave of my balls and all of my pubic hair, I stepped out of the shower with my cock semi-rigid. It looked great. Forget that bullshit about looking like a little boy. I was looking down at a full-fledged man with a shiny stiff cock looking bigger than ever, ready for action. For the same reason she did, I had allowed a strip of pubes to grow back starting at the base of my cock and going up about three inches.

My wife moved toward me, reaching out and putting her hands on my chest. The next thing I knew was she was lowering herself onto her knees and wrapping her mouth around my dick. Her hands never left my chest. She teased my nipples, pinching them firmly and then rubbing them with the palms of her hands. This was early in our sex life and she wasn’t the expert in fellatio that she has become. On the other hand, I wasn’t that big on staying power, either. She sucked on my dick and I came in her mouth in just a few seconds. We were both incredibly excited. She swallowed my cum and looked up at me with a big smile. We’ve both been bare ever since.

A few months ago when I had my annual physical, I asked my doctor for some samples of Viagra. I wasn’t really in need of it yet, but thought that it couldn’t hurt to try it and see what happened. He gave me a dozen pills. I have to say that I’ve never had a problem getting a hard-on, but with the Viagra, Etiler escort I get a much harder erection. The results, according to what my wife says, are definitely a plus. After using up the Viagra, the doctor gave me a script for Levitra. Same response but I wanted to try the other offerings in this type of drug. Now, these drugs are not aphrodisiacs per se, but if you take one, you definitely want to have sex. Why? Because the little fuckers cost $10 apiece and you don’t want to waste an extra-good erection.

In preparation for our vacation, I bought a brand new 7″ jelly vibrator. My wife knew that I bought something for our vacation but didn’t know exactly what. I was in the house, looking out the window as I watched her lay a towel down and get comfortable on one of the chaise lounges on the deck. I knew by her body language that this was only a prelude to a sexual romp. I went into the bedroom, grabbed a Levitra and swallowed it. Then I changed into a sheer thong, pulled out the jelly vibrator and the bottle of lube. Lube has become a way of life, particularly as we’ve gotten older. There are days that, no matter how excited she gets, lube is a necessary part of our lovemaking. Actually, the bottle of lube at our bedside has been part of a new adventure in our sex life. I put the vibrator and the lube on the table right by the deck door and stepped out side.

She looked at me and slyly said, ” Looking to get some sun?”

“I could use a few rays,” I said as I sat down on the chaise next to her. The chaises were close enough so reaching over to fondle her was going to be easy. We sat and let the sun beat down on us. There was no question that our temperatures were rising. I could see beads of moisture starting to form on her skin. Classy women don’t sweat; they glisten!! She asked me to put some coconut suntan oil on her back. I took the bottle of oil and squirted a good dollop on her back and started to rub it in. “Don’t forget the front”, she said. “Not to worry”, I replied. The vanilla aroma of the oil was intoxicating. I put some oil in my palms and then rubbed her chest, first in a non-sexual way but that didn’t last for long. Within seconds, I had a breast in each hand, massaging them with the slippery oil. My focus became her nipples, which were obviously hard since I saw her step outside. I pinched and pulled them until she started to moan. She took the oil and rubbed some on my chest, having nothing to do with a suntan. She tweaked my nipples and gave them a twist which actually was painful, painful but intensely pleasurable.

One of the side effects of these ED drugs is a stuffy nose. I could feel it coming on. The timing was perfect. My dick was starting to swell, pushing against the sheer fabric of my thong. It was evident she was becoming aroused as well since her tiny micro-panty was barely able to hold her swollen pussy lips. I reached down and ran my finger along the middle seam on her panty. Her juice immediately came through the thin see-thru fabric. I continued with my downward stroke until my finger found its way between her lips and I pushed gently into her vagina as far as the material would let me. She moaned softly as I probed.

My cock could not be restrained any longer. I stood up and took off my thong. My cock stood straight out on its way to becoming fully tumescent. In minutes I was as hard as a teenager. My wife reached out and gently wrapped her hand around my cock and stroked me from top to bottom. She paused at the top of my dick to circle its head with her thumb and forefinger and slowly, very slowly, rubbed the frenulum, the thin ridge on the underside of my penis. A minute or two more of her sucking and I would have been all done. I pushed her away telling her that there could be more of that but later. I took her panties off and, because they were so wet, I sucked her juice right out of them. She put her feet on the deck and began to provocative spread her legs, making a little show of it. She spread her legs far enough apart that her lips started to separate. The thick moisture from her cunt formed a bridge of viscous liquid between her lips.

Sex Beşiktaş escort outdoors is great. One of the reasons is the ability to see absolutely everything in bright daylight. The sun reflected off the juice in her cunt, like bits of diamonds. My wife moved her left hand down to her cunt and inserted a couple of fingers, pulling them out and then pushing them back in, making a soft sloshing sound. Then she took her fingers and stuck them in her mouth, with her lips wrapped around them. She pulled them out with a pop and seductively said, “MMMM, Good!!” I had no choice but to put my mouth on her hot cunt and eat her syrup like there was no tomorrow.

I ate her like a champ. I couldn’t get enough of her, pulling her labia out with my teeth, making them bigger and puffier than they’d ever been. Her oozing liquid covered my mouth and found its way into my moustache and beard. I got down on my knees and pushed her thighs apart. I was ready to stick my whole head into her box. Her outer labia were swollen and purple. Her inner lips were as puffy as they’ve ever been. Her high degree of arousal was evident by the purple knob of her erect clit sticking out from under her clit hood. I licked and sucked and stuck my tongue as far into her cunt as I could.

