Very Good Samaritans Ch. 03

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Big Tits

Liz collapsed on the floor, exhausted from her intense orgasm. John caught his wife as she fell over, easing her down. Cindy laid her toys aside, and then curled up on top of her husband. She took Duke’s shrinking penis in her mouth, cleaning off the mingled fluids that had seeped from Liz.

The RV grew quiet, the only sounds being the labored panting slowing down and Cindy’s small mewlings. John looked over at the other couple, wondering how often they did this sort of thing. He and Liz had just fallen into this adventure, and he had noticed both of them hesitating at times. Duke and Cindy, though, seemed like a well-practiced team. Looking back on the evening, John saw how he had been gently maneuvered by the couple. He didn’t feel manipulated or used. Quite the opposite, in fact. But, in much the same way a horse is steered by gentle nudges from the knees, he and his wife had been steered into doing things they hadn’t tried since their college days. And all the while, he had felt comfortably in charge, and free to say no.

His reverie was broken by Cindy touching his leg. “My husband’s going to need some recovery time. He’s getting to the age where two orgasms within an hour wear him out. You, though, still look ready to go, and deliciously big. Why don’t you come on over here, and we can do something about that?”

John looked at Liz for permission, or even some reaction, but she was still delirious. He gently disengaged from her, and he and Cindy returned to the couch. The ever-eager blonde grabbed his tool, practically climbing up his chest to kiss him. Her tongue speared between his lips as she practically devoured his face. She began stroking him in a practiced way, pinching his glans each time she reached the top.

John took her big, soft breasts in his hands, rubbing his palms across those rock-hard nipples. She had a fantastic rack, and John got an idea. He broke the kiss, and said, “Lie down. I want to do something.” Cindy didn’t even ask, just scooted around on the couch so that she was flat on her back. It took a little effort, but John got into a position where he was straddling her. He leaned over, and wrapped her generous tits around his dick.

Cindy smiled up at him, and craned her neck forward. Each time the tip of John’s penis made an appearance from between her mounds, she would swipe her tongue across it. John also noticed that her hands were busy between her legs. He kept his thumbs moving around her aureolae while pumping his hips. After the frenzied action of earlier, he was enjoying this nice and slow pleasure. Apparently so was his partner, as she brought herself off with a shout of pleasure.

“Turn around,” the blonde commanded, before she’d even caught her breath. “I want sixty-nine. I want it now. Get your face in my cunt. I want to feel your tongue. I want my thighs around your ears.”

John enjoyed a woman who said what she wanted without beating around the bush. He flipped around; changing which leg was tucked up beside her on bayan escort the couch. As he bent over to reach her pussy, his cock went right in her mouth. She started with a hard, almost bruising suction that made him see stars. Then she began licking his balls. “Oh, you have beautiful, smooth balls. So nice to lick and suck. So tasty on my wicked tongue. Do you like my tongue on my balls? Yeah? Well, you haven’t returned the favor yet. My poor pussy is so close to your tongue, but she’s not feeling any love. Love my pussy. Kiss my clit. Suck me, John. Suck me!”

Obediently lowering his head, John started by tonguing the smooth pubic area above her slit. She purred in appreciation, and then cried for more. He blew a cool breath across her open labia, causing her to squeal and jump. Diving down in earnest, he clamped his mouth around her vagina and sucked hard. He flicked his tongue across her clit, trying to drive her crazy. It worked, and she began sucking on his cock like a Hoover. The two of them writhed together, each competing to push the other to distraction.

John jumped when he felt something different. Both of Cindy’s hands were gripping his legs when he felt another hand rubbing his ass. He looked around to see Duke standing behind him. The big man dribbled a little oil on his hands, and then started working it between John’s cheeks. The thick, rough fingers teased his anus, working some of that oil around the entrance. Cindy screamed at him to get back to licking her.

While feasting on the blonde’s tasty cleft, he was acutely aware of what her husband was doing to him. He felt one of those fingers slide up into him. It had been a long time since anyone had done that to him, and he was nervous. Duke was slow and patient, though, and worked the finger in slowly. Then the finger was withdrawn, and he felt both excited and apprehensive. He felt Duke spread his ass cheeks wide apart. But, when he felt a tongue touch his rectum, the surprise of it caused him to immediately blow his load!

Duke didn’t stop, though. He kept tonguing that ass, even penetrating it just a bit. John was nearly paralyzed by the sensations. He knew that he was neglecting Cindy, but he just couldn’t move. Then, Liz was kissing him. Some part of him wanted to feel embarrassed for what was happening with his wife right there. But, her heated kiss made it clear that she had no problem with it. When she broke the kiss, she looked at him. “You look so hot right now,” she said.

Liz had always had a secret fantasy about watching two guys going at it. She knew that John kept a stash of gay porn that he thought was in a secret folder on the computer. She had masturbated to it more than once. She’d never felt comfortable confessing this to him before, though. Now, it looked like she was about to get her wish.

