What a Sunday Ch. 03

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Rachel opens her eyes to find a winding road stretched out between long rows of flanking trees. When had the city given way to their rural surroundings? This wasn’t the way home. A small voice inside her begins to protest but the friction on her slit overrides the worry. She is consumed with the wanton feeling of vulnerability and need. Sam’s touch is careful and testing. It conveys that he has no intention of hurting her.

One turn off the road and Rachel finds herself approaching a small house at the end of a long gravel drive. It is well kept; dark shutters frame the windows of the red brick exterior. A glass door covers the black front door. There is a woodpile neatly stacked next to the covered front porch. A garden hose is uncoiled and laying in the path near a newly formed plant bed. This façade speaks to a man who cares about his surroundings. It hints that he takes care of his home.

Sam parks the truck in the drive near the walkway leading up to the front door. Without looking at her he gets out of the cab in one brisk and efficient movement. A slam of the door and Rachel is alone, her legs still parted, her chest flushed as are her inner thighs except where her wetness is cooling the skin. It is a frozen set of moments, her breath shallow, her heart beating in her ears — the tick tick of the engine cooling – the sun coming warm in through the windshield – the trees dancing shadows over the lawn — leaves rustling silently. It slows time and for the second it takes to blink she believes that maybe it is all a sensual dream. Her palms flat against the bench seat smooth over its surface, grounding her here.

It is real. This is his truck, his home — that is her heartbeat, this is her breath. She shifts a little and feels the tension in her knees from keeping her legs spread in this posture. She takes a deep breath and smells him. Where is he? Where has he gone?

Sam opens the passenger door and extends his hand. “Come,” he offers softly. She lays her hand in his and he gently pulls her towards the door. Her feet find the ground but she is caught on the edge of the seat his body blocking her way. His thumb is softly caressing the back of her hand. She looks straight into his eyes, aware that her chest is heaving a little, that her dress is slightly askew, that he is looking at her.

“Sam,” Rachel starts but she’s interrupted by a slight movement of his head. His eyes feast on her and she holds in her next breath.

“You’re beautiful,” Sam says again, making her all at once shy. “I’ve never seen anything as beautiful as you are right here, right now.”

The words wash over her, a warmth spreading stealing her air. She lets him pull her to a standing position, the breeze rustling her skirt a little as she tests her legs to see if they will hold her. She is pressed against him now, so close that she can feel the warmth of his chest through her dress and the sharp hard edge of his belt buckle against her hip.

With a sweeping motion Sam reaches behind her and grasps her thighs, pulling her up and open, wrapping her legs around his torso. Rachel’s arms encircle his neck, steadying herself against him. A quick step and he moves so that her back is pressed against the side of the truck, his lips seeking hers as his hands knead the backs of her thighs and the round firm flesh of her buttocks. Her pussy is now open for him and as he pushes her back against the truck he can feel her heat through his jeans. She squirms against him; small movements that he knows are pleasuring her clit. He kisses her deep and she mews into his mouth – her body writhing in a vertical lap dance against his groin.

“Oh Sam,” Rachel gasps still kissing and moving, “I’m so hot. I can’t stand it. Take me, please take me.”

It would be so easy, Sam thinks, reaching with his fingertips for her wet black panties, yearning to yank them aside and violate her. His cock is pulsating once more heading back to full attention. He could fuck her here — brute force fucking wild and hard out here in the open. His carnal desire drives his hips so that they are dry humping, tongues searching, their bodies moving in rhythm.

“Want me to fuck you baby?” he asks, index finger sliding along the crease of her leg, dragging along the edge of her panties, dangerously close to her swollen lips. “Is that what you want? You need my cock, Rachel?” he teases, peeling aside her soaked little pussy covering — pulling at the sensitive flesh around her mound so that she feels her lips part and cunt split wide.

“Yessss, Oh god Yes!” Rachel moans kissing him like a woman gone wild.

“Not gaziantep escort here” Sam whispers stroking lightly on the outside of her lips. “I want you, all of you. I’m dying to taste your sweet little hot pussy.”

