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Watching Noah Grow Copyright 2018 by Erastes

Chapter 6 – A Number of Surprises.

The next morning we got up and Noah decided to put on one of his new outfits to wear home.  He packed the rest of the things into a couple of plastic bags to take back with him, while I was fixing us something to eat.  He was all smiles when he sat down at the table with me. 

“Yesterday was fun, and thanks for lettin” me sleep with you last night.  And thanks for buyin” me all this stuff too, and for lettin” me take it home with me.” 

“You”re welcome.  Will you need any help taking those things inside?” 

“Nah, I can do it.” 

“Ok, and I”ll see you at lunch so you can let me know if your mom was ok with everything.” 

“Yeah, I”ll tell you what she says.” 

When I drove him home, I dropped him off at his door, he grabbed the bags, and headed toward the trailer.  I knew he wanted to wave as I was getting ready to drive off, but his hands were full, so he merely smiled and nodded his head.  Luckily, his mom must have heard my car stop out front, because I saw her open the door and let him inside before I drove away. 

I was in a great mood when I got to the office, and since I”d spent the previous day with Noah, I was able to concentrate on work.  I got a lot accomplished by lunchtime, and I was so excited about seeing him again that I walked quite a bit faster than usual as I made my way to the park.  Not only did I want to spend time with him, but I was also curious to find out if his mother had said anything. 

“So how did things go?” I asked as we began to eat. 

“Mom asked if I had a good time, and I told her everything we did.  She told me to thank you for the clothes too, but she said you didn”t have to spend so much on me.” 

“Like I”d explained to her, I only spent what I thought I could afford.” 

“And I saw Gus this mornin”.  He”s really mad at his mom and says he hasn”t talked to her since she came to the park and yelled at you.” 

“I didn”t want to cause a problem between him and his mother.” 

“Gus says she caused the problem, cuz you were nice and nuttin” was goin” on.  We was just havin” fun.” 

“I know, but it might make her even more leery of me, if she thinks I”m responsible for the problems she”s having with her son.” 

“Gus said he told her this was all her fault, not yours.” 

“Maybe so, but she might not see it that way.” 

“He told me I was lucky my mom was lettin” me spend time with you, and he couldn”t believe all the stuff we did yesterday.” 

“Did you tell him you stayed overnight and slept with me?” 

“Nuht uh.  I just told him about going out to eat, playin” at Chuck E. Cheese, and seein” the fireworks.” 

“Good, I”m glad you were smart enough not to tell him more, because his mom might have tried to use that against me too, if she knew you slept with me.” 

“I won”t tell anyone else “bout that.” 

When my lunch hour was nearly over, I said goodbye to Noah and walked back to work, quickly picking up where I”d left off.  I was pleased that Noah had made some good decisions and not disclosed too much to Gus.  I was also happy that his mother seemed to be fine with what I”d done with him on Tuesday and wasn”t upset about the things I sent home with him.  I merely hoped nothing would happen to change any of that from here on out. 

Throughout the rest of that day, as well as the rest of the week, we fell into our normal routine.  I ate lunch with Noah every day, and he would show up wearing one of the new outfits I”d bought him.  By the end of the week I noticed he was wearing some of the outfits for a second time, but they obviously hadn”t been washed after he first wore them, because they appeared slightly dirty.  He still looked good, though, and I could also tell that he was proud to have the other kids finally seeing him wearing something nice, since they fit him a lot better than what he had been wearing.

On Friday, Noah asked what we were going to do on the weekend, and I merely told him I”d come up with something fun we could do.  He seemed fine with that, because he trusted that I”d do something he would enjoy, so when I left I merely told him I”d see him in the morning.  I actually had a couple of things I wanted to do with him, and I hoped they were things he would like. 

I got to the park ahead of him on Saturday morning and waited for him to show up.  I got nervous when I saw his mother walking with him when they entered the park, so I went over to meet them and see if anything was wrong. 

“Hi, Cheryl.  I wasn”t expecting to see you today.” 

