When the Boss Needs to Relax

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I closed my eyes and tilted my head backwards on the couch. I took a deep breath as she took my cock in her cool mouth.

She rolled her soft, moist tongue around my head, licking up a large drop of precum.

She wrapped her luscious lips around my cock head, then the entire upper half of my cock, then three quarters, then my whole cock, until i could feel her nose poking into my ballsack.

My gad she was deepthroating me. I let out a low moan in pleasure.

I had never felt a sensation like this before. Waves upon waves of pleasure shot out from my cock to every part of my body.

My heart raced, my ears throbbed and my mind was numb.

I could feel her rough and slippery tongue swirling around my cock head inside her mouth, humming as she did.

My butt tightened and a relaxed repeatedly, creating an upward thrust of my groin.

I had to summon all the willpower I had to not cum. I did not want this to end now. Or ever.

She stayed there for a couple minutes, and then started to slowly raise her head.

Slowly, ever so slowly she continued upwards, keeping those beautiful lips tightly gripping my throbbing manhood and her deliciously rough tongue swirling around it.

When she reached the tip of my cock, she began to bob her head up and down, keeping those luscious lips wrapped firmly around my penis which was by now drenched with her saliva. Some of her saliva flowed down over my scrotum, creating a tickling sensation as it went.

I was in heaven, and my entire body spasmed with wave upon wave of pleasure rising up from my groin and radiating outwards to every part of my being, from the tips of my hairs on my head to the tips of my toes.

As much as I wanted to look at the beautiful scene in front of me, I was so overwhelmed with pleasure I just couldn’t open my eyes.

Until now she didn’t use her hands – just her mouth. But now I felt her hand slide slowly up my right thigh towards my balls.

This sent more pleasure waves through my body.

Eventually her hand reached where I hoped it would: my balls. She took them gently in her fingertips, rolling them around like they were the most precious gems in the world.

All the time her mouth and tongue kept working on my cock.

Once again she started a deep dive. Slowly, slowly her mouth descended down my cock, her rough little tongue licking here and there.

Down, down she went. I felt my cock head go past the back of her tongue and enter her throat, going deeper than deeper until her nose touched her fingers that were massaging my balls. Touchdown.

Again, she stayed there, giving me time to enjoy the sensations.

She switched from massaging my balls, to gently scratching them with her nails.

This caused by balls to tighten up, tecavüz porno making the fine hairs on it stand straight up and become more sensitive, which only heightened the pleasure this amazing woman was giving me.

I thought about how young and beautiful she was, and about those beautiful blue eyes, that sexy smile, that gorgeous body, those pert breasts that always poked out from the tight tops she wore to work.

Never did I expect it to come to this. But here we were, and boy was she talented.

After some time she lifted her mouth off my cock moved down to my balls. She cupped my sack in her hand and took one testicle in her mouth. She sucked a little too enthusiastically, slightly hurting it, causing me to twitch.

“Sorry,” she said, and continued licking my balls gently. All the time, her other hand stroked my impossibly hard cock, using her own saliva as a lubricant.

“You like that, Mr A? Feeling better now?”

“A little,” I said.

Earlier that day I was really upset about a deal that went sour, and I was feeling really depressed. I was really counting on it.

As I sat on the couch in my office, Risk – her name is actually Mariska but that’s what I called her – came in and asked if I was okay.

Of course I was wasn’t. This deal meant a lot to me. We had both put in a lot of work.

She sat next to me, put a hand on my shoulder and started to gently massage my neck. I was a little surprised, but didn’t stop her.

Sensing I liked it, she asked me to turn away from her, and began to massage my neck with both hands. She was really good, and I felt instantly better. But I also had an erection, which made me feel a little guilty.

“Where did you learn that, Risk?”

“I don’t know – just picked up some stuff on YouTube, and then practiced on my boyfriend. Whenever he is like, wound up, I use this to calm him down. This and something else.”

“What else?” I asked.

“I can’t tell. You’re my boss!”

“I’ll be cool. Do tell!” I prompted her, even though by now I had a fairly good idea.

“Well, I read about this technique to calm a man by using my mouth on his thing. Whenever I tried it on my boyfriend, it worked wonders.”

“Maybe that’s what I need right now,” I muttered under my breath.

“I don’t mind if you’re cool with it.”


“You said that’s what you need right now, and I’m cool to give it a go, if you’re cool.”

“I didn’t intend for you to hear that,” I replied.

“But I did. And I’m still cool with it.”

Was this really happening? Was she offering to give me a blowjob?

“Sure! I really need to calm down. What do I need to do?”

