When the Balls Drop; A New Years Tale Ch. 10

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Chapter Ten- The 3some of a Different Kind…

As she kissed Mason and felt his passions rise she took Veronica’s hand and slid it up between her thighs and under her panties. She pulled Mason’s arm around her and clamped it on her ample ass check…and he began to squeeze and knead them just as he’d done Veronica’s earlier.

Veronica worked her nimble fingers around and around the dancer’s pussy lips and rubbed her clit fiercely. Finally when she heard Candie and Mason both beginning to moan she licked two fingers and shoved them deep inside the heat of the dancer’s body…and removing them took a lick and then offered them to Mason for the final suck clean.

Mason guided Candie down onto the bench in the changing area and Veronica sank to her knees to eat the dancer’s sweet cunt, while Mason threw of his slacks and his boxers and positioned himself with one leg on either side of the dancer—one leg up on top the bench…

“Suck it…suck it you horny little slut.” He commanded.

“Mmm…Candie replied…you’re a big one aren’t you Blondie.”

As istanbul travesti the dancer sucked Mason’s big hard cock for all she was worth Veronica shoved her tongue into every corner and crevice of her pussy, sucking licking and tongue fucking her as hard as she could.

“Mmm…your girl’s a nasty bitch isn’t she…she loves eating my hot, wet, pussy…” Candie said in a moan.

Yes, I guess she does… Mason said. As he looked down and saw Veronica’s mouth going to town and her fingers jamming in and out of Candie’s body—and felt this strange sluts hot wet mouth on his cock—he had to let go…

“Oh, Fuck Veronica you look so good with your face buried in cunt… and you, you’re just sucking the hell out of me…Oh fuck …I’m gonna cum…you bitches are making me cum…” Mason moaned out as he spurted his load into the horny dancer’s mouth.

Candie slurped up what she could, Veronica moved her head away from the dancer’s cunt but continued to fuck it with her fingers letting the overflow of Mason’s cum fall right on şişli travesti the horny dancer’s bald cunt…

“I love the feel of hot cum on my pussy lips,” the dancer cried out.

Veronica took her tongue and began to swirl Mason’s cum inside of the wet hot lips of the dancer, mingling the two flavors together…

“Oh…what a taste Veronica touted…to taste both of your hot nasty juices all run together at once…that’s heaven…” Veronica breathed.

The combination of Mason’s hot cum and Veronica’s tongue and fingers nimbly working made the dancer turn to mush…cumming only minutes behind Mason.

“Well, now you’re the only one left to be taken care of Mason crowed as he looked down at Veronica—This should be r-e-a-l fun!” He chuckled.

Mason pushed Veronica up against the wall as she got to her feet—getting behind Candie he guided her down onto her knee’s in front of Veronica.

“Now let’s see how you like this, you’re such a horny little slut you’ll probably love it!” Mason laughed. bakırköy travesti

Getting down beside Candie the dancer on the floor Mason took her hands in his and they started their slow slide up Veronica’s thighs to Mason’s heaven—and the dancer’s ultimate surprise that waited in Veronica’s panties…

“Oh My God! The Dancer cried out…she’s a…she has a …” The dancer left her sentence unfinished.

“A cock…a big juicy healthy cock for you to suck and jerk—that’s right.” Mason finished her sentence for her.
As he said it, Mason lifted up the skirt of Veronica’s dress and showed the dancer the nice bulge that protruded from Veronica’s red lacey panties. The dancer had never been with anyone like Veronica before…

“Oh fuck it, it should be interesting and fun—and I’m horny as hell…” Candie thought to herself.

She rubbed her soft hand up the outside of Veronica’s panties, stroking the length of her shaft. Then removed them gently and let Veronica’s cock and balls fall free—hanging there in all her glory.

“You’re not small at all either are you…?” Candie commented when she saw Veronica’s healthy rod.

The dancer lowered her head and began to slurp Veronica into her mouth. She sucked her in deep and sucked her hard.

“I bet you’re an ass slut aren’t you…I think so…let’s find out…” Candie said as she licked a finger…

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