Whatever Lola Wants

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Dear reader. In this story, Lola thinks a lot. So I am going to use the device of containing her thoughts in ( ). When the boy she is with is thinking to himself, I will use [ ].

* * * * *

Until the summer before her senior year of high school, Lola Claiborne was a fatty. She carried one hundred and seventy pounds on her five foot, seven inch frame. Not one boy at Chattanooga Central high school had asked her out on a date.

Her aunt, Mary Lou, who was much younger then her mother, and recently divorced, phoned one day. Mary Lou invited Lola to spend a couple months with her in Louisville, where she had an apartment. Since she worked for a fitness place, Mary Lou told her, they could spend the days together, and have some fun at night.

Turning to her mother, Lola asked; “Can I go visit Mary Lou for a couple months?”

Lola’s mother, who had discussed Lola with her sister at length, and who had requested that she expose Lola to going out, and boys, gave her a big smile and told her, “I think that would be just the ticket for you, this summer.”

“Mary Lou, Mom said yes, so I will be on the bus tomorrow.”

Later, in her room, Lola stood looking at herself in the mirror. (Look at me. I am such a slob. God, Mary Lou will want me to wear gym clothes to work out. I will be so embarrassed. If we go out with her friends, I will go sit in a dark corner, so that no one will see me.)

By seven PM the next day, Lola was settled in Mary Lou’s spare bed room. Mary Lou put her hand on Lola’s shoulder. “We have always been straight with each other, right, Kiddo?”


“Well, I am going to treat you as the woman that you are. I keep my weight down by staying on a “Slim Fast” diet, and working out. From now on, you will eat what I eat. Also, I am going to work with you at the gym. That’s the hard part. The fun part is I hang out with a group of twelve girls who like to party. Where there are girls who like to party, there will always be guys. I am going to dress you so that you look like you are twenty-five, instead of eighteen. You will have a good time.” “I sure hope so.” (I will do anything to get this weight off. Mary Lou means well, I hope that I don’t disappoint her. It is so exciting thinking that she is getting me new clothes, and I will be around a lot of cool people like her.)

Mary Lou stood back looking at her. “Lola, a girl has to take a hard look at herself and accentuate-the-positive, as the saying goes. You have pretty curly hair, and really large breasts. Tomorrow we get you a perm, and some clothes that let people know just how nice your bosoms are.

Lola got all embarrassed. “Oh, Mary Lou?”

“And, we are going to get you some birth control pills.”

Lola was speechless. She just stared at her Aunt in disbelief.

Seeing her look, Mary Lou burst out laughing. “Lola, in a month we are going to have the fellows calling here every night for you, Honey. I’ll make us a salad for supper.”

When they finished shopping the next evening, Lola modeled the black velvet dress, cut very low in the front and rear. Her white mounds rose and fell above the dress with each breath she took.

That Friday night, Mary Lou put Lola’s makeup on. It took almost half an hour. Lola was mesmerized by the transformation in her looks. She hardly recognized herself. And, yes, as Mary Lou had said she would, she now looked much older.

“Stand up and turn around for me.”

As she slowly turned around, she looked at herself as Mary Lou inspected her. “Looking good, Baby. You will turn some heads as you are now, but give us a month, and take off twenty pounds, and we will make you a hot ticket.”

They both giggled, as Mary Lou finished dressing herself. Mary Lou took her to the “Wild Finish” lounge. A song from the “Backstreet Boy” album “Black and Blue” was thundering from the speakers, as over two hundred couples gyrated, disappeared, and they were illumined by the strobes that danced around the room.

Grabbing Lola’s hand, Mary Lou led her to a large round table with at least twenty people sitting at it. Just before they got there, Mary Lou said in Lola’s ear, “I am going to tell them that you are a friend from work. That way it will be harder for them to figure out your age, and the guys will come on to you more, if they think that you are on your own.”

Turning to the others, Mary Lou introduced Lola to everyone, but with all the noise, few of them caught her full name, and Lola only got a few first names.

Soon a “Long Island Ice tea” was before Lola. Todd Brigham, had got she and Mary Lou each one. [That Mary Lou is a sweet piece of ass. John Bennet said that she will fuck if you can get her high, and get her to let you into her place.]

Above the din, Mary Lou shouted across the table, “Thank you Todd.” Turning to look at the dance floor, she whispered to Lola, “Todd wants to fuck me in the worst way. But, I am hoping that John Bennet comes here tonight. Who knows, if I’m horny someday, I may give onwingiris.biz him his little dream.”

