Virgin Territory

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My mini road trip or adventure as I like to call it, seems to be taking forever. I have been waiting for what seems like forever for these twenty-four hours. I’m sure it’s the anticipation, the excitement, and yes because it’s me, nerves because I never do things like this.

Of course there is fear looming all around any other emotions racing through me. I know people meet other singles online every day, in fact I have quite a few times before. I just have never driven four hours before to meet them, so it feels a bit strange, maybe even desperate. However, every moment of apprehension is met with a memory from our marathon phone conversations and of course the lyrics.

Jax is a musician/songwriter and has sent me lyrics he’s written about us. Not the lovey dove words that most women would swoon over, but lustful, erotic scenes that make me personally melt, probably in a puddle of my own lady cum. A thought which makes me blush furiously. We hit almost every topic we can think of; childhoods, our jobs, friends, exes.

We can even discuss the taboo; religion, politics, and yes of course sex. He is so sexually grounded. He knows exactly what he likes, what he wants and makes no apologies for it. That is definitely a quality that has attracted and intrigued me about him from the start.

I am definitely not the Virgin Mary by any means; I’ve had my share of sexual experiences, and they were usually with men I’ve dated for an acceptable amount of time, my brain flashes to memories of the couple of alcohol hazed one nighters that I can’t ever seem to erase from my brain. Even so, every experience was okay, and exciting in its own way.

I’d have to say, if I’m truly honest with myself I’d have to admit they were all damn boring, but I have a mammoth sized libido I’d like to keep intact just in case I finally find the man that is always represented in my fantasies. He is usually masked by my celeb-boyfriend of the week and always does the vilest and most dominating things my mind can conjure up.

In fact, I know if it weren’t for the strict moral code engraved on the steel chastity belt placed so carefully on my conscious by my bible thumping parents, I’d be the most popular hooker in the red light district.

I start thinking about Jax and I fucking over a pool table after he reddened my ass with pool cue for not winning the pool game. Of course he’s deliciously laid out the plot points in a song he wrote for me called “Play for Punishment”. My naughty mind is just taking it to the next level. I can’t help but squeeze my thighs together to help the building pressure down below. I’m not wearing any panties under my black cotton dress and I know the upholstery of my car seat is paying the price.

The smell of my juices is quite abundant which is not helping my body’s neediness. Thank God for Marlboros and body spray to keep the muskiness from clinging so obviously to my dress. I know I’m going to sleep with Jax, it’s pretty much a given with the way our conversations have been going, not to mention the chemistry he and I produce through the phone. We have so many things that we want to explore that we figured we would need a full day, to even begin to touch on them all.


“So you gonna fuck her Jax?” Shane asked, as he cracked a peanut shell on his glass, popped the tiny morsel into his mouth, and washed it down with a swig of dark beer.

I stared into my Jack and Coke, watching the ice cubes twirl as I spun it slowly in my hand. “Probably.” I said. “I guess that’s always the plan, right? But I really think there’s something different about this one.”

“I’ve heard that before.” He said, as the cute little bartender in the short skirt set a couple of shots on the bar in front of us. “Remember what I told you man. They’re all sluts. They’ve only got one thing in mind, and that’s your dick slamming into their twat.”

“I don’t know about all that.” I said. “Especially not with this one, I mean I’m pretty sure she wants me after all we’ve talked about, but she’s definitely got something real about her.”

He hesitated for a moment as he pushed one of the shot glasses toward me. “Promise me one thing.” He said. “You’ll at least make her give you some good noggin.”

I lifted my shot. “Well, her name is Briana Jordan. She does have the right initials for it.”

“To hot bitches and blow jobs.” He said, as our glasses clinked.

My mind kept spinning on the way home. Partially due to the alcohol coursing through my veins, and the bright sun shining in my window, but mainly because of the anticipation of meeting Briana for the first time.

I usually don’t get nervous about this kind of thing. Although, it’s true that you can never know what to expect when you meet a girl online, Briana was just so easy to talk to.

She seemed to be a lot less innocent than she gave herself credit for, but I guess that’s one of the things I was initially attracted to about her, that and the fact that we’ve been completely honest with each istanbul escort other about our sexual feelings.

