Wife Humiliates, Hubby’s Turned On Ch. 02

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Bernie (formerly Bernard)

That night after Carol had told me she was going to look for another man to inseminate her Carol took me by the hand to our bedroom and dressed me in the loose bra and panties along with the nightie she normally wears to sleep in.

“You can wear them from now on sweetie, I’ve decided to sleep naked in future. You don’t mind, do you? Wendy always sleeps like that.”

Carol had recently stayed over at Wendy’s house texting me to say she’d had too much to drink to drive back.

“Course not darling, I think I’d prefer it.” I suddenly pictured my wife and Wendy saying goodnight on the landing before they got into bed, both of them stark naked. It was an erotic thought, my cock responded, standing up.

Carol noticed and smiled. “Of course, you have a bit of a crush on my friend Wendy don’t you dear, did you know she prefers women? She’s been educating me about the lesbian lifestyle. I’m loving the training. I hadn’t realised I was that way inclined.” We slid into bed and Carol put her hand on top of my head and pushed me down towards her crotch.

“Be a good girl for me sweetie. You’re getting so skilful with your tongue. It’s how girls please their partners isn’t it?”

Later as I lay next to Carol I wondered if I should be feeling jealous about Carol’s revelation that she and Wendy were now an item. I realised it excited me. Carol had turned her back to me after I’d given her a couple of orgasms, ignoring my needs. I pulled on my cock thinking about them together whilst she snored beside me. I lay there for the first time in bra, panties and nightie, a huge sexual turn on for me. I was nervous and excited about the future and bringing myself to a very satisfactory climax helped me relax and fall asleep. I’ll be dressing as a woman tomorrow as well I thought as I snuggled down, delighted with the idea.

It was Saturday the next day and, true to her word Carol soon had me shaved all over and fully feminised in a pretty mini skirt and silky top from her wardrobe. The bra was more of a problem. My breasts were still quite small. She measured me up and went to the shops, bringing me two new bras of the right size. I was so proud to be needing to wear a bra.

When I agreed to start taking the pills, I was suspicious when she told me she’d got them from a health shop. They looked very much the sort of pill only available on prescription. So, I put the pill names into Google and discovered I was right. I went along with it; they were designed to make me more feminine and it was what I wanted. But the testosterone blocker prevented me from getting an erection. I didn’t want to lose everything about my male nature especially my ability to masturbate, so I pretended to continue taking them hiding from Carol the fact that I was slipping the T blockers into my pocket and throwing them away later. I could still masturbate and squirt although the quantity of cum was reduced.

Meanwhile Carol had started to dress differently. Around the house she’d stopped wearing dresses and skirts favouring jeans. I realised she’d also started wearing my shirts and they suited her. One weekend I found her trying on one of my suits.

“Mmmm. I like the feel of this cloth,” she said. “It’s a bit tight around my bum. You don’t mind if I take it out just a bit do you sweetie? My legs are just the right length as you can see.”

“Not at all darling. I’m enjoying the new you. Just so long as I can continue to wear your clothes.”

“Of course, you can but we need to take you and get you fitted out with more of your own outfits.”

“I’d like that Carol.” I said. I was thrilled to be wearing women’s clothes at home and frilly underwear under my clothes at work. My depression was almost forgotten, a thing of the past. I began reading stories about crossdressers, realising I would now be seen as a submissive sissy. The thought didn’t bother me, in fact, I was turned on by it.

Carol’s plans to find another man, someone with a good chance of making a baby had occupied my mind a lot since she brought it up. Carol was a bit wild when we first met and her plan to fuck someone else reminded me of those early years.

She took me by surprise that first Christmas after we met. I’d taken her to a party at someone’s house. She was quite shy back then. At least I thought she was shy until I saw her clipping a sprig of mistletoe into her hair just above her forehead. She’d had quite a few drinks by then. She was always a very pretty girl and soon the men there were accosting her and stealing a kiss. These were full blown mouth on mouth kisses and some went on a bit.

An older man watched what was happening then took her by the hand and sat her down on a low settee in a corner where he kissed her with his arms around her. She put her arms around him and pretty soon their tongues were entwined. I watched his hand slide up inside her pullover and realised she wasn’t objecting. There weren’t many people at the party and looking around a lot of them were glancing istanbul travesti her way. I felt humiliated but it turned me on at the same time. I stood up to get myself another drink aware that my tight trousers betrayed my erection.

