When R U Coming Home

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“What time R U coming home?” The text message made his phone vibrate in his pocket pulling his attention away from the present conversation he was having over dinner with his friend. It was only 8:15 and she usually worked until 9:00, so the text took a bit by surprise. Maybe something was wrong.

“One second, bud,” he said to his friend, signaling that he needed to text back.


“Yeah. Sorry.”

“No, no…no problem.” It wasn’t often these two got to see each other, since his friend moved across the country to Washington, D.C. for work. So, he was a bit annoyed at the interruption from his wife; more inconvenienced than annoyed. Still it needed his attention simply because of the odd timing.

“About 10:30 or so,” he texted back. He wondered what could be wrong.

They continued to talk, about their careers mostly, until briefly interrupted again by the vibrating cell phone now on the table.

“Sorry, man…” His annoyance grew as he picked picked up the phone once again.

“Ok! See U then! Drink one 4 me! ;-)” the text read. Given the wink at the end of it he inferred that the trouble he anticipated didn’t exist. He was relieved, as over the past few minutes he was conjuring up images in the back of mind of the “I hate work” or the “My sister needs me” type of conversations that usually followed such an early call. But neither seemed to follow tonight, and he went on having a good time with his buddy.

10:15 rolled around and brought with it the passing of two pitchers of some craft beer that neither really enjoyed, but both were too embarrassed to say so. The conversation storied its way through college times, future jobs, old friends, music and lastly turned to women and sex. They spoke of some favorite sexual moments from their past trysts, new techniques of which they ignorantly thought themselves pioneers, and some wills/will-nots of their current partners. He had been married to his wife for over nine years and together for much longer. They had sex quite often, so he felt like he knew well her limits and appetites. Thus, he could speak authoritatively on the subject.

It was a great place to end their time together. Both were a bit buzzed and the alcohol was starting to impose an equal effect on their libidos.

“I need to get going. I have to go to bed for fucking work tomorrow.” This was almost the truth. Had he just removed the words “school tomorrow” it would have been absolutely honest. Certainly, he was hoping to get laid when he went home tonight.

They parted their ways, knowing they would see each other again soon. They had a lifelong friendship, the kind that easily weathers the trouble of distance. Besides, they had a shared philosophy: sex first, guys later. So, no offense was ever taken whenever either’s blood ran to a boil.

He lived close by, walking distance from the bar to his condo. He walked with a spring to his step, the kind of quick skip a pedestrian has when crossing the street on a yellow light. Except the danger of being hit by a car was not the reason for it this time; rather the excitement of possibly seeing his cock soaked by the cum from his wife’s pussy jogged his feet to a quickstep.

He liked the feeling of being buzzed. It put him in a good mood. And it made him horny, which he always enjoyed. He looked at his cell phone for the time. 10:29. As he walked down the sidewalk that approached his building he began focusing on sex in his mind. He enjoyed this. He looked on it as an exercise in creativity. Perverse thoughts streamed through his head ranging from the rather mundane to the outright pornographic and nasty: simple thoughts like the feeling of a tongue twirling around the head of his cock during a blow job; or more advanced thoughts such as getting on his knees and eating his wife’s pussy as she showered; to those that he thought could only be filed under the heading “For Your Mind Only: Not To Be Shared” like how hot it would be to watch his wife get completely wreck-fucked by another man’s huge cock, see him fill her cunt with his cum, then watch some other woman tongue-fuck that hot load out of her pussy. All these thoughts began to swell his dick inside his pants just enough to make its presence known.

Jumping into the elevator he was alone riding up the 12 stories. Time enough for a thought or two more to help urge his cock further down the road to full erection. Being hard was another simple joy he took pleasure in. He loved the feeling of his full hard penis pressing against the hem of his jeans. He loved feeling how warm it felt against his inner thigh. He loved how long and thick it was, and how he could see the bulge it created under the material and how he wouldn’t mind if a woman were to do a double-take to his crotch perhaps sizing him up in her mind and maybe even making her pussy tingle with just a touch of sexual excitement. If he would admit to it, it made him feel manly.

