What If

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What if we actually tempted fate? What if we actually gave into our lust for each other? What if, we actually had sex and did all of those things that we have promised each other in whispers, looks, touches and thoughts. What if…

The undercurrent of sexual tension has been building for 3 years now. You touch me; you tell me that I would scream for you; you tell me that I would call you God. If I think on these things, it causes the heat to grow. I get wet thinking about how you would touch me, taste me, come into me.

I decide to act. We have met up at a bar with our other friends. The usual flirting and playing goes on. This time you can tell I am nervous. You ask what’s up. I say nothing. You can always tell my moods. Later in the evening I tell you. I have a room. Will you? You look at me. This is forbidden. We are both married. We both love our families very much.

Are you sure? Can we do this? Will you feel guilty and tell? No. I have made up my mind. I am yours if you want me. Only one word is needed.

We say our goodbyes. Go to our separate cars with the intention of meeting up again in just a few minutes.

I have already prepared the room ahead of time. Sexy music, the curtains are closed, and there is just a soft light on; soft enough, but bright enough to see what we want.

As we close the door behind us, you look at me. I can see the questions still there. I smile and draw you farther into the room. You ask me what I want. You can see that I’m not really sure, but you know me well enough to not worry about that. You smile at me and kiss me on the forehead.

Slowly, you pull my shirt over my head. You start kissing my shoulders and breasts above my bra. I sigh and shudder at the same time. You are giving me goose bumps and I love it. You run your hands up and down my back softly stroking with your fingertips. You notice that I jump a little when you hit my low back. You turn me around, kiss and then lightly lick a little line above my jeans. I arch into you with a little cry. You turn me back around and I see you grinning. You undo my jeans pushing me back onto the bed. You take them off and kiss my legs as my jeans disappear. You come back up and start kissing my torso. I go to take off my bra and you stop me. I ask if I can take off your clothes and you tell me no. You tell me to turn over and I do. You are caressing me with your hands running them up and down my body. Firmly, softly, then you start to knead my muscles. Oh, that feels so good. I actually didn’t realize that I was so tense.

I slowly relax for you and then I feel you unhook my bra. You slip the straps over my shoulders but don’t take it off of me.

As you finish up massaging me you tell me to turn over. I slip my bra off and throw it aside. You look appreciatively at my breasts. They are not the perkiest, they don’t salute, I have two kids, but that makes them all that more attractive. They are natural. You take my right breast into your mouth and start lapping around the nipple. Your other hand is playing with my left breast. You are rolling and lightly tugging the nipple between bahçelievler escort your fingers. I love the way you play with my breasts, it feels so good. You switch sides with your mouth and pay it the same attention. I am laying back with my eyes closed taking in the sensations.

With both breasts now being caressed by your hands, I am suddenly surprised to feel you bury your face in my panty covered crotch. I hear you take a deep breath and you tell me you have to taste me. I’m not surprised you can smell me, I have been wet for so long tonight anticipating this.

You pull my panties down and off throwing them somewhere. Then you slowly spread my legs apart. The first touch of your tongue makes me jolt and cry out in pleasure. You continue to lick, suckle, tease, probe, and lap at me as I am getting wetter (if that is possible). The feelings you are giving me are incredible. I feel your finger replace your tongue on my clit and you thrust your tongue into me. I orgasm, screaming out and my body twitches, beyond my control. Oh God, this is so incredible and I continue to spasm as you pull yourself up beside me. You smile at me contentedly, knowing you made good on that particular promise. I sigh in contentment and try to sit up so I can reciprocate. But no, you surprise me by catching my lips in a kiss.

We share a long kiss and you move my naked body on top of you as you sit up. My legs are on either side of your leg, the fabric of your jeans chafes my delicate lips and I feel myself get ready to enjoy more of the pleasure that you have for me. I figure it is my turn, but you surprise me again. You keep kissing my face and neck and slowly move me back and forth over your leg. Rubbing me and torturing me with the rough fabric. “Please,” I say, looking at you, “Please.”

But you won’t let me have you, not yet. You smile wickedly at me and whisper a command to come again for you. You move my other leg over your lap completely and start fingering me and rubbing me at the same time. I throw my head back in ecstasy and your hand comes up to wrap itself in my long hair. You tug my head backwards making my breasts present themselves to you. You nip and suck on my nipples as your pulling my hair and rubbing my clit at the same time.

Oh Fuck, I am so sensitive I am whimpering and trying to get away from your fingers, but you won’t let me. “Come for me Jennifer, Come now” you tell me. You tweak my clit a little harder and suddenly I do come. I am shaking all over it is so powerful. My muscles are clenching trying to get to your hard dick. I want to ride you so badly right now. I need to feel you inside of me. I need you to fuck me hard. I have calmed down now. I am lying on my back on the bed and you have been lying beside me propped on your elbow watching me. I giggle because I am a bit uncomfortable with you looking at me so intently. I ask if it’s my turn and you smile at me. I’m not sure how I am going to do this because you know I don’t like fellatio. I want to try this with you. I know it will bring you pleasure.