Passing close to where Carol was sitting, I asked if she’d like another drink.

She broke the kiss, opened her eyes and smiled at me.

“I’m busy just now. Alan will get me one in a minute.”

“Okay,” I said, a little deflated but with an even stiffer cock.

There was a bit of a queue in the kitchen and when I returned to the living room Carol was on her feet kissing all the men a second time. Alan had left the room. I was relieved because I thought she might have decided to go home with him.

When we got in my car after the party had broken up, she was all over me. Showering me with kisses, hugging me tight, her arms around my neck.

“I’ve had a lovely night Bernard. Drank too much and went a bit mad. Thank you, you allowed me off the leash and I loved every minute of it. Are you okay, you weren’t jealous, were you?”

“Yes, but you seemed so happy, I didn’t want to spoil it for you.”

“Take me to lover’s lane and I’ll make it up to you.”

When we parked up, I was not surprised that her bra had come away from her boobs and her panties were soaking.

“Did Alan give you the finger?” I asked her as we cuddled together. “I saw him stroking your tits you dirty girl.”

“I loved the way he teased my nipples. I couldn’t help it. I let my legs drift apart and he took the hint. It was so nice to feel his finger in my cunt. He wanted me to go outside to his car so he could fuck me. I wanted to but I said “No”.”

“So, you thought you’d save that for me?”

“Well, no, I was hoping for a better offer.” I could see her grinning in the half light and punched her lightly in the stomach. We both giggled but at the same time I couldn’t help wondering if there was some truth in what she said feeling my penis jerk a little.

I gave her a really good fucking that night. We were both hornier than we’d ever been. There were one or two other cars along the lane but we ignored them and they ignored us.


There was another time that sticks in my mind but probably others too. A year or two later we went abroad on holiday. We were engaged at the time. I’d been promoted in my job and we’d finally got enough cash for a proper holiday. It was our first time on a plane. A package holiday to Majorca was just what we needed. Despite it being early October, we had temperatures in the high 20s every day and were able to relax and enjoy ourselves. On one of the nights we went on a coach to a nearby village where there was a folk dance on. There were a group of young local men there, big strapping lads probably in their early twenties.

Carol was tapping her feet to the music and persuaded me up onto the floor for a couple of dances. I’m no dancer and couldn’t get the hang of the beat so I sat down and refused to get up again. I’d seen the men asking some of the women off the coach to dance and was hoping Carol might dance with one of them. We were drinking Bacardi and cokes, and knowing the strength of each drink was three times what Carol was used to in England, I could see she was feeling the effect.

“Señorita, dance, por favor?” A tall Spaniard said holding out his hand to my wife.

Without glancing towards me Carol took his hand and followed him to the dance floor. I knew that the strict Catholic families on this island are very protective of their young women. Single young men have little opportunity to mate with local women and believe all English women to be on the pill and promiscuous. My penis stirred thinking about Carol in the arms of a randy young man intent on getting inside her panties. The dance floor was crowded. He’d danced her almost out of sight. I could see them in a close hold occasionally. He was moving his knee between her legs and spinning her round. Her short skirt flared showing most of her legs. Carol was smiling broadly obviously enjoying herself. They stayed on the floor for the next dance which was a slow one. I could see they were hugging each other close hardly moving. Again, his knee was between her legs at times. Was it high enough to touch the crotch of her panties? I readjusted my erection.

At the end of the dance I saw Carol thanking him with a brief kiss on the lips and breaking contact. She sat back down red faced, looking hot and bothered but contented.

“That was nice,” she said quietly. She looked towards my crotch. “I can see you enjoyed it too.”

“Yes dear, I want you to enjoy yourself whilst we’re over here. I’m sure the local men flock here whenever a bus full of tourists are booked.”

Two other men asked Carol to dance and it followed a similar pattern. They both moved their hands down onto her bum as they danced. Carol made no complaint kadıköy travesti evidently enjoying the attention. It was interesting to see other married women off the coach dancing with the locals in similar fashion. One wife was over in a corner kissing a local man presumably out of sight of her hubby. They all seemed to have two dances with each woman and then send them back to their table.

