Wanting Jill

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“I fuck. I don’t date,” Jill said, causing Curtis to eject from his mouth the coffee he was drinking.

“Damn!” Randall said in response to Jill’s comment, laughing as the group of five sat at a large round table in the city public library cafeteria. Don’s eyes bugged and Maria sat in shock.

Jill looked defiant with her straw in her mouth as she continued to enjoy her milkshake.

Maria then asked Jill, “So you don’t want a monogamous relationship?”

“I was in one of those… or so I thought. Maybe I’ll do the commitment thing again one day. But right now? I’m having fun.”

“I hear you,” Curtis said. “So when are we going to have some fun?”

Jill smiled, “Take a number and have a seat. I’ll call you to the window when it’s your turn.”

“Shit!” Randall said after almost choking on the soda he was drinking.

Jill handed him a couple of napkins to help him clean up. She then said, “I hope you have more control than that when it’s your turn.”

Maria gasped. Curtis and Randall chuckled as Don focused on his food while unsuccessfully trying not to hear the conversation.

Jill then stared at Don for a few seconds before smiling and saying, “I like the quiet ones. I think I’ll let Don go first.”

Randall and Curtis smiled and shook their heads in disbelief. Don looked up at Jill. His heart raced as his mind took notice of her beautiful eyes and low-cut blouse. He imagined tossing her onto the lunch table and burying his face in between her breasts as her legs wrapped around him.

Returning to reality, he gave a bashful smile before pretending to return his attention to his food.

Jill chuckled as she turned to Maria. “I definitely like the quiet ones.”

Don glanced at Maria, who looked horrified. He then looked at the time on his phone. “Well, this has been an… educational… lunch,” he said, turning in the direction of Randall and Charlie as he rose from his seat. “But we need to get back to class.”

Don then nodded at Jill and Maria before leaving the lunchroom.


Don stood in front of the library meeting room, wirelessly connecting his laptop to the projector, as the other four re-entered the room. While the other three stood and conversed near their desks, Maria joined Don.

“She’s a little wild,” Maria said.

Don looked at Maria and then glanced at Jill, who was laughing with Randall and Charlie. “Yeah. Just a bit.”

“Not exactly your type?”

Don, focusing on his computer screen, said, “I don’t like to judge people. I’ll just say I’ve never dated a woman like that.”

“Apparently she doesn’t date.”

Don looked at Maria and smiled.

“I could never present myself like that to the world,” she said. “A woman has to have some self-respect. Some modesty.”

Don, finished with prepping his class materials, rose and turned toward Maria. She had jet black, curly hair – which he loved. She was also wearing a classic, short-sleeved, v-neck shirt and fitting, but not super-tight, jeans. She definitely looked like a respectable lady… which was much more his type than Jill.

He nodded. “That sounds more like the women I date.”

Maria grinned as she tilted her head and pushed a loose strand of hair back behind her ear.

Don then glanced back at Jill, who looked up at him and winked. She was all wrong for him. Which was the reason he couldn’t understand why her gaze turned his insides to soft butter.

“By the way,” Maria said, “thanks for teaching this class.”

Her voice sounded muffled. Don’s focus was still on Jill as she continued to laugh and talk with Charlie and Randall. He couldn’t keep his eyes off her.


“Alright. Next week we are going to go live with our websites,” Don announced to his class as they collected their belongings and prepared to leave. “If anyone has any questions or issues, feel free to text or email me.”

Jill raised her hand. “Do you make house calls?”

Don’s heart leaped at the thought, though he maintained a professional demeanor. He allowed a soft chuckle to escape his lips. “Let me know if you have any issues with your website this week, Jill. I’ll do my best to help you out.” He then threw the strap to his laptop bag over his shoulder. “That’s it. I’ll see you all next week.”

“You never answered my question,” Jill said.

Don looked back at her as he was walking toward the classroom exit. Wearing a grin, he said, “No. I didn’t.”


“I think I’m going to need a lot of help this week to be ready to go live with my website by our next class,” Maria told Don as they stood by his car in the library parking lot. “I hope you won’t mind.”

“It’s fine. I can help you with whatever problems you’re having.”

“Maybe we can go to lunch sometime this week and you can walk me through some things?” Maria said with a smile.

Don nodded. He then imagined pressing Maria’s back against his car and feeling her tongue in his mouth. He smiled back at her. “That sounds like a good idea. Let’s do that.”

