Waking Dream

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The day broke warm and humid. Madeline awoke as the sun began to stream gently through the small, awkward window of her little salt box house. Her feet found the floor through her waking haze and she moved gracefully to the source of that light. Fog that had dominated the night, was slowly burning off, revealing the radiance of the forest that lay just beyond the border of her yard.

She knew he was out there, just waiting for the right time to come to her. She could feel his presence pressing against her being. Madeline closed her eyes and let his essence flow over her like warm crystal blue water. She could see him so vividly in her mind, the high cheekbones, the perfectly sculpted lips, and eyes so clear they burned into her soul. Lost in her reverie, she scarcely noticed she had made it down to her kitchen to start her morning coffee brewing. Madeline sighed wantonly as she started back upstairs to take a shower. How was she supposed to get through the day when she couldn’t stop thinking of Dane?

Once inside her cozy little bathroom, she stripped off her nightshirt and ran the water as hot as she could stand. She dipped her head under the spray and let out a moan of sheer pleasure. Madeline had always considered this the best part of any morning. Methodically she soaped her favorite body wash gently on her neck, over her ample curves, and down the altyazılı porno length of her shapely legs.

Dane saw this silhouetted against the misty shower curtain. The steam and scent of her jasmine soap was filling the bathroom like a well prepared opium den. He breathed in the scent, as his blood began to boil deep within. Silently, Dane crossed the bathroom, aching with need. He wanted her body under him, and over him. He wanted to feel her glorious breasts in his hands, and the soft pink nipples hardening under the coercion of his tongue.

Floating on the sensation, he reached his wide hand through the gap in the curtain, and nimbly ran a single finger downward to the small in her back. Madeline let out a gasp of unequivocal shock. She spun quickly in the shower and was met by the most beautiful eyes she had ever seen. Just now they were a deep bluish gray, like the sea at it’s most mysterious. Glinting with humor as he savored the surprise he had given her. Dane reached over to turn off the water. Madeline wrapped her favorite towel around her dripping body and smiled up at him.

“You’ve come early today,” she said, and he smiled back brilliantly.

“I hate waiting for what I want.” he replied.

Breezily, he took her hand and led her to the bedroom. Dane let his hands stroke over the wonderful lines of her shoulders and zenci porno smartly ripped her towel from her damp, scented skin. His mouth devoured her breast, hot and eager, making her soar with rapture. She arched back and wound her fingers in his hair, letting the slightest of moans escape her shapely lips.

“You know what I want now, don’t you?” he asked intently.

“And if I don’t want to?” she replied impishly.

“Then you know I won’t come back.” he said. Dane grinned as he said this, knowing he already had her precisely as he wanted her.

Dane drew the silken cord from his pocket and weaved it around her hands, restraining them behind her back as she lowered herself to her knees. Dane unbuttoned his pants while she caught the tab with her teeth and began to descend the zipper. His slacks glided to the floor. She worked his boxers down with her mouth and reveled at the sight of his engorged member. Hunger overtook her as she flicked her perfect little tongue over the tip of his erect phallus. Slowly, he forced himself deeper in her mouth, tilting his head back as his breath came quicker with the sensation. He felt her throat constrict as he pushed to the back of her mouth, and shivered as the constricting and relaxing continued. Her tongue firmly stroked the underside of his cock, enticing a burning deep within aldatma porno him. He pulled himself back just slightly, looking down into her radiant green eyes that blazed with lust like sunlight through summer oak leaves. Dane’s fingers caught the back of her head and snaked through her hair. With a sharp intake of breath, he rammed himself back through her lips, pumping himself in and out in perfect tempo. Her teeth gently scraped against his skin, heightening the pleasure pain that was building in his loins, and driving his lust. He wanted to explode and melt to the floor. But when he would fill, and get to the breaking point, she’d pull back and prolong it just a bit more. Time flowed endlessly as he was tortured with her rhythm. She was taking him to the edge, but never letting him jump from the cliff. It was became maddening, just as it took his arousal up higher, step by step. She was swallowing him body and soul, piece by glorious piece. Any longer and he would surely die from anticipation. His body began to shudder and she took him in deeper, sliding him into the space beyond lips and teeth, and tongue. A sheen of sweat beaded over his skin as his breath thundered from his chest and his seed streamed down her throat.

“Mmm,” she purred as she licked her lips.

He brushed his hand over her cheek, bent and placed a chaste kiss upon her forehead. Dane reached around her, loosened her bonds, and replaced his forgotten slacks. He smiled brilliantly at her, turned, and walked from the room.

Madeline grinned to herself as his words floated back on the scented air behind him.

“Until tomorrow, princess.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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