What Friends Are For

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In her whole life, Melanie had never lived with a roommate. So when her friend Peter needed a change of scenery and moved into her guest room she knew things in her life would have to change — no more walking around the house naked at 3AM, no more porn on the living room television, and no more loud masturbatory sessions. Not that she minded all that much. The idea of having a man around the house was kind of nice…especially where her honey do list was concerned.

On the first night of his arrival, they sat down and discussed the rules of the house — nothing major, just common courtesy issues mainly. And for the first few weeks, everything ran smoothly. Peter didn’t bring his one-night stands home and Melanie learned to keep her bedroom door closed when he was there. All things considered, it wasn’t nearly as difficult as she had anticipated.

One night, after an evening out with her girlfriends, and a pitcher of whiskey sours, Melanie came home and immediately made her way to bed. It had been a long night and as was always the case, the alcohol consumed had made her more than a little anxious to get her clothes off and take advantage of herself. Peter’s car hadn’t been there when she got home, and seeing the time on her bedroom clock, it would most certainly be one of his all nighters. Not that she minded, that meant she could leave her bedroom door open, allowing the air conditioning to cool her all night instead of relying on the ceiling fan to recirculate the warm air already in there.

Unable to sleep, Melanie fished through her movies and found a porno that she hadn’t yet watched. It was one of the few that Peter had brought with him when he moved in. He had told her that she should watch it, that it was right up her alley, but there hadn’t really been a night since he moved in that she had felt like it…until now. Considering all the alcohol and its affect on her, porno was just what she needed.

Lying in bed, watching the movie, Melanie began to feel her skin getting warm. She kicked off the heavy blanket that was covering her and allowed the cool air that was circulating through the room to wash over her naked flesh, causing the skin around her nipples to tighten and pull. Running her fingertips from her neck and down to her nipple, she felt a surge throughout her body. She lightly traced the outline of each nipple with her fingernail, making them hard enough to cut glass.

A few more scenes into the movie, Melanie allowed her fingers to roam a little more. Her skin was warm and soft to the touch and the cool air gliding over it made her tingle. As she ran her hand down poker oyna her stomach, she spread her legs slightly, allowing a rush of cool air to float over her wet pussy lips. Her hand quickly found its place between her legs and began lightly skimming the wet skin, sending chills of pleasure throughout her body.

Under normal circumstances, she would have at least teased herself for a little while before getting serious about an orgasm. But she had been so turned on all night that after combining alcohol with porn, all she could think about was cumming…over and over again.

Sliding her middle finger between her wet lips, she found her clit and began to rub it rapidly. There was no time for play. Melanie thought that if she didn’t cum within the next sixty seconds, she just might implode. While still rubbing her clit with one hand, she pulled her lips far apart with the other, allowing the cold air to rush over the skin. After a few seconds, the desire to be fucked became too great and she was forced to slide three fingers, knuckle deep, into her aching pussy.

Melanie let out a loud moan, followed by several quieter ones as she vigorously fucked her pussy with her hand. It felt so good to have her pussy so full. She wanted more. She tried to squeeze a fourth finger inside herself, but she just couldn’t make it work from that angle. In order to make her pussy a little more accessible, she rolled over onto her stomach and then pushed herself up onto her knees. While propping up on one elbow, Melanie slid her hand back between her thighs and started working four fingers into her pussy.

It was a tight fit, but she got at least the tips of all of them inside. She began to move her fingers in and out, causing moisture to collect and run down the inside of her thighs. As she tightened her muscles around her fingers, she could feel the first wave of her orgasm starting to rush over her. Unable to maintain the current rhythm of finger fucking, she reluctantly pulled her fingers out of her pussy and concentrated solely on her engorged clit.

Just about the time the second and most powerful wave of her orgasm began, she felt something hard push into her throbbing pussy. Startled, she turned to find Peter standing at the side of the bed, his cock pushing against his boxer shorts, sliding his big fingers in and out of her pussy. Feeling too good to want it to stop, Melanie spread her legs wider and turned herself on the bed so that her pussy was more easily accessible for him.

Seeing that she welcomed his attention, Peter began to fuck her harder and faster with his thick fingers. canlı poker oyna It felt so good to Melanie that she started grinding her hips and meeting each one of his deep thrusts with her own. She writhed beneath him, her juices dripping from his hand. Melanie was sure that no woman in the history of the universe had ever cum harder than she was at that moment.

