What Happens in San Diego…

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My wife and I used to live in San Diego, but moved inland for economic reasons after our kid was born; I still call him a “kid” because it’s amazing how quickly they grow up. Now we miss the beach, especially Black’s Beach (a nude beach) which we had frequented. This year we decided to plan a weeklong trip to San Diego because it had been so long since we’d been there. I, of course, looked forward to going to Black’s Beach. We’re home nudists so our kid is used to seeing us nude. All was looking good until my wife’s plans changed and she couldn’t go with us; that seemed OK, it would be “boys’ week”. Then one of our son’s friends asked to go along; that was OK. But then one of the girls wanted to be included. Ordinarily this girl, Candie, is “just one of the boys”; she had been since they were all in elementary school together. But, throw in a two-bedroom suite and a nude beach and things become awkward. It was decided that Candie would sleep on the couch and decide about the beach when the time came.

Let’s skip right to the beach, shall we? On a weekday morning late in the season, the beach was fairly empty, and we chose a spot a good distance from others. I started setting up chairs. The boys immediately stripped off and ran, whooping, into the surf. I suggested to Candie that she could go a little way down the beach where I could see that she was still safe, but have some privacy if she chose to make the most of the opportunity. She took her towel and started walking. I stripped off and ran, whooping, into the surf.

After a brief splash in the waves I returned to shore to read. I kept half an eye on each of the kids. I watched Candie remove her cover-up and saw that she was wearing a bright red string bikini. She waded into the water and continued down the beach a little farther as the waves caressed her athletic legs. A bright red triangle marked her tight little rear end. She waded farther into the Pacific, looked back, and dove into a wave. When she re-emerged I could tell that she was no longer wearing her top. She tossed the top onto the beach and continued to frolic in the sea until she realized that she hadn’t tossed her top far enough and it had been carried off by a wave. After fruitlessly looking for it for a few minutes she began walking my way. When she got closer I was pleased to see that she has the nicest pair of breasts I have seen in a long time; firm, round, B-cup mounds standing out proudly on her chest above her well-muscled athlete’s torso. I usually only saw her in flattening sports bras or baggy uniforms so her development had largely gone by unnoticed. Plus, she’s one of my son’s friends and I hang out with her parents, so I’m not supposed to notice, right? I sure noticed now.

“I lost my top”, she said.

“I noticed”, I responded.

“I didn’t mean to lose it. Well, yes, I took it off, but not actually lose it. Can you help me look for it?”

I agreed to look, but I didn’t have high hopes. As we walked, she told me she was glad that she’d decided to go topless, that she really liked the feel of the sun, wind, and sea spray on her skin. We continued past her towel without finding her top. A few minutes later two other women, completely nude but carrying a familiar bright red top, met us coming the other way. “This must be yours”, said the one handing it to Candie with a smile.

“Oh, yes, thank you so much!” exclaimed Candie as she accepted it.

The other said, “If I had breasts like yours I’d never cover them up.”

Laughing, Candie replied, “If I had breasts like yours I wouldn’t be able to play volleyball”. Indeed, both these two women had great bodies, but much larger breasts that were probably great during intimate activity, but might not be suited to prolonged sports. The two continued up the beach and Candie and I followed as far as her towel, where Candie stopped to deposit her top. She looked after the two departing naked women and said, “they look great, naked and all, confident, do I look like that?” I responded that she had always looked confident, and that she looked incredible wearing just a tiny scrap of bikini bottom.

She asked, “Do you think I should remove that too?” To which I restated that she was her own woman and that I’d walk back to my chair and let her decide for herself. I sat down, picked up my book, and caught a glimpse of her bare bottom as she dove once more into the waves. She swam for a while then returned to her towel to lay naked in the sun as the breeze flowed over her and caressed her youthful body.

When the boys came to shore for lunch, they called out to her. She donned just her cover-up and joined us, carrying her bikini rolled up in her towel. After lunch, the boys returned to boogie boarding and Candie removed her cover-up and lay out naked on her towel beside my chair. For a while she laid facedown and my eyes roamed over her back, her fine round ass, and her legs. When she turned over I could again gaze at her delightful breasts and imagine cupping them in my hands; they looked like they’d fit perfectly. Her flawless smooth skin beckoned me to caress her, but I dared not cross that line unless she invited bayan gaziantep escort me to. Between her legs was an untidy bush the same color as her hair calling me to run my fingers through it and discover what was hidden within.

