Weekly Meetings Ch. 03

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The pace picks up in the 3rd chapter of this series. I recommend reading the first two parts for some backstory.

Another big thanks to LAHomeDog and to ResJack for editing!


After our second meeting, I had clarity where Amy and I stood, and we settled into a nice routine. Our weekly meeting, which used to be meaningless, and we often canceled or rescheduled, now took place in the wellness room every Friday and neither of us ever missed it.

Amy’s breasts were the highlight of my week, and I constantly tried to make our meetings more frequent, but she was insistent on keeping it at a specific time. Still, I spoiled her rotten. I always checked in, I bought flowers and drinks, I left little gifts on her desk, and did my best to make sure I earned her attention come our designated meeting time.

It more than paid off. We did everything that either of us had ever wanted. For me, it was mostly about blowjobs and fucking her amazing tits before shooting a load down her throat. For Amy, she seemed to love it all, but I never heard her scream louder than she did when we fucked doggy style.

This particular Friday, I was laying down on the lounger while Amy was riding the hell out of my cock. We were trying out reverse cowgirl with me staring at her beautifully plump ass rocking back and forth. It was her idea, as I was hesitant to not have her boobs in my face while she rode me, but she promised she’d make it worth my while, and I had to say, it felt amazing.

“Just like that, baby.” I coached her as I guided her hips. “Keep it going.”

“Mmmm.” She moaned. “I told you this would be fun.” Amy tried to look back at me over her shoulder. “Feels good right?”

“Feels great, baby” I rocked her faster. “Keep going.”

I was already close to cumming, but knew Amy loved feeling my cock inside her when it was about to explode. Even though she had already climaxed once, I wanted to get her there again while I finished.

I admired Amy’s body from the back. Everything was nice and tight except for the fun parts. I could see her big tits bouncing from the back as she rode me harder and harder. She had to bring her hands up just to hold them in place.

“Ohhhhhhhh yeah!” Her voice was getting higher, and her movements more deliberate. I could tell she was close. I focused on holding back, but the more I admired the busty beauty as she rode my cock, it became too much.

“Oh fuck!” I grunted. “Almost there!”

Amy started going faster and faster, yelping with every thrust. “Yeah! Yeah! Yeah! Yeah!”

In an instant, my cock began spasming deep inside her, filling her pussy with a fresh load.

The feeling brought Amy over the edge too, as she had yet another strong orgasm, grinding her cunt hard against me as she rode it out. The feeling of her pussy climaxing around my already cumming cock just made it feel even better. I practically screamed as I unloaded inside of her.

Amy grabbed onto my legs as she came, leaning forward and almost causing my cock to slide out of her before I was finished. With a minor adjustment, I was able to make sure I stayed inside, if only just for a moment longer before we came down from our highs and Amy slid forward to climb off me.

“I like reverse cowgirl.” A giant smile was glued to her face as she turned around and knelt beside me.

Much like every other time we fucked as soon as I was done cumming Amy climbed off me and immediately turned her attention to cleaning me with her mouth. Slurping and sucking like a hungry slut and checking to see if I might have one more for her.

After about five minutes of some of her best work, we had our answer, my cock was polished clean and raging hard. Amy got that knowing looking ankara eryaman escort in her eyes as she picked up her pace.

“Mmmmm! Mmmmm! Mmmmm!” She hummed along as she bobbed her head up and down my cock. “Come on, baby!” She encouraged me. “Give me a little more.”

Her mouth would only leave my cock long enough for her to get the words out. As soon as she said what she needed, her lips were quickly back around my cock, eager to earn another reward.

“Ohhh yeah, baby! I’m almost there.”

“Mmmmm! Mmmmm!” She hummed

“I want you to beg for it, baby.” I panted as she brought me closer. “Beg for my cum.”

“Please, baby!” Amy pouted between sucks, and never stopped jerking, her hand was flying up and down my slick cock. “Please cum for me.”

My hands tightly gripped the seat cushions, my body tensed up as I let out a powerful groan. “Agggggggggghhhhhhhhh!!!!!!!”

My hips lifted off the seat, Amy managed to get her other hand to massage my balls as they quickly began firing a second load directly into her mouth.

“Mmmmmm! Mmmmmm!”

Amy’s eyes sparkled as she drank it all down. It truly felt like there was nothing she loved more than making me lose control.

