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Let’s start in bed. Together. Naked. Early in the morning, not long after dawn, the room suffused in that warm, sleepy glow. We’re awake, barely, holding one another and whispering back and forth. You let one hand trail up my chest and then back down, dropping down to give my cock a teasing squeeze, then retreating, smirking at the way my eyebrows go up.

“Bad girl,” I whisper, watching but not doing anything to interfere.

“Not yet,” you whisper, smiling softly, “but if you want to see what bad looks like I have a little fantasy in mind…”

“Oh, really?” I ask, reaching for you, but you grab my wrist and pin it to the bed above my head, rolling over to straddle me on the bed.

“Mhmm…” you purr. “But for it to work I’d have to tie you up. You want me to do that to you? Tie you to the bed and then show you just what a bad girl I can be sometimes?”

“Maybe,” I whisper, leaning up to catch one of your breasts with my mouth, nibbling gently on the nipple, teasing you right back. You close your eyes, arch your back, enjoy the moment, and then you bring your free hand to my chest and push me back down.

“You’re going to have to do a lot better than ‘maybe,'” you whisper. “Or you’ll never find out just what I have in mind. And you’ll always wonder just…how…bad…I’d…have…been.”

And you grind your beautiful naked body down onto me, your sweet little pussy pressed against the underside of my cock, teasing us both.

“Just how bad is that?” I whisper, grinding myself up against you, enjoying your startled gasp, the twinkle in your eye, at the mutual teasing.

“Only one way to find out, lover,” you whisper, reaching to the bedside table, grabbing the bondage cuffs sitting there, holding them up in front of me. “Unless you’re too scared to let me tie you up and have my way with you.”

“Oh, is that how it is?” I ask. “All right, do your worst. But I want you to know that when this is all done I’m going to take my revenge. And the naughtier you are the worse it’ll be…”

“You think you’re making it easier on yourself,” you whisper, guiding one of my hands to the corner of the bed, cuffing it in place, then doing the same to the other, “but, lover? You’re really just making it so much harder…”

And you inch down slowly, sliding off the end of the bed, tying my feet like you’ve tied my hands, leaving me spreadeagled and bound, naked and helpless before you.

“Mmm…” you smirk, making a production out of licking your lips. “It’s like Christmas came early. Don’t go anywhere, sexy, I have something to put on.”

You walk slowly to the door, being sure to give me a delicious view of your sexy ass, half-turning to blow a kiss over your shoulder at me, and then the door closes and I’m left alone. I tense up, testing the strength of the bonds, but you’ve secured them well and there’s no give in them at all, no way to free myself even if I wanted to and I’m not at all sure I want to.

And then the door opens and you stand there, framed in the doorway for just a moment, giving me a chance to drink you in, to admire your beautiful body. You’re wearing a short black dress with a prominent zipper that runs from just below your throat all the way down the center of the dress to the very bottom. It falls to midthigh and clings to your body wonderfully, showing me every curve, concealing just enough to tantalize, revealing more than enough to arouse.

“Like it?” You ask, smirking down at me. You let the door close behind you and walk over to the bed, standing beside it, letting your fingers trace over your body subtly. “I bought it awhile ago but I was saving it for a…special occasion. And this little fantasy, lover, seems like a special occasion to me.”

“It’s beautiful,” I whisper. “You’re beautiful.”

“Flatterer,” you say, blushing slightly. “But I haven’t even told you what the fantasy is. Or what else I’m wearing underneath this little dress.”

“Tell me,” I whisper, my cock throbbing, my wrists tugging vainly at the bonds that hold me tight.

“I was watching this movie,” you say, half-sitting on the side of the bed, your fingers stroking my chest absently. “Silly little action flick. Some James Bond knock-off. Honestly, I don’t know why I was watching it. Nothing at all to recommend it except the villain. A really sexy female villain. She had a plot to do something or other, it doesn’t really matter, and during the course of it she manages to drug the hero’s drink and he woke up tied to the bed. Her bed. Like I have you tied up right now.”

“Oh,” I say, swallowing, enjoying your delivery. Your had strays down my body to my cock, giving it a quick squeeze, and then you realize what you just did and your hand retreats hastily.

“Sorry,” you whisper. “I was getting ahead of myself. And the hero wasn’t naked, anyway. They had to keep it PG-13. Sadly. The actor had a cute butt. Even cuter than yours.”

I stick my tongue out at you, making you giggle.