When the final wave of her orgasm took over, Melanie couldn’t stand the idea of this attention ending. She had no idea her quiet friend was so sexually adept. She reached behind her and grabbed hold of his cock through his boxers. He let out a loud moan as she touched him. He wanted her. She had never been surer of anything.

Her pussy was so hot and wet. The thought of having his hard cock buried deep inside her was the only thing on her mind at that moment. She let out a loud cry and ordered him to fuck her. She braced herself and waited to feel his cock enter her tight pussy. But after a few seconds, it still hadn’t happened. Unable to wait any longer, she pulled his fingers from her pussy and sucked them into her mouth until they were clean.

Giving him one final chance, she said breathlessly, “Peter, I’m only going to say this one more time. I want you to fuck me.”

That was all the reassurance he needed. Peter pushed down his boxer shorts and pulled her hips to the edge of the bed. Finding her wet hole with the head of his cock, he sank into her with one hard motion as she let out a scream that ran through him like an electrical surge, all the way to his toes leaving him physically stunned for several seconds.

By the time he realized he was motionless, Melanie was already becoming a bit irritated. She was pushing back on his cock, grinding herself into it as she reached around with one hand and grabbed his ass, trying to pull him deeper into her. Feeling the frustration of his friend mounting, Peter snapped out of it and pulled out completely. He rolled her over onto her back, pushed her legs up, allowing them to press against his broad shoulders, and made quick work of sliding his throbbing cock back into her tight pussy.

His movements became quicker but far more deliberate with each thrust. From that angle, each time he pushed into her, his thick head rubbed against her g-spot. Melanie was completely under his control and with his apparent skill, she could think of no place she would rather be at that moment.

As his thick cock plunged in and out of her, her pussy stretched out around him, each motion more labored than the last as she began to clench around his massive cock. Maybe it was internet casino the excitement of fucking her friend, maybe it was the fact that it had been so long since she had fucked anyone, or maybe his cock really was as big as it felt right then. Whatever the answer, it was completely inconsequential. Because at that moment, his cock felt better than any she had ever had.

Lowering his mouth onto her breast, Peter sucked her nipple into his mouth, swirling the tip of his tongue around it as her moans grew deeper and his thrusts became more powerful. Melanie wrapped her arms around him and dug her nails into his back. He only winced slightly, but made no effort to remove her hands from his skin. Judging by the reaction he was getting from her, Peter knew it was time for him to stop teasing her (and himself). It had been a long time since any woman had felt this good to him either. And he wanted to prove it to her.

Letting the weight of his body fall on her, pressing her knees against her body, Peter firmly planted his feet on the ground and quickly began slamming his rock hard cock into Melanie. With each thrust he sunk deeper and deeper into the warmth of her hungry pussy. The thrusts became more rapid, leaving her little time to recover between them. And with one extremely hard push, Melanie felt her entire body erupt in the most all consuming orgasm she had ever experienced in her life. There was not a cell in her body that wasn’t aching for Peter’s cock. He owned every part of her in that moment. And he knew it.

Following her cue, knowing that she was more than satisfied with his performance, Peter pulled out of her and rolled her back onto her stomach, exposing her now wet ass as he slid back into her pussy. Inside, Melanie was still experiencing wave after wave of spine tingling bliss, causing Peter to become overwhelmed by all the sensation. With only a few solid thrusts, he could feel his balls tighten and knew he couldn’t hold out any longer. Pulling his cock from the warmth of her pussy, he immediately gripped it with one hand giving it one squeeze as he shot what seemed like buckets of cum all over Melanie’s beautiful ass.

Collapsing on the bed beside her, his body still experiencing tiny twinges of pleasure with just the cool air moving over his hot skin, Peter hesitated to look at her. He wasn’t sure that she would want to talk about or even think about what had just happened. As wonderful as it was, they both had to realize it would forever change their friendship.

After several silent moments, Melanie, still covered in Peter’s warm sticky cum, propped up on her elbow, reached over and laid her other hand on his chest, twirling his hair with her finger. Looking deeply into his eyes and with a sweet smile of absolute happiness, Melanie said the three words men fear most after sex…

“Clean it up.”

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