Carol was just knocking back another Bacardi and coke when her first dance partner came over. She jumped up and they half danced, half walked to the dance floor arm in arm together.

Their dancing was even more sexual than before. They were locked together, pressed against each other. She must have felt his erection against her body. I saw her brazenly rubbing herself up and down on his leg. They disappeared at the far end of the hall and I briefly glimpsed them kissing exchanging tongues. Shortly afterwards she came over to our table.

“I’m hot, we’re just going outside for a few minutes to get some air.”

“Okay,” I said. She sat down next to me, and, hidden by the table, took my penis in her hand.

“I’m so glad you’re enjoying this as much as I am.”

I smiled ruefully because part of me didn’t want her to fuck him. Jealousy, humiliation, arousal, it was all there, a strangely potent mix.

They didn’t get back for about half an hour by which time the dance was finishing. I wanted to talk but it was impossible on the coach. We cuddled and kissed whilst some of the couples started a bit of a sing song. Back in the hotel I discovered he’d taken her panties.

“He wanted a souvenir,” she smirked.

“More like a trophy to show round his mates.” I countered.

“Mmmm. You’re right it’ll be all around the village. I’ll bet you’d like us to drive over there in the hire car later in the week and tour all the bars.” She reached between my legs. “I can feel how hard the idea makes you. You’re thinking of all those young guys asking to fuck me. You’re one of those men, aren’t you?”

“Which men?”

“You’re turned on by me flirting with other guys, aren’t you?”


“But you really want me to fuck other guys, don’t you?”

“Yes.” I hung my head ashamed. “Did he… Did you…” I couldn’t say it, knowing her answer, partly dreading it, partly hoping it was ‘Yes’.

“Why don’t you check my darling,” She pushed my head down towards her crotch and I knelt before her.

“That’s right sweetie, clean it all up. I wouldn’t want to get pregnant.”

The next time a year later was with a man I knew from school. This time she did it behind my back. I’d got the afternoon off from work unexpectedly. I didn’t suspect a thing. When I saw his car in the drive, I was still oblivious. I walked in on them on our bed. They were both naked and he was on top of her fucking her whilst she moaned with pleasure. I didn’t say anything, just stood and looked. My penis was at full stretch. Once they’d noticed me, they stopped. Carol sat up, looked at my erection and grinned.

“Your friend can’t stop and chat. Goodbye John, I’ll see you later.” As soon as John had grabbed his things and left the room, she told me to strip so I took all my clothes off and got into the bed with her.

“Fuck me sweetie. There’s a good boy.”

I spurted quickly but, undaunted Carol took my cock in her mouth bringing it back to life and I made a much better job of fucking her second time around. We never talked about her infidelity. I suspected they might be continuing to see each other but shortly after our wedding we moved away from our home area and I assume that put an end to it. John was a bully in the school yard. He picked on me more than the other kids and somehow it turned me on more that Carol had fucked him of all people.

She’s always been a flirt but as far as I know there’s never been a repeat of her playing away over the years since then. She rarely drinks these days and stays in control. But she still enjoys seeing the effect her flirting has on me. It turns us both on.

As with most marriages our sex life got into a rut and my fantasy of watching my wife with another man seemed to be forgotten. Then we began trying for a baby. Carol had read up on it and was all business. I was working long hours, coming home tired out. Having sex at her fertile time took the spontaneity out of it and there were times when I failed to rise to the occasion. We’d argue, Carol would scream at me, then burst into tears. Eventually Carol used to make up stories for me about some man at work who took her into one of the storerooms and screwed her. It brought our sex life back onto an even keel. Then my sperm was tested and it all went wrong again.


Bernie has always enjoyed watching me flirt with other men. Before our marriage I took it a bit further than just flirting and he all but encouraged it. So, it was no surprise to find him giving me the green light to shag another man. I was enjoying his feminisation. anadolu yakası travesti He was shaping up into a passable woman and his cock had shrunk down to half its former size. With my encouragement he was going to work wearing bra and panties underneath his clothing. The bra could be concealed beneath a thick pullover but I wondered about how he would cope with the approach of summer weather.

