Weekend of Love Pt. 03

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Double Penetration

The first thing I noticed about Harold were the toe nails, painted black. The second thing I noticed were the yellow frilly panties poking out of his denim shorts as he walked ahead of me, helping out Carol with the breakfast service, carrying over some dishes to the large table in the living room.

I had emailed the two of them about our visit, but hadn’t met them yet. The other guests sat around the table, or outside on the patio. I made a mental note to try to pick a place where there would be more people like “us”. Chatting briefly, it seemed like everyone was going to leave today, which would give us a full day and half on our own, which was nice.

Picking up a quick sampling of eggs and bread (I wanted to hurry back to Lolita!), I stood behind the wall and spied on the owners. Carol seemed to completely dominate the poor guy, harrying him about the food and scolding him while he meekly hung his head low. At one point, she turned him around and spanked his ass. I didn’t want to linger too long, so I wolfed down my food and tiptoed away.

I knocked on the door, “honey?”, and as I slowly pushed it open, I saw a sight that stopped me dead in my tracks, and I gulped as I entered the room.

The heavy shades were drawn, but this being daytime, it meant that a hazy light still filled the room. Three scented candles covered by colored shades created pools of light, and in the corner, fastening on a long earring, stood the love of my life.

Lolita was wearing a diaphanous, shimmering gown and white panties beneath, her long legs tapered off with anklets, matching bracelets on her wrists. I walked over slowly, and she took my hands in hers.

“Thank you, baby, thank you for being who you are and letting me be who I am.” She put her arms around my neck, and kissed me deeply. Suddenly awaking from my daze, I held her face in my hands and kissed her forcefully, istanbul travesti as her hands went to my trousers, opening them, tugging them down.

I paused to toss my shirt off, and caught our reflection in the mirror: a naked man and his beautiful lover.

“You look beautiful.”

“No, we look beautiful together.”

I turned and picked her up, then deposited her at the edge of the bed, and stroked her face as she looked up at me, as if memorizing its outlines, the curved nose, the high cheekbones, the dimpled chin.

She bowed her head and held her palms outwards, and I placed my hardening cock between them. She drew it closer to her mouth, and lightly kissed it. “I love every bit of you!,” she cooed around it, slowly sucking it in. “And I love every part of you,” I massaged her neck and shoulders as she slurped her tongue around me. Having worked me fully into her mouth, she placed her hands on my hips, and I stepped back a bit, allowing her to comfortably rest against me.

This was one of our favorite poses, and somewhat meditative for both of us. Forced to breathe through her nose, her breaths came deep and long, and I joined her rhythm, while slowly rubbing her scalp. As her breathing deepened, she hummed around my dick with her throat, stirring me to greater hardness, leaking pre-cum down her gullet.

I was about to stop her by pinching her nose, but she pulled away first, dripping saliva over my thighs. “Hmm, want you in me, baby. So bad.” She nursed my balls as I slowly smacked her face with my slippery junk.

“Here, get on the bed,” I pulled her up and rearranged her on her fours, pulling down her panties, then burst out laughing when I saw her furry tail. “Do you like it?,” she asked, reaching back and flicking it around, “I got it on Etsy recently.”

She dropped her head low, presenting istanbul travestileri me with the lovely views of her twin globes, the breathtaking symmetry of the upside down exclamation mark, the furry rosebud atop the dangling pleasure stick, with her tight little balls clinging close.

I picked up the Sliquid lube and moved in closer. and took a moment to collect myself, forcing myself to breath calmly, enjoy this gift life had bestowed on me for the present. I kissed around the base of the tail, squeezing her buns with my hands. then rubbing her lower back with one hand while the other traced down, lightly tracing her penis, watching it flick away, making her writhe in agony. Her hands kept trying to reach back and touch herself, and I had to grab on to it as I slowly started sliding my tongue up and down.

“Enough,” she moaned at last, and turned around, panting, her face a glazed mask of sweat and desire. I eased the tail off, pausing to wiggle the plug around a bit before pulling it out, then exhaled into the warm hole, kneading the cheeks apart around it. I dipped generously into the lube and began working it in, pushing one finger in and then two, until I could twist them around, then used them to slowly jack myself off, while leaning back and tickling her glittering toes.

I kneeled above her, holding myself at her entrance, supporting myself on her back. We sighed together as the head went in, and I reached forward and held her shoulders as I slowly lowered myself down, letting the tight moist passage grip me in its power. My head landed on the back of her neck. “Oh baby,” I whispered, kissing her there, “you feel incredible.”

I took my time, leisurely stroking within her, my balls sliding over her ass. “Hmm,” she reached back to stroke my hair, “fuck me baby. I want to be all yours today. istanbul travesti I want to be your …”

“You are,”, I replied, getting back into a hunched position, and bracing myself with my hands around her hips, beginning to thrust harder, matching my words to my motions.

“You’re my goddess.” I slammed into her.

“My muse.”

“My partner.”

I was grunting now with the effort, unable to control myself, my tension and excess energy came out in a scream, and I spanked her repeatedly as I came close.

Lolita took it all in stride, urging me on. “Just like that, baby, uno yeah, pound that hole. It’s your hole, baby, your pussy, your ass. Yeah, hit me, make it red. Oh fuck, yeah come inside me, baby, Spill it for me, deep, yeah!”

I spasmed and held on as I started erupting inside her, emptying myself out entirely until I slumped down above her. She wiggled and turned us over onto our sides, then half turned towards me, so we were face to face. I reached down to touch our connection, as if testing reality, and smiled as I encountered her balls resting against mine.

“Really filled me up this time,” she said, and squeezed her ass pussy around me, “I felt like some of your cum went deeper than ever before.”

“You haven’t come yet,” I remarked, overwhelmed and unsure of what else to say. “No,” she winked, and brought my hand to her cock lying along her thigh. We intertwined our hands around it and kissed as we moved in tandem to bring her off.

“I love being with you,” she whispered, “I know we can’t be together all the time, and I know you … I know I’m not the only one in your life. But … oh … when we’re … oh … together, I feel I can forget about the rest of the world.”

I felt her words making me hard again, almost painfully so, and as I stretched her, she gasped, and “ooh!” threw her hands back, clutching the sheets. I slathered my hand with saliva, then determinedly jacked her off, staring into her eyes the whole time.

“Come for me, my love. There, let it out, hmm,” Lolita scrunched up into a ball and spurted onto her stomach, then lay back, and buried her face in my arm.

“Hey,” I said, “wait till you hear what I saw today.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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