Her hands went back and forth from her chest to mine. With her nails, she flicked my nipples making them as hard as pebbles. She pinched them hard like she did before until I reacted with a barely audible, “OW! That hurts. Don’t stop!!” She then cupped her breasts with her hands and squeezed them firmly, and then in unison, kneaded her nipples, pulling them and stretching them. “It doesn’t hurt me”, she said.

“What did you buy for us?” I said, ” Hold on. I’ll be right back.” I grabbed the jelly vibrator and the lube from inside the doorway and brought it outside. She looked at what I had and said, “That looks like fun!” I sat back down and stuck a finger in her cunt to see if it was wet enough for some internal probing. It definitely was. The vibrator was hot pink, shaped like a penis, with a cockhead and veins. I spread her lips apart and slid the tip in. There was no resistance at all. How could there be wit both her juice and the lube. She looked down and watched as I pushed in all seven inches until only the “balls” were visible. It was a really nice vibrator with a variable-speed switch that went from “barely on” to “Oh, MY FUCKING GOD!” I turned it on and we could hear a gentle hum. My wife moaned deeply, “It feels so good.”

Her body had slid down so she was resting more on her back, exposing her brown anal rosebud. She brought her legs up so her feet were resting on the lounge which only made her rear entry more accessible. I spread some lube on my finger and circled her asshole with it. Her first reaction to the cold feeling of the lube was to close her legs a little but she immediately opened them up again as wide as she could. She moved down a little more, giving me even better entrée to her sacred hole. Sitting outside overlooking the ocean with the sun beating down on us. This was vacation sex at its best! Even though we were completely alone, being outside made us feel like we were being watched which only turned us on more. We were giving a show for no one in particular but we were being exhibitionists.

I turned the vibrator off but left it in her cunt, giving it a little in-and-out action. I suggested that she hold into the vibrator and keep it in its proper place. My lubed finger pushed against her outer sphincter and then slipped into her ass up to the first knuckle with a little bit of resistance. The tightness of first entry is almost an expression of “no don’t, but, YES, please, please do!” I took my finger out and put more lube on it and the finger next to it. While I was focused on her rectum, she was pushing the vibrator in and taking it out of her pussy in a slow rhythm, fucking herself gently.

I pushed against her outer ring with the two slick fingers. Her sphincter offered no opposition at all. It actually seemed to open up with a little gape to let my fingers in. I entered her smoothly and pushed my Taksim escort fingers all the way. I let them rest for a minute while I played with her heaving breasts. She has nice nipples, about a ½ inch long and ½ inch in diameter, surrounded by light tan areolas. Her nips were hard. I gave each a firm pinch and a pull. Often during sex, what one person does to the other is what the doer is looking for. I think my nipples are my most sensitive erogenous zone. So with one hand still using the vibrator, she ran her fingers across my chest and started to make circles around my nipples, getting closer and closer until, with her fingertips, she brought them to life.

We were very busy. All hands were being used. Both her cunt and asshole had something in them. My dick was sticking straight out and rock hard from our activity, and from the magic pill I had taken. It was like the Jefferson Airplane song, White Rabbit”. “One pill makes you bigger and one pill makes you small.” There was no doubt I had taken the pill that makes you harder! She squeezed her anal muscles and pulled back so that my fingers were no longer in her rectum. “Get up,” she said. I got up from the lounge and stood there with my dick sticking straight out. She got up and told me to sit down on the chaise which I did. She took the lube, put some in her hands and started to stroke my pulsating cock.

No sooner than she started she stopped rubbing. She lifted her leg so as to straddle the chaise. I so what was coming but it was something she had never done before. Our anal sex was always in the missionary position. I would be fucking her cunt and she would say, “You can put in the back if you want.” This time she was being the aggressor. She positioned herself so her asshole rested against the head of my very slippery dick. She spread her legs as far apart as she could and grabbed my cock. Her body started to slowly lower onto my cock. I could feel her ass opening up to receive me. She was in control and I loved it. Would this ever happen at home? Probably not, but as hot as we were, it was happening now.

Within seconds, her eyes opened wide as her buttocks came to rest on my body. My cock was in as far as it could go. I smiled at her and fondled her tits, pulling and squeezing her very hard nipples. Her anal muscles were clutching my penis and then relaxing. She raised herself up until only my cockhead was inside her and then she quickly came back down. With her eyes closed, a moan came from deep within her. It was all about her now.

One of her hands played with her breasts and the other was toying with her clit. She was never embarrassed about playing with herself in front of me. Most of the time I think she did it because it turned me on but it wasn’t about me this time. This time it was all about her. She pulled at her clit as if she was going to pull it off. Then she took two fingers and put them in her cunt. She began to ride me like a horse. “Come inside me,” she said as she rocked back and forth, impaled by my cock.

I could feel my excitement building deep in my balls. My nipples were being neglected because my wife was totally absorbed in herself. She wanted me to come in her ass and I wanted to come in her ass. I don’t think I was ever as excited as I was at that moment, with the sun beating down on us. It was like being in an Olympic fucking competition. Suddenly her rectum began to pulsate in a way that was beyond her control. She was fiercely slapping her clit and I knew she was on the edge. “Oh, my God, oh, my God,” was all that came out of her mouth before she started to scream. I started to raise my hips to pump my seed into her ass. I came with a shudder and a chill like no orgasm I had ever had.

She fell onto me, her body covered with sweat. I put my arms around her and held her and told her how phenomenal she was. She lifted herself up slightly and my cock slid out of her ass. “I’ll get you a towel,” I told her as she laid back on the lounge. Her legs were apart and I could see her swollen asshole still open with a little gape. Some of my cum was dripping out of it. I looked at it and couldn’t help myself. I was overcome by the excitement of the moment. I forced her legs apart and licked my cum from her ass. It was delicious not because it tasted good but because it was it was her ass and it was the perfect finale for an awesome assfucking. Only on vacation!!! And still a week to go!

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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