Lola shot a look at Todd. (She would let that guy fuck her, just on a whim, sort of a reward for his being interested in her.) Lola felt her pussy get wet.

Todd got up, walked around the table, and when Mary Lou’s eyes met his, he offered her a hand to join him on the dance floor. A Bobbie somebody asked Lola to dance. (Oh, wow, he is a hunk.)

It was six dances before both girls returned to their table. Another “Long Island Ice Tea” appeared before them. This time paid for by Bobbie. An hour pasted with both Mary Lou and Lola being asked to dance by several of the fellows. Then, John Bennet arrived. Mary Lou kicked Lola’s shins as she whispered, “That is John Bennet.”

Lola observed a tall, broad shouldered guy with a huge grim approaching the table. [Lets see who is at the table. Joan Snyder and Mary Lou look like the easiest fucks here tonight. I’ll hit on Mary Lou first. For a divorced gal, she has a nice tight cunt.]

“Hi, Mary Lou, Baby. I’m glad Y’all came out tonight. Been thinking of you all week.”

“Hi Johnny, you been out of town all week? I tried to phone you.”

“Yes, I had to visit some clients in Virginia.” [And you should have seen the little gal in Roanoke that I fucked all night Wednesday.]

Todd Brigham was pissed. [Wasted ten bucks buying drinks for those gals, and when they get happy, shit head Bennet gets first dibs at Mary Lou. I can see it in her eyes.]

To Lola, Mary Lou whispered, “Todd is pissed. He thinks that I am hooked on John, but I am going to play hard to get with Johnny, just to pull his chain a bit. Watch, when I come on to Todd.” With that Mary Lou got up, went around the table, and asked a very surprised, happy Todd Brigham to dance with her.

Retuning from the bar, Johnny stopped and watched Mary Lou and Todd move to the “N Sync” “No Strings.” [Look at that ass. I put my cock in it last weekend. She probably will let that ass hole Brigham fuck her if I don’t change thing here.]

Todd. [Nice firm tits. Love the way she moves her hands in subtle little motions. Fucking Bennet said she gave him a blow job. Shit, they were at it until daylight. Got to get her out of here.]

An hour later, with two more drinks consumed, both Lola and Mary Lou were two sheets South of shit faced. But, so were Todd, and Johnny.

By now, Mary Lou had lost control of Todd. He had slipped his hands onto her ass, her breasts, and rubbed his leg against her pussy. Everyone looks prettier, or more handsome when you are gunned. Mary Lou draped herself on Todd, pressing her tits against his chest. He did smell good.

Johnny was no fool. He knew that Mary Lou was ripe to be fucked, and he was not set up to have her tonight. Joan Snyder had left with Benny Smith, so what to fuck could he do to get laid tonight? [Who is the lady sitting next to Mary Lou? Average face, but a nice set of tits. Shit, those are very nice tits. I better do something.]

“Hi” Johnny said to a startled Lola, “Want to dance?”

Lola just nodded up and down. As she got up, Mary Lou gave her a wink. (What a hunk a man, he is? What will I do if he stays to dance with me. What do I talk about?) Looking back at her table, Lola saw that Mary Lou and Todd were heading for the door. Mary Lou caught her eye, and waved.

When they got back to the table, most of the others had left. Johnny said, “Take you home?” [Fat chance honey. You are not twenty-four like you say. I’ll take you home when I can’t get a hard on anymore.]

“Yes, thank you for the offer. It looks like my ride just went off with someone.” (I’m sure that he will be a gentleman It sure would be interesting to sit and kiss him, even if he is ten years older then me.)

Johnny opened the passengers door to his Mercedes 300 coupe. Lola got in. She had never had five stiff drinks in an evening, or a week for that matter. It was dreamy riding along. Lola thought that she was being taken to Mary Lou’s apartment.

Johnny knew that at that moment, Todd and Mary Lou were probably fucking there. Instead, Johnny took Lola to his Dad’s camp on the lake.

“Where are we?” “I needed to stop here to do something,” Johnny responded.

Lola just nodded her head.

Johnny looked hard at her in the moonlight. [She has not figured out that I am about to fuck her brains out, or she is just waiting for me to give her a good fucking.]

Lola was half carried into the cabin. Johnny took her right to his bed. Lola had expected that he might try to kiss her. He might even try to feel her tits. She had decided that he could touch her all he wanted to, above her waist.

