Well… Ch. 01

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Here we are then, sat in a posh hotel on a free weekend we have won and just letting ourselves relax after you finishing work and me driving down here.

The room itself is nice and big with a terrific ensuite, nice big shower stall, bath and toilet and the room itself looks out over the sea. The lights on the promenade stretch a mile either side and with the light they spread you can just see the waves lapping slowly onto the beach.

The restaurant had just opened so we decided to pop down and have something light for dinner and it went down very well as we reviewed the busy week you had had and tucked in to some very pleasant wine.

A good meal just has to be set off by a small walk especially on a beautiful evening like it was and we set off hand in hand [as always] to take the evening air. A few people were about and the usual ‘Good evenings’ were bandied around as we went along and both our eyes were taken by a particularly striking couple, about our age, who were also strolling in the opposite direction.

They were both quite tall, him about 6′ 2 and she about 5′ 6, dark and handsome and blonde and intriguing respectively.

You mused if they were staying at the same hotel as us and if we might see them again.

‘What makes you say that?’ I asked and you just replied ‘He looks rather interesting, as well as being good looking’.

I was rather taken aback at that, it not being your usual style to comment on men, but soon forgot it as we started to talk of other things.

It began to get a little chilly so it wasn’t long before we were retracing our steps back to the hotel and as we entered the front door we saw a sign to the Jacuzzi and decided it would be a fun idea to get our togs and have a dip before we went off to bed.

A quick trip to our room soon saw us kitted out with trunks and swimming suit and down in the pool area which was nice and quiet, tastefully lit, and wonderfully fitted out.

We put the provided towels on the edge of the pool and having changed hopped in and sat on the bench that ran around the edge of the spa. It was quite large, I suppose it could have held about ten people, but we had it to ourselves and that was OK by me.

I was a little miffed that with your height and the depth of the bench in the water I couldn’t quite see your beautiful chest as much as I would have liked but it was nice to sit and daydream in the water with my hand running up and down your smooth thighs.

As is always the case with us men it wasn’t long before my hand wandered higher and as I nudged the top of your thigh I asked about the man on the prom and what you found interesting about him.

‘He was just very good looking’ you said to which I replied ‘Do you think he is any good in bed?’

I was actually surprised by your reaction, instead of the usual wack around the head you said ‘I don’t know but it might be nice to find out’ and you physically relaxed a bit making more room for my hand between cimcif gaziantep escort your thighs!

I was astounded, but not wishing to loose any momentum whispered all sorts of things in your ear as I slowly but purposefully stroked you. It wasn’t long before you were squirming against my hand nicely and daringly I moved the material away from your crutch and started rubbing your clitoris while continuing to make suggestions in your ear.

I couldn’t believe this, my swimming trunks were fit to burst but I realized we had to get out of there before we both got too carried away. Regrettably it was at that time that you decided to grab hold of my cock and fortuitously it was at that time that the door to the pool opened and in walked, yes you’ve guessed it, the man from the prom!

We both just stared and he must have thought us a bit odd, but when he asked if it was OK if he joined us we both said yes.

You hadn’t taken your eyes off him since he entered the room and when he dropped his towel and got in the spa you were definitely breathing heavily, possibly since I was still playing with your clit, but more likely because you were impressed with his well muscled body and the size of the bulge in his trunks!

He sat opposite you and we all started to chat, the weather, the hotel and it wasn’t long before we were all sitting together, getting along like a house on fire.

Compliments are usually very well received by ladies, when they don’t come from their husbands, and when he remarked on your hair and your swim suit you were positively aglow, especially when I contacted another hand on your other thigh!!

I wasn’t sure what to do at this time but you seemed completely unfazed by this and so I continued to stroke your thigh while he obviously stroked the other.

You settled back further in to the water, reached out both hands and took my cock in one hand and his in the other. I nearly had a heart attack, but decided to go with the flow and see where things went.

Soon enough your swimsuit was down to your waist as the stranger and I took your tight pink nipples into our mouths as we continued to stroke your thighs and play with your clit and pussy lips.

You had taken both our cocks out of our trunks and were gliding your hands up and down slowly so that nothing happened too quickly when you suddenly looked straight at me with a pleading look in your eye, so I smiled and said, ‘Whatever makes you happy.’

The next moment you stood up, pulled him up and made him sit on the side of the pool.

You were not as surprised as I was about his size, as you had been stroking him anyway, but it really was a thing of wonder. Not all that much longer than me but thicker and with not a hair to be seen!

Your lips approached it with perhaps a little trepidation but then contact was made and you proceeded to lavish all your attention to it, long sweeping lashes cimcif gaziantep escort bayan of your tongue up and down the shaft and little sucks on the end every now and again.