With that Rachel whimpers, bearing down on him hard tightening her legs around him and clenching her ass cheeks in an effort to drive his finger into her throbbing pink.

Sam retracts his hand from her crotch and reaches back untangling her legs from his waist, helping her regain her stance on the ground. Their greedy kisses continue as she steadies herself against him, his hands on her hips roaming over her ass.

“Let’s go,” he urges, taking her hand again leading her up the path to the house.

Sam leaves the front door open so that light pours in from the glass screen door. Rachel steps into his cozy front room. Hardwood floors echo as she walks into a small but neatly furnished living room featuring a soft brown leather couch, a plasma TV on the wall, and a large rich rug. On the coffee table are the remnants of this morning’s paper, a remote, and a portable phone. It is clean and sparse, a man’s room — functional. Opening off the living room is a hall leading to the back of the house, to the right is a small dining area and a door to the kitchen.

Rachel takes in her surroundings, noting the farm table and the smell of coffee and old wood. The calm of lazy light spilling in and the quiet of the house contrasts the high frequency buzz in her body — a tuning fork struck and vibrating at full intensity.

She watches as Sam crosses the room to deposit his keys on the coffee table. His jeans are open, his belt hangs casually, his t-shirt stops just above the line of his boxer briefs. He belongs on a billboard, she thinks – that body, that face, the ease of his movements, his cocky but respectful demeanor all working together to make it impossible to think of anything but sin.

She realizes that she’s left her purse in the truck. “My purse, I’ve left it . . .” she begins turning towards the door but Sam is behind her now, his body pressing into her back, his hands on her hips. “I’ll get it for you in a little while,” he soothes into the back of her hair.

Rachel acquiesces, closing her eyes. His hands slide up her body following the curve of her narrow waist, over her rib cage to the underside of her breasts. He follows the contour of her exploring the roundness of her womanly form, the heat of her flesh. He cups her breasts as she leans back against him, his hands full of her full tits holding them so that her nipples stand out proudly. He knows she is aching for him to touch those diamond hard tips but he denies her the pleasure. Her whimper excites him, and his breath becomes husky against the back of her neck as he continues kneading and fondling her through the fabric.

His hands move down, over her flat stomach spreading over her hips and down her thighs finding the hem of her slinky black dress. His touch is like a blind man mapping her terrain. Sam’s breath moves over her neck, his lips grazing her collar bone. Slowly his fingers begin to rise, gathering the fabric as they ride up grazing her skin. Rachel feels intensely sensual, and she tingles with arousal. Farther and farther up Sam travels, lifting her dress revealing her body while gently sucking her neck. Rounding her tits, he drags his fingers over her nipples as a bolt of lightning shoots down her spine. She gasps and arches, arcing herself towards his touch.

‘Ooooooo. You are so sexy,” Sam whispers, his tongue wet and warm on the sensitive skin beneath her ear.

Lifting her arms she allows him to lift her dress off, peeling it over her head and letting it drop to the floor. Now she stands in her ankle strap heels, her clinging black panties and sheer black bra. Her breasts round dangerously, hard beckoning nipples threatening to tear the fabric. His hands caress her arms working their way back down, featherlike touches which make Rachel shiver and her pink areolas pucker in anticipation.

He traces the straps of her bra, over her shoulders then down to the line of the cups into her cleavage. Chest heaving Rachel whimpers.

“I love your tits,” Sam breathes as his tongue sinks into her ear, fingertips exploring the curving slopes of her breasts, searching for her nipples. “Yeahhhhhh,” he breathes hotly squeezing the rosy tips of Rachel’s breasts. “So sexy, nipples so hard.”

He pulls her bra down under her mounds, baring her for his viewing pleasure. Her pert nipples and swollen full breasts delight him, so soft and feminine. Her shallow breathing and whimpering, the sight of her, the smell of her, her 1000 thread count skin all work to make his dick throb and he feels drunk from her. He’s kneading her naked breasts now, stroking her nipples- pinching them to hear her sharp intakes of breath. Her hips have begun to sway against his, grinding. Her arms are still raised, draped over his shoulders — she is defenseless and vulnerable to his touch. He savors the feeling, knowing that he has her, that she is willing and needful — her responses fueling his own desire.

