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She lay there, tense, expectant. She’d finally agreed to her boyfriend’s demands and he would be joining her soon. Discretion. She’d insisted on discretion. What they were doing was their private affair and she didn’t want the whole world knowing. Mike would be here soon. He’d said give everyone a chance to settle down and then he’d come.

They were at a ski-lodge for a long weekend of skiing. Michelle had known when she’d accepted the invitation to join the group that Mike would be expecting to sleep with her. She’d held out for her own room, of course. She just wasn’t the sort of person to flaunt a liaison in front of everyone.

Mike hadn’t seemed to understand that, getting quite stroppy about it. She’d managed to calm him down, promising that he could join her as long as he did it quietly.

She shivered as she heard her bedroom door open and close. And lock, the click sounding loud in the darkness.

“Finally together,” came a soft murmur through the darkness, and Michelle could hear the rustle of clothing.

Oh, god, she hoped he wouldn’t be rough. Mike had a tendency to be a bit hasty at times, rushing into things. She hoped he’d remember that this was going to be her first time.

Michelle trembled as she felt him sliding into bed next to her, his body hot and naked. She waited, feeling like a mouse waiting for the cat to strike.

She almost screamed at his first touch. From nowhere, a finger touched lightly upon her lips, tracing along her mouth. Could Mike see in the dark? She nipped lightly at the teasing finger, catching it lightly in her teeth.

There was the sound of a stifled laugh and Mike’s hand withdrew, not retreating, but changing the field of battle. Mike’s lips covered hers while his hand settled lightly on her breast.

Kisses were exchanged while Mike played with Michelle’s breasts, teasing and tantalising. He squeezed her breasts and played with her nipples, hot little flashes rippling through Michelle as she squirmed lightly under his touch.

Michelle was breathing hard when Mike’s mouth moved down to settle on her breast, suckling on her. His teeth were grazing her nipple. His hand. Oh, god, his hand.

His hand had laid claim to her mound, drifting over her mons, tugging at her curls. His hand covered her, squeezing lightly, stroking back and forth. Michelle was vividly aware of his erection, pressing against her side.

Fears of being rushed faded, replaced by an itch to progress things. Michelle’s hand settled on the erection lightly touching her. She’d see how he liked being lightly touched. Feather light fingers ran along the length of Mike’s erection, dancing around the head before travelling back down. He winced slightly, mentally cursing Michelle’s imagination.

He nearly changed the mental curses for spoken ones when Michelle’s fingernails scratched lightly across the head of his cock. If she wasn’t too careful she’d ruin the night before it started.

To give Michelle something else to think about, Mike’s fingers dipped inside her, exploring. She was writhing slightly, pressing against his touch, trying to pull back when he pressed lightly against her hymen.

Moving around Mike brushed lightly against Michelle’s clitoris, feeling her light touch on his cock spasm into a death grip and relax.

The bed coverings were now a nuisance and Mike ruthlessly pushed them aside. Michelle’s legs were nicely parted and Mike settled between them, his weight holding Michelle pinned and his cock pressed firmly against her slit.

“Yes?” he murmured, receiving a frantic “Please,” in return.

Michelle felt excitement burning deep in here as Mike started to take her. She felt hot all over, wanting him. He was pressing harder and she tensed slightly.

Then her excitement died a horrible death as she felt pain rip through her as Mike pierced her.

“Stop, oh god, stop,” she wailed. “I can’t stand it.”

“Hush, sweetheart,” came a whisper. “The worst is over. I’m sorry, but sometimes it hurts for the first time. You were just unlucky. Lie quietly and relax now.”

Quivering slightly, Michelle lay there, feeling Mike penetrating deeper and deeper. She was relieved to feel the pain ebbing swiftly away, with the excitement slowly rising to rize escort replace it again. By the time Mike was finally fully inside her she was again feeling that burning itch of wanting.

“OK, now?” came his teasing whisper.

“OK,” she whispered back.

His mouth covered hers again and he started to move upon her. His hands covered her breasts, lightly playing with them, while his cock slowly withdrew and returned.

Michelle kissed him hard, but her mind was paying more attention to what was happening further down. She might be a virgin but she had a pretty good idea of what was supposed to happen and as far as she was concerned, she was ready to do her bit.

Mike pulled back. This time as he descended, Michelle rose to meet him. Tentative at first, the shivering sensations that rippled through her gave her the courage and desire to continue. She started pushing vigorously against Mike, rejoicing at the way he sank so deeply into her.

Mike took it cautiously at first, letting Michelle get used to the way he was taking her, He pushed in deeply, but relatively gently, feeling her respond. He pressed on, looking for those little signals that indicated she wanted more.

They weren’t long in coming. Michelle was breathing hard, and pushing up against him more strongly. Mike increased his pace a little, feeling Michelle adjust and match him. Another little increase, with a gasp from Michelle and a hurried rush to match him again.

