Waiting Is the Hardest Part

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You walked in the room. I looked up at you from the sofa. Amazed that even now just the sight of you makes my body yearn for your touch. “ I have a surprise for you, but you have to do exactly what I say or you don’t get it. Do you understand? Are you willing to do just what I tell you to?” You said it in the most devilish of ways, it intrigued my curiosity immediately, you knew it would. I have never met a man, or woman that matter, that has ever made me feel like you do. It seems like you can read me unlike no other, sometimes it scares me that you know me so well, but overall it relaxes me and makes me feel safer with you. From the very beginning I trusted you.

“What’s the surprise babe?” I asked. Biting my lower lip with excitement and anticipation. “Answer my question, and you will find out only when I want you to know” you said just a little bit annoyed. “Baby, you know I would always do what you asked. What do I have to do?” I asked you. “Come with me” you, said as you grabbed my hand.

You lead me up the stairs and down the hall to the bedroom. The room was lit with a small little lamp on the bureau. The light was soft but strong enough that you could see. “Get undressed, and do it slow I want to watch you” you told me, as you sat on the bed.

I stood in front of you, smiling at you wondering what the surprised you had in store for me was. I was so turned on by you, but what always turned me on the most was your mind. I could barely anticipate what was going to happen. I slowly unzipped my jeans, letting them open so you could just see the top of my white cotton thong, pulling them so the hung on my hips. I reached my long fingernails under my white cotton T-shirt, slowly lifting it up; I looked over at you. Smiling I started to lift the shirt, I brought arap escort it up showing you just the tiniest bit of my tits. Then reaching my hands under my shirt I massaged my tits, you could see them but my hands were all over them. Rubbing my nipples, caressing them. Turned around swaying my hips, as if there was music on and I was dancing just for you. When I turned I lifted the shirt up and over my head covering my tits with the shirt I spun back around. I cupped my tits with my chest letting the shirt drop to the floor. Rubbing them softly I slowly moved my hands down my body, actually showing you my tits for the first time. My fingers went under my jean waistband. Slowly I tugged them over my hips and let them drop to the floor. Stepping out of them I looked over at you. You smiled at me and said “leave the panties on, and come over here”. I walked slowly over to you. My long legs straddling yours. I slowly sat on your lap facing you; I wrapped my arms around you. You kissed my lips ever so passionately I looked into your eyes, you smiled at me.

You tied me to the bed. My hands bound so tight together with the rope, with very little slack in it pulled and tied securely to the headboard. When you were sure I couldn’t move, then and only them you touched me. Your hands slowly moving over my tits, my nipples harden, from your touch. You went to the closet and got out the toy box. It was a small toolbox but inside was all the toys you bought just for me. There was quite an assortment too. You pulled out one of the bigger vibrators; this one was about 8 inches, and thick.

You brought it up to my face placing it in front of my lips. Then you said, “ ok I want you to show me what a good girl you are and show me what you escort arap would do if this was my cock in front of you.” I slowly kissed the tip of the vibrator just like I would have with his own cock. Kissing the tip, slowly opening my mouth taking the head into my hot wet mouth sucking on it slowly and softly. The whole time I am doing this I am looking at you, my eyes never leaving yours. Teasing you with my mouth, showing exactly what I would do, I raised my head taking the fake cock slowly into my mouth. Inch by inch deeper and deeper it slides in. Sucking a little harder, my cheeks slowly going in. My mouth engulfing it. I could see the bulge in his jeans getting bigger; I loved that, so I kept teasing him more. Until finally he said “that’s enough, we have plenty of time for that”. “Plus I have to get you ready for your surprise.”

With that you took the wet vibrator and pulled my panties to the side. Rubbing it against my pussy lips, you turned it on, I could feel the vibration against my clit. Oh god it felt so good, I moaned softly. Slowly you started pushing the big hard vibrating cock into my wet pussy. I could feel it entering me. You pushed it in and out slowly. Fucking me with it ever so gently, but then you stopped, pushed it very deeply into me and said “I don’t want you to cum yet, in fact you’re not allowed to cum until your get your surprise. Do you understand?” Looking up at you, I just shook my head yes. Then you said “I want this to stay right where it is, it better not come out of you.” You put my panties back against the base of the vibrator I could feel it so deep inside of me.

Then taking a small plug out of the toy box, wetting it generously with lubrication, I could feel it sliding along my ass crack. arap escort bayan You slowly worked it in my tight ass. It was a little uncomfortable but I loved having both of them inside of me at the same time. You place my thong back against the plugs base and I move just a little feeling myself so full.

You move up to my face and kiss my lips. Then your mouth moves to my neck. I can feel you hands on my tits rolling my nipples in between your fingertips. They are so hard and you are turning me on so much, I can feel my pussy getting wetter with the second. You then take out two clamps out of the toy box. Bringing one to my left nipple, you very gently placed it on my nipple. Then you took the other one and did the same to the other one.

You moved up to my mouth again and kissed me. Then you said with a smile on your face “ok, now I have to go and get your surprise. Remember, no cumming until you get it!” I looked up at you and said oh my god you mean you are going to leave me here like this!” You just started to laugh and said, “You want your surprise don’t you?” “Yes, but”. Was all I could say, before you interrupted me by touching my face and saying “I’ll be back soon you know that, I’d never let anything happen to you.” “I know,” I said as I looked back up at you.

With that you kissed my lips one more time, walked over to the TV and pushed a tape into the VCR. It was my favorite porno. It was called shock, and it had some really incredible scenes, it was a little bizarre but really incredible. I just looked at you and moaned! “Oh god,” I said “How do you expect me to watch that with all this in my and not cum, that’s not fair!” You just walked away laughing. I could hear the front door close behind you. Lying there on top of the bed bound, with just my panties. I looked at the TV, I could feel myself getting so wet, but all I could think about was what the surprise was going to be! That even made me get wetter cause my mind wandered and that was all I could think about. I knew that waiting would be the hardest part.

Look soon for more to come!!!

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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