What was a man supposed to do?, Here I was sitting in the water watching my lovely wife pay homage to this stranger while I looked on with my hand round my cock and an imagination running overtime! I moved behind you and as you were slightly bent over sucking his hard cock, it was oh so easy to slip mine between your thighs and into your pussy. You felt me and looked over your shoulder smiling and mouthed ‘Thank you’ as I started to move in and out of you as slowly as possible but as deeply as possible so it would last as long as possible. The way you starting moving back onto me told me you were really getting into the rhythm of things when he lifted your mouth from his cock and looked at me asking if we could swap ends.

No problem for me, or him apparently as he moved behind you and with one smooth thrust was in you to the hilt. That really did start you moving, with every thrust of his cock you took more of me into your warm mouth, further than you had ever taken me before and my God it was good.

But all good things must come to an end and laughter and other loud noises from outside told us all this excitement had to stop.

We disentangled ourselves and dressed grabbing our towels and scooting into the changing rooms to shower and put clothes on.

‘Would you both like to come back to my room so we can continue where we left off? He asked and without asking you I said ‘Yes, very much, but what about your wife?’ ‘That’s not my wife’ he said ‘it’s my secretary and she has the adjoining room so will not disturb us’.

I couldn’t believe it and when I checked with you when you exited the ladies you were all for the idea, putting my hand up your skirt to show me you hadn’t put your panties back on as you were hoping an invite might have been extended.

The ride in the lift was intense, you in the corner with me and him kissing and stroking you, with little quiet moans coming from your mouth and much straining of male underwear!!

His room was more of a suite really and as he passed a door he put his finger to his lips to signify quiet so I assumed that was where the secretary was.

His bedroom was huge and no time was wasted with preliminaries, you were soon on the bed with your skirt thrown up and him eating your pussy for all he was worth. You practically ripped your blouse off and then proceeded to do the same to his shirt and trousers while all the time I stood leaning on the doorframe watching in pure amazement at what my wife was up to, and loving every minute.

Your bra and skirt were not long in coming off and his pants disappeared as quickly leaving you both naked and him looking up and down your body with professional approval of the beauty before him.

‘Ohhhhh escort gaziantep cimcif yesss’ was the only thing you said as he fed his big cock into you and you fell into the same rhythm you had adopted in the spa.

That was too much then and I had to get rid of my clothes, so constricting were they beginning to be.

My second near heart attack of the night came when a voice whispered in my ear, ‘Please let me help you with that’ and a hand came around my chest to help with my shirt buttons.

OK so you are in front of me again, aren’t you!!

Yes, it was the secretary and when I turned around I found a vision of loveliness in front of me such as few men have the privilege of seeing.

She only wore a small thong and her breasts were high and proud on her chest, 36b perhaps, though I have never been an expert. Her nipples stood out like bullets and I can only assume she had been watching my wife and her boss for a while because when I reached down to caress her crutch she was as wet as could be.

My clothes came off very rapidly and she stood behind me and slightly to one side as we both watched the action on the bed. Her hand was moving slowly up and down my cock as we watched you turn over onto your hands and knees and him settle behind you ploughing back and forth with his big cock.

‘He’s very good’ said the girl ‘your wife will really enjoy him’

and when he’s finished so will I’.

I couldn’t stand it any more and ripped off the thong pushing her into a chair and spreading her thighs I began to lick her pussy and suck and nibble her clitoris for all I was worth. My cock was bigger I am sure than it had ever been and if she was used to his it needed to be bigger!

I should have had no worries as she squirmed against me and then pushed me away so she could get my cock in her mouth.

Heaven, the only way I can explain it as she took all of me in and deep throated me. I couldn’t last and well she knew it, ‘Do you want to come in my mouth?’ she asked looking up at me standing over her,

‘Dear God Yes ‘ I replied and as I came in what felt like pints, I heard you chanting ‘Oh yes,yes,yes make me cum, make me cum’ as he started to seemingly fill you up with his cum.

I felt drained and staggered to the bed throwing myself by your side, you looked at me, kissed me and thanked me asking ‘Was it good for you?’ ‘Do you need to ask?’ I replied.

I don’t know if I fell asleep at that stage or not but I awoke to hear you moaning quietly as the girl, settled between your thighs, cleaned up after the stranger who was knelt up behind her hammering his cock in and out of her pussy. Guess what stirred? I moved so you could suck me but this only lasted a few minutes as our male friend wanted to change places again, so I obliged and placed my cock where he had been.

The secretary adjusted to me quickly and her tonguing of you became more frantic as you reached a climax and released your juices all over her face. I couldn’t stop myself and blasted another load of cum into her sopping pussy just as he pulled out and threw his offering all over your tits.

What happened for the rest of the night,? Use your imagination and bare in mind not much sleep was had.

Where were we? and who were we with? Again use your imagination and fill in some names if you think it’s appropriate.

19th Sept 2002

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