Once again his hands begin to descend, down her belly its downy texture smooth. He grabs her hips and thrusts his pelvis into her mockingly pressing his erection hard into her ass. Her body a playground of firm silky curves — rounding like flesh pillows. Sam wants to grab and tear in desire. Instead he plays with the top of her panties, loving the way she squirms when his fingers touch the hollow spot near her hip bones.

“Hold still, baby, let me touch you,” Sam whispers softly onto her neck, his fingers slipping just below the elastic of Rachel’s black panties. Her muscles jump as he teases the line of her pelvis. “Let me explore your body, Rachel. It feels so soft, so nice.” Slow, so slowly, he begins to peel those panties down — teasingly pulling at them so that they slide over her hips. Sam brushes the top of her soft tangle of neatly trimmed pubic hair, stretching the fabric so that the elastic tugs at her skin. Her panties are now down to the top of her thighs, and she begins to pant and squirm under his touch.

“Spread your legs for me, Rachel. Open yourself so that I can touch you.” She widens her stance and slips down his torso a little, granting him better access to her sex.

“That’s a good girl,” he moans as his finger slides tantalizingly over her shaven slit. “Sooo wet, Rachel, your pussy is so wet and hot. It smells so good”

“Sam!” she whimpers, trying to be still.

“Tell me what you want, baby” he teases, his fingers dancing over her lips inside her partially removed panties.

“Touch me!” she moans pleadingly.

“I am touching you,” he taunts, sliding his middle finger down but not through her lips.

“Sink your fingers into me, Sam” Rachel commands urgently “Touch my clit, finger me.”

Sam’s finger slices into her soaking cunt, he traces up and around her clit, avoiding direct contact, slipping down to the rim of her tight little opening.

“Mmmmm. That’s goood. I want to hear you tell me Rachel. I want to hear all of those naughty words from your beautiful mouth.”

“Do it! Please!” She moans, her legs shaking with tension — her body on the brink of losing control. Sam smiles into the nape of her neck as his middle finger slides into her tight hot hole. She gasps as her pussy walls grab his finger and she writhes against his hand. “Oh yesssss!” she hisses “Just like that, stroke my pussy just like that!”

The word pussy coming from her electrifies him. Sam’s cock throbs, precum oozing. “Feel good, baby?” he taunts as his finger continues its slow exploration — wiggling deep within her dripping hole, sliding out to dance lightly on her folds, drawing up close to her hard little clit. Her lips, hot and full, are swollen and barely parted – honey juices flowing warm and slick all over her.

His free hand continues to play with her panties, pulling at the side, sliding back over the fullness of her hip to round the warm flesh of her ass. Held like this, hands massaging both front and back, Rachel is lost in pleasure. She is dressed, but exposed — her tits on display, her bra pulled down digging into her. Her panties no longer cover her; they are pulled down to the tops of her legs, the crotch just below her slightly open pussy. She is bared and covered at the same time. The fabric of her lingerie restraining her full nakedness is so wicked. He is playing her just right, just the way she wants it.

The hand buried in her sex moves up her bare lips, entangling themselves in the wet little triangular patch of hair at the top of her otherwise hairless pussy. Rachel cries out when he pulls her hair, pulling her lips up and drawing back the hood over her clit. It is exquisite, almost painful — her pulsing clit now naked to the cool air. With a touch barely more than a whisper Sam’s index finger glides over her raw aching button. Her legs shake from the pleasure.

The hand on her ass slides around and down reaching between her cheeks, searching for her pussy. Pressure against her anus causes Rachel to buck as Sam’s fingers slowly continue to their quest for her hot aching hole. He circles her clit with slippery tight circles, and eases his finger into her again.

“Oh fuck Sam, Yes! Touch my clit! I’m soo close, please don’t stop. I’ll do whatever you want please don’t stop!” she screams, her body jerking.