As he rode the elevator up, mental perversity opened Bayan Eskort the floodgates to his dick. He thought of straddling his wife’s face, feeling her wrap her mouth around his balls while he jacked off. And while she watched him stroke his stiff dick, her tongue writhing on his balls, he would slowly build himself up to orgasm, releasing his cum onto her face. That made him hard. He thought of taking her from behind on her hands and knees. Her legs wide apart, her shoulders to the floor and her ass arched high into the air so her cheeks would spread wide apart revealing her tight little asshole to him. He thought of her reaching back with one hand between her legs and squeezing his ball sack and with the other she would reach back and slide a freshly licked, slick finger up her ass while he plunged his cock deep into her. That did it. The elevator door opened, and he was fully erect, pants bulging.

He checked his phone again for the time when he stepped off, 10:33. As he approached the condo door he could see the inside entry way light penetrating beneath the crack below. He knew she was still up, probably just out of the shower. He slid the key into the door, opened it and walked right in.

“Is that you?” she asked. Her voice was coming from the bedroom down the hall. Audible by slightly muffled.

“Yes, of course it is.”

“Are you alone?”

“Yeah.” He began to make his way down the hall to the bedroom, pausing briefly to stroke the cat resting on the floor.

“Ok. Good. I hope you don’t mind I went ahead and started without you.” With that he heard a subtle shift in her voice to something between seductive and “the cat who ate the canary.”

“What do you mean, started withou—” As he turned the corner through the bedroom door he saw exactly what she meant and needed no more to finish that question than he needed the proverbial new hole in his head.

There she was, perched on her hands and knees on the corner of the bed. Ass wide open to the door. The comforter was slightly ruffled from apparent recent activity. She was wearing a soft lavender baby doll chemise which if she was standing upright would have been just long enough to cover her pussy but short enough to reveal the infolding of her lower ass to her thigh. However, as she was positioned now, the chemise fell up the small of her back and rested there. There was one intention: give his eyes unfettered access to her ass and freshly shaved pussy.

Indeed, she must have started without him because even from within the door frame 10 feet away he could see her pussy was already gleaming. Oh, what he must have missed in the previous few minutes. What he could have seen if he’d only come home four minutes sooner. The thought of her touching herself, preparing herself to be fucked drove him mad.

This was unlike her, to be so overt and aggressively sexual. She would initiate sex, of course, but never anything like this. He was shocked and speechless. He was equally as turned on. She looked back over her shoulder and smiled at him.

“Hello there,” she said lowly. He had been clearly distracted by the sight of his wife bent over exposing her naked ass, and it was only then he noticed the purple plastic vibrator was resting between her legs right below her pussy as though it had just fallen out of her. This nearly made his cock explode inside of his pants. It almost hurt it was throbbing so hard against its material constraint.

“I was wondering if you might give me a hand. I seem to have run out of hands and I just can’t seem to get at the job I want done.” She was devilish with her curly red hair, and her pale skin. The smile she had in her eyes penetrated through him, and rested squarely on his cock. She looked down.

“You’re hard,” she said. “I can tell. I like that.”

“Good God. How can I help you?” He could feel the start of an adrenalin surge begin to course through his blood. It made his muscles start to shake. Like the feeling of butterflies in the stomach but all over. It aroused him, made him hyper-aware.

Still on her knees, and still showing him her glorious ass she said in an almost pouting tone, “Well, you see, here I was fucking myself with the vibrator and that took one hand. Then I started rubbing my clit with my other hand. So there both hands were busied. But I wanted more. The thought of you licking my ass while I fucked myself like this kept coming up in my mind and I began to crave it. But I ran out of hands and I couldn’t quite figure out a way to satisfy myself like that. So, could you lend a girl a hand? Or tongue, as the case may be?”

“You want me to lick your ass?”

“Yes,” she said in a whisper.

“Yes,” he replied.

Before he could move from his now frozen posture she had grabbed the vibrator and slid it into her eager pussy. It slid in with such ease that her pussy must have been flooded. She moaned with its initial thrust, spreading her pink lips apart. He began to move towards her, and she reached back with the other hand and spread her swollen mound apart so he could see the toy penetrate her.

“Wait. Don’t you want to watch for a bit? You know you do.”