Periodically, she would dip into the ocean and come back with water droplets running down her body, glistening in the sun. As the sun dipped below the horizon, we packed up and headed back to the resort. Candie wore just her cover-up, flip-flops, and a smile; her bikini stuffed unceremoniously into her bag. The evening breeze played with the light fabric, lifting it up her thighs lasciviously.

Upon arriving back at the resort, the boys showered quickly then headed off to the game room. Once the door closed behind them, Candie pulled her cover-up off over her head, threw it over her shoulder, struck a pose, and said, “I’m going to take a shower; would you like to join me?” My shorts were off before she had taken three steps toward my part of the suite. I caught her up and started the shower as she stepped in. I adjusted the temperature and joined her. I enjoyed the view of the warm water cascading from her breasts, over her belly, and down her thighs as she rinsed the sand and salt from her hair. After pouring some strawberry-scented body wash across her upper chest I reached out and touched her for the first time. I caressed the sweet lather against her slick skin, massaging her breasts and feeling her nipples rise in response to my touch. I continued lower, washing her abdomen, and kneeling to do the same on her legs. My face was now level with her pussy and I could see her sex peeking out from its dense thicket. I brushed my hand against her mound and she moaned in response. I began to work her clit in earnest as I probed her vagina with a finger. She reached up and held onto the showerhead to remain standing as her body spasmed and shook with a magnificent orgasm. She cried out as waves of pleasure rocked her body. I pressed firmly on her clit and held my finger steady inside her as her hips jerked wildly.

Soon, she regained her composure enough to let me wash her back. As I washed her back I couldn’t help but to reach around to her breasts frequently. I continued to her ass and was pleased that the pressure I applied to her back door caused her to coo slightly. I returned to stroking her pussy and she pushed her ass back against my raging hard-on. She reached around and stroked my cock then directed it toward her soaking pussy. I held firmly onto her hips as I slowly worked my cock into her pussy from behind. She leaned forward against the wall and pushed back in an effort to get my cock into her as quickly as possible. Little moans and coos escaped her mouth as we worked together to accomplish our coupling. Once my cock was fully engulfed inside her vagina and my thighs were pressed firmly against her ass, I reached around to stroke her clit once more. As her next climax built and her body began its inevitable orgasmic quaking, the action of her body was enough to bring me along with her and we came together with shouts of joy.

She turned around and we joined in our first deep, passionate kiss, then rinsed off and exited the shower. I toweled her off and she began to brush her hair. Once I had toweled myself off, I approached her from behind, took her in my arms, and embraced her as we looked at each other in the mirror. She leaned back against me, stretching herself, and analyzing the reflection of her body.

“I do look good, don’t I?” she asked.

“Yes, very very hot and sexy, you must have a lot of guys after you.”

“I’ve never really noticed. It wasn’t until those women gave me a good looking over that it occurred to me that I really have become a woman.” She paused, stroked her bush, and then started hesitantly, “most women now trim or shave down here don’t they?”

“Yes, many do. I like it; I think it shows that you care how you appear to your lovers. Many men, like me, trim down there as well.”

“Would you trim mine for me?”

I said, “I thought you’d never ask”, and proceeded to lay a towel on the bed for her to lie on. She lay down and spread her legs while I went to get a pair of scissors.

When I returned, she was again stroking her bush lightly. “Just saying goodbye”, she joked.

As I began my work, I said, “It’ll grow back if you want it to.” I quickly trimmed her bush back to a finger width and asked her what she thought.

Gazing down at my handiwork, she said, “Oooh, I look so much more mature now. And it feels just as good if not better than before.”

“Sure does. Now let’s go get something to eat.”

I watched as she threw on a short cotton summer dress with nothing under it but sandals. A shirt, shorts, and sandals for me and we were off. I put the top down as we drove along the beach toward a beach-themed restaurant I remembered as being popular with the younger crowd. As we drove, the wind played with her dress, billowing the deep scoop of the neckline. Occasionally she would raise the hemline to distract me with delightful glimpses bayan escort gaziantep of her bare pussy in the moonlight. At a stoplight, some college guys pulled up alongside us and whistled at her; she flashed them her breasts in response and they went off hooting and hollering when the light changed.