“Whatever I want, Rachel?” Sam whispers as he plunges 2 fingers in deep and drags the tip of his finger across her humming clit.

“Yes Yessss!” she says breathless, rocking her hips, fucking his hands.

“I want to watch you dance for me,” he says, releasing her and taking a step back breaking their connection.

“Uhhhh!” she cries in protest, straightening to round on him, her eyes wild.

“Dance for me,” he smiles. “I’m going to watch your body move.”

Sam’s hand, wet from her, moves to his cock. He reaches up and inside his boxers, reaching his hand down to grab his erection, holding it in anticipation. His other hand rests on his chest, underneath his shirt. He holds the pose, waiting for the show.

“Damnit!” Rachel yells out, her hands threading through her tousled hair. Her eyes fly up to the ceiling, trying to catch her breath. She is acutely aware of her body, her pussy throbbing, her breasts aching and taught. The insides of her thighs are quivering, her panties down, her tits held suspended by the under wire of her bra. ‘So this is how it’s going to be then,’ she thinks. ‘You think you’ve won, don’t you? Oh you’re in for it now mister.’

“Don’t you want me?,” she coos, her gaze returning to him. She runs her fingers through her hair. “I’m aching for you, Sam.” Her hips moving now, slow writhing as if to a sexy blues song. Her eyes lock into him as she cups her tits, reaching for her pouty pink nipples. She licks her lips and continues to sway, her torso rolling from side to side as she pinches her tips, eyes opening wider at the sensation. She covers her breasts, hiding them from his view, pushing them together so that the sight of her cleavage punishes his cock.

“Ohhh yes, I want you,” Sam moans, slow stroking his dick.

A deviant grin plays on her lips. She turns her body; her panties ½ down her full round ass. Her long legs spread apart, the muscles of her thighs and calves accentuated by the fact that she’s standing in heels. Her hips moving like a seductress, she bends forward — away from him. Her narrow waist makes her curvy bottom look so ripe as she moves that ass. Her hands, still holding her breasts, release the clasp of her bra and she rises slowly. Rachel’s long hair cascades down her back, and he watches unable to breathe as the straps of her bra slip down over her bare shoulders.

Rachel turns her head to look at him over her shoulder. Her hands move down to play with the sides of her panties, as she slowly shakes her bottom for his viewing pleasure. “Like what you see?” she taunts, easing the black fabric down a little more, dipping her hips and slowly moving her thighs. “You gonna fuck me, Sam? Or are you afraid you can’t handle me?” she mocks flirtatiously, her panties sliding down her thighs. “Oooohhhhhhhh,” she moans leaning forward as she slides one hand over her ass and down in between her legs. Her fingers snake up and spread her lips — giving him a good long look at her hot pink cunt coated in juice. “Think you can take it? Wanna take it?” she taunts, stroking her lips.

Sam cannot move his hand for fear of erupting again. Rachel moves like a goddess. Her feminine curves, the cashmere quality of her skin, her long wavy hair, her lean muscles shivering make his cock drool in anticipation. Her hot pink sodden cunt and her taunting are like jet fuel for his mind. He holds tight at the base, cutting off the surge, his face tight with the effort of controlling himself. “Ohh yeah, I’m gonna take that pussy,” he grunts.

A toying smile plays on Rachel’s lips. “Know what I want, Sam?” she whispers, shimmying the black panties to the floor.

“What baby?” he moans, on the verge of shooting off into his pants.

“A drink,” she muses, standing and letting her bra fall off her arms. She is naked now, except for her jewelry and her heels.

“A wha?” he swallows.

“A beverage? I’m thirsty,” she says turning back to him with a naughty grin, letting him take in her body.

“Got anything to drink around here?” she purrs taking a step forward, stopping just inches from him.

“I’ll make you a deal, baby,” she offers sexily. “You get me something to quench my thirst, and I’ll think about letting you fuck me.” Rachel bats her eyes as her hand wanders to his cock.

“Do we have a deal, Sam?” she toys, her soft full mouth brushing his, her tongue playing upon his lips.

. . . To Be Continued . . .

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