Her porno izle smile broadened before she turned toward her own car. Don watched Maria walk away as he entered his own vehicle. She seemed to be bounding.

Maria was unjustifiably cute and almost exactly what Don looked for in a woman. And her obvious attraction to him didn’t hurt. Still, he kept thinking about how Jill made him feel – which was also unjustifiable. Though Jill was incredibly attractive, she was too brash for him.

Maria drove past Don’s car and waved at him, sealing his decision to focus on her and dismiss his childish crush on Jill. As Don began to pull from his parking spot, he could hear someone’s car having trouble starting. He looked over and saw the stalled vehicle parked several rows away from his own. Driving over to offer his help, his pulse raced as he realized it was Jill.

She opened her car door as Don exited his vehicle. “I don’t know what’s wrong with this thing,” she said. “If I pop the hood, could you take a look at it?”

“I could, but it would be useless,” Don said as he retrieved his cell phone from his pocket. “I don’t know anything about what’s under the hood of a car.”

He then called AAA to arrange for Jill’s car to be checked out.

“Thank you so much for that,” Jill said as Don returned his phone to his pocket.

“Don’t thank me just yet. No one can come out until tomorrow morning.”

After a pause of contemplation, Jill said, “Shit.”

“Sorry. If you want to get your things and lock up your car, I can give you a ride home.”

A dejected Jill nodded before gathering her belongings.


“That car has given me nothing but grief since I bought it,” Jill said. “But, at least it was getting me where I needed to go.”

“How long have you had it?”

“Almost a year. It was crap when I bought it but it was all I could afford. I need something newer.”

Don gave an understanding nod, trying not to be distracted by Jill’s scent filling his car. He didn’t know if it was body wash or perfume, but he had smelled it before. Just not so strong. It was intoxicating.

“That’s why I’m taking this class. I’m hoping I can get my business going online and quit my other job.”

“What do you do?” Don asked.

“I’m a stripper.”

Don’s brow furrowed as he glanced at Jill. “Really?”

Jill laughed. “No. I’m a receptionist at International Paper.”

Don chuckled.

“You really thought I was a stripper, didn’t you?”

He glanced over at Jill and then shrugged. “I could believe it. Besides, there’s nothing wrong with being a stripper.”

“No. But not all hot women strip, Don.”

He laughed and shook his head.


“Will you be able to get to your car in the morning?” Don asked as they sat in the parking lot in front of Jill’s apartment building.

“I’ll get an Uber.”

“OK. Sounds good,” Don said, waiting for Jill to exit his vehicle.

After a few seconds of looking at one another, Jill smiled. “So, you’re not going to walk me to my door?”

“Oh. Um… sure,” he said. He then exited his vehicle – with more trouble than was typical for him – as a grinning Jill gathered her belongings.

Once they reached her front door, Don held her backpack for her so she could unlock and open her door. He then handed it back to her as she stepped inside.

After staring at one another for a few seconds, Don said, “Well, I hope everything works out with your car.”

Jill, wearing a soft smile, asked, “Can you help me with something?”

“Um… sure? What do you need?”

She nodded toward the interior of her apartment. “Come on in.”

Don could feel his heart pounding in his chest as he entered.

Jill sat her backpack next to the couch in her small living room and offered Don a seat. “I’ll be right back,” she said before walking past a tiny kitchen and into – what he presumed was – her bedroom.

Don looked around Jill’s living room as he tried to regulate his breathing. He was hoping she didn’t need help with any household repair jobs as he wasn’t very handy. His assumption was that she needed some help with her website, which he felt he could handle… if he could regain control of his nerves.

It took several minutes for Jill to return. Long enough for Don to start watching an episode of House of Cards on his phone. When she returned he almost dropped it.

“Hi,” she said with a cute wave and smile. She seemed to savor Don’s reaction as his mouth hung open. She was wearing a white t-shirt that didn’t quite reach her mid-thighs, which were not covered by pants or any detectable shorts. Her thick, gray socks almost reached her knees and her shirt read, No bra. No panties.

After several seconds of fun for herself – and awkwardness for Don – she said, “Don’t worry. I’m wearing panties. Though I can’t say the same for the bra.”

Don was still frozen. She took a couple of steps toward him before grasping the bottom of her shirt and asking him, “Did you want to see the panties?”

