What a Way to Go

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Mercy Hospital is a small rural medical center but well equipped and staffed in the northern California wine country. It was the only choice near home for my knee surgery last year. The staff was wonderfully patient to explain everything to prepare me for the event. When I woke up in the middle of the operation for a few seconds the doctors and attendants said: “Hello Mr. Anderson, now go back to sleep.”

I’d had an epidural so there was no pain whatsoever. I became fully conscious in the recovery area with angels giving me yogurt and coffee. Not having anything to eat since dinner the night before it was simple but wonderful. Eventually, I was wheeled into a regular room with only one bed. The room was taken up with doctors and nurses attaching monitors to me and attending my every need. My leg was wrapped up from crotch to ankle so I could only barely move and someone was taking my blood pressure and pulse about every 15 minutes.

Having a painkiller, morphine perhaps, on a constant drip I felt no pain or discomfort with the exception of the pabulum that they served for dinner. I swore that I would have to crawl out the door to get a hamburger if this went on much longer. As night fell and the attendants departed I was able to sleep peacefully.

The next morning I called for breakfast which was slightly better than dinner. The eggs and bacon were overcooked but edible. The coffee could rightfully be called a cup of mud requiring 2 sugars and 3 creams to be non-toxic.

A floor nurse came into my room to take blood samples and check my vital signs. She then said it was time to take the catheter out. I didn’t know there was one in They must have inserted it while I was sedated. It was a very weird feeling having the tube pulled out of my dick. No wonder I hadn’t had to pee since before surgery, not that I’d given it any thought. The nurse gave me a plastic bottle to use. I was still not being able to stand up but it worked okay.

Later that morning things started to look up. The cutest young nurse’s aide came in and said she was here to get me cleaned up. Her name tag read Victoria Nursing Asst. My mind went rampant thinking about her giving me a bath. That fantasy was short lived as she opened the packets of chemical wash pads. Those pads smell bad and are cold as ice water. She took off my gown and laid a clean folded one on the table beside the bed.

Meanwhile, I’m lying naked in front of this gorgeous young girl who couldn’t be much over 18 years old. Oddly enough my mind was the only thing that got excited. I look down to see my tiny little penis completely flaccid leaving me to wonder why the fuck it wasn’t jumping. She opened the wash packets and handed me one. Thankfully it was warm and I wiped my arms face and chest while she did my legs and made a pass over my privates. My dick remained flaccid. She had me roll over so she could wash my back. I turned onto my stomach and she wiped me down completely even lifting my good leg and cleaning my butt. She remarked that I had a rash between my butt cheeks; she pulled out some ointment from somewhere and smeared it on the rash.

I hadn’t shaved for two days per the preoperative instructions. I asked her for a mirror so I could shave.

“Sorry,” she said, “I don’t have a mirror but I can shave you.”

She went into the bathroom to get a towel, wash cloth and a little basin of warm water. She pulled the sheet up to my waist to cover my still limp dick and spread a towel over my chest. The shave itself was uneventful until she rubbed some lotion over my face and neck then kissed me for a lingering few seconds lightly running her tongue over the surface of my lips. “I hope you didn’t mind that” she cooed.

“Of course not,” I stammered.

Then the big surprise hit me like a ton of bricks, she asked me if I would like her to shave your pubes. Normally this would make my cock break the sound barrier coming up but nothing happened and I felt worried. She said that she noticed I was shaved down there and knew when she hadn’t shaved hers for a few days it was uncomfortable.

“Please do dear lady,” I said no longer stammering as my confidence improved. “Are you old enough to be doing that?”

She giggled and said that she would be 22 in a couple of weeks. Good genes I suppose, as the sheet was pulled down my little softie just laid there.

Victoria had a puzzled look on her face. “This would be easier to do if you could get at least a partial erection. Do you suffer from erectile dysfunction?”

“I have no idea why nothing’s happening down there.”

She chimes in, “Perhaps it’s the drugs that are dulling your sensitivity to pain.”

OK, that made sense but how are we going to get me hard. She had a plan and started fondling my cock and balls which felt fantastic but I was still limp as a wet noodle.

