What More Proof Do You Need?

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What more proof do you need?

It’s a difficult question for any man to answer, even though they may be asked several times a week. The honest answer was “yes,” but a concise answer spoken so easily can make her think he was simply placating her. No matter how many times he answered it was always difficult to know, not only what to say, but how to say it.

“Do you love me?” Gena repeated.

James thought for a second on a new tact on exactly how to answer this seemingly easy question. Before she had to ask a third time, he decided to answer this question once and for all. Love is all about showing

“Hold that thought, I’m going to go to the bathroom real quick.”

As James was formulating his plan, it got him hard. He was continuing to work out the details, but every detail just made it that much more exciting. He stepped into the bathroom, closed the door, unfastened his pants, and let them fall to the floor. His fully erect cock displayed to the porcelain bowl fully ready to give it a show. He started to stroke it, very quickly.

“On second thought,” he thought, “I need to be completely flaccid for this to work. I need to cum so hard and be so satisfied that sex is the last thing on my mind.”

He let go of the idea of a quick resolution. He pushed down the plunger of the moisturizing cream that was on the vanity shelf and squirt it in his hand. He clasped a fist to warm the lotion as much as he could. He then spread the lotion across the entire length of his shaft. He used so much that a bit matted in the stubble of his pubic hair.

“Note to self:” he thought, “time for a shave.”

With much more lubrication and softer slower strokes, he continued his approach to cum. He needed a hard orgasm, so when he felt he was about to reach that edge, he stopped to catch his breath. He did this a few times. Every time he was about to cum it was harder to stop himself. Gena could even hear some of his protests that sometimes came audible.

“No, no.” He said, staving off his orgasm for the last time.

As soon as he felt himself reach climax, his strokes went from dead slow to almost imperceivably fast. Loud faps echoed in the bathroom. James hoped Gena couldn’t hear. Knowing he had to remain quiet he let out a small muffled grunt as the first contraction shook him. A respectable amount of his cum spurted forth breaking through the collapsed passage. Two or three more contractions poured lazily out into the toilet before he reoriented his balance and looked at the aftermath. He took a wad of paper and cleaned up anything batıkent escort that didn’t make it and any dribble from his cock’s eye. He flushed, dressed, and exited more than satisfied.

James continued to the couch where he left Gena watching TV. Sleepily he plopped on the sofa forgetting pretty much everything, including the point of this exercise.

“What were you saying?” James stupidly asked.

Gena shocked at his callousness gasped in disgust and gave a fiery stare at her lover.

“Do you love me?!” she repeated, this time with a strong distaste for any further discussion with James.

Everything came rushing back in James’ mind like a tornado. Her question, his issue with the question, and the plan to answer and appease her worry.

“Oh, right.”

Still processing the information, he couldn’t articulate his next move well. He placed his hand on her chest to encourage her not to get up angry. He stood up, dropped his pants to the floor showing Gena a withered, spent, hopelessly flaccid member dangling between his legs. A limp dick isn’t exactly the expression of love Gena was really expecting for an answer.

“Wait, wait,” he said, trying to stall to collect his words.

James gently placed his hands on each side of her face and guided her to look into his eyes.

“I love you,” he was finally able to get out, “but I’m tired of thinking those three words were enough to answer that question.”

His hands dropped to her shoulders and slowly traveled down the side of her arms. As he continued to talk they ended holding her hands. That first confession almost brought a tear to her eye, and warmth to her loins. It took a small bit of will to let him continue to talk and not kiss him right there and then, completely forgetting he had just dropped trou right in front of her.

He continued. “I went into the bathroom planning on how to significantly show you once and for all how much I love you. To do that I had to cum. I took a bit of time and was a little worried I would get caught. I edged.”

“Edged?” Gena questioned, curious where this was all going.

“I masturbated until just before I was going to cum and then let myself settle down. I did that repeatedly until I just couldn’t stop myself anymore.”

That explanation hit Gena. She never did it while masturbating, but James had done that several times to her. Sometimes when he was fingering her, and sometimes when he was sucking her. They were some of the more incredible orgasms they had together.

“I wanted to make beşevler escort sure I was completely satisfied so I wouldn’t want sex.”