I was completely out of breath. I crashed back down into the chair and was dizzy. Amy dutifully cleaned me up with her mouth as every party of my body relaxed into the seat. I was in heaven but was still a little mad at myself for not paying enough attention to Amy’s boobs. I’d have to wait a whole week until I’d get the chance again, but already had some ideas on what I wanted to do with them.

“By the way.” Amy snapped me out of my trance. “I’m not going to be here next Thursday and Friday.” She stood herself up with a big stretch, sticking her massive chest out for me to admire before she got dressed.

Fuck! “Where are you headed?”

“Just a long weekend upstate.” My mind raced, this was just a matter of time, but I needed our weekly fuck sessions. “Don’t worry, I’m sure we can find another time slot.” She assured me with a kiss on the cheek. “I have to run now, but I’ll look at the calendar.” In a moment, she was gone, leaving me naked and alone in the wellness room.

Before the end of the day, I had a timing change request in my inbox. The good news was that it was for Monday morning. The bad was that it was only for 15 minutes.

Amy was already gone for the day when she sent it, but before I left, I saw she texted me. “Just a little tease before we figure out a new time :-)”

Well, that certainly excited me…


To call our Monday meeting a tease, didn’t do it justice.

Amy spent well over 15 minutes with her mouth practically glued to my cock. The only time she took a break was to put it perfectly between her boobs to give me the titfuck of a lifetime.

I purposely didn’t jerk off all weekend, so I gave her a huge load right between her breasts, which she then spent several minutes putting on a show for me by scooping it off her chest and eating it all up before continuing her tradition of putting me back in her mouth to suck me clean.

Without a weekend of jerking off, I was ready to go again, but Amy sadly tucked my still hard cock back into my pants before I had the chance.

“I know we didn’t settle on a new time, but we’ll find something.” Amy quickly wiped her chest clean and threw her shirt back on. “Sorry, I have to go.” She kissed me on the cheek before hustling out so she wouldn’t be late for her next meeting.

Though it was a little awkward trying to sneak out of the wellness room unnoticed on a Monday, I pulled it off, and with a clear head from my morning release, the rest of the morning was smooth.

At around 1 pm, when escort elvankent I was starting to think about heating my lunch, I got a message from Amy: “Lunch?”

There was no way I could say no to her, so we met at a pub nearby that was always empty. Had a couple of drinks, talked about life and the current state of the company (we were on the brink of finishing up our slow season, but things were fine no matter how many pennies the execs tried to pinch). Overall, we had a great time.

I insisted on paying the check, it was the least I could do, and Amy excused herself to the restroom while I settled.

She took her time, but I occupied myself replying to emails on my phone. Until I was interrupted by a text from her: ‘come to the back restrooms.’

This bar had 3 restrooms. All were in the back and all were private. There was one each for men and women, and then a ‘family’ one a little further back. Call me hopeful, but if this was what I was thinking, I assumed that’s where she’d be.

My penis immediately stirred at the idea. I had never had any sort of sexual encounter in a public place before, although, I guess work might qualify.

When I got to the door, it only took one light knock for Amy to crack the door open, confirm it was me, and pull me in quickly before slamming the door behind me. We were in.

“I thought this might be fun.” She smirked as she knelt and immediately started undoing my belt.

No surprise that I was already fully hard by the time she fished my cock out and immediately started sucking me. Not even taking the time to remove my pants.

My eyes rolled back as I enjoyed Amy’s heavenly mouth for the second time today. Amy spent the next five minutes bobbing her head up and down my shaft, getting me nice and wet with her spit, before releasing me with a pop.

“You’ve had your turn.” She told me. “Now it’s mine.”

Amy stood up and reached under her skirt and pulled down her thong while I took the opportunity to kick my pants down around my ankles. I folded up my shirt to make sure it didn’t get in the way and glanced over at Amy just in time to see her lifting her blouse to reveal a sexy, red lace bra. On sight, I pounced.

Grabbing her hips, I pushed her against the wall and gave her a passionate kiss. I hoisted her skirt up and grabbed a nice handful of her ass before working my way down her thigh to lift it and give myself access to her pussy.

“Fuck me.” She whispered.

Thanks to the sloppy blowjob, I slid right in, causing Amy to yelp out with my first thrust. There was plenty more where that came from.

With my right hand hoisting up her leg, my left hand came up to find her right breast. The size and softness would never not amaze me.

