Who Says I Love You?

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I stared across the bar, past a thousand conversations to stare at her. Her dark, wavy hair was swept back off her shoulders, baring just the tiniest hints of her collarbones, I felt my mouth watering at the thought of nibbling along them, nipping my teeth along the skin until it…

I shook myself and tried to smile as I realised she was staring at me, a tiny corner of her moth crooked in a knowing smile. She could feel my hunger for her from across the room. Her eyes dropped, but how far, I didn’t know. I thickened anyway.

She lifted a glass of champagne to her darkened lips as I made my way across the room to her. I tried on my confidant smile, as though her lust was my air and I could taste her, and walked over. She watched me move through the crowd towards her and lifted the champagne glass to her lips again.

She held it delicately, with her pinky finger lifted as though she were drinking tea. She watched me as I stared at her lips, moving through the crowd and coming up next to her. I looked pointedly at the glass as she lowered it, staring at me.

I felt myself drowning in her eyes, my lust for her losing it’s fervour for a moment against the sublime perfection of her dark orbs. Her dark, half-lidded eyes watched me, knew almost all there was to know about me before I could pretend it was all just a lie. I felt my throat go dry, then reminded myself that I was the predator here.

“Celebrating…?” Her perfectly sculpted eyebrow lifted up in amusement as she knowingly smiling at me again. Her smouldering brown eyes watched me from behind slim glasses. Rather than detract, they made her appearance. She looked gorgeous beyond belief, and the glasses only added to that, though she wouldn’t have lacked without them.

Again that knowing smile, her mocha painted lips parting slightly to reveal bright white teeth. She knew my hunger for her already. She could have felt it from the other side of the room, but up near her, I could smell her scent, confidant, feminine. I inhaled again, through my slightly open mouth, tasting her scent on the air. Versace` Woman. Hmm. I closed my mouth and inhaled deep again. Sandalwood and vanilla came from her hair. Not hotel shampoos, that was for sure. Perhaps her own scent, as luxurious and intoxicating as the woman herself…

She held the drink away from herself for a moment, her other arm crossed across her chest. I refused to let my eyes drop below her lips, although I knew the alabaster skin awaited my ravenous eyes. I knew too, that a fine line of vivid red would peek through the black lines of her top. Her red skirt covered an ass so delectable as to be irresistible.

An unbidden image came to my mind of the vase of flowers in my waiting hotel room, the large red flowers spread wide and inviting. For a moment, my fingers itched to put one behind her ear as I kissed her, and I caught myself as I started to reach up, and plucked her glass out of her hand, and drained it.

I nodded to the passing barmen, and he poured two more glasses. “I am, yes…” Her voice was low, yet I could hear every word that passed, breathed, through her lips. My eyes focussed on their plump thickness and I again resisted the urge to hold the side of her face in my palm and kiss her then and there. “We closed a big account this week. We head back in the morning.” I nodded, thinking how difficult it would have been to keep concentrating on something so menial while sitting across from this vision of sexual confidence.

“Congratulations. You’re staying in the hotel?” Another ghosted smile flicked across her face, bending her lips momentarily. Her eyes laughed at me again as she knowingly nodded.

“Not many reasons to drink in a hotel bar if you’re not staying in the hotel itself…” Her tongue darted out to flicker across her lips and I felt my hardness pushing against the restraining denim.

I wondered for a moment if my lust for her was as obvious to her as to me. I glanced away as my eyes drifted down. Sure enough, that vivid line of red caught my attention again. Her curled tresses of black silken hair framed her cleavage, but the silken curls only inflamed me further.

“Um…” Silently I cursed myself for my nerves. I glanced back and knew she’d seen it. Far from disgust or affront, she seemed pleased at my inability to breathe or concentrate. I turned back, determined to even the footing. “True.” Witty riposte. The charm, the sophistication. The blood trained back into my brain slowly as I tried once again to focus. I handed her glasses back to her, which she took delicately, her long nailed fingers touching mine for just a moment longer than necessary.