“I just wanted to tell you about something that happened the other day at work.  I was cleaning the drink area when a woman came over and demanded to know why I let my son hang around with you.  She was extremely loud and made it sound like you were a terrible guy.” 

“I”m pretty sure I know who that was.  Noah has a couple of friends who used to join us on the weekend, because they liked taking part in the little adventures I”d prepared.  I think the woman who confronted you must have been Gus” mother, because she also confronted me at the park one day and told me to stay away from her son.  She didn”t come right out and say it, but she hinted that she thought I was up to something improper.” 

“I know.  I talked to Noah about this after it happened, because she mentioned that her son had been hanging out with Noah, another boy, and you.  I told her I knew all about what was going on and that I was perfectly fine with it, because you were a really nice guy.  I was a little surprised when she said something about you saying you”d been a friend of my husband, though.” 

“Actually, I didn”t say that.  Noah was the one who said it when he came to my defense as she was screaming at me.” 

“Yeah, Mom.  I told her he was dad”s friend, not Brian.” 

“It doesn”t matter, because I told her off and said she was an idiot if she thought you”d harm the kids.” 

“So did she pick up on the fact that you were surprised when she mentioned that I”d said I was a friend of your husband?” 

“Yes, she did, but I told her my reaction happened because it made me think about my husband again.” 

“Thanks, and I appreciate that you stood up for me.”

“I only told her the truth, because Noah adores you, so you guys have fun today.  I just wanted you to be aware of what she”d done.” 

“Thanks, and I”m glad you told me.” 

“Mom, can I stay with Brian tonight, so he don”t have to bring me home later and then come back to get me tuh-morrow?” 

“You should be asking him, not me, but don”t go making a fuss if he says he has other things to do.” 

“Actually, I don”t,” I interjected, “so would it be alright with you if he stayed with me again?” 

“If that”s what he wants to do, because I”ll be busy” title=”izmit escort”>izmit escort and won”t be able to spend much time with him.  I have a feeling he”d rather be with you anyway, because he seems to enjoy your company more than mine.” 

“I doubt that.” 

“Oh, I”m not upset, and I”m glad that you”re willing to spend time with him.  I”m just too busy to fill that role, and he needs a man to go on adventures with, not his mother.”  She smiled and winked after saying this. 

“Then as long as you don”t mind, I guess I”ve got a houseguest for the night.” 

“Yay!” Noah shouted as he started dancing around. 

“That”s what I was talking about,” Cheryl joked as she pointed at her son.  “You guys have fun, and I”ll see you tomorrow, honey.”  She then gave Noah a hug and a kiss before she left. 

“Thanks, Mom.  I love ya too.  Come on, Brian.  Let”s go.” 

He nearly dragged me out of the park because he was in such a hurry to see what we were going to do, and I willingly went along.  We got in the car and I prepared to take off when Noah spoke again.  “So what are we gonna do now?” 

“The first thing will be that you”ll have to take a shower and change into one of the other outfits I bought for you, and then we”ll decide.” 

“Yeah, I didn”t shower at home cuz I like your shower better.  You got soap in a bottle, not just a bar of soap, and your shampoo smells better too.” 

“First of all, it”s called body wash, not soap in a bottle, and I think you should start using the proper name for it.” 

“K, I like the body wash.” 

As I was selecting an outfit for him, Noah began to undress.  He was wearing one of the outfits I”d bought him, and to my surprise he was actually wearing underwear this time too, so maybe he just didn”t have any that fit him before.  As soon as he was naked, he looked up at me and asked a question. 

“Will you get undressed and shower with me, cuz I want you to wash me this time?” 

“I suppose I could, but only if you promise you won”t tell anyone that I showered with you.  Some people might try to use it as proof that I”m up to no good.” 

“K, I won”t say nuttin about it.” 

I took off my clothes so I could get in the shower with him, and he was strutting around as he waited, which indicated he was pleased with my decision to do this with him.  Once I”d undressed, I led him into the bathroom and began to adjust the water.  As soon as that had been taken care of, I put down the bathmat, got a couple of towels out of the linen cabinet, and helped Noah into the shower.  I then got in behind him, but Noah just stood there looking at me. 