Going with the moment, I fucked Amy hard and with purpose, driving my cock deep up into her. I had to admit that the fucking in a public place made it even hotter, and I got the feeling that Amy agreed. Based on the sounds she was making; she was closer to cumming than usual after just a minute or so of fucking.

That only made me go harder, I wanted to make her scream, I wanted the whole pub to know, I wanted to get caught because I was the guy that gave the hottest girl in the joint an orgasm so powerful that she couldn’t help but tell them all.

Amy was starting to slide up the wall due to the upward angle I was fucking her in. After a few minutes, she lifted her right leg and wrapped it around me, now her weight was only being supported by me and the wall I was drilling her against.

The adjustment seemed to work for her, as Amy was still lost in pleasure, she now started to encourage me, which she usually did when she wanted us to cum together.

“Oh yeah! etimesgut escort bayan That’s good, baby! That’s so good! You’re the best, baby! You’re the best!” My pace quickened, I was on a mission to make her scream, I wanted to cum together and let it go deep inside of her, but Amy was too far ahead.

“Oh shit! Right there! Right there, baby! Don’t stop!!!” That was it, Amy wasn’t as loud as I hoped, she came hard, but it was almost a silent scream at the climax. She dug her nails hard into my back as I pulled her away from the wall and was now fully carrying her in the middle of the bathroom while she came, using my arms to continue to slam her down onto my cock and keep the pleasure shooting through her.

“Ohhhhhhhh! Aaaaaaaaahhhh! Ohhhhhhhhh!” Her eyes nearly rolled to the back of her head as she lost all control. Her face was flush while her mouth hung open and her face beamed with joy. I could tell she was in heaven.

I held her there for as long as I could, eventually, my grip slipped slightly and Amy knew she had to get down, lowering her leg to find the floor and unfortunately popping my dick out of her pussy before she knelt again.

“Phew!” Amy took a deep breath as she squatted down in front of me, coming face to face with my cock. “Good job, buddy.” She planted a little kiss right on the tip. “Sorry I didn’t make you cum yet, but I will.” She smiled up at me before shoving him back in her mouth.

Amy’s blowjob form went from zero to perfect in.2 seconds. She was squatting down with her knees out, slurping her juices off my cock while simultaneously jerking me off, using just the right amount of pressure.

Her eyes looked straight into mine the whole time, watching me as the intense pleasure shot straight from my cock throughout the rest of my body.

I had known that I was close, but Amy’s blowjob skills had me cumming even sooner than I expected.

“Tell me what you want, baby. Want to cum on my face?” Amy withdrew me for no more than a moment to ask before quickly diving back in for me.

“Oh yeah,” I grunted and nodded between heavy breaths. “It’s cumming now.”

Amy went a little bit faster before I started to cum. The first shot went into her mouth before she pulled me out and aimed me at her bright red lips.

“Mmmmmm!” She moaned as she jerked me onto her lips. “Goooooood boy!” She closed her eyes as strand after strand began covering her pretty face.

Despite my cumming during our early morning activities, this was still a big load. Between not cumming all weekend and how arousing it was to be fucking in the bathroom of our neighborhood bar, my balls had been quick to replenish.

“Mmmmmm!” Amy carefully opened her eyes as I finished up. “That was a big one.” She put my cock back in her mouth to suck out whatever was left before going to the sink to clean herself off. I just staggered there with my pants around my ankles, until I found a wall to lean against and catch my breath.

By the time Amy had cleaned my jizz off her face, I was ready to start straightening up.

“Hold on!” She stopped me as I went to bend down and pull my pants up.

Amy walked over and bent down to give me a few more sucks and drink up the last drop of cum that had snuck out after she got up.

She then pulled up my pants for me and tucked me back in before we shared another kiss.

I left first since Amy still needed to get dressed, the bartender gave me a knowing smile and silent applause while some men at the bar tipped their drinks my way. I brought my index finger up to my lips to make sure they stayed quiet and saved Amy the embarrassment.

When she came out, I saw some of them stare and smile, probably not realizing how attractive she is when we first went in. We thanked the bartender and headed out as soon as we were in the clear. I looked at Amy and she looked back at me.

“Yeah, they totally heard you.” I smiled.


I nodded, and we shared a laugh.

“Guess we can’t go back anymore.”

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