Arriving at the restaurant, we chose a tall table on the patio right on the beach with the waves greeting us nearby. Candie sat enjoying the feel of the ocean breeze as it continued to play with her dress. From the next table we heard a voice call out teasingly, “it looks like you’ve lost something else now!” It was the two women we had met on the beach.

Candie blushed slightly but responded by saying, “I decided that what I leave at home I can’t lose while I’m out.” She then lifted the hem of the dress a little more and flashed them her pussy. They, in turn, demonstrated that they were similarly attired for the evening.

After dinner, we relocated to the bar, where a local band was playing surf music and several couples were whirling on the dance floor. Candie and I danced for a while, and then our new friends joined us. I went back to the table and the three women continued to dance with wild abandon. Their dancing involved so much spinning and gyrating that their short dresses couldn’t conceal their nakedness from the crowd and soon the dance floor was crowded as other women joined in and their dates tried to get a better look. The energy in the room rose to a crescendo that the band did its best to sustain, but eventually they had to take a break. When Candie got back to the table she leaned close and whispered breathlessly in my ear, “let’s take a walk on the beach”.

Several envious eyes were upon me as I led her by the hand out toward the crashing waves. The cool ocean breeze worked its magic and soon she had her arms around me as we stood in the surf and kissed deeply. My hands held her ass and pulled her groin against mine, my cock yearned to press against her directly, skin to skin. I felt her gently rubbing her sex against my cock and knew she had the same urgent need. A nearby pier seemed to offer the best chance for concealment so we headed that way as we waded along the beach. When we reached the pier it was apparent that we weren’t the only couple seeking a little discretion. I again took her in my arms and we picked up where we had left off a few minutes previously. Soon she reached down and freed my cock from its khaki confines and stroked it as I lifted her dress up around her waist. Returning my hands to her ass, I lifted her up and she wrapped her legs around me as I sank my cock straight into her well-lubricated pussy with a sigh. We continued to kiss as she got accustomed to being stuffed with my cock. Soon I felt her vaginal muscles massaging the length of my cock so I started to slowly stroke in and out of her in time with the pulse of the ocean. She broke our kiss only to whisper dirty thoughts into my ear, “oh yes, fuck me, I love the feel of your big hard cock buried deep in my pussy, I want to feel you fill me with your come, oh that’s so fucking good, my pussy is so wet for you, I love the feel of your hands on my ass”. As she continued, she started to become louder. It quickly became apparent that she now had an audience, and, just as in the bar, the audience started to join in and try to outdo her. Soon, the area under the pier was alive with the sounds of pelvises slamming together and women urging their partners on with ever more nasty exhortations. It seemed that a dozen or more couples all succeeded in achieving mutual orgasm – too bad no one from Guinness was there. The sounds of bountiful orgasms were shortly replaced by giggles and whoops of pleasure as we thought about what we had just experienced, separately together. Candie kissed me again as I lowered her to the sand. Weak with her exertions, she continued down to her knees.

After catching her breath a bit she reached up and stroked my cock back to partial erection, then leaned in and licked it from base to tip and then around the tip. Once I was fully erect again, she took what she could slowly into her mouth and back out again. “I didn’t think it would taste like that”, she said.

“It tastes of the sweetest pussy in the world”, I replied.

She blushed faintly and continued to pleasure me with her mouth. After several of the most pleasant minutes of my life she turned around on all fours, lifted her dress off her ass, and wiggled it in invitation. I sank to my knees and lined my cock up with her pussy once more. I easily sank into one very eager pussy and began using the longest strokes I could so she could really feel my length. Her perfect round ass shone in the moonlight and I applied a few light spanks as I fucked her. Soon I was massaging her anus with my thumb; her coos of pleasure urged me to probe deeper. She started muttering nasty encouragement again, but this time she was joined by one of our friends from earlier. They must have been one of the other couples, and now they were stimulating Candie to greater arousal, “you like that escort bayan gaziantep big hard cock in your pussy don’t you, you look so fucking hot there being fucked doggy-style in the moonlight, and you love the taste of your pussy on a big hard cock that had just fucked you, I know you do, I think you want to taste more pussy, I saw you looking us over on the beach this morning, I bet you want to taste my pussy.”

