Vannika Ch. 02

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VANNIKA – Chapter Two – “And Then There Is Seth”

Seth rushes into the side corridor and ducks into the powder room. He’s terrified of being seen, being caught. He’s safe in there although his heart is racing with excitement. A sudden feeling of bewilderment washes over him. “Shit, shit,” he gasps. ‘How could SHE have provoked such adolescent behavior from me in a scant few minutes,’ he asks himself. He’s happily married, well, at least satisfactorily married. He’s a prominent businessman, a responsible adult with a teenage son. How could he have been so overwhelmed? How did this happen?

Seth looks down at the stain in his slacks and feels foolish and embarrassed. With toilet tissue he cleans up the mess, noting his member is still semi-rigid and tingling. “Gawd,” he moans aloud, thinking of the amazing VANNIKA. He wipes his brow on a towel, looking in the mirror at his flushed face. A wave of recognition consumes his thoughts. He definitely should not see HER again. Definitely. Yet…yet he’s never experienced such a turn-on in all his life. How could he not follow his desire, his now obvious craving for more of HER. Would someone like HER ever enter his life again? Doubtful. No, impossible. Knowing it will be wrong and dangerous he knows he cannot resist. He knows where he longs to be at midnight.

His watch says 5:45. He closes his brazzers eyes, and touches his member. Mind swirling with the image of HER. “No, No, I can’t,” he hisses, forcing the lust out of his thoughts and cock back into his pants. I have to be calm. I have to wait. Exiting the small bathroom he slips down the interior hall, out the service door and into his car. “This is going to be agony,” he whines, now concealed behind the dark tinted windows, “Six more hours, six, oh gawd, six…”

…home with his wife, Seth tries to be normal. His son is out somewhere, so it is just the two of them. They talk quietly. He finds himself actually feigning grief, although he’s not been close to his father for years. Barb is so understanding about his lose. They make preliminary plans for the near future activities: family gathering, reading of the will, documents, property, etc., etc. Seth is trying not to be too distance, but his mind is so distracted. VANNIKA is in it, beckoning. Finally Seth says he just needs time alone to think. ‘Of course,’ she agrees, ‘Its been a long, sad day’. Kissing her spouse on the forehead she bids him goodnight.

Escaping to his private office, he fantasizes, totally forgetting the funeral and the reception. He casually fondles himself visualizing wild and crazy scenarios. Memories of HER are crisp. What is to be tonight cuckold porno he knows not? He checks the time every few minutes. Eventually he recognizes how exhausted he is. Trudging upstairs, he falls into bed and into a restless sleep.

Seth’s cell rings, startling both he and Barb. Partially awake he glances at the clock, 11:45. He shakes the grogginess from his mind. Reaching for his phone he answers,


“Darling Seth,” HER voice is a sensual whisper, “It is time for VANNIKA. I want you to pretend I am David’s butler.”

“Ah, Yes, Charles.”

“Umm, I’m here at the mansion, waiting for you to cum to ME. Do you think something, or someone, needs attending to?”

“Ohh, that sounds, ah, like I should attend to that, ah, problem.”

“Yes, Seth. Its urgent. I’ve been clubbing the last two hours and VANNIKA is so, SO ready for you.” He closes his eyes, sensing an erection surging. SHE continues, “I want you in my suite. You want to be in my suite, don’t you?”

“Yes,” he manages to respond, “I da, do.”

“Tell Barb you need to be here in 15 minutes.”

“Of course, Charles. I’ll, ah, help you. I’ll be there as soon as I can.”

“Hurry babe, and bring your equipment, ready to be used,” SHE purrs breathlessly.

“OK, OK, sure.” and he hears HER hang up. His hands are czech porno shaking. He must compose himself for his wife. Act somewhat perturbed, but resigned he decides.

“Barb,” he says softly, then creates the story of a plumbing something or other and the butler needs keys to some room and, and he has to go. Half asleep she mumbles, “Of course, for David, my sweet.” She rolls over not seeing him shudder at his wife’s endearment that he has heard VANNIKA use so very seductively just hours ago. Seth rushes to his closet, throwing on a t-shirt and shorts in record time. With a quick glance to his slumbering wife he exits the bedroom…

…Seth drives fast, mind racing, knees knocking uncontrollably. It seems like its taking an hour to traverse the few miles in light traffic to the estate. Finally he arrives. Fumbling with the security card he activates the gate and enters the courtyard. HER gleaming Lamborghini sits under the front portico, down-lights illuminating its brilliance. He steels himself as best he can and jumps out of his vehicle. Staggering around the rear of the crimson coupe he indeed sees the “GODDESS” license plate. It’s bordered with a frame that glows with gold LED lighting. “Incredible,” he groans. Shaking his head, Seth jogs toward the formal entryway. As he does, he begins hearing soft jazzy sounds filtering out from within. He’s startled to see Charles open the door, bow and pronounce, “MZ VANNIKA is in the great-room.”

“Ohh, ahh, thanks,” Seth blurts absentmindedly stepping inside. Lost for words he simply rushes forward towards the music and towards his fate.

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