Who Can Tell?

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The house was almost completely empty, but it sounded full. A movie was playing on the TV, music was playing on the radio, and three people were sprawled out in various positions on the large couch. There were beer cans, shot glasses and empty liquor bottles strewn around the room. The three people occupying the couch were in good spirits, laughing and talking.

Cassidy, or as the other two called him, Cass, was laying on the end of the large semi-circular couch with his legs on the back and his head on the arm rest. He was managing to balance his glass so it didn’t spill in one hand. He was small, petite even, and could easily stretch over the back of the couch with no trouble. He was flexible too, which helped with his positioning.

In the center, were Adam and Jane. Adam had his feet on the couch, with Jane lying with her head across his legs. She was petite too, maybe a bit taller than Cassidy, but not by much. Adam, however, was anything but small. He’d played rugby in highschool and college, and looked like it. He was big, to describe him simply. He stuck out with the other two, a good foot or more above them, perhaps only out weighed by both together.

Adam, Cass, and Jane in the middle were celebrating. Adam had gotten a job at the recording studio he had been interested in working for since he was a kid. It was cause to celebrate, and the celebration was good.

They had drank, and laughed, and played games, but more than anything they had talked. The three had been friends since kindergarten, and talked easily with one another. They had talked a lot already that night, and as all things eventually go, the topic turned to sex. Cass was bisexual, although he did greatly prefer sleeping with men, and a bit of a whore as well, and had few reservations about talking about who he had been with. When he drank the few that were there disappeared.

When Jane drank she would undergo a similar transformation. She would get red in the cheeks and talk about all the things she normally would be far too embarrassed to even think about saying. She especially liked asking Cass, when the subject came up, about his sexual experiences with other men. It made her feel slightly uncomfortable in a way she deeply enjoyed, but would never admit to.

Adam on the other hand didn’t like it. He liked Cassidy, but he very much didn’t like his sexuality, or the fact that he was so open about it. Whenever they drank together, and it was every time they drank together, Cass would start talking about cocks he had sucked, or ridden, or both. It made a pit form in Adams stomach. When Jane was there it was worse, because she would goad him on. It could sometimes make him angry, and tonight was no different.

“He pulled over off the side of the road…” Cass said, Jane listening intently. “I could hear the police sirens getting closer and he just puts his hand on the back of my head” Cass put his hand on the back of his own head to demonstrate. “And grunted Don’t stop. They won’t notice you down there.”

Jane was staring at him. “So what did you do?” She asked.

Cass smiled. “Well of course I just kept sucking him. His member felt so good in my mouth, why would I even want to stop?” He laughed, so did Jane. Adam didn’t. “Just as the police car drove by he popped in my mouth, right down my throat.” Jane shivered. Adam could feel her shivering on his legs. He felt uncomfortable, and maybe it was because he was drunk but he decided to speak up.

“Can we not just talk about all the guys you’ve fucked?” He asked angrily. Cassidy looked over at him.

“Oh.. sorry, am I making you jealous?” Jane giggled. After a a second Cass laughed with her.

Adam scowled. “No, I just think it’s gross, I don’t want to think about some guy nutting in your mouth. That’s gross.”

Jane looked up at him. “Don’t be homophobic Adam.” She scowled at him.

“It’s not…” He started but Cass interrupted him.

“Oh please.” Cass said angrily, not bothering to sit up. “You cum in Jane’s mouth and you don’t think that’s gross. There’s no difference between that and my story.”

“There absolutely is. You’re a guy, that’s a huge difference.”

“You really think so?” Cass finally slid his legs off the back of the couch and set them on the floor. Cass was wearing shorts that bunched up slightly. “I’ve been called a ‘good girl’ enough times at glory holes by confused straight guys to know that there’s no difference between a guys mouth and a girl’s mouth.” Jane sat up slightly, shivering.

“Bullshit. Of course you can tell.”

“You want to bet on that?” Cass stood up and strode over to Adam. “How confident are you that you could tell the difference?” Janes face was bright red now. So was Adams. Cass put his foot up on the coffee table, pulling up the leg of his shorts slightly. “You see that sticking out of a door, could you tell if it was a guys or a girl’s?” Cassidy’s leg was slender, hairless, pale, and all around feminine. Adam didn’t say anything.

Cassidy eskort gaziantep walked up to Adam. “So why don’t you put your money where your mouth is. Or, I guess, where my mouth is.” Cass put his hands on Adams thighs. “Me and Jane take turns sucking your cock, and you guess who is who. You get it right I’ll never talk about my sex life again.”