“Yes, oh yes, I want to taste your sweet, wet pussy while I get fucked doggy-style in the moonlight and your lover and everyone else watches me slurp up your juices with my tongue, please let me eat your pussy right fucking now, I so want to taste you and make you come harder than your girlfriend does.”

By then, the woman had settled on the sand in front of Candie, and pulled her dress up, presenting Candie with her beautiful smooth-shaven pussy. Candie dove right in with gusto and ate that pussy while I watched with my cock buried deep inside her. The other woman then settled her pussy over her lover’s face and we became a chain of four lovers engaged in one sex-act while the moon shone down and several other couples looked on and continued their own coupling. This time there was no big competition to outdo each other; all involved seemed to want a more intimate experience for themselves.

Candie, with me pumping her from behind and a pussy in her face was the first to come. Her contractions set me off and I came deep inside her as I watched her bringing her new lover to climax with lips and tongue and fingers. The second woman came more gently, being more familiar with her lover. We all caught our breath, and then the women kissed Candie and set off hand-in-hand. Candie and I returned to our car and headed back to the resort.

Candie’s pussy was dripping with her juices and my come so she headed right to the shower once we were in the door. I joined her and we kissed and caressed and enjoyed the intimacy with each other. “I thought you were going to fuck my ass”, she said.

“Not without a condom and some lube, I don’t want to hurt you; we can get some and try it tomorrow night if you like. Have you ever done that?”

“No, I haven’t, but I’d like to try it with you, you’re so gentle.”

Once clean and dry again, she put on a nightshirt, I put on a pair of shorts, and we went out on the patio to read and await the return of the boys. They got back late and went straight to sleep without asking us what we had been up to all evening. Candie and I looked at each other and shrugged. She didn’t sleep on the couch that night or any of the following nights. She did make it look like she had slept on the couch for appearances sake, and the boys remained oblivious to our actual sleeping arrangement. That first night, when she entered my bedroom, she slipped her nightshirt off over her head and slipped into bed naked beside me. We kissed and I rejoiced in holding her, caressing her breasts and ass as we snuggled close and drifted off to sleep.

In the morning, I awoke to her stroking my morning wood. “Maybe I should stay here with you today rather than go to the surfing lessons”, she said wistfully.

“No, they only last until noon anyway and I have some things to do, so go and I’ll meet you for lunch. I expect the boys will stay at the beach so we’ll have all afternoon to ourselves.”

She pouted playfully, then jumped up, put on the nightshirt, and sashayed out of the room. Soon the smell of coffee wafted in, so I put my shorts back on and joined her in the kitchen. The boys staggered in and a hearty breakfast was eaten. As the boys were finishing up, Candie reappeared in a black one-piece swimsuit with a colorful sarong tied around her waist and all three youngsters headed out for their lessons. I didn’t actually have much to do that morning, and top-most on my mind was locating the nearest adult store.

Soon enough it was noon, so I went down to the beach to get a report on the rookie surfers. No lifeguards had called, so I figured no one had been hurt. Indeed, all three had done well and the boys were going to stay and practice – the presence of some lovely young ladies was a likely factor in that decision. Everyone wanted Candie to stay as well, and I said she could if she wanted, but she claimed to be exhausted. Back in our suite, she showered quickly and put on a white leotard and tires her sarong around her waist once more. I took her in my arms and kissed her as my hands roamed over her sleek young body. Her nipples hardened in response and strained noticeably against the fabric trying to conceal them. We headed out for lunch and the skin-tight fabric hugging her curves turned quite a few heads.

After lunch, we went to the adult shop I had located. She held my hand nervously as we entered; not sure what sort of sleazy establishment to expect. Upon entering, she saw that it was a well-lit, well-maintained store that simply sold lingerie and “marital aids”. We were greeted by a woman who asked how she could help us and we told her that we were looking for condoms and lube. Finding suitable selections required hardly any time at all. I directed Candie toward the dildos, selected a lovely blue glass example, and whispered in her ear how I’d like to pleasure her with it. The dildo went into our basket. Next, we asked the clerk if they had intimate trimmers, she showed us what they had and Candie selected one. Finally, Candie wandered over to the huge selection of lingerie and told me to have a seat by the dressing room and wait.

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