“Oh, gölbaşı escort alright, lover,” you whisper. “Almost as cute as yours. Happy now?”

“Ecstatic,” I say. “Anyway, you were saying?”

“Well,” you whisper, “the movie had to work out for the best so the hero managed to get himself untied just before the villainess came back in. And she gave this seductive little speech about what she was going to do with him while her evil plot went into motion. And they couldn’t make it too explicit but this actress…ooh. She made the speech so fucking sexy that I think the hero was considering tying himself back up again.”

“But he didn’t?” I ask.

“Oh, of course not,” you say, rolling your eyes in exasperation. “He’d freed himself and he overpowers her and two of her bodyguards who come in through the door and then goes off and foils the plot and rides off into the sunset with his good-girl love interest who isn’t even remotely interesting. And the whole time that was going on I was thinking that if I was the villainess I would’ve made damn sure I learned how to tie a fucking knot.”

“Oh,” I say, light beginning to dawn.

“I would’ve had the hero naked,” you whisper, “and helpless. Mine to toy with and use and do whatever I wanted to. And the actress playing her had such a good time being bad. You just know a girl that bad wouldn’t be satisfied easily. Especially not after she’d just won. She’d want to revel in it. And she’d want to break that poor hero for having the nerve to even think about foiling her.”

“Oh,” I say again, tugging on the bonds with a bit more urgency. You notice this and smile, and your smile has more than a little malice in it.

“Go on, lover,” you purr. “Try and get yourself free. You won’t be able to this time. Won’t be able to foil my evil plot, won’t be able to overpower me, won’t be able to do anything at all except what I want. Because, lover, tonight the bad girl wins.”

I struggle in earnest, playing along, enjoying the fantasy you’ve spun out of nothing but a bad movie and your wicked mind, and you smirk down at me, enjoying the show. I pull the bonds taut, try to work my wrists and ankles free, but it’s no use. Youv’e tied them too well, and I let them fall slack, helpless before you.

“Someone,” you purr, leaning in low to whisper from inches away, “should learn not to drink everything in sight. Especially when the woman who hands it to you is really…fucking…evil.”

“Let me go,” I growl, playing along, tugging vainly on the bonds again.

“Why would I do that?” You ask. “If I let you go you’d just try to ruin my plans. And we can’t have that, can we? After all that time and effort to set them all up…”

“You monster,” I whisper and you chuckle, standing beside the bed now, gorgeous in your little black dress. Gorgeous and more than a little sinister.

“Monster?” You ask. “Now that’s hardly fair. I could’ve used something much worse in your drink, you know. I have quite a lot of little…additives. You didn’t have to wake up at all. But I wanted you to. Wanted this. Wanted to have you here, all tied up and at my mercy.”

“Why?” I ask, my eyes meeting yours.

“Because,” you whisper, “it’s not enough that I win. That my evil little plot succeeds. That I get what I want, all that I want. I want you here helpless, knowing that I beat you, knowing you’ve lost. And I want more than that. I don’t just want to win, I want to break you.”

“You can’t-” I begin, but you don’t let me finish, talking right over me smoothly and evenly.

“Oh, I can,” you purr, leaning in low over me, your face inches from mine, “I can do whatever I want. I’m bad, remember? Evil. Wicked. Villainous. I had you brought here and stripped and bound after I’d drugged you and that’s the very least of what I’ve done. You came here to stop me, remember? Because of all the things I’ve done? And there have been so many of them. And you came to stop me and now look at you. Naked. Bound. Helpless. Mine.”

“Not yours,” I whisper, trying to put an appropriately fearful stammer into it, trying to play along with your fantasy.

“Mine,” you growl. “Mine to use. To have. To take. And I am going to take you, over and over again. You’re going to lie there helpless as I use you for my pleasure. You were supposed to stop me but all you’re going to be able to do is fuck me. Again and again. Until I’m well and truly sated. And tonight I’m feeling…insatiable.”

“I won’t,” I whisper, my hands clenching around their bonds.

“You will,” you whisper, your hand dropping to my cock, encircling it, pumping it slowly. “You even want it. Want me to take you. Want me to use you. You’ll be my little fucktoy until I get tired of you or you disappoint me. And, lover? It would be a bad idea to disappoint me. I can be quite…deadly when I’m disappointed.”

“I don’t…want…” I whisper, my voice trailing off into a moan as you squeeze my cock, fingers keçiören escort tightening just right, sending a wave of pleasure through me.

