Wife Upstairs

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My wife Missy and I like most of our friends were all in our mid-20s and met every Friday and Saturday evening at our apartment. Merle and Carol lived in the apartment over us and were different than the rest of the gang. They were about 10 years older. We were all in pretty good shape except 300 pound Merle. We were all straight except that after a few drinks, Merle went after men; usually me. They were the only couple that was never invited but they were always there. I guess Carol was hot but nobody ever thought about it. Merle ruined it for her.

One Friday night Merle had quite a few drinks and was hanging over the back of my chair. Like always, I got up and walked away, but he followed. As I tried to keep from spilling my drink, I lost my balance. He knocked me down on the couch and all 300 pounds of him came down on me. Everybody thought it was too funny to help and when he started kissing me they laughed all the harder. It was not all that funny!

Somebody was playing with my cock and it was not Merle because both of his hands were on my shoulders. Who was it? Was it Donna? Could it be one of the Linda’s? Or was it Cindy? They were all good fucks, especially Cindy. I was finally able to see that it was Merle’s wife Carol. As I tried to roll 300 pound Merle off me, Missy was trying to pull Carol away from my dick. My cock was swelling up and that made Missy a lot madder and more determined than ever to stop Carol from pleasuring me.

Meanwhile Merle was kissing my neck and everybody was laughing hysterically. I yelled. “Bob, stick your dick in his mouth and distract him.” But of course everybody was more into laughing than helping.

Finally, I brought my knee up into Merle’s balls and rolled him off onto the floor. That was the high point of the evening’s entertainment. Merle was crying and Missy was bitching at Carol. Everybody else kept laughing. I had fucked Cindy, Donna and the Linda’s. Carol was the only one in the group that I had never even thought about Fucking. That is until now. Now I wondered if it was any good. She was bigger than Sheila and her tits were a lot bigger. I liked small women with smaller tits, but like most men, I liked different women; women that I hadn’t had yet.

The swelling in my manhood was not going to go down so I went into the bathroom and grabbed a pair of Missy’s panties out of the hamper to sniff and then relieved myself. The smell of Missy’s pussy in her panties and the memory of Carol playing with my love stick brought a big load up my shaft and into the toilet. It felt so good that I almost fell over in the bathroom. The more I jerked my cock, the more I imagined that I was fucking Carol. I had never had an older woman but it was all I could think about. Alright, there was that one time with my mother, but she was passed out drunk and I was too scared to enjoy it. I was scared that she would come to and tell my dad when he got back in town. She had been fat and unattractive, but it was still exciting. I spent the rest of that day afraid that she would wake up full of cum and figure out where it came from. But she never said anything.

When I got back out in the living room, Bill said that he was going to fuck Merle in the ass. Merle was making cow eyes at him and everybody else was trying to egg them on, but nothing ever happened. Nothing happened except a lot of laughing and a lot of silly remarks.

Missy caught me trying to catch Carol’s eye and got mad again. I said “Come on. I did not do anything. Ricky fucked you and I let it go.”

“Maybe so you could hold it over my head. ostim escort Or maybe so you could have Carol and I couldn’t say anything.”

“Come on Missy, look at you and look at Carol. You are a babe. And you are drunk.”

Missy got madder and went to bed and I did finally catch Carol’s eye. But what did her look mean? Was it “Come here and fuck me Bruce?” Or was it “What the hell are you looking at, Bruce?”

The next night the friends started arriving with food and drink. Merle usually arrived later than the rest but nobody cared; he was not invited anyway. Carol usually dressed frumpy but tonight she wore a silky dress with a lot of really nice leg showing. Her tits were bigger than I liked and so was her ass but my eyes were looking at her shapely legs and remembered her playing with my prick the night before. I remembered how good it felt when masturbated.

Missy noticed Carol’s sexy dress too and gave her a cold greeting. I had gone to the kitchen to fill the ice bucket and as I was walking out, Carol was walking in. She gave my dick a little squeeze as she walked past. This time she was dead sober, so there was the answer to my first question. The next question was when. And could I stand waiting.