I leant past her for a moment, putting my glass on the bar as I glanced sideways at her lips again. Her face was almost an inch away, as though she had expected me to kiss her. She didn’t Maltepe Öğrenci Escort flinch back, and I gave a small smile, seeing her parted lips. I raised my eyes to hers and grinned again, feeling my confidence surge. The music thumped loudly in my ears as I opened my lips, leaning in closely to her ear. I breathed hotly on her ear for just a split second, and felt her stiffen against me.

“Would you like to head out to the lounge and I can get you another drink?” She breathed in deeply, and drained off her glass in a single swallow.

I slipped my hand down to the small of her back and steered her to the small lounge a bit further out towards the lobby, but there were no seats free. She flicked her hair over her shoulder and the ghosted smile slid across her face again.

“I’ll be back in a minute…” She made a move towards the bathroom and I slid up behind her, my hand going to her rear, sliding around her skirt. She stiffened again, then pushed back against me ever so slightly as her eyes drifted closed for an instant behind her glasses. I lifted her purse and slipped my spare room key into it. I didn’t say anything else, and I watched her eyes glaze over hotly.

She breathed in deeply and I moved away, walking unhurriedly through the throngs of people. I glanced back once just as I moved around the corner. She was talking to her friend, already moving towards following me.

I raced up the stairs and moved to my room quickly. I knew she wouldn’t hurry, would make me wait, and I didn’t take the time lightly. I moved about the rented apartment, lighting candles and lowering the lights.

I slipped another bottle of champagne into the ice bucket by the bed and turned on the cd player sitting on the dresser at the foot of the bed when I heard the key card beep in the door. I moved through the apartment quickly as she shut the door and her handbag dropped to the floor.

I was against her in a heartbeat, feeling her lips against mine finally. The heat surged through me, and I reared back, not taking my lips from hers as I peeled my shirt off. Her nails scored up my back and her nylon covered thighs parted, sliding up my legs until her leg hooked in behind my knee, pulling me further into her cradling body.

Her mouth was open and wet, heat and lust raging between us. I pulled her through the darkened apartment and she ran her nails over my chest and shoulders, feeling my skin under her fingertips. Her teeth raked at my mouth and I nipped her chin and jaw line with my teeth as she arched her chin up, feeling her pulse hammering in her throat.

She pushed me back and her eyes tolled back and fired brightly as she focussed on me. Her eyes travelled down to my crotch and she slipped her hands forwards, undoing my zip and plunging her hands inside my jeans. Her nails slid over the bulging strain of my cock against my boxers and she smiled as I gave a low groan. Her index fingertip slid over the tip of my cock and ran back again, her nail sliding along the silk covering and making my hips thrust forwards.

She turned around to the stereo and reached into the CD case as I went back to nibbling on her neck and shoulders.

My fingertips spread over the black satin top and across, feeling her hard nipples against my palms as I reached for the buttons almost tearing her shirt. Her left hand slid down her body and reached behind her ass, grabbing my cock as I pressed it against her ass and squeezing hard. My knees buckled and she ran her thumb over the tip and loosened her grip as she closed the CD player with her free hand and hit play. “Someone Like Me” by Atomic Kitten Started as her red encased rear beckoned me.

She turned and pushed me back towards the bed, but I shook my head and twisted, throwing her past me onto the sheets. She gave a low squeal of surprise, but I slid up her body, pressing my hips and cock down against her raised ass as my hands spread over her ass. The Sandalwood and Vanilla of her hair filled the room, and her perfume wafted around me, drowning out the electric heat of my lust. I lowered my boxers and kicked my pants off as I knelt proudly over her.

She rolled over, seeing my proud hardness and her smile nearly took in her ears as she moved forwards. I leant over her and her mouth engulfed my cock. The head slid into her waiting mouth, and her thick lips smiled around me as I gasped in frustration, reaching for her wrist. I wanted her pleasure, not mine tonight. Tonight was about her. I wanted to worship her, and she was enjoying teasing me with this…

Her eyes widened as I slipped the first silk tie around her wrist and pulled it tight. Not tight enough to hurt, but enough to hold.