“Oh, I think you do,” you whisper. “But if you don’t? All the better. What you want doesn’t matter anymore. You’re mine. All that matters is what I want and right now what I want is to take your nice, hard cock and make it cum in my warm, wet mouth. I’m going to suck you dry, hero-boy, and you’re going to cum knowing just who it was who made you. Are you ready? Ready to surrender? Ready to admit you’ve lost?”

“No,” I gasp, “no, wait-“

“Too bad,” you whisper, “don’t care.”

And you descend on my cock, your hand holding me steady, your lips parting slowly as you move downwards, opening wide enough to place a warm, wet kiss on the tip, then taking me inside inch by glorious inch. Your tongue teases the underside of my cock, flicking back and forth on that sensitive spot just beneath the head, working me up to the point of no return very, very quickly. You feel heavenly. Magical. Warm and wet and irresistibly sexy and I can feel my control fraying, feel my balls tingling, feel my entire body tense and eager and ready to cum for you.

And then you draw yourself back off me, letting my cock out of your mouth with an audible popping sound, tracing your tongue down one side of it, looking up into my eyes, mischief written plainly upon your face.

“I could draw this out,” you whisper, “make it last for hours. I know all sorts of naughty little tricks. I could make you beg, make you plead, make you moan and gasp and pray. I could even do all that and then not let you cum. Leave you high and dry and aching for a release you won’t receive. But, lover, tonight I want you to cum. And I’m going to make you cum right now whether you want to or not. You don’t get a vote. You don’t have a choice. You’re mine, and it’s time for you to accept that.”

“No,” I gasp, “noooo…”

“Poor boy,” you whisper, your voice low, mocking, vindictive. “Still pretending you don’t want it. Still trying to fight. Still haven’t accepted that I can make you cum whenever I want.”

“No,” I whisper desperately, “no you cannnnnnnnnnn’t…”

And you descend upon me again but this time you show no hesitation, no mercy. Your mouth fastens tight around my cock and doesn’t let go. I feel you sucking mightily, see your cheeks concave inwards, see your eyes dance with delight. You know exactly what you’re doing, know exactly how hard you’re pushing me over the edge, know exactly how helpless I am in the face of your assault. and my back arches, my hands clench into fists and I moan, feeling myself give in to you.

You feel me give in, feel my body giving up the struggle, and the corners of your mouth quirk up in a smile. You pull back, stroking me with one hand, your mouth hovering over my cock as you lick your lips, savoring your triumph in the instant before you have it.

And then I cum, my climax arriving with the force of a hurricane, my cock spurting again and again, spraying my seed against your closed mouth, and then you direct my cock downwards, making me cum over your breasts, your dress, cumming again and again until I’m spent beneath you.

“Something you need to learn, lover,” you purr, drawing yourself up my body, letting your cloth-covered breasts trail over me, “I…always…win.”

You sit back, straddling my legs, my half-hard cock throbbing weakly inches from your parted thighs. Your hands come to the zipper at the front of your dress, not undoing it, not yet, but toying with it suggestively. And you lick your lips slowly. Thoroughly. Provocatively. Making a great show of cleaning up my cum.

“I didn’t,” I whisper, trying to put a convincing note of reluctance into my voice, “didn’t want…”

“Oh, but you did,” you giggle, “you didn’t put up even a little tiny bit of a struggle. You were so hard and firm and eager that I can’t help but thinking you even enjoyed it. Enjoyed cumming for a bad, bad girl. Enjoyed being tied up. Helpless. My little sex slave.”

“No,” I whisper, “no I didn’t…”

“Really?” You ask, straightening up. “Well, that’s disappointing. I’d planned on using you as my little sex slave all day long but if you’re not even going to admit that then maybe I should make other plans. I have armed guards on the other side of that door, you know. I could go get them and tell them to…dispose of you.”

“Oh you bad girl,” I say, letting the mask drop for a moment, raising an eyebrow at you.

“I know, right?” You say, sticking your tongue out playfully at me. “She was so fucking evil in that movie. Watching her got me really hot. And pretending to be her has me even hotter. Wetter. Hornier. I could imagine her making that threat. And following through on it. So, lover, if you don’t want me to walk out that door and fuck myself senseless in the living room while you’re lying here tied up, you’d better do some fast talking.”

And ankara escort you turn and walk to the door, your hips swaying wickedly, teasingly, wonderfully, showing off your cute ass in that tight little dress. You raise one hand to knock on the door, glancing back at me over your shoulder, waiting to see what I’ll do.