Satisfied, Mike drew almost full length out of Michelle, paused for a moment, then thrust back hard and hot. Michelle gave a yelp and met him, and then Mike was taking her, driving in hard. He was no longer leading her along; he was driving her before him, demanding a response, where earlier he had sought one.

Michelle answered the challenge, pushing hard up against Mike, showing she could handle whatever he gave. She was now giving little squeals of excitement, most of the sound being lost against Mike’s mouth as he ravished her lips.

Frantically Michelle bucked against Mike. Her excitement was beyond her control, her body in full control of her responses, with Michelle just a passenger being carried along on the wild current.

Michelle screamed and shuddered when her climax hit her, feeling herself melt under Mike’s pounding thrust, feeling the acid burn of his seed spilling in her and dissolving her to nothingness.

When Michelle’s mind slowly cleared she was being held cuddled against Mike. He seemed to sense her awareness as his arm tightened momentarily on her.

“Don’t speak. Just go to sleep,” came a teasing whisper.

Michelle felt a little shiver run through her, and then did as she was told.

Michelle woke early. The bedcoverings were over her and she was snug and warm. And alone. Thank god Mike had remembered to sneak back to his own room. She’d have been so embarrassed to have been caught with him in her room. For now, it was their little secret.

Michelle showered and dressed and drifted down to the lodge dining room in search of breakfast. The first person to join her was Mike and she smiled at him.

“Thank god you can still smile at me,” he muttered. “I’m sorry about last night but it wasn’t my fault?”

“Wh-what?” stammered Michelle, stunned.

“Some swine jammed my door shut, I swear,” continued Mike. “I’d have been there if I could but I was trapped all night. It really wasn’t my fault. I’ll make it up to you tonight, wait and see.”

“What do you mean, trapped,” asked Michelle, a sinking feeling in the pit of her stomach.

“Just that. The door wouldn’t open. I think someone tied my door handle to something and I couldn’t budge the blasted thing. I couldn’t raise a stink or everyone would have been up to see what’s wrong and I wouldn’t have been able to see you anyway. It wasn’t my fault.”

Michelle just looked at Mike, trying to make sense of what he said. Of course it had been Mike. No-one else knew she’d been expecting him. What was her trying to pull? Besides, he’d spoken to her. She knew his voice.

A little memory of a voice whispering to her came to mind. Everything said had been in whispers and subtle murmurs. She couldn’t really tell if it had been Mike’s voice or not.

A couple bostnews.com of others of their group came wandering in. Michelle was surprised to see them looking her way and sniggering. What was going on?

Then to her surprise Frank came strolling in. She hadn’t known he was coming, the loathsome creep. Not only that, he was walking up to her as though she was his best friend.

“Michelle, Mike,” he greeted. “How was your night of undiluted passion?”

Michelle’s eyes opened wide.

“What the hell are you talking about,” she demanded, at the same time seeing Mike making hushing motions to Frank.

Typical Frank, he ignored them.

“Oh, Mike here has been boasting how the pair of you were going to have a night of it as soon as it got dark. He was saying it was about time you put out after all the effort he’s been making. I was just curious as to how it went.”

Mike was giving Frank a killing look, whereas Michelle was giving them both one.

Mike was the first to speak up.

“It didn’t happen. I was trapped in my room all night. Someone jammed the door and I couldn’t get out. And I suspect I know who.”

“Gee, what rotten luck. Don’t let it discourage you, Michelle. I’m sure he’ll jump you tonight. You’ll finally get laid and we can all have some peace.”

“You were boasting about it?” Michelle asked, horrified, suddenly understanding those sniggers. “How could you?”

“Ah, listen, Michelle,” whined Mike. “It was just that I was so happy that you’d finally agreed that I might have mentioned it to one of the boys. I didn’t mean to.”

“I’m sure he spilt the beans by accident, Michelle,” said Frank with a soothing voice. “All ten times.”

“I counted,” he added, smiling at Mike.

“If you so much as touch my door tonight, Mike” hissed Michelle, “I will scream rape and demand you be evicted from the lodge.”

She turned and stormed away hearing Frank call out as she left.

“Sorry, boys, but Mike struck out. I’m sure he’ll let us know when he thinks he’s going to get another shot. Just don’t hold your breath waiting.”

“Son of a bitch,” muttered Mike, glaring at Frank.

Frank just grinned and winked, heading over to get some breakfast.

Michelle retreated to her room and spent the next fifteen minutes stalking back and forth. She didn’t know what to think. How could Mike boast about her like that? And if he was trapped in his room, who had visited her? As for Frank, she fumed just thinking of him. And he’d salvaged her reputation. From all but one. Who had it been?

Michelle was in agreement with Mike on one point. It was bound to have been Frank that had jammed Mike’s door. She shuddered at that point. Logically, the person who jammed Mike’s door was the person who had visited. Anyone else would expect Mike to be in the room with her.

But Frank? He wouldn’t dare. He knew how she felt about him.