“Come on, you”re s”posed to wash me.” 

“Ok, stand under the spray and get wet first, and then I”ll start with your hair.” 

As soon as he did as I asked, I squeeze some shampoo into my hand and began to work it into his golden tresses.  I knew he washed it the last time he was here, and he probably did it at home too, but I wasn”t sure how well he managed with such a full head of hair.  I used my fingers to work the shampoo into every strand, as well as down to his scalp, and I thought I had it pretty clean by the time I told him to rinse.  I then squirted some body wash onto the washcloth and began to clean his face, neck, back and legs, before I washed his chest. 

“You can wash your own dick and butt,” I said as I handed him the washcloth.  I”d thought about teaching him the proper names for his body parts, but I felt that would cause others to realize we”d at least seen each other naked, so I went with the names he used. 

“No!  You can do that too.” 

“Are you sure?”


“Ok, just don”t tell anyone I did this, not even your mom.” 

“I won”t tell nobody.” 

Taking a deep breath, I reached out and ran the washcloth over his hairless pubis first, and then the inside of his thighs, before I came back up to wash his scrotum and penis next.  After I finished doing that area, I had him turn toward the spray to rinse off and I washed his butt.  I ran the washcloth between those two fleshy globes and over his little hole, and he giggled when I did that. 

“I tickled when you washed where I poop.”  

“I know, but we have to make sure to keep that area clean too.” 

When I finished washing him, he looked up at me and spoke.  “Can I wash you now?” 

“I showered before I came to pick you up, so I don”t need to get clean again.” 

“Ok, but don”t do that from now on, so I can wash you too.  Can I just wash your dick then?” 

I looked at him and wasn”t sure how to respond.  I could sense his curiosity and desire to do this, but I was afraid I”d start to firm up the minute he touched me there.  Even though I wasn”t sure I should be doing this, I knew he felt it was only fair, since he”d let me wash him there already. 

“Ok, here”s the washcloth.” 

He broke into a huge grin and snatched the washcloth out of my hand.  He then grabbed my penis with his left hand, while he held the washcloth in the right and ran it over the entire area.  I was doing my best to think of something else, like a tax audit or a stock market crash, hoping that would kept me from getting an erection.  It worked for the most part, because I”d only plumped up a little by the time he”d finished. 

Now that we were both clean, I turned off the water, pulled back the shower curtain, and lifted Noah onto the bathmat.  I then stepped out behind him and grabbed one of the towels so I could dry him off.  Just as when I washed him, he had me dry ALL of him, and then he darted out of the bathroom before I could swat his butt. 

“I knew you were gonna do that,” he giggled, thinking he”d foiled my plan. 

“I”ll get you sooner or later, my pretty, and your little butt too,” I cackled in my best Wicked Witch of the West voice. 

“Nope, you won”t!” he chirped back, and then he began to giggle as he watched me dry off. 

Once I finished, we went back to the bedroom and he put on the outfit I”d picked out for him, while I got dressed again too.  I was trying to decide what we should do next when Noah made a suggested. 

“Can we watch cartoons for a while?” 

“Sure, if that”s what you want to do.  We can do the other things I have planned later.” 

“K, but I want you to sit with me.” 

“I can do that too.” 

After checking out Disney, Nickelodeon, and Nick 2, Noah decided that he wanted to watch Nicktoons.  I didn”t care, because I”d be watching him, not the show, so I told him it was fine with me.  We did that until his stomach growled, and we took a break to have lunch. 

“How about grilled cheese sandwiches and baked beans for lunch?” 

“K, but the beans will probly make me fart,” he warned, and then he began laughing hysterically. 

“Ok, as long as they don”t smell too bad.”  That caused him to break out laughing again. 

After we finished our lunch, I cleaned up the dishes and frying pan quickly, and then I told him we were going outside and get in the car.  “Noah, what do you think about getting a haircut?” 

“Yeah, it is gettin” pretty long and mom said I need one, but she said she can”t take me until just b”fore school starts again.” 

