Venus Trader

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It’s Oh Five Thirty aboard the seven hundred foot container ship ‘Venus Trader’ Twelve days out of New Orleans towards the Suez. It’ll soon be time to get out of bed and fetch the Captain’s breakfast. I’ll lie in for a bit longer. I hear the door for the head open and close. I feel the bunk as Captain crawls in beside me. I pretend to be asleep. Our little morning game. I feel strong hands stroke the smooth satin of my peignoir’s hem up.

“Time for my little slut’s ‘good morning’ fuck.” Captain strokes my smooth little butt.

I’m Denise. The factory I work for in Mississauga Ontario closed for a week to re tool, so I got a cheap flight and room in The Big Easy, New Orleans, for a week of BB+BC. Bourbon, blues and black cock.

At a bar a few blocks from my hotel I met Antoine. Big black and sexy beautiful. I was soon on my knees in the ‘Men’s’ with a mouthful of his ten inch (I swear, ten inch) cock nearly choking me. Uncircumcised ebony heaven. Tickle my tonsils Antoine, you gorgeous hunk. Bourbon and cum, delish together.

“Meet me here at seven Tuesday, Babe, and we’ll have some fun. Right?”

My dyed red hair is just long enough I need to wear a hat or hair net in the factory. I’m five foot three in bare feet, slim and sexy. I wore my little red dress with the deep V peek a boo neckline. Sleeveless, backless, it hes a wide collar that wraps around my throat covering my Adam’s apple. Over my pink plastic cock cage I’m wearing pink lace and satin panties. Can’t have a wienie ruining the lines of my yummy snug little dress, right? My God, the shoe stores in this town! I bought the sweetest white and pink leopard print three inch stilettos. To die for.

A short gold chain necklace. gold earrings with little stars hanging down, subtle makeup and I’m all set. Well Antoine’s look said it all.

And Antoine! Painted on leather jeans that didn’t hide any of his big ‘personality’ (or that he dressed to the left). His cream satin shirt was undone to his waist and three long gold chains graced his solid ebony chest. I could almost taste his cum when his smooth deep voice rumbled, “Hey Darlene. How about a bourbon, neat?”


“Right babe, that’s what I meant.”

A lady singer with an old guy accompanying her on the piano was dripping a soft slow blued tune around the room We drank a few Bourbons and danced.

“Hey, babe, ever been to a real sailor’s bar. Be fun.”

“No, let’s go.” I giggled. Good bourbon.

His car was a seventies Lincoln. I immediately had plans for that football field size back seat.

The bar was in a rundown neighborhood. I must admit a little fear added to my excitement. Inside, it was pretty basic. Stand up bar, solid looking wooden tables and chairs. A jukebox playing old fashion ‘pitiful whining’ country and western as a few couples danced. The men looked like hard working laborers, the ladies like hookers. Not judging, you understand, just saying.

“Hey Antoine, over here!”

A blond and a brunette were sitting at a corner table. “There’s Judy and The Captain. Come.”

“Ladies, this is Denise, she’s visiting from Canada.”

Hi, Denise. This is Judy, and you can just call me Captain. Fred! Another four beers over here, a bottle of whisky too, and glasses.”

We danced and drank. When the Captain asked me to dance the first time I was surprised how statuesque she was. A handsome face, long blond hair. A slow dance. She had one arm around my waist and her other held my head to her generous bosom. We soon hit it off. Judy and Antoine seemed a bit more than friends, but I didn’t care.

“Hey Denise, want to see my ship?”

“Ish dat like lemme show you my otele gelen escort etchings? Oops, I seem to be a bit drinky, er, drunky.” Giggle.

We all piled into Antoine’s car. Through the security at the container port. It took a bit to realize the huge pink steel wall towering over us was the side of Captain’s ship.

My dizzy brain wondered why Captain gave Antoine an envelope, and how I’d get back to my hotel when he and Judy drove off.

“Don’t worry about that Baby, I’ll look after everything. Come, let me show you my ship.”

We climbed the long steel stairs suspended along the side of the ship. Across a bit of deck, we entered the big white steel sterncastle. Up more stairs to the glass fronted bridge. Several uniformed ladies were watching cranes lowering shipping containers to the ship even at his late hour. They studiously ignored us. “Loading goes on twenty four hours a day until the ship is loaded. Follow me.”

We went through a door labeled ‘Captain Crean’.

She spun me around and we stood there kissing. The collar of my dress became undone and it fell to the deck. Captain’s knee length dark blue dress fell off too. Her black lace bra and panties contrasted so sweetly with her ivory skin.