I lowered my lips to hers again kissed her slowly, softly, as my other hand travelled up her body and slipped the other silk tie Maltepe Çıtır Escort over her, binding her to the bed. I lowered myself over her completely, tasting her lips as she wrapped her legs around me, feeling my hardness. I wanted her so badly, she could taste it herself. Her eyes lowered as I reared up and then she frowned as I took her glasses off and eased off the bed. My hands found her foot and I looped another silk tie around that, then did the same with her other and slid back up her body , sliding my cock into her wetness.

She moaned against me and breathed at me, feeling her pulse hammering inside her. I wanted more for her, but she didn’t know it yet.

I wouldn’t last long after an evening of planning and want. I felt her silked heat around me as I moved over her body, felt her straining against the silk as my teeth raked her shoulders and neck. I heaved against her, gaining momentum, and I could tell her excitement matched mine when she shuddered against me, and as I drove up inside of her suddenly hot centre, I could feel her heart hammering against my chest and she gasped and clenched down as I came hard inside of her.

My first climax out of the way, I slid out of her and eased back out of the room. I dragged the champagne bucket into the room and unstoppered the bottle, pouring some over her and suckling it off her breasts as she breathed deeply, moaning softly through panted, open lips.

Her chest arched out towards me as I writhed over her body, feeling our wetness’s as I sucked the champagne off her nipples and kissed her again. She arched up to kiss me more, and I indulged myself, feeling her tongue stroke and search for mine lustily.

She was panting at me, open mouthed as I felt her quivering beneath me. I smiled hungrily and slid down out of her reach and picked up a bottle of frangipani oil I’d been saving for just such an occasion.

I poured some into my hand and began rubbing it over her skin, started at her hips. I slid my fingertips up her body, feeling her muscles clench beneath me as my hands slid over her body again and again. I grazed her nipples with my thumbs and watched her chest rise and fall in a quickening succession. She panted for me and I enjoyed her frustration as I could smell her juices flowing, filling the room.

I arched over her and ran my hands over her shoulders, then across her throat and leant down and kissed her roughly, raking my teeth over her hungry mouth.

My hands found her nipples and I pinched, eliciting a groaned gasp from her as I eased myself back. I picked up a handful of half-melted ice from the champagne bucket and leant down, dripping the ice cold water onto her nipples. She arched her chest up and then shivered, then gave a moan as I leant forwards and covered her nipple with my mouth, my tongue rubbing the cold away. I repeated it several times then shifted to the other nipple. I eyed her panting face over her heaving breasts and my cock lurched forwards, burying myself in her wetness.

Her eyes opened as she gave a loud moan of pleasure, finishing with a whine of frustration as I withdrew just as agonizingly slowly. Her eyes blazed at me and I grabbed a thick candle from the bedside table and moved it back over her body, then leant down and licked my way from her navel down as I reached into the bucket and grabbed more ice. I leant back, but stayed low, so she couldn’t see me over her heaving body, and lowered the candle. The wax dripped down and landed with a tiny hit onto her hip, which I instantly rubbed with the ice to cool. She gave another gasp, and the fresh scent of her heat filled the room.

I lowered my head and grazed the inside of her thigh with my teeth, then leant back and dripped hot wax on the other thigh cheek and rubbed it away with ice. Her muscles clenched again as she struggled against the silk ties and arched her hips up towards me.

I moved over her, dripping wax and rubbing ice over her body in droplets as I moved over her. Sweat beaded her body as I moved over her, and then I reached behind the pillow and lifted another tie. I placed it over her closed eyes and licked the beaded sweat from her upper lip and she chased my mouth with hers. Heat radiated off her like a bonfire as I slid back down her body, alternating where I dropped the wax and rubbed ice, until finally, I travelled again down her body, dripping the wax just inside her thighs.

She gave a shudder and sagged back onto the sheets. More sweat beaded her body, and I discarded the candle and moved the ice over her heated body, resting on her nipples as the ice quickly melted. I scooped up one last handful and put it into my mouth as I lowered myself between her thighs for my own pleasure. I squirmed my tongue inside her, feeling the ice slide inside as she gave a sharp cry and the bedposts creaked Maltepe Elit Escort as the silk ties strained.

My tongue tasted her ambrosia and my cock responded in kind, hardening up again at the taste I’d so longed for since seeing her walk into the bar that night.