There was a pause. Jane watched the two. Her crotch was hot and there was a dark patch in her underwear. Adam didn’t look away from Cass. “What happens if I guess wrong?” He finally asked.

Cass smiled. “I get the satisfaction of knowing I was right…” He paused for a second. “And you nut in my mouth.”

“No.” Adam said flatly.

Jane sat up, resting her hands on Adams shoulders. “Oh come on. It’ll be fun, it’s just some dumb game.” Cass stood up, looking at him. “Plus there’s no way you’ll lose. We’ve been together for so long you’ll know for sure.”

He had no idea why, but Adam grumbled, crossed his arms over his chest and said “fine. Just to make sure you shut up for good.”

Cass smiled. Jane bit her lip, looking between the two men. “I’ll grab a blindfold.” Cass said. He walked out of the living room, returning a few moments later. Cass stood over Adam for a moment before putting one knee on the couch, then the other and straddled him. Adam blushed as the blindfold slid down over his eyes. Janes hearts was pounding.

“Now…” Cass said as he stood up. He offered his hand to Jane, and pulled her up to her feet. “Rules. Keep your hands to yourself. My hair is quite a bit shorter than Jane’s, and you’ll know for sure that way. Now let’s get those pants off.”

“Yeah yeah let’s just get this over with so you can shut up…” Adam grumbled as Jane and Cass undid and pulled down his pants. His cock was already rock hard. No one commented on it. His cock was big, bigger than Cass had expected. At least 9 inches. He had had bigger, but he had had many smaller.

Cass looked over at Jane, smiling. “Lucky girl.” He mouthed to her. She laughed a little, covering her mouth, nodding. “You go first.” He mouthed, pointing at her.

“Okay Adam.” She said. “This is mouth A.” She said, waiting a moment before taking his cock into her mouth. She bobbed her head up and down on his member, swirling her tongue in circles as she went. She gently cupped his balls with one hand, stroking his shaft with the other. Adam let out a sigh, smiling. It was too easy. He was sure that was her.

After almost a minute of a fantastic blow job she pulled off with a satisfying pop. Cass started at Adams wet cock, his own hardening by the minute. “And this is mouth B” she said. A second later Cass took Adams cock into his mouth and began sucking. Adam tensed up. It felt identical, the swirling tongue, the hands on his balls and stroking his shaft. There were no differences he could find.

He tried to hyper focus on the fine details, but his head was swimming. It wasn’t just that it felt good, but that it was Cassidy’s mouth feeling so good. Then it occurred to him that this could very well be Jane’s mouth, and he had been convinced that Cass was Jane already. They switched again, but it didn’t help. They switched again. He couldn’t tell who was who at all. For all he could tell Cass hadn’t touched his cock. He shivered as he realized maybe it was only Cass touching his cock.

Finally Adam mustered all his confidence and proudly say. “Alright Cass, I know that’s you, you’re nowhere near as good as Jane is.” The mouth lifted up off of his cock a half an inch before stopping. His cock was still in Cass’s mouth. “Seriously, were done.”

“Are you sure?” Cass asked before laughing. Adam ripped the blindfold off, seeing Cassidy sitting with his hand on Jane’s head, keeping Adams cock in her mouth. He was smiling. Jane pulled up as Cass pulled his hand away. She wiped spit away from her mouth, and was about to say something, but Cassidy spoke first. “Looks like I win.” He laughed, and Jane couldn’t help but giggle.

“You cheated. You never even…” Adam started, but he didn’t finish. He let out a sigh as the feeling returned. Jane was off to the side as Cass expertly sucked her boyfriend’s cock. She watched intently, bitting her lip. She slide her fingers into her panties, bucking her hips as Adam moaned. “Fine… You won. I was… Oh fuck… I was wrong.” He bucked his hips into his friends mouth, letting out a stifled moan.

Cass sucked, bobbing his head up and down faster and faster. It felt so good, Adam didn’t cover his moan this time. Suddenly Cass pulled away, a wet pop sound coming from his mouth. “Or…” He said, staring directly into Adams eyes. “We could do double or nothing, cause I bet there’s lots of things you can’t tell the difference between me and Jane on.” He said, confident.

Jane watched the two, still fingering herself. “What… What did you have in mind?” She asked Cass.

“Well…” He said as he turned to look at her. gaziantep eskort bayan “I bet he would easily confused my asshole for yours.” He turned back to Adam. “You get it right, I shut up about my sex life around you for good. You lose…” He trailed off, pretending to think. “Well we’d have to double it, so you’d fuck me properly. And finish in me.” Adams cock twitched.