“Wait,” I whisper, my cock throbbing weakly.

“Why should I?” You ask, smirking, not making it easy for me. “I got what I want.”

“No,” I whisper, “not all of it. You said you wanted to break me. Make me beg. And you haven’t.”

“Maybe I changed my mind,” you say. “Maybe I decided I didn’t need a man when I have toys. Nice, strong toys that never go soft and never let me down.”

“Maybe you’re all talk,” I whisper, smirking at the flash of pretend-rage in your eyes. “Maybe you were hoping one little speech and one little blowjob would break me because you just couldn’t handle anything more than that. Maybe you do need a man, even if you can’t handle one. Not even one tied up and naked and helpless.”

“What did you say?” You snarl, turning to face me, your hands on your hips.

“You heard me,” I whisper, my voice low, mocking, insolent. “Maybe you need a good fuck but you’re too scared to come and take it. Maybe you’re afraid you’d like it. Maybe-“

“Maybe,” you growl, your hands coming to the zipper at the front of your dress, “you just earned yourself a world of hurt. By the time I’m done with you you’ll be begging for mercy, begging me to call the boys in here to finish you off. And I won’t. I’m not just going to fuck you, lover, I’m going to break you.”

And you draw the zipper down, opening your dress up in one fluid motion, shrugging out of it and letting it fall to the floor, revealing what little you were wearing underneath to my eager eyes. Your top is red and tight and made of leather, a bustier-type thing with strings crisscrossing up the front from your navel to between your gorgeous breasts. It’s very domme. It’s very sexy. It’s very you. And your panties, well, your panties barely even exist. They’re so translucent they’re very nearly not there at all, showing me your cute little pussy, shaved and eager and dripping with anticipation.

“There’s one more little thing you can’t see,” you whisper, enjoying the way you have me completely caught up in you. “Well, it’s not that little. But it is very, very naughty. And it’s stretching my tight little ass just enough to let your nice, hard cock in. And you’re going to fuck my wet little pussy and my tight little ass and you’re going to make me cum and cum and cum or else…”

As you speak you climb up onto the bed, crawling forward on your hands and knees until you’re straddling me, and you sink down slowly, grinding your panty-clad pussy against my hardening cock.

“Or else what?” I ask, swallowing hard, shivering at the feeling of your soaked panties moving up and down over my growing erection.

“Or else,” you purr, “I’ll be very, very disappointed. And I do bad things when I’m disappointed. You wouldn’t want to disappoint me, would you?”

“No,” I whisper, shaking my head, gasping as you draw your panties to one side and slide your sweet little pussy up my throbbing cock slowly, letting me feel you with nothing between us. You feel warm and soft and wet and heavenly, and I want you, need you so much.’

“That’s good,” you whisper breathily, smirking down at me. “You know, I’ve used this buttplug before. I’ve even masturbated with it in before. It felt quite nice, really. But I’ve never fucked with it in before. I bet it feels amazing. And, for your sake, it had better.”

And you lift yourself up for a moment, drawing your panties down and then off, leaving you wearing nothing but your leather top.

“My panties are gone,” you whisper, your breath hot against my cheek. “I’m about to use you as my personal fucktoy. And, lover? If you cum and I don’t? I’ll be very, very disappointed in you.”

Your hand encircles my cock again, drawing the tip up and down over your sopping sex, positioning me right where you want me, my cock throbbing in your hand. You hold me there for a moment, a devilish glint in your eye, and then you slowly lower yourself onto me, impaling yourself on me. You feel…wonderful. Warm and wet and soft and then I feel you contract and you squeeze me tight, your pussy rippling around my cock, making me arch my back and gasp, moaning out with pleasure.

“I’m close,” you purr, grinding yourself down onto me, “but I don’t want to cum. Not yet. I love fucking you but, lover? Tonight I’m a bad girl. And I think what a bad girl would want more than an orgasm is to watch you suffer.”

And you raise yourself up off me an inch, two, three, more until just the tip of my cock is inside your quivering sex, and then you sink down again, fucking me at a very deliberate pace, a pace you control, a pace you can maintain, and I can feel my cock aching, throbbing, hard and hot and eager to cum again.

“Feels nice, doesn’t it?” You whisper, keeping up the rythm. “If I went just a little faster I’d cum really quickly. But I can maintain this pace for a long time without cumming. And you can’t. My tight, juicy little cunt just feels too good, doesn’t it?”

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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