We had fun with Les’s animals ( Pt 10 )

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Well it had been a bit quite this week compared to the last few days, but one phone call to Les and Jim, and the weekend was set up. Les gave us his address and told us to be there any time after 6 pm Saturday evening. and not to worry about having to drive home as he has plenty of spare beds for us.

Saturday couldn’t come quick enough, as we got ready for our fun, Les had said to invite guys we knew to his place, to help with our needs. So of course Grant called the guys we wanted and liked playing with, saying it might be kinkier still, than Jim’s place.

Grant and I took plenty of time getting ready, cleaning out and opening up our holes with our big toys, knowing what might be fucking us later. I used the strapon in Grants butt, the 12 inch dildo got nice and warm, in our holes, as every inch went in deeper than before. then around 6 pm we drove off.

Les’s place was smaller than Jim’s, more like a small holding farm. with barns etc around, as we parked he walked out, naked of course, his cock swinging and Jake in tow, and another similar looking dog too. I pulled my dress of as I got out of the car, and kissed him, Jake’s nose going up my slit as he sniffed my juice’s. Grant also naked now walked around, we were given a guided tour.

Jake was constantly sniffing my butt as we walked, trying to lick me, Jim laughed saying he knows what he wants. Then as we walked into one of the small barns near the house a small pony, stood proud, I guessed it was Patch, Les introduced us, and I patted him, looking him over as I did, then from the rear of the barn in came a larger horse, a chestnut stallion, I think he called him Flame? he had a good stance and nice coat. he to came over for a pat, then moved around, his cock, already hanging underneath him, Jim said he likes what he see’s.

As we walked towards the rear of the house, a frame with strap’s and padding took my eye, I had a pretty good idea, I would be on there later.

We moved inside, a fairly large room was set up, with mattress on the floor and some benchs similar to Jim’s place, with a frame, and other kinky looking devices, there was already 7 or 8 guys, and it didnt take long before others turned up,

They were all naked and hands and cocks found my body ready, taking me any way they wanted. I was fucked in both holes, as another guy took Grant’s butt, and filled it with cock and fingers. I saw Les take his cock and slid it fully up Grants arse, fucking him hard, then coming over to me, and face fucking me. Jake was walking around, ready to go, so as soon as my pussy and butt was christened with cum I pulled him to the bench, laying on my back, his tongue worked well, sending me into a long orgasm.

Then with a little help, his cock grew, he jumped up, pinning me down and aimed right at my pussy, with one good push , probly half went in, then quicker and quicker, more followed, as I went into a near continuous orgasm. I love his cock.

It didn’t take Grant long either, he had the other dog in his butt, both going flat out, as guys face fucked him also.

Guys watched and face fucked me, Jake’s cock a blurr as his speed picked up, then with a good push, he knotted fully, the pressure building as it grew inside my swollon pussy lips. I knew soon he would be filing my body wth his doggy seed, looking up into his face, I felt him begin, The veins gaziantep evi olan escort now proud rubbed my pussy walls, as cum shot forth, I’m sure he hadn’t cum since we last met as it was more than before. I screamed in delight, his knot held firm as he kept cumming, then he swung around, with me on my back, he turned butt to butt, what a sight, this intensified the feelings in me too, his knot still held us together as I came again. some time passed before he pulled away, I could feel the cum run free, as guys played in it, bringing me some to eat, Les asked if that was good.

