Waiting For You To Come Home

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I had been waiting for you to come home all day. The more I thought about what was to come the more excited I got.

The preparations started as soon as you left for work. I was in bed pretending to be asleep but jumped up as soon as you left. I wanted to look absolutely gorgeous for you. I had had my hair cut at the best place in town. My long brown curls bounced up perfectly after the hairdresser had finished, swinging around my face and down my back as I walked. I could feel the glances of others as I walked down the street towards my car, men and women.

When I returned home I set about cooking your favorite meal. When that was in the oven I went upstairs to change. I went for a shower and started shaving my legs. I noticed I was already wet with anticipation of what was to come. I reached down and started gently rubbing myself. I could feel the soft folds, all velvety and warm, accentuated by the water running over my hands. Before long I could feel my clit sticking out, I began to rub this in particular, round and round in circles, bigger then smaller until finally I could feel it. Tension, enough so I thought my legs might give in, shaking, dizziness, that oh-so-perfect release then the world was calm again, warm, relaxed.

I realized I had spent quite a while I the shower so jumped out to get dressed. I put on the new underwear I had bought especially for tonight. Red silk. Hipster style pants with silk at the back, lace at the front. The bra was mostly silk, no padding. The top half of each cup was lace allowing you to see most of my nipples. I have very large, puffy nipples, which I know you adore and I know you will love this new set as it shows them off perfectly. At 32D my breasts are not that big, however the sit up nicely and always look firm and pert. I put on my favorite black dress. Knee-length, fitted around the waist with a lacy skirt. It was quite low cut but not enough to show the red of my underwear…Maybe low enough so a little could be seen if I bent over!

I put on my make up and a necklace with a slight drop, drawing attention to my cleavage. My expertly applied make up accentuated my huge hazel eyes and a new bright red lip-gloss did exactly what the packet said and made my lips look truly kissable.

I had tidied the house for you and lit hd porno as many candles as we had, all over the hall, kitchen and living room. I put on a Robbie Williams CD we always used to listen to when we were younger. I poured two glasses of wine and waited.

As soon as you walked in the door you realized what was going on. You walked towards me and grabbed my hips, pulling me against you tightly. I could feel the hardness and heat of your body. You kissed me, fiercely, like the first time you ever kissed me. Passion and excitement as your tongue rubbed against mine and our lips pressed roughly together. I was grinding my hips against your thigh, feeling the fabric of your jeans pressing against me through my thin dress. I got a shock when you grabbed my ass and picked me up. Squealing with excitement, I instinctively wrapped my legs around your waist. You carried me through to the bedroom and roughly threw me backwards on the bed.

You had a very fierce look of lust about you. I lay watching while you started pulling your clothes off as quickly as you could. Shirt first, with a few buttons unable to hold and springing off. Then your jeans and underwear all in one go. You climb up on top of me, kissing me roughly again, my lips at first then down my neck towards my breasts. To reach further you pull the fabric of my dress to the side, then growl with excitement when you catch sight of my new sexy red underwear. You grab the hem of my dress and pull it up over my head, tossing it aside on the floor. You moan gently as you trace your fingertips over the lacy part of my bra, feeling the soft mounds of my breasts. Then you rub underneath, feeling me through the silk. Your gentle touch sends tremors of excitement through me. You lean down to kiss my nipples though my bra. You nibble gently for a moment then draw a line of soft kisses over the top of each breast. When you have finished that you slide down to admire my bottoms.

You gently move my legs apart and kiss down the inside of my thighs, starting from my knee. It turns into more of a soft lick as you got closer to my pussy. You pull back and do the same to the other side. I am now pushing your head down a little, willing you to stop teasing and kiss me where you know I want you. You do not oblige and move back up to my sex izle lips. Making sure to kiss me gently, teasing me by licking your tongue along my lower lip. Your hand strays back to my breasts. I feel your cock getting harder, pushing against my pants. I beg you to please go back down and eventually you smile and slide back down my body.

You put your hand to my pants and feel my wetness, you push them aside at the corner and laugh a very sexy laugh, smiling at me knowing how obscenely wet I am. You decide to do what I love and roughly grab my hips again, flipping me over onto my stomach. You pull down my pants and spread my legs wide. I feel your tongue probing at me. I moan as it moves back and forth against my lips. Your hands rub my buttocks and down the backs of my legs. You move one of your hands to my wetness, pumping a finger in and out of my hole for a moment. This finger leaves me and I squeal as I feel the excitement of you pushing at my ass. I had always felt this was dirty so it does not happen often but it always gets me excited. You now have this finger inside me while you lick my pussy. As you carry on I feel myself getting nearer the edge, moaning and whimpering. Then you stop.

I moan in disappointment that you have stopped and start to turn my head round a little to find out why but I am jerked upwards so I am on all fours. Then you enter me. Your hands dig into my hips, pulling me towards you as you fuck me from behind. As you push I want to scream at the top of my voice. Although your cock is average at just under 6″ when you hold me tightly it feels bigger, almost too big to fit. But it does. You push harder each time you drive into me. Throwing your weight into it. I am screaming with ecstasy, hardly able to breathe as you fill me up again and again. I fall down onto my stomach again and you seem to slide up my body, driving deeper and deeper. You grab a section of my hair and pull on it. Hard. Everything is just too much. The world seems higher and higher, bigger, louder. Then the shaking comes, endlessly persistent as I have an orgasm that is endless. As I come my muscles squeezing set you off. I feel you push in hard and stay there as you come inside me, then gently slide in and out a little, moaning gently. Then you fall down on top of me, kissing altyazılı porn my back and rubbing me. You roll off and tell me you love me.

We are both starved so we head into the kitchen for dinner. As we wander around naked getting it ready you start to kiss me again. Before long you are starting to get hard again. I decide it is time for your favorite thing. What you beg for almost every day! I give amazing blow jobs, and I love doing it. I start to kneel down and you smile with delight that you know what is to come.

I kiss you as I move downwards towards your cock, kissing first your lips, then chest, stomach, until I come to your cock, growing larger by the second. I love sucking your cock. I love playing with it and your large balls, knowing how much you love every second. I place my mouth over the head, swirling my tongue around to make sure it is as wet as possible. I pull back while looking up at you then plunge down deeper, pressing my lips into the shaft. I then cup my hands around your balls and lick your cock like I would my favorite ice-lolly. Around the sides, up and down, every part. Getting it as wet as possible then I slide one hand around it tightly and move this up and down with my mouth, while still cupping your balls, rolling them gently. I decide to dry something new and place both hands underneath your balls, pushing up quite hard. You do not object so I carry on, while sliding up and down, sucking gently than harder then licking all around the head again. I then go back to your balls again and take them one by one in my mouth, while gently stroking your cock.

You start pushing my head onto you so I know you are anxious just to come quickly. I wrap one of my hands tightly around the base of your cock and place my mouth on top. I move up and down, sucking you inside me, licking the head all the time. Meanwhile I am gently playing with your balls with my other hand. I carry on like this, hearing your breathing change and your legs start to shake. I can always tell when you are about to come by the way your breathing changes, to more of a gasp. When I hear this I let go with my hands and take all of you deep into my mouth. You come, several shots of cum in my mouth. I swallow it all and lick around your cock to make sure I get every drop. I lick my lips then come up to kiss you. I love kissing you when I have swallowed your cum. So dirty.

Now I feel like a good girl! Being good to my husband! I return to finish serving your dinner…need energy for the rest of our evening.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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