The next Friday night we were meeting at Donna and Dave’s house. Missy and Donna were already there and I was supposed to bring Dave, Carol, and Merle. Merle was not home yet so I cornered Carol in the bathroom, lifted up her dress, pushed her panties aside, and stuck my finger in her pussy. She acted extremely nervous. Maybe she was nervous because Dave knew we were in the bathroom together, but her pussy was squeezing my finger and getting very wet. I had managed to get her blouse up, bra down, and was kissing her tits. My baby maker was hard enough to crack walnuts and was throbbing.

Just when I was about to lay her across the hand sink, the phone rang. We both jumped. Dave answered and it was Missy. I got on the phone and right away she wanted to know why Dave answered. I said it was because I told him too. I was in the front room looking for Merle’s car. Then she wanted to know where Carol was and I said that she was here a minute ago; maybe she is in the bathroom.

Missy said, “You three come on. Merle can drive his own car. I don’t know how you can sit four on your seat if Merle is one of them.”

“It was your idea. Maybe Carol and Dave can sit in his lap.”

The three of us sat on the bench seat in front of my pickup but when I tried to put my hand back on Carol’s pussy, she moved it and gave me a look. David pretended not to notice, but I am sure that he did.


Meanwhile, Merle got a better job with the railroad. He usually worked nights, especially on the weekends so he was never at our little gatherings after that. It all sounded good but Missy never left Carol and I alone after that. Then Carol stopped coming. She said that it was all couples so she felt foolish. Could she possibly know how badly I needed to fuck her? I was obsessed with wanting her.

Then one Wednesday night, Missy went out and Merle’s car was not in the driveway so I decided to go for it. Just when I got to the second floor on the back stairs and knocked, Merle pulled into the driveway. Carol opened the door and pulled me in. She said, “Go down the front stairs.” She walked through her apartment with me. When we got to the front landing she turned around and we shared the hottest kiss that I can ever remember in my young lifetime. She had a dress on so I lifted it sıhhiye escort up and pushed her panties aside. When my finger slid past the knuckle into her warm, moist pussy, she let out a loud moan. Then she pushed me away and ran into her apartment as I licked her pussy juice off my finger and remembered the feeling of her cunt.

Carol had me so excited that I had to relieve myself twice that night. Sniffing Missy’s soiled panties from the laundry basket helped but Carol’s pussy would have been a lot better. By now Carol was almost all that I could think about.

The following Wednesday night Missy went out again. Merle called me and said that he just found out that he had to work all night and would I pick up his lunch from Carol and bring it to him. Of course I would. Carol had a big bag and said that she would go with me. This is it! This has to be the chance I have been dreaming of.

About half way to the station where Merle was working there was a lake with lots of parking. We found a good spot and pulled in between some trees. We started playing with each other. She had stockings on with a guarder belt and no panties. No panties!! I slid out onto the ground and put my head between her beautiful legs. When I started kissing her pussy she said, “No, I have waited too long for that tree trunk of yours.”

“Thank you, but it is hardly a tree trunk.”

“Well it is a lot bigger than Merle’s. Shut up and stick it in me and make me cum.”

Just then a cop pulled in and we got presentable for him but he never came near us. As soon as he was gone Carol threw her leg over my lap and started riding me. I was amazed at how tight her pussy was. I thought 30 something’s should be a lot looser than the 20 something’s that I was used too. I remember the one time that I fucked my mother, it was loose. But she was tighter. A lot tighter!

She alternated between bobbing up and down and riding backwards and forwards. All the while she kept laying those wonderful kisses on me with dulling tongues. It was incredible. I want to fuck this woman forever! “Why are you so tight Carol?”

“It is my magic guarder belt Bruce. Do you like it?”

“I love it! Your pussy is incredible. You must have the best pussy on earth!” I had never been in such a tight pussy and knew that my load was ready to explode. “I’m coming! Carol, I can’t hold back. You are so tight! I’m comaaaaaagggghhhh” River after river came out.