“I…” He started, stopping. He wasn’t sure he wanted to do it, but again something pushed him on to finish it, to get him to shut up once and for all. “Fine. If you’re okay with it Jane.”

He started to say, but before he could finish Jane cut him off. “Of course. Yes of course. It’ll be fun. Plus you’ll obviously win.”

Cass stood up. “Perfect. Now put that blind fold back on.” Adam did as he was told. “Now here’s the rules. You sit back and let Jane and I take turns riding you. Again, no hands. When you’re sure you’re in Jane you say so, but keep the blindfold on and finish. You can use your hands after you guess.”

Jane had already stripped while Cass was talking, and he wasn’t far behind her. Adam didn’t know of course, he wasn’t able to see. “Ass number one.” Jane said. He felt a hand grip his slick, still hard cock, holding it still while he slid inside of someone. He couldn’t tell who it was, only that it felt amazing.

“Fuck…” He mumbled under his breath as the hand let go and someone started bouncing up and down on him. The round ass slapped against his stomach and hips. He could hear two sets of heavy breathing, and soft morning, but he could hardly tell which was which. Adam dug his fingers into the couch to keep from grabbing at his unseen partner.

“And this is asshole number 2.” Jane said as the ass slide off. The process repeated with a new ass on his member. He moaned softly. Perhaps this one was a bit tighter, but it was hard to tell, it easily could have been his imagination. They switched back, again this one seemed tighter.

The pair rotated several more times before Adam felt it, and was certain. He didn’t say anything, panting and moaning. “Ass number…” Jane started to say before Adam cut her off.

“Not so fast, Jane. Sit your ass back down I know it’s you.” The ass slapped against his lap. He let out a little sigh of pleasure as the ass gripped his cock. “Fuck…” He moaned under his breath. He reached out, not taking the blind fold off and grabbed thick hips. He dug his fingernails into them. His cock was throbbing.

They started to bounce again, up and down slow at first, but quickly picking up speed. Adam thrusted in and out in time with the movement of the ass he was so enjoying. He wasn’t sure of anything at that point, not even his own sexuality. He felt a mouth on his balls, ‘janes taking it well.’ he thought. ‘she can’t be upset if she’s willing to blow me while I’m fucking Cass.’

Jane had enjoyed switching back and forth, sharing her boyfriend’s cock with Cassidy, but she had wanted to make sure he made the right choice. While riding him she had pressed her thumb against his leg just enough to be noticeable, just enough to convince him ass number 1 was Cassidy’s. The plan had backfired. He must have taken it as a signal that it was her, not as the tip of a cock brushing against his leg.

He didn’t seem to mind that Cass was between his legs though. That was confusing for her. She did have to admit that she enjoyed the stimulation of feeling Adams cock sliding in and out of her mixed with that of Cass on his knees for her boyfriend.

Cass licked up and down on the shaft as it was exposed with every thrust. He knew what had really happened, had seen it. He knew Jane had tried to convince Adam that she was Cass, had tried fake a cock touching him. He also knew that it had worked, that Adam was convinced that Jane and Cass’s positions were reversed, that he had lied and meant to finish inside of Cass. He was pissed Adam wasn’t inside of him. He had gone for the double or nothing gamble, and now thanks to Jane he would get nothing. He had to think, figure out a way to spin it.

Cass opened his mouth and took part of Adams sack into his mouth. He felt his balls pulse, and knew Adam was close. He had to think fast. “Fuck, Jane I’m close.” Adam moaned. Two ideas popped into his head, one good, one bad. Adam groaned, digging his fingers into Jane’s hips. He came inside her. She moaned, so did Cass.

Adam laid back, sighing. Cass put a finger on Jane’s lips, keeping her quiet. “Guess what Adam…” Cass teased.

“Oh no… Did I guess wrong again?” He asked. Cass almost believed he was upset about it. Cass smiled.

“Nope. You got it right.” The slight frown on Adams face turned to a complete one. He tried to say something but Cass cut him off. “Weird though, you didn’t mind that I was playing with your balls. Did you like that?”

“No… I… Well…” He stammered, not taking off the blind fold. His face was turning red.

“You liked how gaziantep eskort my mouth felt on your balls, didn’t you?”

“No, I just…”

“Unless you really can’t tell us apart, and thought that was Jane’s mouth, and my ass.”

Finally Cass stopped, and let Adam get a word in. “Why would I do that?” He asked, raising his voice. Jane hadn’t climbed off Adam yet, and could feel his cock, which had started to go flaccid, stiffening again inside of her. She was blushing now too. “Why would I try to lose on purpose?”

