Whispers Of Erotica

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Ah I feel so sensual today, it feels so electrifying as I run my finger tips softly up and down my legs covered in my smoke colored thigh high nylons as I lay on my bed with thoughts of you seducing me with that look in your eyes that tell me you want me, you need me and I melt from the touch of your finger tips on my face so softly as your body rises down slowly and tenderly over my body. Our flesh touches and I feel electricity shoot through my body sending me into complete sweet ecstasy and I can feel my heat rising between my thighs.

You whisper *I need you* into my ear that sends a warm sensation through my body and the desire of wanting you, needing you builds so high within my body. You look so tenderly into my eyes as your hand cups my breast and then slowly your moist mouth takes the hard sensitive nipple that you call your cherry and you suck it softly, licking it playfully with your tongue as I feel your hand moving down my trembling body and you enter me with your finger and bringing Ankara travesti your finger to your lips your tongue slowly licks my nectar and then you enter your mouth with your finger sucking the juice into your mouth.

Uh, uh, mmmmm

My legs open wider receiving your hard erection deep into my hot juices and our bodies become as one, moving together without being told how, just knowing what the other wants and needs. All I know is I want you and the satisfaction that you always give me when we meet for a moment of stolen pleasures and love. Oh baby give it to me, please, give it to me like I need you and want you so much.

Uh, uh mmmmm

Yes like that . . . oh yes your driving me insane! I want it harder and deeper each time you thrust your erection deeper inside of my body, filling me with your love, passion and touch. I need you so much and will settle for these stolen moments in time and silent erotic whispers in my ears. Oh my fire is so hot, almost like being Antalya travesti in madness from this Divine pleasure you are giving to me and I to you. Yes, yes . . . harder, deeper I am going to explode my hot steamy juices all over your thick throbbing erection that is so hard and driving deeper and deeper oh my we are both cuming *yes*, *yes* oh baby *yes* mmm as I close my eyes I can actually taste our juices that have gathered on your cock as I lick up every drop of us off of your semi soft cock while I make sure your balls are nice and cleaned as well.

When I see that once more your cock has grown hard and I hungrily suck your cock receiving all the cum from us from the first time as I clean the center of the hole with my tongue while sucking your cock and rolling it around in my mouth. You’re hips begin to move in a slight thrusting motion and my hands grab each of you’re ass cheeks as I massage them firmly while sucking you because I love the taste of your salty cum İstanbul travesti as it shoots hot and thickly down my throat. More baby, give me more.

Oh yes ram it down my throat by grabbing the back of my head and banging my mouth down so your cock is in my throat gagging me causing me to produce a thicker saliva to run from the corners of my mouth and you raise my head up to look into my eyes that are watering from the ramming of your cock into my throat, I begin to pinch your balls as you bang my mouth over and over until you spew your cum down my throat and covering my face with the rest. You throw me on the bed on my belly and taking my double headed dildo you place one in my ass and one in my cunt and you watch me squirm my hips trying to get that climax that is building in my pussy making my walls of my pussy push my hot juices out over the dildo.

Suddenly you stop, you roll me over on my back and straddle me placing your cock in my mouth as you finish the ass and pussy fucking with the dildo. I feel your tongue on my swollen clit. Oh it begins to throb over and over until I feel my juices gushing out and once more you fill me full of your hot thick cum down my throat as it oozes out of the corners of my mouth. Mmmm such naughty thoughts you do give me.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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