Johnny stripped off his shirt, shoes, and socks. Pushing Lola onto her back, he lay beside her. His mouth found hers. Lola was being kissed. It was dreamy. (Everything Mary Lou said about my hair, the dress, my makeup, my breast showing was exactly right. Here I am with a real man, paying attention to me.

[She has not tried to push me away. Lets get those tits out] With that, Johnny reached behind Lola. Her zipper was lowered, bra unhooked, and both garments were lowered exposing her milky white mounds of pleasure. Cupping one with both hands, Johnny sucked on the nipple, which became erect, as the other nipple did also.

Lola put her hands on both sides of Johnny’s face. With her fingers gently rubbing his face, she thought that she was sending a message, “Be very gentle with me.”

[Shit, man, this girl is giving me a green light, all the way.]

Lola relaxed. Her body was reacting to the stimulation of her tits. Johnny hands were now rubbing her face, as he planted wet kisses on her lips. Her eyes were closed. (Necking is wonderful. When I get home, I am going to be slim, and get boys to take me out to do this.)

Johnny rolled away from her, for just long enough to shed his pants, and shorts. When he rolled next to her again, he rolled her to her side, as he grabbed her dress, and with a powerful smooth motion slid it, her panty hose, and her cotton briefs off.

Lola was naked. Naked! Her hands flew up to cover her tits. Her legs were opened. Johnny begin to lick her cunt lips. Her hands flew to the top of his head, as she tried to push his head down. A long index finger was inserted deep into her pussy, as Johnny raised him self and kissed her, before she could speak.

His other hand was squeezing and pulling on her tits. Her mind spun. She was trying to say something, but her hips were of a mind of their own, as they reacted to the invading finger, and humped at it. Lola had finger fucked herself a hundred times, but her fingers were nothing like this.

Johnny head was between her legs again. His tongue went into her. She froze. His mouth was on her clit. “Ooohhooo, Ooohhoooo” Her system was on overload.

She begin to sweat. She begin to shake. Her pussy was filling and the sensations were lightning shooting through her body. Turning her head to the side, with a deep frown, and her eyes closed, Lola cum with her legs slowly opening to receive any and all the sensations Johnny could give her. She did not know it, but she was ready to be fucked.

Johnny felt her open her legs, as a woman will do, when they are ready to receive a cock. He was not huge. He was just seven thick inches. He shifted forward. His weight settled on a panting Lola. She felt his hands separate her lips. A bell went off in her head. The end of his cock slid in three inches.

Lola’s eyes were wide in wonder. Five inches were in. He buried himself in Lola’s cunt with a grunt and sigh of satisfaction. At thirty-five Johnny had fucked thirty-eight different women. Lola was number thirty-nine, and as tight a pussy as he had had in some time. Her tummy got in the way a bit, but when you have pussy to be fucked, you ignore such things.

At first, Lola just lay there like a log. Johnny was pumping faster and faster until he stiffened. Five hard thrusts were needed to shot all his sperm in her. [That was a nice start.]

(He has finished. I hope that he takes me home soon.)

Johnny rolled Lola so that he head was on a pillow bent upward, and resting against the headboard of the bed. He placed his knees by her head. Lola did not know what he was doing. “Suck me baby.”

As Lola opened her mouth to say, “No way,” Johnny shoved his cock into her mouth. He held both sides of her face as his ass ran his cock to the back of her throat. His cock begin to harden again, as it grew to its full length. Just as it was feeling really good again, he rolled Lola over, as he had done Mary Lou the week before, and with mush force ran his spit covered cock deep into her ass.

“What are you doing?” She screamed.

Johnny did not answer. There was a dreamy look to his face. He now knew that this girl had to be a virgin. He had taken both her cherries. As he lay on her, fucking her ass, he grabbed her tits to yank and fondle them. [You are a great fucking stud. She is an easy fuck. Give her a few drinks and she does not know how to say no. I wonder how old she really is. Nineteen maybe. Here I go again. She is so tight, the cum has a hard time coming out.] “Oh, Oh, Oh, Aaahhhaa.”

“Got to clean off the brown stuff, Baby doll. Be right back,” Johnny said as he entered the bathroom.

Lola just lay on her side. ( I should get my clothes on. I’m sure he will leave now.) She sat up, and then lay down again. Five “Long Island Ice Tea” will do that to a girl.

