Will and Lynn’s Dinner Date

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Will hungrily dove into the delicious Chinese food, amazed at how good it felt to eat. He hadn’t eaten all day, unless Mylanta and Tylenol pilfered from the nursing station could be counted as a meal, and the sensation of eating now was bordering on orgasmic. Or maybe it was because he was sharing his sofa with the beautiful woman who had brought him this feast.

Despite being so tired for so long that he couldn’t remember what it felt like to be fully alert, he’d gotten his second wind earlier this evening when he received Lynn’s text asking if he was still able to have dinner tonight. He had already been on his way out of the hospital, just about to call her, when her carefully worded message had come through. In contrast to the typical text that seemed designed primarily to convince the recipient of the sender’s intellectual disability, the words seemed chosen to not sound demanding, or needy, or to leave any concern that the sender would be disappointed if dinner didn’t work out tonight. On the contrary, Will had been working steadily all day, foregoing breaks and meals to ensure that he could honor his dinner invitation to Lynn.

He’d had to endure a pointless conversation with an attending who had engaged him outside of the hospital on his way to the train station, feeling almost physical pain at having to choose words to speak while sounding cheerful escort bursa and attentive. When he finally had enough privacy among strangers, he’d relished the sound of Lynn’s voice over the phone as they’d arranged for her to meet him at his apartment with the food. Just talking to her about food had felt pornographic, as his desire for her and his desire to eat merged in his mind.

Compared to Will, Lynn seemed engaged in some activity other than eating, the contents of her carryout container barely shifting from the movements of her chopsticks. Will suddenly felt self-conscious. “Sorry, I’m making a pig of myself, but it just feels so good to eat. I think I need a beer, would you like one, or some water, or I have some Cane Cola.”

“Just some water would be nice,” said Lynn, trying to choose the most ladylike choice. She frequently found herself struggling to behave the way she thought Will expected her to, then chastising herself for assuming she knew what Will expected her to do. It was confusing. “Or maybe a beer.” She wasn’t sure if she’d heard him, so she went into the kitchen.

“Or what kind of beer do you have?” she asked, as if she knew or cared how to intelligently converse about beer. Will was equally uncomfortable, and her question set him into a more formal conversation about beer. They both recognized this and felt uneasy, bursa merkez eskort and as Will took the two uncapped bottles back into the living room, Will thought “I should’ve offered her a glass.” Another awkward exchange began around a topic that neither of them wished to discuss as they held a self-conscious exchange about the need or desire for a glass for Lynn’s beer. Will sat on the sofa, feeling uncomfortable and annoyed with himself.

Lynn asked Will about his day, and this gave him the opportunity to relax and tell her what he really thought about medicine, not what he thought people wanted him to say when they asked about his job. Now Will was feeling more comfortable again. He loved the way that he and Lynn could talk so meaningfully about their lives.

They had finished their meal, and had sat back in the sofa in each others’ arms the way they had several times now, usually while watching a movie. This time, there was nothing else to look at. Their eyes were cast towards their laps. Will turned his head towards Lynn, still looking down. Lynn was wearing a gorgeous tank top, with no bra. He was aware of the beauty of her breasts, but felt uncomfortable staring. Instead, he began nuzzling her neck, turning the act of affection into a small kiss behind her ear. Lynn turned her head towards him, and bursa sınırsız escort their lips found each other for the first time.

The kiss quickly turned passionate, interrupted only when Will broke away to pant “Is this OK?”

“Yes,” answered Lynn, and she ran her hands through his hair to reassure him.

She moved to straddle him, and one strap of her tank top fell off her shoulder, further teasing Will with the promise of her delicious breasts. He moved his hand over the material of her top, and gently squeezed and massaged her breast underneath. Anticipating his discomfort, Lynn preempted him by looking him in his eyes with a passionate look and imploring him to “Don’t stop.”

Will now had to shift to accommodate his erection within his pants. Lynn stayed glued to him like a baby orangutan refusing to be put down, placing her pelvis atop his warm erection. Will moved his hands to the miraculous globes of her buttocks, massaging them through her small, thin shorts. He could sense her labia swelling and softening around his erection as Lynn’s face began to blush, and her breath came faster.

They resumed their passionate kissing, and Lynn’s shorts seemed to be less and less effective at preserving her modesty as Will continued to massage her scrumptious ass, holding handfuls as if he were picking a ripe peach. His fingers found the wetness of her panties, and he was drawn further to that heavenly place.

Will continued to probe and massage Lynn’s labia through the slickened gusset of her panties. “Is this too much?”

But Lynn didn’t answer. She had just had the most amazing orgasm of her life at the tip of Will’s fingers.

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