I said “yes” but I’m hoping for better yet” “Good” he said, as we walked outside, my nerves started to show, as Patch was brought up to the frame. sniffing the air, Les straped me on the frame, my butt up high, and legs held wide apart, I could hear Patch snorting, I was told later Les had some Mare scent on a rag to get him horny, the next thing I knew, was a loud noise as Patch jumped up, his front legs over my head, his cock hitting my back. My nerve’s hit me, what am I doing, his cock feel’s huge, would I be able to take it,

Les asked was I sure, but Patch had other idea’s, as I felt a cock push against my pussy, then a feeling like no other, a huge lump, bigger than two fists was trying to enter me, I screamed, as the first inch or so went in, Grant was near my head, he gave me a good sniff of the poppers, I took a few more sniff, as more meat forced it’s way in, I went blank for while, the pain and plessure to much to take in,

When I got my senses back I knew he was fucking me deeper than any thing before, even Jake. My pussy hurt like hell, but I was also having orgasms, Patch was snorting, I heard Patch snort as his cock sunk in deeper still, if that was possible, I could feel a huge cock head going where nothing else had even gone. “Oh my god’ What Have I got myself into, as orgasm after orgasm ripped my body.

Then Les must have given him a sniff of the rag, Patch snorted, and with that, I knew I was in for more cock, the strap’s held, but my body was forced out of shape as he pushed so deep, he was fucking me with a force I had never felt before, he kept going for some 20 minutes or so,

Then he cum, and oh boy did he cum, I could feel his cock swell, it didnt seem to be as hot as Jake’s cum, but there was so much more, I could feel my womb filling with cum, his cock seemed to swell even more, then with one hard pull, his cock shot out, he hadn’t finished cumming, but the pressure and feelings made me shake un controllably, cum squirted every where, all over my body and some of the guys near me, Patch took off cock swing low.

Grant gave me a big kiss and said how hot I looked, then went down and ate Patch’s cum from my abused hole, I only just felt it when he shoved his fist in, and made me orgasm again, as he did more cum run free. They let me out of the frame, my legs to weak to hold me, as I lay down guys used my body, legs over their shoulders, cocks in any hole they wanted, as horse and dog cum dried under me.

Grant was talking to Les, the next thing I saw was him being strapped in the frame, surely Patch wasn’t ready to go again, I thought, and I was wrong, as Les walked the stallion over to Grants butt, giving the horse a sniff of the rag, started things going, gaziantep fetiş escort I saw Grant take a good long sniff of the poppers too, with all my effort, I got up and lay next to Grant, hoping he hadn’t taken on to much, as I saw the horse’s cock grow, then with a firm push enter his butt, Grant screamed out.

Some 6 inchs or so had gone in first push, Grant now eased back, his butt opening ready for more, as the horse pushed forward again, I gave Grant some more popper’s, Les gave the horse another sniff of the mare’s scent, both bucked like crazy, I guessed 12 inches or more had gone in and possible, 5 or 6 inches were left to go, no way, Grant had never taken even thing this big or thick before. I had noticed the cock head was huge, but the difference to the dildo is, the cock would squeeze under pressure a bit,

The stallion fucked him hard, I could see his cock bend under the pressure of pushing against the end of Grants butt hole, but Grant was trying, pushing back more with ever orgasm,

I gave him some more poppers, his eyes told me he was in heaven, his orgasms now just one, as the stallion kept going, then Les once more gave him a sniff of the mare’s scent, a loud snort and his back arched up, then a sight I didn’t think was possible, as just about all his cock went in, Grant blacked out, to tired to keep going,
I held his head, concerned with his safety, as he come too, eyes blurred but going right into another orgasm, then a noise like no other, the stallion was cumming, his cock rammed in harder still, as cum began to run free, he kept cumming for some 20 seconds, then pulled back.

I was in total disbelief, the head on his cock was huge, cum splashed every where, gallons of it, as Grant screamed with pain, as the cock head pulled clear. then lay exhausted once more, to tired to move. I kissed him saying that was so hot, as guys sat looking, some seemed to have tears in their eyes seeing the size of the cock, that had just come out of Grants butt. Then all to soon, I was moved around, and filled in every hole with cock’s, the show obviously turned them on. Les shoved his fist right in, going to the elbow, as Grant groans filled the air, working him hard, he made Grant orgasm several more times before pulling his arm out.