Michelle wanted to hit something. Or someone. Preferably Mike or Frank. No scratch that. Preferably Frank. Mike she would treat with utter disdain. Boasting about how he was going to seduce her? Swine. Her fulminating was interrupted by a knock on the door.

“What?” she shouted. “Go away. I’m busy.”

The knock was repeated. Michelle ignored it. To her fury the door opened and Frank stepped in, closing the door behind him.

“How dare you barge in here like that,” Michelle yelled. “I could have been getting changed or anything. Get out.”

“No,” said Frank, grinning at her fury, his smile seeming to get bigger as her temper flared. “You need someone to vent at, so here I am. Want to hit me, sweetheart?”

Michelle glared at him. Damned right she wanted to hit him, but she wasn’t a fool. She still remembered the last time she’d deliberately crossed Frank’s will. OK, he might have been right, but the way he’d reacted. . . She’d barely spoken to him since.

“You certainly know how to carry a grudge, don’t you,” said Frank, “but that’s OK. I forgive you.”

“Grudge?” snapped Michelle. “Criminal assault is what it was.”

“Possibly, but if I remember correctly you were the criminal, not me. It could have been worse.”

“Easy for you to say. You didn’t have to explain a bright red bottom to your mother.”

Frank laughed. “You actually told her?”

Michelle looked away, then nodded. “I wanted to sue you. Mum laughed and grounded me for a month.”

“I always did like your mother,” said Frank. “However, that’s all by the way.”

Moving closer to Michelle, Frank reached for her, slipped his hand into the waist of her ski pants and proceeded to push them down.

Michelle blinked, finding it hard to believe he’d just done that. By the time her protest had formed her panties had followed suit.

“What the hell do you think you’re doing,” she hissed at him, trying to push him away, then stiffened as she felt his fingers tugging at her curls.

“Oh, god, it was you,” she wailed. “I just knew it.”

“Of course it was me,” said Frank. “Did you really think that I was going to let Mike walk away with you?”

“That was rape?” muttered Michelle. “You knew I thought it was Mike.”

“Really?” said Frank, openly laughing at her. “Well this time you’ll know exactly who it is.”

“You’re joking,” Michele protested. “You don’t really think I’m going to let you take me again do you?”

“Yes,” was the simple answer, and Michelle found that Frank had already dropped his own trousers.

Michelle opened her mouth to protest but found she had nothing to say. Frank was standing right in front of her and his erection was right there almost touching her. Correction, it was touching her. Frank was already pressing against her and Michelle watched as he pressed between her legs, pushing into her.

And her body was ready and waiting, Michelle found, feeling herself pushing to greet Frank as he slid into her. She jerked her head up to stare at Frank, seeing him smiling at her.

“Told you it wouldn’t hurt the next time,” he teased her.

Reaching around Michelle, Frank took her buttocks in his hands, pulling her to him and lifting. One long stride and he was next to the bed, tilting forward to drop Michelle onto her back, following her down, determined not to lose his intimate contact.

Michelle found herself pinned to the bed. Frank was just holding her there while he commenced peeling of her upper clothes. Michelle gave a groan and pushed his hands away, finding it easier to strip them off herself. She paused, while Frank reached around to undo her bra, and then that was also tossed to one side. She cursed and kicked, trying to shake het ski pants way from her ankles, glaring at Frank when he laughed and reached down to help her.

Finally naked, Michelle pushed herself hard against Frank, pressing him to start the action. She gasped when Frank lifted her legs, urging her to wrap them around him. She clamped onto him, giving a sigh of relief as she felt Frank starting to move upon her.

Michelle noticed a difference this time. Frank no longer had to take her slowly and he was already driving in hard. Michelle found that she had no objection. Her body knew how to react and she just relaxed and let her new found instincts have free range.

As far as Frank was concerned Michelle was his. Always had been. Always would be. Mike had been a rebound after their last fight and was already history. Right now Frank was concentrating on branding himself on Michelle’s consciousness. After this weekend he wanted her to be able to sense him if he passed with a mile of her.

Michelle reacted fiercely to Frank’s possessiveness. She knew what he was doing and smiled to herself with satisfaction. He wanted her. He’d always wanted her and he was finally demonstrating that. She pushed hard up against him as he pushed home, showing him with her body what she had been unable to say.

Frank’s second possession was hard and fast. The first had been initiation. This was possession, pure and simple. Subsequent occasions would vary depending on their mood at the time, but right now they clung to each other and merged.

Driving hard, Frank was pushing Michelle towards a climax with more haste than grace. She clung to him, tossed in a turbulent storm, relishing this man’s power over her. She shrieked when she climaxed, shuddering and clinging, trembling with the power of her release.

Lying there, help in Frank’s arms afterwards, Michelle ventured a question.

“What do I say to Mike if he comes knocking on my door tonight?”

She received a cool glance from Frank.

“Nothing. I’ll answer the door. He’ll get the message.”

Michelle looked away, hiding her smile.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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