“What if I take you instead, because I could use a trim too?” 

“Ok.”” title=”yahya kaptan escort”>yahya kaptan escort

I took him to the person I normally used, and she asked how I wanted her to style Noah”s hair.  “Make it a little shorter, but not too much, because he looks so cute with those long locks.” 

She smiled.  “I agree.”  She then tipped him back in the chair to wash his hair before she started. 

“Hey, what”s she doin”?” Noah shouted in surprise when his body started to tip backward. 

“She”s just going to wash your hair,” I informed him. 

“But I washed it when I showered,” he countered.  I was grateful he”d said this in the first person. 

“I know, but it”s easier to cut your hair when it”s wet, and she”ll do the same thing to me too.” 

“Oh, ok then.” 

After she”d finished cutting our hair, I thanked and paid her, and then I spoke to Noah when we got back in the car.  “There”s something else I want to do before we go to have some fun.” 

“K.  What are we gonna do?” 

“You”ll see.” 

“You always say that,” he grumbled, but the smile never left his face. 

Seeing I had noticed he was wearing dirty outfits at the end of the week, I decided to buy him three more play outfits today.  That way he would have something different to wear each day of the week, including Saturday.  I also bought him a couple of better outfits too, in case he ever needed to dress up when he wasn”t with me, and I also bought him another pair of jeans, which caused him to complain. 

“You don”t need to keep buyin” me stuff.” 

“I know, and this will probably be the last time I do it for a while, but I want you to have enough different outfits so you won”t have to wear the same thing twice during the week.” 

“But I used to do that all the time.” 

“I know, but now you won”t have to.  I want you to have these other things too, because there will be times you”ll need them as well.  Ok?” 

“Yeah, I guess, and thanks for bein” so nice.” 

Once we”d paid for everything and loaded it into the trunk, I drove him over to our next destination.  It was called the “The Bounce Palace”, and it had multiple devices the kids could use to bounce up and down and have fun.  The first area was for the younger kids and had inflatable tent-like devices they could jump in, and this one was filled with colored, plastic balls the kids could also crawl around in.  There were a couple of similar areas, minus the balls, called “Bounce Houses”, and they were designed for the smaller kids to jump up and down in.  They even had slides attached to them as well, and since Noah was small for his age, he was also allowed to use this area. 

After he took off his shoes, Noah went into the inflatable device filled with the colored balls first, and I watched as he played hide-and-seek with a group of younger children.  I was extremely proud as I watched him, because he was very good with them and did his best to hide under the balls, crawl beneath them, and then he would pop up again and make the other kids laugh.  I think the parents appreciated him doing this too, because their children were enjoying his antics. 

After he left there, he tried out the “Bounce Houses” next and jumped up and down with kids closer to his own age and size.  Since he was having a blast doing this, seeing he”d apparently never had a chance to do any of these things when he was younger, I let him do it for as long as he wanted. 

When he grew tired of doing that, I led him over to the next area, which was filled with Space Hopper balls.  These are large, rubber balls with a face on one side and two horns sticking out of the top.  To use them, the person sits on the ball and holds onto the horns as he or she bounces around.  There were two sizes of balls, with one being slightly smaller than the other, and the area was monitored so the bigger kids didn”t get too aggressive with the smaller children. 

Since there were two different sizes of balls, Noah got on one of the smaller ones, and I got on one of the larger balls, and we bounced around and crashed into one another.  Of course, I was careful so I didn”t knock him over, because I didn”t want him to get hurt, and I also used my legs to keep most of my weight off the ball.  I would have been mortified if the ball had popped under my weight as I was hopping up and down on it. 

When we tired of doing that, Noah was ready to go to the last area, which was where the trampolines were located. They were sectioned off into smaller areas for the different age groups, in order to keep the younger kids from getting hurt.  The area for the smallest children had two attendants, while the other two areas only had one.  The middle area was for the slightly older kids, ranging from fourth to eighth grade, and the last area was for the older teens and adults. 