It was some time before Grant moved, his butt so open I could see his tonsils, but he looked like some one who, had just been well and truly fucked for sure. After some 6 or 7 guys had used me, I got the new dog to fuck my arse, he felt good, not quite as big as Jake but with a larger cock head, as he knotted my butt felt great, he pounded my body for some time before knotting, then he growled, filling me with cum, before turning butt to butt with me, pulling me along the floor. Guys helped me hold on, and some time later his knot let go, doggy cum flooded the floor, as Grant went down licking my arse. I turned kissing him, this was the first time I had been able to ask him about his horse fuck, with a twinkle in his eye he said “bloody great fuck”.

Les was resting, after just filling my arse with his cum, when I crawled over, saying how long does it take for the stallion to recoup, he asked if I was sure, “its now or never ” I repied, with that I walked over to the frame and lay down ready to be strapped in.

As Les neared gaziantep bayan escort me with the stallion, he asked again, “YES, let him fuck my arse” as I took several long hard sniff of the poppers. Les stood him up above me, his cock already hitting my back, then I saw Les give him a sniff of the rag, and with a snort, my body was banged by his cock, I told Les to aim it in my arse.

I think I remember the feeling, but it wasn’t any thing I have ever had before, one of pure bliss and fear, and a lot of pain, his cock found my hole, never has 6 or 7 inchs gone in so quick with so big a cock head, or gone so far, I know when it popped out of Grants butt, I would not have been able to put both hands around his knob head, now it was in me, and going in further. I took more poppers, my butt relaxed, as his pace picked up, I was sure that a guys cock would never satify me again, this was great.

Grant had moved two guys in front of me, with their arm’s up, he impalled himslef fully, going right down to thier elbows, a look of pure delight now on his face, as he said to me, after that horse, I can do this. He rode them as fast as he could, cum still coming out of his butt, running down thier arms.

My butt was now starting to realx more, the poppers I took let the stallion get all his cock in, then with what can only be said a river of cum, he let loose. my stomach distended, as I was filled to over flowing, it hurt, but my orgasms over rode the pain, the I felt the heat of his cum shot over my back and head, a guy pushed his cock in my mouth filling that too, as I lay, happy and sore.

I hadn’t even moved before Jake took my hole once more, turned on by the cum, he jumpped up, ramming his cock in my pussy, just as well I dont think I would have felt him in my butt, and then knotted. I was so wet and horny, he took control, I was his bitch, and he knew it. He fucked away for some time, before he to flooded my body with juices. now back to back, we waited, my orgasms still rolling out of me. Guys just shot cum in or over my face, one had pulled a huge amount of horse cum up for me to eat earlier, that was now drying on me, as others added to it.

Grant took me out of the frame, laying face down, guys strapped him in, as Patch was brough up to perform once more, Grant took him easy, all of his cock went in, as they both worked up a sweat, Grant was puhing back hard trying for more too, they carried on for some 20 minutes or so, then with one huge push and a snort Patch let loose, again cum flowed out, between his cock and Grants butt, than as before, he pulled right out, more cum shot free, as I went down trying to get his cock in my mouth to take it.

Les held him tight, I had eaten quite a bit of cum, then went over to Les and kissed him saying thank you. sharing Patch’s cum as I did. The night continued for some time, I took both dogs again, and the Stallion once more in my butt, I thought it would be to long to get right in my pussy, and any way anal fun can be better. Grant was used by every one, and both dogs too, so with well used and slightly sore holes we said good night to the guys.

Les let us sleep in a spare room, dawn seemed to come to quick with the sound of animals waking, we walked outside, naked and although we had rinsed of last night, we were still covered in dry cum, Grant went to the car and got our douche, a nice warm wash, went down well. and a internal clean took care of our needs.
It was then that Les saw us, and gave us both a hug, thanking us for a great night. we thanked him too, saying hopefully today we might have some more fun with just him and the animals, he smiled, as he invited us in for a light breakfast.

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