She was right in her assumption. Another not-so-secret perversion of his was his joy of watching her touch herself. It was high on his list of ultimate turn-ons and she knew it; and she took full advantage of it.

His stopping halfway to her answered her question. There she was, showing off for him. It turned her on just as much as him, perhaps even a bit more. There was nothing like the feeling of being totally and completely carnally desired by another. She knew he wanted her. She knew it would be only moments until he unzipped his pants and pulled out his engorged cock and began stroking it to her. With this thought she felt her pussy tightly clench around the vibrator, forcing more blood into her box, further heightening its sensitivity. With this full arousal she began to softly tease her clit, rubbing the button, feeling her sex. He could see her asshole wink at him as she clenched down in pleasure.

He couldn’t resist. With this vision now in front of him, he quickly unbuttoned his pants and unzipped his fly. Reaching deeply into his boxer briefs he grabbed his cock. She delighted at the sight of how deep he really had to go into his underwear and down his leg before he could manage to grab control his dick. He was big. Perfectly big. Long and thick. And this deep grab only revealed that, as he had to fish for the head of his cock to pry it from the grasp of his pants. Quite nice.

“Yeah,” she sighed watching him free his hard-on from its cage, bringing it into her sight. She watched him around her shoulder, resting her cheek against the bed. He licked his hand and went to work on his cock. Squeezing around his balls and base of his rod with his other hand he made an impromptu cock-ring. This engorged his erection even further. He could feel his strong heart beat in his cock as it throbbed with each pulse. It felt so good. Clear precum was already dripping from the tip. “So quick?” he thought, but then remembered how he intentionally made himself hard on this walk home and thought that must have hastened its appearance. The slick liquid acted as the perfect lubricant for his stroking hand. He was entirely hard.

Not able to resist any longer he strode the rest of the way towards her and knelt behind her at the corner of the bed. She arched her ass as far into the air as she could, giving him complete and unfettered access. He moved his face close to her and could smell the sex pouring forth from her. He inhaled deeply, filling his lungs with the tempting scent. He closed in on her ass.

“Oh God,” she whimpered, “please lick my asshole.” Oh that word! It was like sweet nectar to his ears. An entire symphony of eroticism in that one simple word! There was something so dirty, so sexy, so forbidden, and so perfect in hearing that word come from his wife’s lips during sex. He let out a strong, deep groan of approval. Extending his tongue he found the wicked spot and tickled it with just the tip of his tongue.

She could only let out a breathy exhale at this pleasure. She now had exactly what she was craving. She was fulfilling her vision with her command. With a vibrator fucking her pussy, her fingers pleasuring her clit and his tongue rimming her ass, she melted in ecstasy. It was dirty. It was hot. It was explicit.

“I could cum so easily,” she said, “This feels so fucking good.” He hadn’t forgotten about himself, still stroking his cock while eating her he maintained his full manliness. “Go farther,” she pleaded.


“Just a bit. It feels so good. I want more. I want more of your tongue up my ass.” This took him by complete surprise. While rimming his wife was not terribly out of the ordinary for them, any kind of penetration like that was. In all the years they had been fucking each other she had never once asked for such a thing. Was this a newly exposed taste? A curiosity that had been slowly developing through the years, until one day it grows too large to contain? Naturally, he obliged her. Stiffening his tongue he slid it shallowly into her ass. How perfectly wonderful, he thought. And with this another course of adrenalin surged through him.

Her breathing audibly increased. Deeper, heavier with pleasure. He could feel her hips tighten with each stroke of the vibrator into her steaming slit, with each pass of her fingers over her satiny clit. She collapsed flat to her stomach onto the bed in an effort to keep herself from cumming.

“God that felt good!” she exclaimed into the bedding.

“Why did you stop?”

“I didn’t want to cum before I got to fuck you. You know me. I love the build up.”

“Oh, you want to fuck me, eh? I thought you just might want me to service you.”

“God no. I’ve been thinking about fucking you all day, it’s all I’ve been able to think about. Now take your clothes off.”