I made sure Noah started out in the middle area, and I was glad that there were only a few other kids in there.  I suggested he watch what they were doing first, so he”d get the idea before I let him try it on his own.  When I thought he was ready, I watched as he went in and began to jump up and down on the trampoline, and of course my little daredevil tried to see how high he could go.  A little while later I saw him drop down into a sitting position before bouncing back up to his feet, after he saw one of the other kids doing that.  Later, he also tried landing on his knees first, before bouncing up to his feet again, and he was laughing the entire time. 

When he came out of that area, he wanted to go on the trampoline with me too, so I talked to one of the employees and got permission to take Noah into the adult area with me.  The attendant agreed, as long as I said I would watch out for him and make sure he didn”t get hurt.  Since the place wasn”t very crowded, I didn”t have a problem with that, so after I took off my shoes, we went in and began to jump up and down on the trampoline together.  I held onto his waist and lifted him with me as I started to jump higher, taking Noah with me.  Since he was such a little daredevil and loved doing this, he kept urging me to go higher and higher until I didn”t have any strength left to continue. 

“That was fun.  Thanks for bringing me here,” he gushed when we were getting ready to leave. 

“You”re welcome, and I enjoyed it too.” 

As we were leaving the place, I checked the time and realized it was nearly dinnertime.  Since I didn”t want to go home and have to fix something, I opted to take him out to eat again.  “I”m going to take you to O”Charley”s to eat, but I don”t want you ordering another burger.  I”ll look at the menu first and then give you a few choices, because I want you to have something different this time.” 

“K.  I can do that.” 

Once we went inside and were seated, I looked at the kids menu.  “Which of these would you prefer: chicken tenders, grilled chicken breast, or steak tips?” 

“How bout the chicken tenders?” 

“Ok, that sounds good, and now for your side dish.  Would you like mashed potatoes, applesauce, or carrot sticks with ranch dressing?” 

“Um, how bout the carrots sticks with ranch dressin”?” 

“I had a feeling you might say that.  Now, what do you want to drink?  Milk, chocolate milk, or pink lemonade?” 

“Pink” title=”gebze escort”>gebze escort lemonade.” 

“Sounds good.” 

I decided to go with the buttermilk fried shrimp, with a salad, broccoli, and coffee.  After I”d placed our order, we sat and chatted while we waited for our meals to be delivered.  “Ummm, since you spent so much money today, do you think we could just stay home and watch a movie on TV tuh-morrow?” 

“Sure if that”s what you want to do.” 

“Yeah, I want to do somethin” that doesn”t cost nuttin”.”  I had a feeling he”d just said this because he was worried I might not do as much with him in the future if it kept costing me so much money. 

I didn”t realize that the older couple sitting next to us had overheard what Noah had said as well.  “What a thoughtful young man you are,” the woman said as she smiled at Noah.  “I see there are still a few good young people in the world who aren”t merely concerned with how much they can get their parents to spend on them.” 

“You should be very proud of your son,” the man added. 

“I am.  He”s a great kid and I”m extremely proud of him.”  I looked over and Noah was grinning broadly because of what they”d said.

Our food was delivered a short time later, and we began to eat.  Noah was still beaming, and I had no doubt about what he was thinking as he kept glancing up at me. 

When we finished our meal, I called our server over and asked for our check.  “The couple you were talking to earlier paid your bill already.  I thought they told you they were going to do that.”

“They didn”t, and we didn”t really know them either.  What about the tip?” 

“They took care of that too.” 

“Damn, I wish I”d have known that sooner so we could have at least thanked them.” 

Since that lovely couple had paid our tab, we got up and left.  As soon as we got in the car, Noah looked over at me and spoke.  “I liked that they thought I was your son, but I didn”t think they”d pay for our food too.” 

“I was extremely proud that they thought you were my son as well, and it seems that you made quite an impression on them, because it caused them to pay our check before they left.” 

“Yeah, they were nice.” 

“Yes, they were.” 

