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Any and all portrayed as having sex are 18 or older.

The impetus for this story is derived from a young single woman with a rather large yard who lived at the end of our street. She worked from home, was very pretty, her body was what I called chunky and my wife called pleasingly plump. The thing I noticed shortly after she moved in was that she didn’t hire lawn service people like the rest of us did, she always hired young guys right out of high school to do lawn chores, shovel snow and whatever else she needed done. She did eventually marry one of the older boys, the following story is my imagination on overload as I describe life from her point of view. While the story line isn’t fiction, the rest is, there are no intended similarities to persons or places.


I’m known as the chubby lady at the end of the street with a big lot and a propensity to hire young boys to do my yard work. I work from home as a transcriber and have no desire to be in the heat of the day nor outside for that matter. I am indeed chubby, I wear a size 16 dress, slacks and large blouses, my hips are wider than the norm along with my legs. I have huge tits that love to be sucked and played with, my thighs are thick but not flabby, in fact none of me is flabby, just big. My facial features are soft and attractive, I wear my hair long and I love lingerie. I love everything about it from the sexiness of the garment, the soft sensuous feel of the finer pieces to the erotic feelings that flood my body even if I only dress like a slut for me. I love the feeling of the gusset hugging my puffed full vulva and the sexiness of a bra that reveals nearly as much as it covers.

At 26 I am anything but a virgin, however, only one of the experiences in my younger years was satisfying, most of them left me hurting physically and emotionally. I have an unusually shallow vagina that also lays in an odd position, which means any guy with an average or larger sized penis has to wait a considerable time for my body to adjust. Not something most guys want to do, they wanna get on, bang hard and dump a load in my pussy before they leave or fall asleep. The few guys I fucked while in college were not gentle, save one, he had the foresight to wait while my body adjusted, ultimately bringing me to mind blowing orgasms. By the fifth time we’d gone out he’d cum in my mouth, my cunt and on our last date I painfully gave him my ass, only to find out four days later he was married and had two children.

I was devastated, how could I have been so foolish? Had it not been for a girlfriend who knew him he’d have strung me along for who knows how long. I made the decision then and there that I would not be a victim again, from that day forward I was the one who would decide who fucked me. No more being called fat ass, lousy fuck, or not worth their time, I would create my own atmosphere and live within it. I sought out the meek and mild geekier kind of guys, they had nothing to prove and weren’t dominated by their ego.

I would initiate a make out session eventually reaching the point where they’d be feeling me up, I would then rub across the front of their pants, if it was more than I wanted I would offer a blow job in return for them eating my pussy. If it was small enough, I would let it go all the way. I liked being quickly filled with a shorter dick, some were fat others were not, didn’t really matter to me, I didn’t have to endure the discomfort and pain of a longer dick banging against my cervix and the sensations were the same. I had an opportunity to orgasm and many of them got their first piece of ass. Of the four geeky guys I slept with only two were what I would consider long term, both in my senior year, the first one graduating at the December semester and the other in the spring, except both lived on the west coast and went home.

After college I tried doing the same after returning to my relatively small city with no success, first there weren’t many geeky guys I liked, second, the two I did like couldn’t keep their mouths shut, which meant I never initiated anything with them. I receive a fair amount of ribbing from the neighbors for hiring local kids and not a lawn service, but there are two things they don’t know. First, those boys are all eighteen, second, they all have small dicks. To put the cherry on the sundae I also hand pick each one and they become not only my lawn boy, but possibly a lover as well. I vet them carefully, making sure they can keep their mouth shut if they get their dick sucked or stuffed into my normally wet pussy. I never have more than one at a time, if one gets a part time job or moves on to other things I have him recommend the next boy, one who can be as discreet as he was.

Through the years I have learned that with a smaller dick I love every hole to be filled, I love having all three holes used during the course of their employment if they’re with me that long. I don’t allow every boy to buttfuck istanbul escort me, some are to squeamish and immature, I pick them carefully, usually an older one. It all began four years ago, a high school grad was mowing lawns through the summer before college. On a Friday afternoon while he was doing yard work I realized I needed to get some documents in Fed Ex before four, I told Phillip I needed to run into town, when he finished there was lemonade in the fridge, he was free to have a glass and I’d pay him upon my return.