“Uh… amatör porno uh…” Don uttered, wondering if his forehead was sweating or if he was simply feeling flush.

Jill laughed. “I’m just messing with you,” she said as she sat next to Don – their legs pressed against one another – and pulled her laptop from her backpack.

The two were sitting so close that Don had to put his arm behind her back as she laid her computer in her lap. He was still in a daze and trying not to stare at her bare thighs, the smooth skin of which he very much wanted to feel beneath his hands.

“You really know how to knock someone off balance,” Don finally said.

“Are you off balance right now?”

“A little, yeah.”

“Good,” Jill said with a sly grin. She then opened her laptop and pulled up her website.

Jill kept her shirt from riding up her leg far enough to reveal her panties. But it’s lack of length couldn’t help but expose nearly all of her thigh as she shifted on the couch.

Don’s eyes darted between her computer screen, her legs, and her bra-less chest, where he could see the faintest outline of her nipples. The experience was making it difficult for him to concentrate… and breathe.

Jill looked at Don with amused concern. “Are you going to be OK?”

Don nodded.

“Still off balance?” Jill asked.

“You’re enjoying this, aren’t you?”

“Enjoying what?” Jill said with a plain expression.

Don looked at Jill for a few seconds. He then noticed a glossy shine to her lips that wasn’t there during class. He shook his head and chuckled as she gave a faint smile.

“So what is the business that you need to build a website for?” Don asked, attempting the Herculean task of creating a professional atmosphere.

“I…” Jill paused as her playful expression faded. She looked at Don with a vulnerability he, not only had never seen in her eyes before, but wasn’t aware existed. “I sell children’s books.”

“Children’s books? No kidding?”

Jill nodded.

“Where do you get the books from? Who is your source?”

“I write and illustrate them, myself,” she said.

“Are you serious? That’s amazing,” Don said as Jill grinned. “How long have you been doing this?”

“Not long. It’s something I’ve always wanted to do. I’m self-publishing right now, but I am trying to get myself out there more.” She then gestured toward her laptop and said, “That’s why the website.”

“Wow,” Don said, “Talk about off balance. I had no idea that…”

“… that someone so hot was doing something so cool?”

“You write books for kids,” Don said. “I can’t think of anything hotter than that.” He then noticed that Jill’s breathing seemed to be shallow.

“Thank you,” she said, a softness returning to her eyes.

He nodded. After a few seconds of them staring at one another, he asked her in a low tone, “So, what can I help you with? With your website?”

Jill continued to stare into Don’s eyes. His heart felt as if it were pulling him toward her. He had a sudden urge to feel her plush, glossed lips against his.

Before his compulsion overcame him, she said, “Um… the… uh…” She then looked down at her laptop and said, “The e-commerce section. I’m having a problem with my virtual bookstore.”

Though her eyes were on her computer screen, his eyes were still on her.

“When I try to load my book covers, I only get an X where the picture is supposed to… be.” As Jill finished her sentence, she turned back toward Don, who had not stopped staring at her.

A soft, cute smile came upon Jill’s face as they gazed at one another.

“So… can you help me?” she asked in a near-whisper.

“Help?” Don said, lost in a fog of pheromones. Finally remembering his purported reason for being in Jill’s living room, he then said, “Oh… The X.”

With his right arm still resting on the couch behind Jill’s back, he used his left hand to navigate her keyboard. He was careful not to graze her leg as he searched for the source of her website error.

“It doesn’t look like your pictures are in the right folder,” he said. He turned toward Jill, who didn’t seem to be paying much attention to her technological issues.

Without looking back down, he lowered his left hand to the computer. When, in lieu of a keyboard, it settled on warm flesh, he glanced down to see that Jill had slid her laptop to the side and that his hand was resting on her inner thigh.

Looking into Jill’s eyes, he grabbed and squeezed her leg, causing a soft moan to escape from her. Don then leaned in and tasted the wild cherry balm that Jill had applied to her lips while getting changed.

Several seconds of being consumed with her taste, smell and feel had Don’s head swimming. Once they paused he eased down onto his knees and in between her legs. She then leaned forward as their lips and tongues resumed their passionate entanglement.

Don ran his hands down Jill’s back and onto her bottom. Through her shirt, he could feel the outline anal porno of her panties. His heartbeat sped, which hadn’t seemed possible to him before that point.