I was starting to feel my balls tingle as I rounded the corner to my house, and the truth was. I knew we had a deep connection and I definitely wanted to throw her a bone.

During one of our most recent conversations she mentioned that she might be a bit nervous when we met. So I promised her I just would bend her over my kitchen table the minute she walked in my door, to eliminate the need for nervous chatter. She seemed totally fine, if not excited about that.

As I pulled into my driveway I was excited to finally meet her, but all I could picture was lifting that little black dress.

I hadn’t even killed the engine yet, when I saw her pull in behind me.

She looked stunning as she stood there innocently, holding her the handle of her overnight bag in both hands, as her long blonde hair blew in the wind. I guess my neighbor must have thought so too, because he ran over a small bush with his lawnmower.

When it became a reality that she was finally standing right in front of me, all of the great conversations we had up until this point were swirling through my head, but for some reason, at that point, I was drawing a blank. She appeared just as humble as she was beautiful, and just as bashful as she was witty.

“How was your trip?” I finally managed, after we both lit a cigarette with her pink little lighter.

Her voice was even sexier than it had sounded on the phone, and after a few minutes of small talk, I took her in my arms, planted a kiss on her soft lips, and then invited her inside.

I took her bag from her and tossed it next to my table which was right inside the door, and I spun her around with the fingers of one hand woven between hers, and the other gently urging her forward.

She bent at the waist, and I nudged her feet with mine, forcing her legs apart. Then I lifted her skirt. She wasn’t wearing any panties.

My heart was racing full speed in my chest, and my cock was already stiff.

Briana was tall for a girl, and had killer legs. Her ass was round and firm, with a barely noticeable tan line, and her pink pussy lips were dripping with moisture.

I struggled with my zipper, but once it was open, my dick jumped right out, and I guided it inside her.


Jax is thrusting inside me, and I’m fairly certain his package is a bit too large for my body to handle.

“Oh my Gosh!” It feels so amazing. The effect of his gentle hands rubbing up and down my body, is bordering on mind blowing. My mind is racing, and my thoughts include the classic self-deprecating phrases like “you’re a slut”; but thanks to his hard cock slamming into my extremely wet pussy the thoughts are slowly turning into mush. Before I know it, his hand comes slamming down on my ass in one piercing blow. I scream….damn that hurts and oh it’s everything I had hoped and fantasized it would be.

“You should stop thinking so hard” he says.

I immediately obey and let myself go, and I could tell he notices. We are meeting each other thrust for thrust now as we both get thrown into the moment. He slaps my ass again and I grunt in agony, and immediately let out a loud moan as the pain settles into a throb centered right in the middle of my clit.

“Damn, that’s sexy! Your ass is so red” Jax moans as he plows forward.

This is so hot, and for me a little dangerous. I can feel a building pressure in my tummy but logically I know it’s not an orgasm. I’ve never had one and I honestly believe I just have broken equipment in that department. Jax has already probed and explored parts of my insides that others haven’t explored, must have moves that just make sex more intense than what I’m used to.

He drags my dress over my head, unclasps my bra and my breasts fall heavy on the table. The friction of the wood grain against my tight nipples has me moaning and groaning. Jax is damn near silent, but the fervor, in which he grabs my breasts, squeezing and kneading them, tells me he’s right with me on the intimacy scale. I’ve never felt so sexy in my life. He pinches my nipples hard and I shriek from the glorious pain.

It seems like he is oblivious to my pain induced screams, and he becomes even more aggressive and primal in his fucking. My pussy is clenching tight around him as the storm brews in my abdomen, I feel like jumping out of my skin from pleasure. His hands shift to my ass as he pummels his way into my sex. I can feel my thighs tighten like piano wire, and I am clutching the side edges of the table bracing for the next spanking, but I’m not prepared for where his hands…

“Oh God, Jax….that’s um, oh my….” I tense up as his thumb rims my ass. It is unexplored territory and has always been a no go area for me. When I’ve told Jax this in the past, he’s always replied with a sly, “We’ll see.”

I know he can sense my nervousness, so his response to that is to pull out and spin istanbul escort bayan me around; he passionately kisses me as he lays me back on his table. He spreads my legs wide, and pulls me right to the edge so my ass is hanging off the table. I look at him with longing, and a bit of apprehension which I can tell he appreciates. His smile is so gorgeous and erotic as he looks from my exposed and no doubt wet pussy up to my eyes.