He must have thought I’d be gone longer than I was, what I saw as I walked in at first startled me and then amused me. I knew I’d be going out that evening so instead of pulling the car into the garage I left the garage door closed and entered through the front door. With sneakers on my feet I made little to no noise as I turned the corner into the kitchen. Out of the corner of my left eye I noticed movement in the laundry room and moved back into the opening between the kitchen and dining area, leaning against the wall in front of the washing machine was Phillip jacking off frantically.

He had a pair of my panties wrapped around his little cock moving like a madman. His pecker was so short he was using three fingers, my panties covered the entire thing, as he arched his back and began to cum his eyes were closed, I walked within two feet of him and stopped. As he moved his hand he revealed a pecker about three to three and a half inches in length with a decent thickness. His little cut dick was still pulsing and throbbing, a drop or two of cum dripped off the tip of the purple looking head, as it softened it didn’t hang much, there was nothing to hang.

Pushing himself off the wall he sighed heavily and opened his eyes, at which point he nearly fainted. I reached out touching his cock telling him it was okay I knew boys his age jerked off a lot. Then I asked if he liked my panties.

His voice quaked and quivered as he tried to answer. “I, I, I love them. Are you mad at me?”

Standing in front of me was the answer to my dilemma, he was eighteen, I’d caught him in a compromising position, deciding to use it to my advantage I quickly formulated a plan, something that would satisfy my needs and give him a few lessons before college. It was time to rope him in. I was unbuttoning my blouse as he stared, once open I shook them side to side slightly. My huge tits had him mesmerized, I lifted one cup then the other.

“I’m not mad at you Phillip, would you like to touch them? You can if you follow two rules. First you must tell no one or you’ll never see them again. Second, you must be gentle.”

“I promise Miss Vivian, only a fool would tell somebody else.”

“So you don’t brag to your friends?”

“The only friends I have a geeks like me and if I told them they would want to touch you as well, that isn’t going to happen. Can I touch them now?” I nodded as his hands moved toward my chest.

He played, lifted, molded and squeezed for a solid five minutes before I pulled the bra back into place.

“Phillip, if you can truly keep your mouth shut we can probably do some other things as well.” His head was nodding so hard I thought something might break. “Next Friday when you get here, I want you to take care of the yard chores, if you do an excellent job, I’ll help you out with this.”

As I grabbed his pecker it became hard within seconds, pulling his head to my breasts and told him to kiss them goodbye. He kissed the nipple area of each cup, pulled his pants up and left on cloud nine. The following Friday following the lawn work I had him standing in front of me while I sat on the couch, his pants around his knees and me trying to jack him off with three fingers. It was a futile effort, letting go I told him to take his pants off and sit next to me on the couch, I hadn’t worn a bra purposely and lifted my shirt over my head.

His eyes bugged as he reached for them, stopping a half inch away looking at me as though he was asking permission, I smiled, nodded and thrust them out, he played with exuberance, seemingly lost in their softness and volume. I told him I had something more to teach him, pulling his head to me I told him to kiss them, I then told him they liked to be sucked, cupping one I pointed it toward his mouth, he opened his lips like a little birdie and sucked my fat nipple deep into his mouth. I like having my nipples sucked hard and his zeal was exactly what the doctor ordered, I had a mini nipple induced orgasm and pulled him off.

When I had him stand up his small dick was pointing almost straight out, being so short it had little to no upward curve like a bigger cock would. With my hands on his ass cheeks I pulled him forward opening my mouth and swallowed his entire cock, my warm mouth and tongue were working him into a frenzy. He didn’t last three minutes, I felt the head swell slightly, his little dick jerked and then istanbul escort bayan exploded in my mouth, he may have had a little cock, but he had plenty of sperm. I continued to suck and clean his dick as he softened, for effect I let it leave my mouth with a loud POP.

That was the beginning of my lawn care boys and their unique payment plan, I made sure I gave them money, if they did a decent job they often received my mouth and sometimes my pussy as a bonus.