James then took Gena’s right hand and placed it on his overly satisfied member. Even her touch got no reaction from it. It made James question if this plan would work.

“I love you, and I love to please you.”

James’ hand swung to the center of Gena’s body and dug under the waistband of her yoga pants. James gave Gena a long soft kiss. He sucked on her bottom lip. Gena closed her eyes as she felt his hand sink deeper down her pants, under her panties. She could feel slickness from between her pussy lips before his hands had gotten anywhere near.

“Even if for some reason I can’t be satisfied, I must make sure I please you.”

A heavy sigh escaped her lips as his hands first touched the top of her cleft. She slouched down on the couch, loosening the grip her pants had on her body. James’ hand continued down and pressed into the cleft skimming her shroud as it passed. She clasped her hand on her yoga pants and pushed them off.

James sensed this lull and took the moment to kiss her at the same time. It was distracting to Gena and his hand stopped its movement, but she was able to peel her pants down throwing it significantly away. Gena spread her legs to give James better access. His hand completely covered her entire region and pressed in. As he started to stoke across her sex, he continued to speak. It was hard for her to concentrate, but she wanted to see where he was going with this.

“But it’s more than that. When you cum in my hands, I feel powerful. I feel important. It makes me feel sexier than any porno or toy ever could. Your pleasure ignites my love and gives me pleasure.”

Trying to decipher his cryptic message was hard while also receiving one of his amazing handjobs. With the help of James’ previous actions, she figured it out. She couldn’t remember when it happened, but instead of the wet noodle he originally showed and made her feel, Gena had her entire grip surrounding that familiar steel rod that she admired so much.

James’ massage turned into a clit rubbing as he continued to talk. Her pelvic muscles twitched as her pleasure began to increase sharply. Her voice began to sing the song of her excitement, but Gena tried to stay quiet enough to hear this beautiful sonnet to their love.

James could now tell she noticed his erection as her hand gripped his shaft, squeezing every time her pussy yelled at her brain.

“You can feel my ankara escort love this way.” James continued, loving this double entendre he played with. “You can feel that no matter how satisfied I am, I could always take more of you. You are a nourishment that I will always partake.”

James dared to slide his middle finger from her exposed clit between her lips and down her wet and wanting hole. Inserted deep, it began to rub softly on the sides of her entrance. Gena gasped and then caught her breath as she could feel the waves of pleasure begin to consume her. James’ middle finger left her and brought the index finger back. Both fingers stretching the ring and sliding against every nerve on the wall of her entrance. His palm kneading into her and grinding her clit under his hand. Gena tried to reciprocate by jerking on James’ cock, but it turned into a clumsy tug from the awkward position and the orgasm she was heading towards. Even still, she could feel his cock twitch as she moaned. He was so hard she could feel his pulse through the shaft.

The speech was over, not just because there was nothing left to say, but because Gena reached climax. She flailed her arms and gripped the cushions of the couch. Her head fell back. Her body arched. Her legs closed on James’ hands still inside her.

Gena loved to have James’ cock inside her after she had cum. She pulled his hands from inside her, kissed him hard and dragged him down on top of her. She already had a hand between them to guide his cock inside her. Gena’s eyes rolled as it slipped deeper and deeper. It felt so good.

James gave Gena one last kiss before he continued. He braced himself over her, plunging himself deeper. Then he began to thrust. The soft couch cushioned the blows but that didn’t stop the clapping noises of their bodies crashing together. Every quick piston movement inside her cavity filled her with the explanation she was hoping for. It wasn’t long before she was ready to cum again. She could feel her body burn as she got closer. She joined his thrusts and slammed herself hard into him. Meeting his movements perfectly.

James felt her pelvic muscles slam shut as she began to cum. He collapsed on top of her and enjoyed the feeling of his hard prick forcing those muscles aside. Gena whimpered with every strong slow forceful push. He had already cum in the bathroom. He wasn’t going to try to again.

He shifted behind her and began to enjoy a postcoital embrace. A hand went up her shirt to rest on her breast. He marveled at the increased firmness that occurred after her orgasm. A few long quiet seconds began to bring a sense of peace to the room. However, James forgot one very important difference between him and Gena. A strenuous fucking like that made him relaxed and sleepy. For Gena, it made her brain fly in overdrive.

“Why do you love me?”

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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