Then we were on her bunk, naked except for my cock cage. Fondling and sweet kisses.

“Go down Baby. Eat your captain like a good little girly slut.”

With pleasure! I kissed and licked my way down between her long strong legs.Her bush was trimmed in a triangle, two inches per side. I tickled my nose in it’s silky fluff. I kissed her lower lips. God I’m drunk, hope I can please her. God, to have a body like hers. Lick along the slit. Mm, woman taste. In my drunken haste I spread this sweet treat open with my thumbs and start lapping her juices. Mm. I lap and kiss. Her fingers comb through my hair. I continue licking and kissing. She encourages me. “Oh, good girl, yes, that’s it Baby. Just there, good girl.” I find her nub. Her strong hands hold my ears. I chuckle at that silly song playing in my head, ‘And I’ve learned to breath through my ears.’

“Good girl. Get up here and kiss me.”

We kiss and snuggle. Last thing I remember is her whispering into my ear. “You’ll do just fine sweetheart.”

I wake. Disoriented. Background rumble, faint. I’m in Captain’s bed. Need to pee. Need water. Dry mouth. Neck itches.

“What the fuck?”

There’s a wide leather collar around my neck. Try to remove it. Can’t. Padlock. Chain to another padlock, fastened to end of bed. Can’t reach clothes. Scream. Hoarse, too much drinking last night. “What the FUCK!”

“I thought I heard something. My little slut is awake.”

“What the fuck is going on? Why am I chained? What the fuck?”

“Easy Baby, you probably need to pee. I’ll unlock you. The head is through there. Use it then come back and I’ll explain.”

I returned. Captain directed me to sit on the edge of bed. She locked the chain again.

“OK, listen carefully. This morning you were caught stowing away on my ship, the ‘Venus Trader’, registered in the Lesbian Confederacy. As Captain, and in accordance of our laws, I have declared you my slave until such time as we return to the Confederacy and you can appear before a judge. Now…”

“Wait, you can’t do this. You brought me aboard. I’m a Canadian citizen. You can’t hold me. Unlock me ,now.”

“Quiet. We are at sea now. In a few months we’ll be back in our home port and you can explain everything to a judge.”

“Turn the boat around. I’m a Canadian, you can’t do this!”

“Do you have any idea what it costs to run a ship like this? Probably not. türkmen escort Let’s have a look for proof of your citizenship.” She picked up my pink sequin clutch purse from the top of the pile of my clothes and dumped it on her desk. “Let’s see. Lipstick, condoms, interesting, compact, cash, room key card. No ID, no driver’s license or credit cards. Well, just who are you?”

“They’re back in my hotel room with my passport, you have to take me back!”

“We’ve been through this. I’m not turning the ship around for a stowaway. Now, you have a choice. You can be my cabin boy until we get home. No collar and chains, except in foreign ports. Or, I’ll have you locked in the ship’s brig for the duration.”

Well, not much of a choice. So, for all intents and purposes I’m the Captain’s bitch. I fetch her food, do her housekeeping, and ‘entertain’ her at night. She’s actually quite sweet. She found me some more clothes that fit, and treats me well. Since the key to my cage is back in New Orleans I have the run of the ship. The all female crew seem to have accepted me as one of the girls. And isn’t that what I’ve always wanted to be?

Wait! Back to the beginning. Did she just say ‘good morning fuck?’

Her hands were holding my shoulders down. I felt something pressing along the crack of my butt. “When i saw the rubbers in your purse, sweetie, I knew. And I’ve got my strapon ready to do you.”

I looked back. It was as big as Antoine’s, or bigger. It was pink and veined, and circumcised. “No.” I whimpered.

“Yes.” One hand between my shoulder blades, the other worked lube into my hole. “You know if you’re going to be my girl, you’re going to have my cock, Baby. Now relax that sissy cunt.”

“Aahh!” I thought she’s rip me apart. Slowly, slowly she pushed at my sphincter. One strong hand holding me down, the other guiding her big pink weapon. In it pushed, spreading me. Then the knob was in. Deeper in she pushed it. Slowly in, in. All the way ’till I felt the rubber balls against my cheeks. Then slowly out. Almost all the way. Then push back in, a bit faster this time. Her beautiful hands on my waist, she began to pump. Slowly at first, then quickening the pace. I grunted with each thrust. Well, I had been buggered many times before, just not by such a big one. It was kind of good after the first painful invasion. My wienie was crushed so beautifully in it’s tiny cage.

Soon instead of grunting I was ‘mm’ with each thrust.

There was disappointment as well as relief when she pulled out. Sounds strange, doesn’t it.