Her hips surged up against my tongue and my fingers dug into her thrusting hips and held her up to my mouth, my tongue pushing deep inside her as she came against my mouth. Hot juice flooded my mouth as she sagged back to the bed again, sweat pouring off her. I slid up her body and inside her easily, my tongue moving over her body as I moved up, tasting her sweat, her perfume and her lust. Her hair was slicked against her forehead as I lifted the blindfold off to see her eyes.

The brown orbs flashed hungrily at me as I slid in and out of her, the edge of my lust thankfully taken earlier.

I rocked against her body, urged on by her passionate moans. I reared back, still inside her, and my cock angled up and rubbed her anew as I continued to thrust, and she shuddered again and moaned breathlessly. I pulled the knots free on the ties of her legs and her silk covered pins slid around my waist, urging me back down to her. I reached up with both hands and cupped her chin as I kissed her, still moving inside of her. Her sweat dampened hair filled my senses with the scent of her Sandalwood tresses and the heat of us both.

I was plunging deep inside of her and losing control as my hands drifted up to the ties that held her hands. I held onto them, using them for leverage as I arched my hips up further into her. She bit her lip and closed her eyes as she moaned again, feeding my lust with her passion.

I was arching and fucking my cock up hard into her when I heard a twang and my right arm was loose and twisted as the tie snapped. Her arm was free then, and her nails seared my shoulders as she raked it across my back, feeling my cock slam into her again and again. I came hard as I felt her tighten around me, filling her with my cum, unable to think or breath as my whole body tensed and exploded deep within her. I collapsed against her and tried to catch my breath.

We lay like that for several moments until I could see again, and I slid off the bed and went to get a knife to cut her free. One look at the tie holding her left wrist was enough to tell me we’d tightened it beyond it’s ability, and I simply hadn’t the strength to break it right then. On wobbly knees I made my way through the apartment, with one quick stop.

I slid back onto the bed, sliding my body over hers and snipping the tie off. I eased it off her wrist and kissed her bruised flesh as she lay there, still panting. Her glorious eyes opened slowly and she smiled as I dropped the scissors off the side of the bed and brought up the red flower I’d brought from the vase next to the door and slid it in behind her ear, then cupped her chin with that hand and kissed her again.

“Oh, God, Marissa, I thought I’d died and gone to heaven. Role playing’s a new one on me. I think we did alright, don’t you?” A slight smile came to her lips as I leant across the bed and grabbed a bottle of water and handed it to her. She looked at me and laughed lowly.

“Oh, Dan, honey, you have no idea… hmm….” she took the top off the bottle and filled her mouth with water, then swallowed slowly. I cradled my body in against hers, finally noticing the state of the bed. I gave a low laugh. Marissa’s eyebrow lifted up and then she smiled widely, cheekily.

“If you’re going to celebrate our 5 year anniversary with a surprise dirty weekend away, you might as well do it right, honey, and that means the sheets too.” I laughed lowly and leant back as she curled into me and idly traced invisible designs on my chest. “Fancy a shower, as soon as you catch your breath?” I shook my head and groaned, not wanting to move. “I’ll run a bath.” Her eyes blazed in pure, sinful pleasure as I got up, and I took several candles with me instead of the bright, harsh fluorescence of the bathroom light. I ran it hot, the way she liked it, and filled it with more of the frangipani oil, then suds. The bathroom, pleasantly warm and scented, was suddenly overly comfortable as the spa jets started.

Marissa joined me and kissed me, long and soft, sweetly licking my lips and feeling my hands around her chest. The red flower was still in her hair as we stepped into the bath and I slid down the end, feeling the water bubbling around us. Marissa slid up with her back to me and sighed happily as I draped my arms around her and took another swig of the cold water bottle. I reached up for the cold water tap, but she slapped my hand lightly.

“Don’t you dare…” she murmured sleepily. She settled into my arms and poured some of the cold water over her breasts, encased in my arms. I reached to the floor and picked up a discarded towel and folded it behind my head as we settled into the spa in spent joyful silence. I moved my hands back and began a slow, light massage of her shoulders as both of us felt the water bubbling around us begin to relax us both.

“I love you.”

The end.

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