“You’re absolutely beautiful!” he professes breathlessly. I’m not sure what part of me he’s referring to, until he makes it obvious by lowering himself to his knees and licks me from clit to ass. I shoot up from the table out of pleasure and embarrassment.

“Jax! You don’t have to do that! I mean we were just ya know, doing it, and I’m sure it’s not, ya know fresh down there….” I know I’m blushing, I know I probably seem sophomoric to him right now, but instead of judgment he looks me square in the eye, and I feel his breath on my thighs as he exhales and inhales deeply.

“You smell intoxicating, addicting even.” I turn bright red, but begin to relax a bit as he goes back to sensually kissing my slit. He’s driving his tongue in and out of my hole, while driving me out of my mind. He lowers his tongue to my forbidden zone.

I pause to stop him, but he just holds my hips and legs even tighter as he executes a sexual thrall on my asshole. I can’t breathe. It’s amazing. He slides two fingers in my pussy, moves his mouth to my clit and performs the hoover maneuver on it. I start thinking that if he sucks any harder he’s gonna inhale the damn thing!

My mind is filed with kaleidoscopes, my hands are holding his head while my hips shamelessly grind down on his face, and I am hoarse from screaming his name. Just when I think my body has taken the most pleasure it can bear, Jax lays down his pie’ce de resistance’, he covers his thumb in my juices and rams it up my ass!

Euphoria! Fireworks! “Holy Crap I’m cumming!” And that’s what I’m screaming as he looks at me, winks and says “just wait for round two.”


“But not quite yet.” I said, as I reached for a towel to wipe up the puddles of cum that had dripped down her leg, and gathered in pools on the table and floor.

“First I need to show you off.” I said, spreading her legs so I could get one more look at the damage I had done. “Maybe you should cover that thing.” I said, as I gave her pussy a solid smack, and let the pads of my fingers slap hard against the tenderness of her clit.

She clenched her cheeks, her calves tensed up, and her heels fell off the table, but the part that sent a shiver through my nether regions was that pained look of pleasure in her eyes.

She was already mine, and she didn’t even know it yet, but I planned to have her completely under my control by the end of the night.

She jumped from the table and started digging through her bag. “How about these?” She asked, holding up a pair of plain white panties.

“These.” I said, pointing at a black lacy thong, without enough material to protect her from my probing fingers and cock in the near future. “I want to be able to see those red marks on your cheeks, anytime I feel like it.”

She shivered as she bent over and stepped into them, exposing her ass and hungry cunt to me one more time.

We decided to take her car, but she tossed me the keys. “Your town. Your bar.” She said. “You’re in charge of getting us there safely.”

As I got in, I saw a dark spot on the tan upholstery of the driver’s seat. Her juices started to soak into my pants as I sat down, and by the time we had reached the bar, which was only a few blocks away I could feel them tickling the soft skin of my ball sack.

“I don’t know how to say this without making myself sound anymore innocent and naive.” She said, as she turned her head away from me and looked out the window. “But that was my…uh…first orgasm.”

“From me you mean?” I said, staring straight ahead at the road.

“No. Period.” She said, as she made a weak attempt at eye contact. “No one has ever made me come before.”

“Well, I’d have to say this wet spot I’m sitting in would say otherwise.” I said.

Her faced turned bright red; she grasped for the door handle, and made a valiant attempt to lunge out the door.

I caught her by the hem of her dress and pulled her toward me. She resisted at first, but then relented, allowing me to drag her back so her crotch and ass were close enough to my nose for me to smell the musky scents emanating toward me.

I smacked her ass hard, forcing a screech to sneak out from between her lips.

“Your ass is mine.” I said, as I smacked her again.

She nodded and screeched.

I laid into her this time turning her ass a bright red with my handprints

“Say it!” I demanded, as I moved the tiny little string covering her privates, so I could get a better view, and buried two fingers in her tightly clenched bum hole.

“My ass is yours! She escort istanbul screamed in ecstasy as her sphincter clamped down on my fingers, her pussy lips opened, her clit twitched, and a burst of fluid squirted toward me.