I was excited about today, Tim would be coming to do the trimming, he was twenty, going to be twenty one in a few months. I had a rule that nobody beyond twenty would participate in my activities, mainly because I didn’t want long term attachments. Tim had recommended a boy named Danny as a possibility to take his place, but he didn’t know him real well. He had been here on Tuesday to mow, I’d paid him in cash, I didn’t even flirt to see how he would respond, something about him wasn’t right, I wasn’t comfortable with him. I didn’t feel in control, that didn’t bode well with me.

Through the years I’ve made sure all of the boy’s cocks are short, only one was more than four inches, that was Tim. I’ll take all the small cock I can get I don’t care if they’re fat as a can, just so they’re short. At that length I can devour their entire cock in my mouth and not worry about gagging or retching. They love it when I unzip their pants or pull down their shorts and make a big deal out of fishing their cock from their underwear. I smile and stroke as I pull it out, it’s usually standing at attention before I do, if not, a stroke or two has them hard.

Once the pants and underwear are around their knees, I stuff their little pecker in my mouth and suck them in to their balls, my nose planted against their sparse soft pubic hair with every forward movement. I’ve let two of the boy’s face fuck me, Phillip my first and Tim. I taught them how to do it without being rough, it thrills the hell out of them, and I love the feeling of being used on my terms. I was excited, Tim would be here this afternoon, not only would he have a nice load of cum for me to swallow he’d be ready again in thirty minutes to ride my pussy and take me over the edge.

How did I get to this place you may wonder, well thank you for asking. In my senior year of high school I had determined I was going to lose my virginity right after my eighteenth birthday, I wanted it to be one of the hot senior boys but knew in my heart that would never happen. I settled on a geeky kid in my advanced science class, it was a total disaster, not only was he completely inept, as was I, he was scared as hell. We’d been kissing on the couch in his basement rec room when I put his hand on my tit hoping to stimulate some action. It stimulated action alright, he jumped up, came in his pants and ran upstairs. I let myself out walking home feeling worthless and humiliated.

Word got out what had happened in Gilberts basement and I suddenly had a bevy of invitations for dates. I knew what they wanted, my pussy, they cared nothing about me, in their mind I would be an easy piece of ass. By the time the fifth date was over, it became common knowledge that I wasn’t putting out, in fact I wasn’t even willing to give them a hand job, my dates ended abruptly. Had they ever considered me before the basement incident I would have spread my legs in a heartbeat, now all they wanted to do was take advantage. The rest of my senior year was spent alone or with my closest friend Janice who was the exact opposite of me, skinny as a rail, no tits, no ass, long skinny legs, mousy hair and thick glasses. If you stood her sideways and told her to stick out her tongue, she’d look like a zipper.

During the summer between our senior year and college Janice introduced me to an eight inch pink dildo. I used it to pop my cherry and then a few times after that, but it hurt to put it all the way inside. I asked her to get me a six inch, that would give me plenty to put inside and a few inches to hold onto. When she asked about color, I told her bright green. I had used my debit card to pay but had it sent to her house since her folks were seldom home and she got the mail every day. Janice had suggested I buy lube right away in case I wanted to try anal, after sneaking them home in my backpack I hid them in my panty drawer and made plans to fuck myself after the supper dishes were done.

I normally went to my room following evening chores, my folks thought nothing of me excusing myself. My bedroom has an attached bathroom, I showered, dried, put lotion on along with a dab of perfume on the inside of my thighs and in the middle of my bush. My bush isn’t big, it’s soft and curly, but not big. I put on the sexiest pair of panties I owned, a pair of nylon bikini’s instead of my usual cotton briefs, left my bra off and threw on a t-shirt to cover my upper body. With my new friend out I lay on the bed fantasizing escort istanbul what my lover would be doing to me, I rubbed between my legs softly gliding a finger over my puffy labia.