Don grasped Jill’s ass and pulled her to him as she wrapped her legs around his hips. He delighted in the feel of her breasts pressed against his chest as their bodies clasped together.

Don slid his kisses from Jill’s lips down to her neck. He also slid his hands beneath the bottom of her shirt and over her lace panties.

“Oooh, yes,” Jill said with her eyes closed. “I don’t think you’re off-balance anymore.”

Don rared back, looking at Jill. He then shook his head. “I don’t know if I’m ever not off-balance when I’m around you.”

After a few seconds of smiling at one another, Don moved his head down until he was face-to-face with her black panties. Looking up at a flush, panting Jill as her back fell onto the couch, he eased them to the side, exposing her soft, fleshy lips.

Jill gasped as the tip of Don’s tongue slid up the center of her wetness, parting her lips before grazing her clit. His tongue then danced with Jill’s clit as her eyes rolled back and her hips began to gyrate.

She then lifted one of her feet, resting it on his back. That prompted Don to penetrate her pussy with his tongue. Jill let out a loud moan as Don worked her center, him basking in the soft feel of her raised thigh against his cheek. She then began to thrust her pelvis, signaling him for a more vigorous licking.

Don’s tongue increased speed and pressure – Jill’s eyes closed and her hand pressed firm against the back of his head – as she climaxed. She then relaxed back onto the couch as she came down from her orgasm.

There was no part of Jill’s body for which Don was not hungry. Her visceral response to his touch was like no woman he had ever experienced. Anxious to be inside her, he slid her panties off as she caught her breath and stared at him.

Watching Don relieve himself of his clothes, Jill asked, “Do you need any help with that?”

“Only if you want to,” he said with a soft smile.

She grinned as she laid back with her hands over her head. “No. I’m enjoying the show.”

As Don stood between Jill’s legs, she sat up and held her hand out against his chest, stopping him from kneeling. She then slid her hand down his torso and to his shaft, wrapping her hand around and stroking it.

Don watched her close her eyes as she massaged him, her pleasant smile betraying to him her enjoyment of the moment. He was finding it difficult to keep his balance at the intense sensory pleasure he was receiving.

“Oh, god,” she said with her eyes still closed. “Fuck me, Don.”

As he lowered himself back down to his knees, she guided his tip to her center, rubbing it up and down her wet lips before tugging him toward her. The potent, carnal heat from Jill’s pussy felt to Don like it might make him climax on contact as he sank himself inside her.

Jill’s back arched – pushing her still-covered breasts and erect nipples toward his face. Her eyes, and her mouth, popped open at the feel of his dick reaching the deepest parts of her. Don paused. “Are you OK?”

“Please don’t stop,” she said, prompting him to continue pleasing her – and himself – with his long, smooth, slow strokes.

Don reached beneath Jill’s shirt, running his thumb over her nipple. The desire to see her naked breasts overtaking him, Don paused from sexing Jill long enough to help her off with her shirt.

He stared at her chest, sliding his palm over her left breast. Jill watched him in amusement. “Do you like them?”

He looked her in the eyes and said, “Jill, I like everything about you.”

Her expression softened. She placed her hands on his arms and pulled him on top of her. They shared an intense kiss as he resumed his filling of her body.

Jill wrapped her legs back around Don as the speed of his strokes increased. Their mouth-play gave way to their need to breathe as their animal desire seemed to drive them to merge their bodies as one.

“Oh, god, Don,” Jill said into his ear. Don could feel his heart pound as the heightened intensity of emotions drove him to grind his pelvis into hers with each thrust.

“Oh god, Don,” a nearly out of breath Jill continued. “You feel so… You make me feel so… Oh my god, Don, I love y…”

Don and Jill both slowed their movements as they looked into one another’s eyes. Don searched for a hint of truth in Jill’s near-declaration. He saw the same sweetness in her eyes that had appeared in flashes all night.

He then kissed her deeply as they continued to passionately fuck one another.


Don entered his classroom scanning the room for Jill, to no avail. Only Curtis and Randall were present, standing together near their desks and talking.

Randall looked toward Don and said, “Are you ready to see your first student become a millionaire? Because I’m about to make all the money with my website.”

Randall and Curtis smiled and fist bumped one another as Don, connecting his laptop to the projector, looked up at the two. “Sure. Yeah,” he said, glancing at the door before returning his attention to his set-up.

“You alright, Don?” Curtis asked as Don fidgeted with the equipment.

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