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I’d just gotten off work and was about to be on my way home. That day was horrible. I didn’t make anything in tips. I went to walk out the door so I could head home and it was FREEZING outside. I hate the cold! So I ran to my car and hoped in out of the cold winter air. I hurried to crank it, praying the faster I crank the warmer it would magically be. *chh chhh chh chhh* Dam car wouldn’t start! What the hell!! Not again! I already know I’m too tired for this so I decided not to even try to see what was wrong. I called my boyfriend and asked him to come get me. He told me to try it again real quick and see if it worked…I did and it crunk up. *sigh* He said, “Good. Now hurry up and get home. I have a surprise for you that I’m sure you’re gonna love.” I could hear him smiling through the phone which made me smile. What is it, I wondered. I got excited so I rushed home as fast as I could. I pulled up to the house and hesitated to get out because of the cold…yet I was longing to know what it is this man of mine so had in store.

I jumped out of the car and ran for the door…trying my best to ignore the cold chills running down my neck and spine despite the million layers of clothes I had on. I fumbled for my key to the door when all of a sudden it opened. I stepped on inside slightly confused yet more glad than anything. All of a sudden I felt his soft yet masculan hands over my eyes. He told me to simply trust him and walk and not open my eyes. I did as I was yavuzeli escort told anxious beyond belief. He steered me to the side of the living room and told me to keep my eyes closed. He reached for a scarf and tied it over my eyes to make sure I didnt peek. Once he’d made sure I couldn’t see he took my jacket and purse and set them down. Then he sat me down on the couch and took off my shoes. I hadn’t realized until then that my toes were almost frozen. He slid my shoes and socks off my feet and I felt a sensation I hadn’t felt in a while…he began rubbing my feet. I lay my head back and let out a slight moan beneath the beautiful feeling of him massaging and warming my feet and calves. Once my feet were warmed up a bit, he pulled me up from the couch and kissed me. I asked if I could take the blind fold off yet but he said it wasn’t time just yet. He guided me to the back and slid me into the bathroom. I’d thought I’d smelled and aroma of relaxation while I was on the couch that I thought was simply my senses going haywire from this wonderful attention, but now I knew what it was. There were candles lit in the bathroom. I took a deep breath and felt myself relax just a bit more. He began to slowly take off the rest of my clothing starting with my shirt and pants then my bra and panties. I thought to myself for a second, why is he stripping me down in the bathroom but won’t let me take off my blindfold? He guided me closer to yavuzeli escort bayan the tub and lifted me and set me in the warm water. It felt like silk passing over my skin and then I realized there was something in the water with me. A bunch of somethings actually. They were small and floating and felt so good against my skin. I began to sink back into the water. My eyes rolling slightly from the beauty of it all then I heard him get in with me.

That giant tub had never looked more beautiful to me than it did that night even though I couldn’t see it. Just the sent of the candles and the silky smooth feeling and warmth of the water were so perfect I couldn’t think of anything better than this moment in my life. He sat me up and moved behind me whispering sweetly in my ear, “Do you like it?” I couldn’t even muster a word. His voice sounded so angelic at that moment my heart began to melt along with the rest of my body. He touched my shoulders and began massaging them with such care and gentleness…all I could do was shake my head to let him know I was blissfully happy and feel my eyes begin to roll back again as I let out another quite satisfied moan. I felt his member liven behind me and I knew he was getting almost as much pleasure out of all this as I was. Then he stood up and stepped out of the tub. I couldn’t move. My body was so relaxed at that moment it refused to listen to my brain. As I began to get back escort yavuzeli to the point of having at least some control of my body, he reached in and lifted me out of the tub. I was still blindfolded but I could tell he was smiling that sexy little grin of his in amusement at my inabilty to speak or move simply from his touch.

He dried me off some and leaned down into my ear again and said in that same sweet, deep, angelic voice, “I have another surprise for you.” I smiled and stood there so proud and relaxed. I didn’t think there could be anything else he could possibly so to make me happy but I was so wrong.

He guided me to the bedroom and sat me down in our big round ‘curl up’ chair. I was still naked and as far as I knew so was he. He moved behind me and reached for the scarf. As he untied it he told me to open my eyes. I did and the sight that I saw almost brought tears to my eyes. There were candles everywhere, flower pedals all over the floor, bed and pillows. I imediately knew what it had been I’d felt floating in the tub with us. I looked up at him and his beautifully crafted body. Muscles simply pouring from his body in every directions. I was suddenly more hot than I’d ever felt before. Chills flooded over my body again, only these weren’t cold chills. They were chills of desire. I pulled myself from the chair and into his arms. He’d done all this just for me. I felt so alive and revitalized and beautiful at that moment I wrapped my arms around that man like I’d never done any man before. I pulled him in close and kissed him with more passion than I’d ever felt before. He lifted me from the floor and wrapped my legs around his waist. I thought again about how beautiful he was to me and was wet and drippin in a split second.

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