When we got back to the house, I talked Noah into taking another shower, since we”d worked up a sweat at “The Bounce Palace”.  Noah didn”t have a problem with doing it, as long as we showered together and he got to wash me after I washed him.  Somewhat reluctantly, I agreed. 

After we were clean and dry, we brushed our teeth and put on clean underwear.  I was glad I”d given him a toothbrush on Tuesday, since it looked as if he would be getting quite a bit of use out of it.  Once we finished doing that, and after we”d also used the toilet, we went to my bedroom, got into bed, and I cuddled with Noah as we fell asleep. 

Sunday turned out to be a lazy and laid back day.  After we ate breakfast, I washed the clothes Noah had been wearing when I picked him up on Saturday, along with what he wore yesterday. I had him put on one of the new outfits I”d bought yesterday, because that way he could wear those things home when I dropped him off later.  We even found a couple of movies to watch during the day, one before and one after I”d fed him lunch, and as it got closer to dinnertime, I told him what to do next. 

“Take the clothes that I washed earlier, and put them in with the other things I bought you so you can take them home with you.” 

“But I wanna stay here with you tonight,” he squawked in protest. 

“I think you”re mom is expecting me to bring you home tonight.” 

“No she isn”t.  She spects me to stay tonight, if that”s what I want to do.” 

“Are you sure?  I think I remember her saying she”d see you tomorrow, which would mean today.” 

“Yeah, but I know she won”t mind, cuz that way you won”t have to make a special trip.” 

“Ok, but I wish there was some way I could check with her.  Do you know your phone number?” 

“We don”t got one.  We just go over to the lady next door and use her phone when we need to make a call.  She takes messages for my mom too.” 

“Well, I hate to bother your neighbor, but I don”t want your mom to worry either, so tell me her phone number.” 

“I don”t know it, but we won”t get in trouble.” 

“I hope not, or she might not let you stay with me again.”

Since he seemed so positive about this, I went along with his idea, but now I had to figure out what we were going to have for dinner.  “What do you think about having pizza tonight?” 

“Yeah, that sounds good.” 

“Can I also have them put sausage on the pizza this time?” 

“Yeah, I like that too.” 

I called in the order and was told it would be delivered in about forty minutes.  While we were waiting, I fixed each of us a salad and put those items on the table, along with the salad dressing and our drinks.  The pizza actually arrived a little sooner than I”d been told, so I paid the driver and gave him a tip, and then I put a couple of slices of pizza on each plate.  I split Noah”s second slice in half, so he wouldn”t have to eat it all if he was full, and he laughed when he noticed what I”d done. 

“I think I can eat most of this,” he said, pointing at the full slice and one of the smaller pieces, “but will you take this one?”  He was pointing at the other half of the second slice. 

“Sure, I had a feeling you might do that.”   

After we ate, we watched a couple of shows on TV, and then we got ready for bed.  I was shocked when Noah told me he wanted to shower again, probably just so we could do it together and wash each other again, but I was fine with that.  Once we finished, I cuddled with him in bed, and before we fell asleep he bid me goodnight. 

“Night, Dad.  I really like being here and sleepin” with you.” 

“Sweet dreams, baby boy, and I love having you here with me as well.”

“Hey, I ain”t no baby!” he squawked. 

“I know, but can”t you be my baby boy?” 

“K, but don”t say that in front of nobody else.”   

When we woke up in the morning, I fixed something to eat before we got dressed, and then I drove him home.  I made sure he took all of his things with him, and then I let him off at the trailer and waited until he was inside before I left.  Cheryl saw him coming and opened the door, and then she waved at me.  She also made a face and shook a finger at me when she saw Noah was carrying a couple more bags of goodies.  I just laughed and drove off, pleased that she wasn”t upset that Noah had spent both nights at my house.

                                                *    *     *     *     *     *     *     *

I wish to extend my thanks to Donny and Emoe for editing these chapters for me and offering their suggestions. 


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Although the boys in these stories sometimes have unprotected sex, I strongly urge all of you out there to be smart and protect yourselves from various sexually transmitted diseases by using taking appropriate precautions before engaging in sex.

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