“Why’d you agree to the game in the first place?” Cass asked. He leaned in closer to Jane’s ear, whispering to her. His cock rubbed against Adams leg, and she felt his cock twitch inside of her. Her stomach turned from the excitement.

Adam was stammering, filling the silence until he found a good reason. “I… I just wanted you to shut up for once in your life.”

Cass laughed. “You wanted to fuck me. Just admit it. You like men almost as much as I do I think.” Adam was pissed. He pulled the blindfold off, glaring at Cass.

Adam picked Jane up and tossed her onto the couch. He stood up, towering over Cassidy. “I’m not gay.” His pants slid to the floor as he stepped out of them. His cock was rock hard.

Cass smiled. “New game. If you don’t fuck me, you win, if you do, I win.” Adams face turned dark red.


“Take that shirt off, you’ve got to be naked for this game. If you win it’ll prove you’re not gay.” Adam stared at Cass for a second before pulling it off. “Good boy.” Cass said, making Adams cock twitch.

“So here are the rules.” Cass said. Jane watched from the couch. “I try to get you to fuck me without forcing myself on you. I win if you cave, you win if you don’t.”

“Easy.” Adam said.

“If you win, we never fuck again.” Cass said. Adams blush darkened. “If I win, we can fuck whenever we want. You win and you never get to use my ass like a fleshlight again. Never get to cum in my mouth, or in me at all.”

Cass paused, neither did anything for a few moments before he continued talking. “If I win you can just come to my house and whip out your cock. I’ll service you like the good little whore I am right in the doorway.”

Adam grit his teeth. Cass stepped closer, his cock hard too. “You could do anything you want to me if I win. Really, you should want to lose.” He said softly. Adam glanced over at Jane. She was masturbating. Adam reached out as he turned back to Cass, grabbing his wrist. Cass giggled.

Adam scowled at him. “Will you shut up already?”

Cass smiled. “Make me.”

Adam grabbed Cass’s head and shoved him to his knees. Cass opened his mouth and stuck out his tongue as Adam pushed his cock in. “This doesn’t count…” Adam grunted as he pressed Cass’s nose into his pubic hair. “I’m just shutting you up.” Jane moaned.

Cass looked up at Adam, eyes glowing with lust. “I’m not fucking you…” Adam said, his cock twitching inside Cass’s throat. He grabbed his head with both hands. “I’m not getting pleasure from it so it doesn’t count. If I was…” He trailed off, realizing that he was thrusting slightly in and out of the little whore’s mouth. What he was about to say he wasn’t doing.

Cass had gotten him. His cock felt so good in the whore’s mouth. Warm and wet, with that tongue doing circles around his shaft. Adam groaned. “Fucking whore…” He grunted angrily. Adam started to thrust in and out of his mouth. Adam stared into Cass’s eyes for a moment while fucking his mouth. After a moment he looked away. Jane was still masturbating.

Adam kept fucking his friends face, harder and harder, speeding up. Cass didn’t even flinch, he sat there, mouth open, tongue swirling. Adam pulled his cock out of Cass’s mouth, slick with his saliva. Cass wiped his mouth. “Looks like you lo- ah!” Cass started to say, cut off by Adam grabbing him and tossing him back on to the couch next to Jane.

“Shut the fuck up Cass.” Adam pressed him down into the couch. Cass let out a squeak. Adam held him down as he shoved his cock into Cass’s tight hole. He let out a groan. It felt great.

“Oh fuck…” Cass moaned. His own spit letting his friends member slip easily inside of him. His legs shook slightly. Adam shoved his head back into the couch. “Ow.” Cass moaned into the cushion as Adams hips slapped against his ass.

The slapping sped up, soft moans coming from Cass, grunts from Adam matching each one. “Just keep quiet.” Adam grunted. “I wouldn’t be doing this if you weren’t so fucking tight. Slut.” Cass moaned, digging his fingers into the couch.

Jane climbed over to the two, kissing Adam. “Fuck him good baby.” She said into his mouth. He grunted, speeding up. She kissed him again, holding his head in her hands. She put her knee on Cass’s back. He moaned.

Adam complied, fucking Cass harder than before. Cass’s moans came out in pieces, each bounce cutting him off. Adam slowed down, stopping just long enough to pull out and flip Cass onto his back. He wanted to see that cute little face distorting in pleasure. He started fucking him again, quickly regaining his speed and force. “You’re so…” Cass moaned, “fuck… Lucky Jane.” Cass laughed, smiling for a second before moaning, his eyes rolling back in his head.

Jane giggled. Adam groaned, not stopping. “Fuck I’m close.” He grunted.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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