“Okay, remove all your clothes, sit back on the couch, and close your eyes. In the mean travesti porno time I’ll lock the front door.

My office was this tiny pigeon hole at the end of the corridor in a nondescript office building. Only Risk and I worked there, and no one really visited the place because all the work was done online.

By the time she was back, I had removed all my clothes. Except for my best and briefs.

“Mr A don’t be shy. Remove those too. Let me help you.”

Once I was totally naked, she sat next to me on the couch and began administering her treatment on me.

Now, fifteen minutes later, here we were, my balls in her mouth, her little hand gently stroking my cock.

She suddenly stopped and smiled at me.

“This next part is going to blow your mind!” She said.

“Are you kidding?” I thought.

She knelt on the floor on front of me and grasped my ankles. Slowly pushing them upwards, she said, “I’m gonna need you to put your feet on the edge of the couch and stick you butt out a little.”

I did as I was told and felt a little stupid sitting there with my balls and ass just inches from her pretty face.

“Now relax.” She said.

She gently pushed my balls upwards towards my cock and began to lick them. She gradually moved up to the base of my cock, sucking, nibbling and biting gently.

Slowly she moved upwards until she reached the top where she licked up a puddle of precum from my tip and then took my head in her mouth, all the time still holding my balls up close to my cock.

Down, down, down she went. I felt my cock go past her mouth into her throat once again, until her chin rested on my balls. The feeling was indescribable.

Slowly she came up again, removed my cock from that sweet mouth and started to lick and nibble the underside of my cock, going down towards my balls.

This time she didn’t stop at my balls. She went past my balls to my taint and started to lick me there. My gad the feeling was so good I had goosebumps all over my body. My cock throbbed in her hand.

Up and down my taint she went, gently licking and nibbling.

And then she did something that nearly made me jump off the couch.

On one of her trips down my taint, she went too low and her tongue brushed against my anus. The feeling was like getting struck by lightning, except in a pleasurable way.

When my body twitched she giggled and asked what happened. I said she had mistakenly licked my anus.

“Oh, that was not a mistake,” she said, and went back to licking my taint.

Once again she went down, down, down. I knew what was coming, so I braced myself.

Slowly she approached my anus and then gave it a tentative lick – just to see how I’d react. Then she went all in.

She xhamster porno began to lick my a-hole with her moist little tongue, going up and down, around and around. Every now and again she pushed the tip of her tongue a little into my butthole.

How do I describe such a feeling? The combination of her licking plus the coolness of her breath on my anus was sending ripples of pleasure to every part of my being.

In some ways it was more powerful than having my cock sucked.

She took her time with this, slowly massaging my asshole with her tongue.

As great as this was, eventually I began to crave her mouth around my cock again. I needed release.

As if she read my mind, she slowly moved up to my taint, then my balls, then my cock.

As she did before, she slowly licked upwards until she reached my tip, where an even bigger puddle of precum awaited her than before, on the tip of my cock and on my belly.

After licking it up, she stopped, climbed back onto the couch, and asked me to lower my legs back to the floor.

My anus still tingled from her administrations earlier.

She lay her head on my tummy and took my throbbing member into her mouth once again.

This time she didn’t deeepthroat me, but took me in about half way, sucking and doing that delightful thing with that rough tongue, darting it all around my cock. Her hand was busy alternating between groping, massaging and scratching my balls.

It didn’t take long after that.

From the depths of my soul I felt something start to rise, like a volcano in the depths of the earth rising slowly upwards.

As it rose higher it gained momentum, spreading warmth throughout my body.

Up and up it rose, increasing in power, making my whole body numb with pleasure.

I felt the head of my penis begin to swell even more, as if it were going to burst.

Then, finally it erupted with all the force of a mighty volcano, straight into her mouth.

I gave out a loud moan as load upon load of my semen shot out from my cock into her waiting, welcoming mouth that was firmly locked around my swollen penis.

Wave upon wave of pleasure washed over me as I came with an intensity I had never felt before.

For a short moment I wondered how her mouth managed to contain so much cum, but then another wave of pleasure washed through my body and all thoughts were washed away.

Fireworks went off inside my head as she continued to suck the essence out of me for what seemed like an eternity.

Eventually, the waves began to slow down. Slowly, slowly the spasms subsided, and the flow of semen with it, until it came to a stop. I was spent.

Even then, she kept her mouth glued to my cock, as if hopeful a last bit was going to come out.

As my ability to think returned, all I could say was, “Oh my gad. Oh my fucking gad. What was that!”

With a little sucking sound she pulled her mouth off my cock, careful not to drip any cum. Then she swallowed everything, held my cock and gently kissed the tip.

“Feeling better now?” She asked.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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