As we walked into the bar, every eye turned toward us. It was mainly just the regulars, a couple guys scattered here and there, watching the end of the ball game, and waiting for the band to start.

I could tell Briana felt them gawking at her as her eyes adjusted to the dim lighting. I led her past them to a couple of empty stools at the bar.

“Jack and Coke, and Limon and Diet.” I said, as I took a seat.

“You remembered.” Briana said her eyes full of smiles as she started to hop up on the stool. Then I saw her wince as her hand made contact with the hard wood, and she seemed to remember the soreness still tugging at the skin of her tender bottom.

I raised my fingers to her nose so she could smell the scent of her ass, hoping she would remember the source of her pleasure and pain.

She sat down quickly, running her fingers through her hair as if she just realized that her tousled hair, smeared lipstick, and that look in her eyes were announcing to the whole room that she had just been fucked raw and hard.

I slipped my fingers in her mouth, allowing the taste to soothe her as the bartender handed us our drinks.

“So when do I get to make you cum?” She asked, in an attempt at regaining her confidence. “You know I’ve been dreaming of giving you head since you sent me those lyrics.”

“Are you gonna swallow?” I asked in return as I took a sip of my drink.”

Her face turned red again. “Of course.”

“Probably sooner than later then.” I said.

The band took the stage, and she seemed to relax, as most of the crowd turned their stares away from her. I could tell she was still getting used to the ache in her ass, both on her cheeks and in her tender hole. What she didn’t know, is that I had another twist to the exploration of her virgin territory waiting for her when we got home.

“Want to dance? She asked, as she stood up with her drink in one hand and motioned for me to come with the other. Just then some drunk asshole bumped into her and spilled Limon and Diet all over the front of dress.

“Oh My Gosh!” She said, trying not to appear frantic, as she tried to cover her erect nipples which were poking through the wet fabric. I was trying to decide between knocking the mother fucker out, and fantasizing about how quick I could get her out of that dress. Instead, I put my arm around her shoulder, and led her out of the bar toward the bathrooms.

While she was in the women’s room cleaning herself up, I was standing watch outside. I noticed as one of the waitresses came out in the hallway, grabbed a mop bucket from the janitor’s closet, and when she was done, left the door open a crack.

When Briana emerged she was smiling. “Got most of it out.” She said, looking down at the front of her dress. I wasn’t listening however. I grabbed her by the arm, pulled into the janitor’s closet, and unzipped my zipper.


For a split second I’m confused, but I recognize that look in his eye. That sexy, smoldering, I’m calling the shots, you’ll get fucked however I please, and I swear to Christ you’re gonna like it, look. My body instantly responds with a fresh pool of juices between my shaky thighs. Jax put his hands on my shoulders and pushes me to my knees. I am salivating. I have wanted to wrap my mouth around his cock for months. My mind is reeling and I really wish it wasn’t, because he is so talented; with his mouth, hands, and cock.

Heck even his song lyrics exclaim, “There have been hundreds before you that I’ve dominated and fucked into oblivion. Hardcore naughty girls that are experienced and can suck me off until I’m screaming, “I’m not an emotionally unavailable man whore, just a dark knight casanova and I choose you over some naive Pollyanna who can count her sexual partners on one hand!”

My thoughts do tend to have a flair for the dramatic at times, and at times like this, I wish my mind would just shut the heck up. I regroup, telling myself that until I met this man I have been a confident, self-assured woman and the lack of notches on my bed post have nothing to do with natural talent and a heck of a lot of determination. Right now I’m determined to make this man cum so hard that I’m choking on his jizz.

I envelope his helmet with my tongue and lips, applying a small amount of suction to his tender skin as I suck him in. I am sexually captivated by his smell, his taste, the feel of his thick vein on my tongue.

I have his entire cock in my mouth and partially down my throat. I actually gag on him a little because of his size. I’m mortified, but he’s turned on. He groans and his cock pulses, which isn’t helping my gag reflex issue at the moment.

I pull my mouth back while spiraling my tongue around him, and flick it back and forth on the underside of his tip. Jax puts his hands in my hair and pulls right at the roots…..Oh God, that feels so good. I am moaning now as I slam him toward the back of my mouth, my chin is rubbing his balls while I deep-throat him. He is tense. I move my hands to his ass cheeks squeeze and push him in deeper.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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