Johnny came out. She was laying there, so he went to the kitchen for a snack. Back in fifteen minutes. He stood look at Lola laying with her eyes closed. Boldly he got out his video camera. Positioned it on some books so that the center of the bed was squarely in the picture, and left it running as he got on the bed. He raised her top leg, and lay on her. Her eyes opened as her cunt lips were parted, with all seven inches thrust deeply into her. There was no resistance. She accepted the fact that she was to be fucked until he decided to quite. (All boys must be like this.)

Suddenly she felt that warmness between her legs. His long sliding thrusts was bring her to orgasm. “Yes, Oh, Yes, Yes.”

Finally he carried Lola into the shower. Helped her into her clothes. She fell asleep on the way to Mary Lou’s place.

Johnny walked her to the door, which was opened by a sleepy eyed Mary Lou. Eyeing them both, she said, “You two get to know each other pretty well last night?”

Johnny smiled as he taunted Mary Lou with, “About the same as we did last week.” As Lola walked past Mary Lou, and had her back to her. Mary Lou, winked at Johnny as she opened her robe to show him her tits and pussy, just for a second. Lola closed the door to her room. Mary Lou whispered to Johnny. “Hey Stud, if you called when you said you would, and picked me up, you could have had the first string last night.”

Johnny told all the guys about that conversation and how he had an easy time getting into Lola’s pants. For the rest of the summer, Lola had a guy hanging around her every night she and Mary Lou went out. (Why don’t the guys ever take me out without trying to fuck me?”)

Finally, she posed the question to Mary Lou. “Lola, you have it wrong. You have three things that draw men like bees to honey; your tits and your pussy. You have them, and they want them. You are in control, and can get anything you want, if you will trade sex for what you want. Johnny will marry me soon. He will support me, and the children I want. He will buy me a nice house. You know why? Because I am the best fuck he has ever had. And sure, I will love the big lug. And, from time to time he will fuck other women, but he will come back to me because I am a great fuck.”

By the end of the summer, Lola had her weight down to one hundred and forty- six pounds. Both she and Mary Lou noted that none of that weight came off her tits. “Guess that big tits just run in the family. Your Momma has them. And so do I.”

At school, Lola wore loose fitting blouses, and dresses so that when the right boy was looking she could bend over enough so that the boy could see all the way down to her belly button. After what she had been through this summer, it entertained her as the boys she dated would first edge a hand on the edge of her breasts. Finally, they would have a hand full. She stopped wearing bras on dates to speed things up. Then there would be the dry fucking, as they humped her between the legs with their clothes on. (I don’t have all night. Get you cock out and put that damn thing in me before I explode.)

A hand would rest on her leg, and move very slowly upward. By the time her panties were removed, she would be soaking. The bad news was they would come in seconds the first time. The good new was that they could cum seven or eight times in two hours.

By November, Lola was fucking two or three boys a week. She was invited to every party, and all the dances, plus all the concerts. Anything she wanted to go to, all she had to do is tell one of her dates, and it happened.

This was the routine until she finished junior college. At college she met an out of town boy. After just three months of dating, he asked her to marry her. She was quite a package now. Worldly, smooth, at ease around men, and with her weight now at one hundred and twenty, with her beautiful tits, she was a lady to die for.

As Mrs. Michael Johnson, she disappeared for the bar scene. Several of the guys that she had fucked for years, sorely missed her. It was a year later, that she took a sample of Michael’s sperm to a doctor for testing to determine why she had not gotten pregnant. The problem was Michael. ( Wasted a damn year trying to get pregnant. Now, I will have to arrange it myself. Shit.)

Lola spent a long time judging the pros and cons of finding a guy to fuck her. Finally, she settled on a guy she had fucked in college, who lived about a half hour away from her home.

She sent him an e-mail. “Hi Danny, Lola here. I was wondering if you and I could get together for old times sake some afternoons at the Holiday Inn. “

She did not have to ask twice. They meet at one PM Friday. “Oh, I miss you Danny,” she cooed at him as he walked up to her. “God, Lola, You are a hot woman.”

Lola smiled, as she took his hand while walking to the elevator. (Damn straight I am Danny boy. I wore this red dress with my tits hanging out, so that your cock would be rock hard by the time we are in that room. I am going to drain every last sperm you have deep into my pussy.)

In the center of the room, she stopped. Danny lowered her zipper, and dropped the dress from her body onto the floor. She was not wearing either a bra or panties, so she stood before him, like a Greek Goddess. Absolute perfection.

( I remember the first time you fucked me in the front seat of that Firebird. I remember the first time you fucked me in the ass. Your fat cock hurt like hell because you did not have anything on it. But now, you are going to pay me off in full. You are going to father a baby for me.)

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