Hesitantly, I move over top balgat escort of you and pull your shirt and undershirt up and over your head. You help me by sitting up. I decide to try something. Getting off the bed, I tell you to get up. I undo your jeans and pull them down and off your hips with your underwear. I am kneeling at your feet looking up at you. I lick my lips and command you to sit in the chair near us.

You lean back into the pillows as I settle myself between your hips. My hand wraps around the base of your penis. It is so hard and hot. I softly lift and cup your scrotum with the other hand. I start out by swirling my tongue around the head. Taking it into my mouth, I gently start sucking you as I roll your balls gently in my hand. Moving my hand up and down your shaft, I apply just enough pressure to create friction with the movement. I move my hand farther down on your penis so that I can lick up and down your shaft that is amazingly still hardening. How hard can you get!

I quickly dart the tip of my tongue across your slit that has moistened with a drop of your cum. I move the hand wrapped around you up and down your shaft creating friction with my hold. I look up at you to see you give me an encouraging look so I slide you into my mouth. I see you close your eyes in pleasure and feel you lift your hips to meet my mouth. I continue sucking and licking the head of your penis as I glide my wet hand up and down your shaft, every so often massaging your balls, and trying to use my tongue ring on the more sensitive areas of your penis. I start to moan with you in my mouth, I can’t believe how horny this is making me. I love watching the ecstasy flicker across your face as I look up at you from below. Even though I want you to fuck me right now, I have decided to let you come in my mouth, let you unload your cum down my throat.

However, you stand up pulling me with you; You obviously have different plans. You push me backwards onto the bed and slam your hard cock into my wet pussy in one movement. I let out a cry of surprised delight! Oh my God that felt so good! We watch each other as you slowly pull back and then push into me deeply again. God you feel so good, so right, so big. I close my eyes and you say “No. Open them. I want you to know it’s me.” I do and you watch me intently. This is you fucking me, thrusting your hard dick into my wet pussy. You causing me to scream, pant, and orgasm. You easily increase the pace with how wet I am. My breathing and yours are getting more labored as the pleasure builds. I arch my breasts towards you. You caress them and pull hard on my nipples causing me to cry out and my pussy to spasm around your dick. You start thrusting into me harder. Oh yes, this is what I love, I want you to fuck me hard, make me cum all over, Make me shudder and scream. I wrap my legs around your back and lift my hips higher to meet your thrusts. I open myself up so that you can penetrate me as deeply as possible. I can feel the tension getting to the breaking point in you. I don’t know how, but I just know you are going to cum very soon. ankara escort You reach between us and flick my clit one last time. I immediately come for the third time, hard, explosive, and you follow, shooting your cum deep inside of me.

Wow, I don’t know if I can move. It was everything I imagined and more. We are both hot and sweaty now. I look at you with a sated smile and ask if you want to take a shower with me. You grin back and get up pulling me off the bed.

We run into the bathroom turning on the shower and letting it get warm. You kiss me again holding my face in your hands. We get in and you start lathering me up with the soap. Washing every part of me with gentle hands, you also tease my sensitive skin with your cleaning. As I turn to wash you, I notice that you are hard again. I don’t know how. I give your penis extra attention causing it to grow more erect. As we rinse off, your hands are all over me. You tell me to turn around and put my hands on the wall. I do so and you lift my hips and thrust into me with one powerful movement. I’m just a bit wet, but the friction soon has me well lubed again. I thrust back towards you as you push into me holding my hips. You reach a steady thrusting rhythm while the water beats down on our bodies. The water flows around my curves and you follow with your finger. You pull out of me and command me “come” as you turn off the shower.

We quickly dry off and you pull me back into the room tumbling me onto the bed. “Hands and knees,” you tell me and I oblige as you stand behind me and slide into my wet vagina. “How do you want it,” you ask, already knowing what I will say. “Hard.” I beg. You grab my hips and pull me back as you thrust into me. Oh Shit, you are pounding my pussy. I start moaning with each thrust. You slide your hand up my back and grab my hair again arching my back into you farther. With you standing, we are at the perfect angle for your thrusting dick to also stimulate my clit. With your hard thrusting and the friction, I know that I am going to come again. It is unbelievable. I don’t think I have ever had this much pleasure in one night. I have never had more than 2 orgasms. That’s for sure!

You stop though; it will take you a little more time to recover fully. You lay down on the bed beside where I am and I climb on top of you so that I can ride. I ease myself down onto you leaning forward so that my hands are above your shoulders. As I lift and drop myself on your penis, you start sucking my breasts again. You are gentle with them, but still tug on my nipples with your teeth making me groan. You reach down with one of your hands to play with my clit again knowing I will cum quickly. In just a few seconds I start shaking again and I pause in my movement to let my fourth orgasm take over. My muscles are squeezing your cock as you push up into me and it brings you that much closer to cumming yourself. As I calm down, I get off of you and replace my pussy with my mouth. This time, you let me continue, I lick you up and down sucking gently on your head every so often. As you get closer to your own climax, I start moving my hand and mouth faster over your hard cock. You finally let go shooting your warm cum deep into my throat. I swallow and smile at you licking my lips.

I’m not sure if this is going to be the start of something or just a one night promise for us, but for now, I am content with what we have.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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