“That is okay, Honey, fill me with your seed. I want it all. Pump me full. You are my dream fuck too!”

“Yes! I have never cum so hard.”

Then Carol started shaking and screaming. She clawed my back and her pussy squeezed my shaft as she shook harder. When her orgasm finally calmed down she said, “I needed that. How come a 300 pounder like Merle has a little dick and a skinny guy like you has a big one?”

“I don’t know but I want you again and again.”

“When my sweet?”

My cock was still swollen even after that giant load so I said, “Now and every chance we get.”

She threw her leg back over me and rode me again. It was still tight and the sides of her pussy soon milked another orgasm out of me. This time it was mind numbing. It must have started from my balls but it felt like it came from my head and toes. My swollen manhood kept throbbing and throbbing and throbbing. My orgasm felt like it was coming from every part of me and I no longer cared about anything except coming. And coming, and coming.

She got some tissues out and cleaned us both as best as she could. Then she licked ankara escort my cock clean. I did the same for her. She said, “It would not be good to have your cum running down my leg when we get to his work.”

“Is Merle really gay?”

“I don’t think he knows what he is. Maybe he is AC/DC. I don’t think the gays want him either. Gay men are usually better built.”

“What if he knew we fucked?”

“He would tease us both forever.”

When we got to Merle’s train depot he thanked me for bringing his lunch and then said, “Over an hour. What were you doing all that time?”

Carol looked at him mad and said, “We went to Niagara Falls on a honeymoon but the falls were not running so we went to Paris.”

“You didn’t need to do all that. You could have fucked in the car. Maybe you did and that is why it took you guys so long. Did you like fucking my wife, Bruce?”

I said, “Merle, I better not do you any more favors.”

Then Carol said, “Please let me ride back with you. I thought that I would stay with him here at the station but I don’t want to listen to his mouth all night.”

When we pulled back in at the lake, I said, “My brain wants you but my cock can’t do more than two rounds in an evening.”

As I spoke, she was kissing me and massaging my fuck stick. It soon turned into a throbbing monster that had to be back inside of Carol. We had one more coupling with her riding me in the pickup. This time she was going round and round. The head of my dick was thrilled with each rotation and my brain was out in space. It was my first ever third time and it felt fantastic. When I started coming it went on and on. She was coming too and her love juice was all over my pole and running down onto my balls. When our orgasms finally subsided we just stayed like that for a couple more minutes of ecstasy in the afterglow.

When we arrived home, she said that she would not answer the phone and I was to tell him we were both mad at him when he called. Sure enough, as soon as we walked into my apartment, the phone was ringing. It was Merle. He complained, “Carol won’t answer the phone.”

“Of course she won’t answer, Merle. She is really mad at you. She told me not to take your call either but you need to know that we made it back okay. Okay, so now you know.”

“I was only teasing. You can fuck her all you want, but I want to watch. Don’t tell her I said that or she will get even madder.”

“Merle, you are sick. Why would you let another man fuck your wife? Why would you want to watch? That is really perverted.”

“Because I can lap up everything you spill. Would you like that?”

“You really are a sick puppy!”

Carol was sucking my manhood all the time I was on the phone and it had grown back to full size. I laid her across my dining room table and entered her sopping wet pussy doggy style. Oh my God it felt so good. I never knew a pussy could feel this good. In my limited experience, the wetter a pussy got, the less feeling it had, but Carol’s pussy felt like it had a million tiny suction cups massaging my shaft. With every stroke, a thrill ran up my cock to my brain and back down. She reached back with both hands and pulled my hips to her as she started shaking again. As her orgasm became more intense, I started coming for the fourth time. And the fourth felt as good as the first three! I pumped her full of love juice again with stroke after stroke of earth shaking orgasmic ecstasy!

I discovered that Missy was taking her contraceptive foam with her on Wednesday nights so there was nothing to feel guilty about. Merle worked all night every Wednesday night and Carol and I fucked our brains out. Sometimes we got a chance on other nights too. I will never get enough of this incredible woman and her incredible pussy. Then she started letting me in her ass and that was even tighter.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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