“See, Captain knows what her cute little slut needs, now get dressed and go fetch our breakfast.” She brushed my tangled red hair off my right cheek and kissed it tenderly.

“Put it there.” A sailor had just brought in a low, three legged milking stool. The only difference was it had a big thick dildo sticking up in the middle of the seat. “Lube it up and sit on it, dear.”


“Just do it and I’ll explain.”

I bit mt lower lip as I lowered myself, filling my ass with rubber cock. Captain handed me a ‘Ziplock’ bag. “Wrap that around your caged cock, balls and all.”


“So, one of the drawbacks of a lesbian nation, is immigration can’t supply all the citizens a country needs, so you, my darling, will donate what we need, sperm, little swimmers. You will learn to cum to anal stimulation. You will ride this stool every other day, cum into these baggies, then take your donation to sick bay to be frozen. The baggies will be in this drawer. You may begin.”

She turned her desk chair around, sat and watched as I pumped up and down, my hands on evi olan escort the edge of the stool, my legs straining as I worked at it. I tried, I really did, but after several days of trying I just couldn’t cum. I was getting so discouraged. Nothing worked. Captain stripped and danced in front of me. I read erotic novels, I thought of Antoine’s cock, and when Larry drilled me. Nothing.

One evening, the seas were calm. Captain wore her sheer chiffon floor sweeping robe. I was ready for bed in the pink ‘baby doll’ she’d given me a week ago.

“Come, sit on the couch with me sweetheart.”

I felt so pretty and sexy. She gently lifted my chin with one finger and kissed my lips. It was a slow sweet kiss. Soft and gentle. She kissed more aggressively. So sweet. She playfully tweaked my nipples through the sheer material of my nightie. I groped her big soft boobs. There were very contented sounds from both of us as we necked and fondled each other.

Her gown was split up the left side to her hip. She folded it aside to reveal her fluffy little blond bush. I stroked her smooth thighs.

“Baby, you know what I need.”

Sliding off the couch I kissed her thighs on the way to my knees. I played with her fuzz as I looked up into her loving eyes. I slid a finger along her cunt lips. What must it feel like to have a cunt? To be stroked there, then licked? I licked. I kissed and spread her open. I lapped at her sweet gash. I kissed and licked. I slid a finger in. My Captain made some very appreciative moans. I took her to the edge, then kissed her back down. I licked and fingered some more. Then I took her all the way. Two fingers deep in, I found and kissed her pink nub. She came. She came a second time, or was it one long orgasm?She lets out a long soft moan as she cums. I feel so proud of myself.

She pulls me onto the couch and cuddles me , telling me what a good girl I am. We kiss and fondle some more.

“Go get my cock, baby.”

On my knees, my shoulders and cheek on the bunk’s mattress she fingers lube into my hole. Her finger pushed all the way in, then slowly withdraws. My cock cage is excruciatingly wonderfully tight.

Captain slowly, gently, unstoppable, pushed her cock into my sissy cunt. Long slow sweet thrusts. Her hands massage my shoulders, then stroke down my sides. Her strong grip on my hips is so erotic as she plows me. Oh my beautiful strong sweet Captain! One hand reaches around my waist. I feel her boobs against my back. She fondles my balls. “My pretty sweetheart is going to cum for me, aren’t you dear. My pretty little girlfriend.” She kisses my ear and I do cum. I squirt with each of her loving thrusts. I squirt and squirt until I’m pumped out.

She pushes deep into me one last time, then still there she pulls the two of us onto our side and we lay spooned, me still full of her cock.

“My pretty, pretty girl. My good little sweetheart. Such a good girl.” I’m in heaven as she coos into my ear.

“I love you Captain.”

“I know Baby, I love you too,”

After that as I rode my milking stool I just had to think of that magic night and I’d ‘donate’ like crazy. And often the day would begin or end with her treating me to a beautiful pegging.

Soon Venus Trader was at anchor in the Lesbian Confederacy’s ship harbour. I was escorted to the court by two police women. I told the judge my story. My court appointed lawyer, the Captain, and the prosecutor had a short private discussion in the judge’s chambers.

“I’m going to give you a choice, Denise, or whatever your real name is. You may be returned to Canada a free person, or, you may stay here, under guard. Your cock cage will be cut off. You will continue to donate sperm for a period of sixty days. Then you will be given gender re-assignment, and full citizenship as a reward for your ‘donations.’

I’m in the hospital tonight. Tomorrow is the final operation. I’ll have a real cunt of my very own. My Captain has asked me to be her wife.

The End

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