“This will require more severe treatment,” she said with a smile on her face. She took the bottle of lube from my shave kit and put a liberal amount in her palms and started gaziantep escort working her fingers up and along the shaft with one hand and teasing the head with the other. This got some of the desired reaction but not much. It was no longer tiny but only slightly firm.

“Well”, she said “this will take even more extreme treatment” and wiped the lube off of one hand and put a rubber glove on it. Then she put lube on the gloved hand and smeared it all over my nut sack and between my ass cheeks. She began to stroke my perineum. Then she pumped my dick with the ungloved hand and over the head while sliding her gloved finger up my ass. This was the most wonderful feeling of being masturbated that I’d ever had but still my stubborn dick wouldn’t get hard; even though I was near the edge of having an orgasm.

“I guess we’ll have to go to drastic measures”, she said with a twinkle in her eye and quickly wiped the lube off of my dick, took it into her mouth; she started sucking like an industrial grade Hover. It took all of my willpower to not cum in her mouth, that would not have been polite. Finally, this did the trick and off came the glove, which I missed having her pressing against my prostate.She shaved me, better than I’ve ever been able to do for myself. She wiped me off with the warm washcloth and to my surprise, I stayed pretty hard and she put some lotion on everything down there and fondled me some more.

“It seems unfair to leave you unsatisfied.” She said with a smirk.

“I agree but only if I can reciprocate. Why don’t you pull off your panties and sit on my face so we can both be happy?”

“I already took them off in the bathroom they were soaked.”

She jumped up to straddle my face. The smell of her pussy juice as it ran down my chin was wonderful; she took me deep down her throat played with my balls and fingered my ass. Her soft little ass felt so good and smelled like baby powder; never having done it before the opportunity to kiss her puckered rosebud was presented. When I put the tip of my tongue into her ass, she bucked and I knew she was getting off on it.

I lapped her clit while poking my thumb into her vagina and finger in her little rosebud ass. True to her word she was freshly shaven which looked and felt wonderful. Her tight little soft ass rubbed my face while I put my all into giving her the best oral she’d ever had. The taste of her juice was a liquor of love and we both came about the same time. I was afraid that the noise we were making would send security to see what was going on.

As we recovered I asked her if she would come back that night. She said it’s not possible with having to drive to Berkeley tonight for a two-day class but would her panties hold me over. Better than nothing and they smelled fantastic after she used them to wipe her juice off of my face and crotch. I felt myself getting hard again. She said she’d like to have my perfect penis inside her but other patients’ need her at the moment but that having my limp cock in her mouth had been a wonderful feeling as it got hard. She cleaned me off again with warm water and got the new gown on me just before the floor nurse came in to find out what was taking so long. All I could do was smile.

The next day started out pretty good, the floor nurses brought me a cup of coffee from their break room which was a lot better than the cafeteria’s offering. I pleaded for someone to bring me a McDonald’s meal on their way to work but all I got was “Maybe, we’ll see”. They did take off some of the bandages and I could hobble to the bathroom to pee and shave but that wasn’t nearly as enjoyable as having a cute young nurse doing it for me. The physical therapist came around to get me started on exercise which wasn’t too bad and I know it was needed.

After a lousy hospital lunch, a youngish floor nurse named Becky came in, took my pulse and blood pressure and asked how I was doing since the catheter had been removed.

“Have you had any irritation or burning when urinating? She asked

“No,” I replied.

“How about when you have an orgasm?” she said with a smirk.

“Uh, why did you think I had one?” I questioned.

She pointed, “Those panties by your pillow look like Vicky’s.”

Ok, she had me nailed and while I didn’t want to admit anything, there was no use in denying it. I’d had them tucked under my pillow. The night before I smelled their wonderful fragrance as I tried to get an erection but wound up having an orgasm without being hard. This was a throwback to my pre-teen years, except for ejaculating.

“Well, I haven’t experienced anything unusual,” I said almost feeling a bit embarrassed.

Becky moved closer, ‘”that’s good but we’d better take a look for any sign of problems.”

With that, she pulled down the sheet and flipped my gown up above my waist and proceeded to lift my penis and stroke around my balls. As with Vicky the day before, if felt exciting but no visible reaction happened.