I pulled at my panties drawing them up to create a camel toe, forcing the fabric into my slit felt sensational, my juices were running like a faucet. With a hand inside my panties and the other squeezing my tits I suddenly sat up, pulled the shirt over my head, tossed it across the room, got up to lock the door and lay on my back with my hand inside my panties, middle finger rubbing up and down my wet slit. My tits are big enough that if I crane my head downward I can just get a nipple into my mouth, as I sucked on one nipple then the other I made the decision it was time for my fantasy lover to fuck me, to own my pussy.

I took my panties off, grabbed my green lover and placed it at the entrance to my vagina. It was shaped like a penis and I moaned as the head spread my outer labia, then the inner, then was lodged inside my vagina. As wet as I was I didn’t need any lube, instinctively I raised my hips causing the dildo to penetrate further. Within a half dozen strokes I was in as far as I wanted, when I looked down I had about two inches outside with my hand firmly wrapped around it. I didn’t need to fantasize about a jock at school or anyone else, the feelings of the head spreading me open followed by the shaft of the dildo sent shivers down my spine.

With my left hand on my tit and my right firmly around the dildo I began sliding it in and out, there would be no way to slow the freight train building inside me. I had brought myself to orgasms before using my fingers, even Janice’s dildo didn’t get me off, it was simply too long and hurt my cervix. This climax was going to be different I could feel it inside, it had started in my toes but was rapidly overtaking my entire body as I pounded away at my chubby hungry pussy.

With my hand wrapped around the end of the shaft it was exactly the right length to make me feel good while stimulating my insides to levels of pleasure I’d never known before. As bliss overtook my body, I pushed into the dildo with all I had while ramming it inside as far as my hand would allow, my body shook, my tummy convulsed, and my legs were stiff as boards. I had put a pillow over my face in case I screamed, in the end I made little to no noise at all, to be honest, the orgasm took my breath away and I couldn’t do more than moan softly.

I lay still without removing the dildo, I was trying to regain my breath, my green lover was hanging out of my vagina and I could feel liquid running out of my body headed for my ass crack. I didn’t care, I was softly caressing my breasts, pulling and pinching the nipples slightly, causing tremors of joy to circulate throughout my pleasantly satiated body. As I looked down, I saw my reflection in the dresser mirror, there I was spread eagle, a green dildo hanging out of my pussy with a white frothy ring around it from my girl juices, my legs and vulva glistened with girl cum, the hair was soaked and matted. I smiled and muttered to myself.

“Vivian you look thoroughly fucked.”

Janice and I tried the lesbian thing once or twice and it just didn’t work, we kissed and played with each other’s tits, we even screwed each other with our dildo’s a few times but there was no cunt munching. Janice and I were both working at the high school the summer after graduation earning money for college. She ate a different time than me, which gave me time to venture outside with my lunch if it was warm enough. I’d rather eat my lunch alone in peace than have to put up with all the political bullshit that went on daily in the lunchroom. I’d begun walking to the end of the football field and eating behind the concession stand, it was shady and somewhat private, eating in silence suited me just fine.

As I rounded the corner one day something caught the corner of my eye, leaning against the wall was Edward Stapleton with his short cock in hand looking at the equivalent of a Hustler centerfold. He was one of only a handful of black kids in our town and with his eyes closed he was stroking for all he was worth. He was much like me, working a summer job after graduating, eighteen and no girl fiend, ostracized and ridiculed, not because of his body, because of his brain. The kid was super smart, he looked nerdy and people being people, picked at him mercilessly. As I watched silently, I couldn’t help but notice he wasn’t very big, curiosity got the best of me as I sidled next to him. Oblivious to my presence he jumped when I took hold of his cock, looking frantic he was ready to bolt when I told him to stay.

“Would you like me to help you with that Edward? I won’t tell if you won’t.”

He was wild eyed as he nodded yes, his dick was small enough that I had to use three fingers, wrapping my hand around it would have covered the head. I spit on my fingers and slowly began milking his cock, steady with just enough pressure that I figured it would get him off. In no time he was ready.

“Viv, Viv, stop, I’m gonna shoot. I don’t wanna do that in front of you.”

“Well Edward, I want you to, I’ve never seen a guy cum. Let ‘er go Edward.”

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