It was a command more than a suggestion. He did. And quickly. Rolling over she looked him over with her eyes. Raising her eyebrow and looking at his steel-like member, she signaled to her mouth with the tap of her finger tip to her lips. He climbed atop her and straddled her just like the vision he had in the elevator not 5 minutes ago. Hungrily she grabbed at his sex and took the head into her mouth. He could hear her moan under her breath as she ran her tongue over the head of his cock.

“You taste so good,” she said, briefly pulling his dick from her mouth. Raising his shaft up she opened her mouth and licked from the very base of his rod to the tip, making sure he was watching. She tongued his stiff shaft, soaking it with her spit assuring its slickness in her hand. She licked her palm and began stroking him over her face. She paid special attention to the tip of his cock, squeezing it with force as her wet hand slid over it. She knew he liked this. He began to thrust his hips, as though he were fucking her hands. At that she wrapped her tongue around his dick again, soaking it more, making her hands feel more and more like a wet pussy wrapped tightly around his erection. All this swamped his brain with thoughts of cumming on her face. It would be so fantastic, with her stroking his cock, taking it into her mouth to wet it, then letting himself explode. But not yet. He couldn’t cum yet. They hadn’t fucked.

He climbed from atop her and knelt beside her. A break for a brief moment, she took advantage and removed the chemise exposing her pastel vanilla skin. Her tiny pencil eraser-sized nipples contrasted their pink against her hue. They were erect and in need of attention. As she lay herself back down he assertively put himself upon her breasts, taking one nipple then the other into his mouth. He sucked forcefully on them, listening to her sigh out in satisfaction as he did. He reached between his legs and continued to stimulate his dick. Looking up with a nipple secured in his mouth he saw her turn her head to the side so to watch him touch himself. It was the reason, after all, he was doing so in the first place. She liked to watch just as much as he did; he knew it, and wasn’t ashamed to use it.

Still clinging to her nipple he reached between her thighs and felt for her pussy. One thing was certain; she was wet, very wet. A finger found easy entrance into her and slid effortlessly in and out. He had to taste it. Removing his finger from within her he sucked hard on it, devouring the elixir coating it. It tasted sweet and bitter at the same time. Perfect. He wanted—no—he needed more.

He worked his tongue down her body, never leaving her skin. Pausing briefly at her navel he moved toward her mound. Lying beside her, pressing his body against hers, his tongue began probing the folds of her pussy for her clit. He found it quickly, as a target that hard is not too difficult to find against the velvety backdrop. She let out a gasp of excitement at his discovery of her pearl. He wanted so to devour her as he licked the length of her lips. He had the strangest desire to spread her wetness all over his face, as though he wanted to bathe in it. He would if he could drink her succulent nectar flowing from within her. The taste, the texture, the smooth feel of it against his tongue; he love everything about giving her oral sex.

She shifted herself a bit against his body. She moved to her side. She wanted side-by-side sixty-nine, and he obliged. Something else struck him as new that she was doing. While giving him head she reached down with one hand and grabbed behind her knee pulling her free leg up and toward her chest. Doing this fully bared her cunt for him to eat. This was the second time tonight she gave him unfettered access to her most lascivious parts. First there was the fully arched ass, wide legged, all-access position he found her in when he arrived, and now this “there it is, ravish it” wide open leg position she was donning. Not to mention her explicit use of the word ‘asshole.’ What else had she in store for him tonight? Was this the advent of a newly blossoming flower of sexual prowess? Whatever it was, he was energized by it.

Fully opened to his taking, she recoiled in pleasure at the feeling of his tongue rubbing her clit. His mouth devouring her pussy with his face nearly buried in her ass. This was a temptation he could not resist. Reaching around her waist he firmly grasped one of the cheeks of her shuddering backside. She cried out with delight as his firmness, and the sound of it vibrated his cock while she smoothly maintained the pace of her blow job. He took hold of her cheek firmly and gave himself a bit of private show by spreading it from its partner to fully expose the star of her ass to himself. Oh, how he loved this. Could a man actually ask for anything more? Cock being sucked perfectly, eating a freshly shaved redhead’s pussy, taking a perfect ass into his hand and all the while be able to unabashedly stare at the wickedest of sites a woman’s body can offer…no, a man cannot ask for anything more.

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