As she was stroking my balls she said; “I need to examine inside your urethra and it would be easier if you could get an erection.”

I figured this was bull shit and she just wanted to play doctor which was fine with me but my limp dick wasn’t into it; just then a young female voice from the other side of the privacy curtain.

“Can I come in?”

“Sure, Patty”, said Becky, “We’re just doing a post catheter exam.”

“Oh is this Vicky’s perfect penis?” she giggled.

“So she claimed but Luke here is having a drug reaction and it’s not responding to normal stimulation.”

“Maybe if we both worked together it would help.”

At this moment I thought I’d died and gone to heaven. Becky was young, early 20’s, beautifully thin with large breasts and small waist. They started fondled and played with me and got a little size to it.

“I guess we’ll just have to apply suction,” Becky said with a giggle.

Patty took my little worm in her mouth and let her tongue do the fondling as Becky sucked my nuts. This did pretty well and I got an almost regular hard on.

“Well”, said Becky, “we may have to concur with Vicky’s estimation. It has a nice shape, not too big and not too small and nicely shaped balls. We can only hope that he knows how to use it.”

“Who wants to be the first tester?” I laughed.

They both laughed and said that the exam would have to be delayed until they were off the clock. They departed leaving me with an excited libido and partial erection.

The afternoon passed with TV and crossword puzzles while begging for someone to bring me a double cheeseburger for dinner only to get “We’ll see” in response.

To my great surprise and delight about six o’clock, a floor nurse handed me a bag containing a burger and fries, she also had handed me a milkshake. She said a friend dropped it off for me. It was the most wonderful thing, other than the sex of course, which I’d had since being there. As night descended with no sign of the sexual examiners I gave up hope of being fondled by them and picked up my ‘get to sleep’ book and around 10:00 was becoming drowsy when I heard the door being closed and the curtain being pulled to further add privacy. There stood Patty in her scrubs and smile on her face.

“I thought you might need something to help you get some sleep.”

“Indeed I do miss, what do you have to offer?” I asked.

She dimmed the light and kissed me like I was a long-lost lover. Her soft lips parted mine and her tongue twisted around mine with her large firm breasts felt wonderful pressed against my chest. I could feel myself getting an erection. She pulled the sheet down to the bottom of the bed, untied my gown and got it off of me. Her scrubs came off quickly followed by her shoes, bra, and panties. She just stood there; both of us completely naked. We took in the sight of each other’s bodies for a few unhurried seconds. Her warm soft hands caressed my face and chest and ever so lightly my partially erect penis and scrotum. I cupped her face in my hands and pulled her to my lips as she climbed the bed and onto me, we kissed with dancing tongues while enjoying the feeling of our bodies pressed tightly to the other.

There was no mistaking the reaction of my cock having become fully erect and pressed against her pubic mound. She raised up to stroke my cock as I massaged her tits feeling her nipples become hard and our passion continued to spiral upward as I pulled her chest to my face. Her hard nipples felt wonderful as I sucked them, pulling on her breasts. I wanted to give her an oral orgasm and told her so. She just smiled and said she was doing just fine as she reached down to guide my very hard dick to rub her labia and clitoris. As she became more aroused she moved her ass down to my ankles and took my cock into her mouth and then sucked my balls.

I thought I was going to cum on her face and told her that I was close. I thought she’d get off the bed but instead, she took me deep into her mouth and squeezed my scrotum. I felt my semen shoot into her mouth and she kept going which extended my orgasm for what seemed like minutes. As my convulsions subsided my dick was still fairly hard and she scooted up; guiding me to the entrance of her pussy and I slipped into her slippery channel. We just laid there for a few minutes as she contracted and relaxed her vaginal walls, this was a new experience for me and my cock got very hard. She slowly moved up and down and I could feel another orgasm building. I moved to help her as much as possible which had the desired effect and she shuddered with an orgasm as I held myself off until she’d had a couple more orgasms then unloaded a huge load into her honey pot.

We laid there for a long time entwined in each other’s arms. I dozed off and didn’t wake until the next morning. At first, I was shocked that she wasn’t there and surprised that she’d managed to get a gown on me without waking me, and more surprised that our sexual secretions were cleaned off. She left her panties under my pillow, they smelled wonderful. I kept them under my pillow with Vicky’s; my collection had doubled.