In the meantime, poor Cindy was trapped under the boys with no one paying attention to her. Liz had only gotten second-hand tastes of that quim escort bayan so far tonight, and wanted more. She started licking those creamy thighs, pushing John’s head out of the way. She worked her way quickly to the center, gobbling up the cream oozing out of her. She thrust her tongue deep into the blonde’s cleft, cleaning her out. She ate her out for several minutes, licking every part she could reach. Cindy was screaming again, and yelling all kinds of encouragement at her husband.

Liz moved her head to concentrate on the clit, which also allowed her to look up from what she was doing. John seemed to have not moved so much as a muscle, and his face was locked in a rictus of ecstasy. She could see his penis bobbing against Cindy’s cheek, already hard again. Cindy was working Duke’s penis, getting him hard, while Duke seemed to be thrusting the glass dildo that had so recently been in Liz’ ass into her husband.

Duke said, “OK, I think I’m about as ready as I’m going to get. But, I think we definitely need to move. This old couch isn’t going to take much more. Why don’t we head back to the bedroom?” The suggestion was unanimously approved and immediately implemented. Liz was somewhat surprised, though, to see Cindy immediately dive onto the bed and roll into the middle. She spread her legs and held out her arms to John. “Fuck me, John,” she said. “Fuck me like you’re going to get fucked. Get your cock inside me now, so my man can get his inside you. He wants you. I want you. It’s time for you to get double-fucked, like your wife was.”

John didn’t seem to hesitate, and climbed into the blonde’s embrace. Then Duke said to Liz, “Why don’t you climb up on those pillows there? You’ll have a pretty good view of the action, and my wife might even be able to pay a little attention to you.” Liz, almost in a dream state at this point, climbed up at the head of the bed. She was staring at her husband, balls-deep in another woman. Then, Cindy said, “Huh-uh, darling. That’s not going to work. Spread those legs, so I can see that pretty pussy of yours. Yeah, that’s it. Play with it for me. Finger your clit. Oh, yeah, you look so good.”

Liz looked over to watch Duke getting ready. He was spreading oil on his shaft. When he noticed her watching, he turned it into a show, stroking his cock for her. His slow masturbation was really turning her on. She started rubbing her clit in the same rhythm. The memory of his manhood sliding down her throat came back to her, and she wished she could have swallowed his seed.

Duke climbed up on the bed behind John. Mesmerized, Liz watched a man slap his long, hard tool against her husband’s ass. Somehow, this was better than all the porn and all the fantasies had been. Cindy started yelling at her husband to hurry up. Duke, though, patiently took his time. He seemed to know that he had taken control of this situation, and was teasing all three of his partners. He spread John’s cheeks apart, and just lay escort bayanlar his cock between them. Liz watched the head bob in and out of sight, much like her husband’s had between Cindy’s tits earlier. John groaned, and started bucking back against the bigger man. Duke seemed to relent, and put the tip of his spear against his lover’s rosebud.

John jumped at the first thrust. He had been working to relax as much as he could, but it still hurt a bit. Duke thrust again, and he gave a small yelp. Cindy began stroking his arms and whispering about how hot he was making her. He also felt her cunt muscles stroking his dick. Taking a deep breath, he willed his anus to open for the welcome intruder. Another thrust, and another. John could feel a void that he hadn’t even been conscious of being fucked to overflowing.

Duke’s hips slapped into John’s cheeks as he bottomed out. The sound seemed to freeze the trio in a tableau. From the middle of the sex sandwich, John looked at his wife, suddenly concerned about what she was thinking. He was surprised to see her masturbating furiously, her eyes locked on where his body joined with the other man’s. With that unmistakable approval, he pushed his hips back. For the first time since he’d entered her, he felt his tool slide out of Cindy’s slit. Very gently and slowly, he pushed back in. Duke largely held still, and he felt that massive member slide out of his own hole.

There were several uneven spasms of movement between the trio. But, gradually, they found a rhythm. John felt like the middle of a spring. The cock would pull out of his ass, dragging his hips back with it, desperate to hold onto that feeling. Before it could go too far, Duke would reverse direction, driving his partner into his wife. The blonde was largely lying still, but urging on the men with a stream of filthy commands. She had also reached over and shoved two fingers into Liz’ pussy.

Speed and intensity picked up. John was being batted back and forth between the other couple, unable to process anymore where the sensations were coming from. The cock in his ass and the cock in her cunt seemed to become one, just a single shaft of pleasure sawing through the middle of his body. He didn’t know why, but he seemed to be floating forever, riding the crest of the building orgasm.

Finally, with a terrific shout, he came. His balls emptied themselves into the woman beneath him. But, the pumping action of the man behind him kept the fucking going. Even as his mind exploded and he lost control of his muscles, his dick kept right on going. He felt like he was cumming again and again. He was aware of Cindy’s screams as she reached climax, screaming at her husband to fuck her, as if John wasn’t even there. Duke began bellowing back, and John could feel the sperm jetting out, coating his bowels.

Thoroughly spent, the trio disengaged, flopping onto the bed. John couldn’t even think. He felt something strange, and looked down to see his naked wife wiping down his softened member and tender ass with a washcloth. She leaned down and gave his cock a quick kiss, as though tucking it in for the night. He was vaguely aware of her cleaning up the other couple in much the same way, before she crawled up beside him.

Exhausted and exhilarated, they fell fast asleep.


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