Around the house he dressed as a woman. He allowed his hair to grow out and I helped him put it into a more feminine style. I liked him as a woman and hoped he’d eventually pass as one so we could go out together with him en femme.

My affair with Wendy gave me a sexual outlet outside our marriage. It meant I could be mean to Bernie. Rationing his intimacy with me made him even more submissive and I enjoyed teasing him, promising him sexual release then suggesting he masturbate whilst I made up stories about infidelity like I used to when we were trying for a baby.

“Would you like to start calling me Mistress and dressing up as a maid for me, Bernadette?” I said as we lay together in bed. I noticed Bernie had moved his hand to his clit and started stroking.

“Yes Carol”.

“This is no longer an equal partnership is it sweetie?”

“No, Mistress, it excites me allowing you to make all the decisions.”

“You’ve been a good girl so far but I’m going to increase your list of household chores. From now on you’ll do everything there is to do within the house and garden and I want you to do it properly otherwise there will be consequences.

“Consequences, Mistress?”

“If you’re not fully obedient from now on I’ll take you over my knee and spank you.” Bernie squirted as I explained. I smiled wickedly. Evidently, he’d enjoy a spanking.

“I’ll need to give my full attention to becoming pregnant so I expect you to make all my meals in future as well as everything else. You’ll need to speak to your boss and get him to reduce your working hours. Since my recent promotion at work I’m earning a lot more than you. Your job is less important now. You could speak to your boss about your cross dressing, couldn’t you? You may find you get a sympathetic response. Isn’t he gay?”

“Yes Mistress.”

“You will let me know what he says won’t you sweetie?”

“Yes Mistress.”

So far, my attempts to find a man to father my children had got me nowhere. Internet chat lines, dating sites, sitting alone in bars had produced plenty of men eager to fuck me but none of them suitable. I didn’t want it to be just anyone. I wanted a strong, healthy man with well above average intelligence, handsome, tall, kind and easy going. He’s also got to have offspring. I did discuss my needs with one man I met but he thought I was being weird and left in the middle of our meal together. Perhaps I may have to lie about my motives.

In my lunch hour I had started to sit in a cafe on my own. My work clothes were not particularly sexy so I’d started wearing an attractive anklet on my right leg. Wendy had suggested it.

“It tells everyone that you are married but you like to fuck other men and hubby knows and approves. When you have it on it shows you are on the lookout,” she said one night as we lay together in bed.

“Well I’m definitely looking but it might attract the wrong kind of guy.”

“It’ll mainly be married men who’ll take the bait. You’re okay with that aren’t you? You know how to get rid of the slime balls don’t you?”

“I suppose so… mmm… You know, I might give it a try. Bernie will buy me one. I’ll tell her tomorrow.”

The next day, back at home we’d eaten dinner prepared and served by Bernie. She’d dressed as a maid. I like to have mine on a tray in front of the TV whilst Bernie eats hers in the kitchen.

“Bernie, I need to talk to you. Stand in front of me, good girl. Drop your panties to the floor. Thank you. Now raise your skirt so I can see your clitoris. That’s fine. I’m not having much success in my search so far. Well there’s been some really attractive hulks I really fancied. Take last night for instance. We met through the internet. I knew he was unsuitable but met him in his hotel room last night anyway. It was even better than I’d expected. He fucked me four times and I lost count of how many orgasms he gave me. I made him wear a condom, extra-large.” By now his little winkle was standing up. My stories always have this effect. This time the story was true.

“What was it that made him unsuitable, Mistress?”

“Well, I’ve never been racist but he’s black. Do you understand?”

“Yes, Mistress.”

“Anyway, can you go to a jewellery shop tomorrow and buy me a gold anklet?”

“Yes, Mistress.”

“You know what it means when I put it on don’t you?” I could see his little skirt tenting so I already knew the answer.

“Yes, Mistress.”

Two weeks of wearing the anklet had got me into conversation with a number of attractive men but none of them were what I wanted. Then something unexpected happened. I was sitting in the same cafe when a man came in who looked vaguely familiar. He was looking at me with a puzzled frown on his face. He approached my table and stopped.

“It’s Carol isn’t it? Long-time no see.”

I looked up at his six-foot frame, his beard flecked with grey. Suddenly it came to me.

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