On the fourth day after a nurse checked my vital signs she asked me if I felt well enough to be discharged Well”, I thought, “I’d rather not until after I had sex with Becky”, but didn’t think that would go over very well. Instead, I said, “I felt pretty good but some home health care would be appreciated.”

She said, “We’ll see what we can do.” Where had I heard that before? Mid-morning Becky came in and asked if I lived alone, which I do.

“How would you feel about coming to stay a few days with us?”

“Us?” I asked.

“Perhaps if I explained, Vicky, Patty and I live together in a 4 bedroom house. Vicky’s my sister, she and Patty are partners. We’re all bisexual and have outside affairs when the opportunity and mood strike us. My parents lived on a hippie commune and we don’t really know who our father is nor care.”

She continued: “I did homeschooling and got a GED diploma. My SAT scores were high and I was accepted into nursing school at 18. My grandparents paid for all of it and I took care of them as their health deteriorated. The house we live in was theirs; they left it to me when they died. If you accept the offer you’d have the best care and we can adjust our work schedules to have 24/7 coverage for you. Your insurance would pay us for 2 weeks as visiting nurses which would cover the extra groceries.”

This sounded good to me so far. “Would you mind if my 2 cats stayed with us as well, and how do Vicki and Patty feel about this arrangement?”

“Your cats are welcome” she explained, “we have some barn cats that live outside and it would be nice to have some lap kitties. I’ve talked to the girls and they’re looking forward to it. By the way, do you have a girlfriend?”

“No women in my life at the moment. My parents are dead and the last girlfriend wanted kids and I didn’t so we split. On that thought what are you ladies doing about birth control?”

I’m sterile by choice and the girls are on the pill. Mom got Vicky on as soon as she got her first period, not wanting for her to be limited to what her body and life has to offer.

Late that afternoon she loaded me into her car and we went to my apartment to pick up some clothes and the pussy cats. I left $50 on the table for my buddy who had been tending the cats and a note explaining where I was going. What she’d described as a house that she lived in was an understatement; it was a two-story granite mansion on the lake with a dock and boat house on a 3-acre lot with a 4 car garage.

She put my things in a guest suite that was nearly the size of my apartment and a lot better furnished. There was a queen size bed with a small couch, easy chair, TV, and a desk.

My room is on the other side of the kitchen. The girl’s rooms are upstairs and what goes on up there stays up there unless they want to share which happens from time to time. We all have a private bathroom and the spa in the back is kept hot to soothe aching muscles. The pool is partially heated with solar collectors and quite comfortable as well.

“There are enough leftovers for us to have dinner or I can call a pizza to be delivered, your choice.” She said with a smile.

“Let’s have a go with the leftovers, anything at all would be better than the hospital food I’ve been having.”

She put a pan of lasagna in the microwave and some garlic bread in the broiler to toast. A wonderful green salad with fresh tomatoes cucumbers paired with a light red wine made a fantastic meal, of course, I complimented her on it. She said, “Patty made this before going to work this morning, she’s a better cook then Vicky or me.”

After doing the dishes she said she wanted to get in the spa but told me I couldn’t until the surgery wound healed completely. She explained that I was restricted to sponge baths for the time being but that she and the girls would help me do that so I was looking forward to it.

We went out to the spa next to a cabana room with a massage table and a day bed that was obviously for sex. She stripped off everything and told me to relax for a few while she soaked. I got naked and draped a towel around my waist and played with myself when she turned on the bubbles. I watched her boobs float in the foam which got me very hard.

She got out of the water after a few minutes and said “How about I give you a massage big boy” I moved to the massage table, the towel tented. I took the towel off spreading it out on the table. I laid face down not wanting to rush into anything. She dried off and lightly stroked the entire back of my body; then warmed some oil by rubbing it in her palms and massaged me. First my back and neck then my legs, butt and feet for a while which relaxed me but aroused me at the same time. When she said to turn over my dick was at full attention. She took it in oily hands and stroked it for a few seconds then moved on to the rest of me until she’d massaged my face and head. I wanted her to touch my pole so badly that it was flexing on its own.

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