Window Shopping Ch. 02

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The second installment of the series—each chapter should be readable as a standalone story, but start from the beginning for a little more continuity-cheers!

To Catch a Thief

The trouble with building of this size is the constant need for maintenance. By the time all of your routine checks were finished, preventive maintenance done, and problems remedied, it was time to start over. This meant a near steady stream of plumbers, electricians, welders, carpenters, roofers, health inspectors, Fire Marshalls, IT guys—you name it. Not only could no one know all of the workers coming and going, no one batted an eye at a stranger with a utility belt and hard hat walking with a purpose.

It was just that ability to blend in that James enjoyed. He was just another tradesman going about his business—orders from a department head that no one’s heard of, nor thinking to question.

After striding purposely into the service corridor behind Barnes and Noble, James took a moment to orient himself. He pulled a PDA from his satchel and turned on a mapping feature that gave him a rough overlay of the building—a basic outline he did from memory after his visit yesterday. He would need a better schematic eventually, but this one would suit him fine for now. Looking around he noted the entrances to various shops and continued moving until he found an unmarked door. Pushing it open, James removed the latch keeper he had placed the previous day, to prevent it from locking.

First order of business was to change the lock and re-label the door. Anyone who was used to this being their hangout would simply figure management caught on to their spot and repurposed the room. James placed an orange construction sign outside the door and a high voltage placard on the door itself. After drilling out the old lock he placed a magnetic-swipe key fob for quicker access.

He looked around the empty hall; his first day on the job was going even smoother than expected.

Inside the break room he removed several wall panels to gain access to the electrical conduit behind—conduit that housed communication lines and closed circuit feeds for the entire building. He clipped a few wires and routed them through an adapter to his PDA. After syncing that with his laptop he was able to gain limited access to the building’s intranet—the server that ran all of the communications for the building.

After an hour or so browsing through the network and diligently cracking into “secure” firewalls, James found the schematic he was looking for.

This mega-mall had been built on top of a cold-war era transit system—that much was a well known piece of trivia. The exact details of the system however, were still classified—classified as much as a multimillion dollar public-private partnership would allow, at least.

The builders had to tie their structure into the tunnel for stability. They knew about the tunnel and drew very detailed plans of it; they were even rumored to give it double duty as the communication hub. These plans showed exactly how and where those tunnels were accessible, and now James had them.

“Perfect,” James crooned at his job well done.

He popped a couple of ceiling tiles and stored his gear in the overhead. He then changed into his business casual slacks and shirt and donned a pair of non-prescription glasses—thick coke-bottle frames that endeared him to Buddy Holly. It was time to go people watching again.

James wound through the service corridors until he got to the Forever 21 outlet. He entered and quickly assimilated into the crowd of people perusing clothing items. After spotting various girls and sizing them up for approach without luck, James finally came across two girls that seemed to be enjoying a carefree day—a bit too carefree, since they would periodically remove tags from clothing and slip them into their bags.

James approached the girls with his trademark confident swagger.

“Would you ladies please accompany me to the back of the store,” James directed the teenagers sternly.

The pair looked at each other with wide eyes and quietly began slinking towards the back of the store. James walked closely behind the teens, a short curvy redhead and taller slim brunette. Red was wearing a short emerald-green sundress that contrasted her pale skin nicely. Her friend was sporting a striped, form fitting, long sleeve shirt and a pair of jeans. Each carried a large “purse,” roughly the size of a beach bag, and undoubtedly hekd numerous articles of free clothing.

“In there,” James directed the pair into the last changing room, “Bags down, backs against the wall.”

The two girls obeyed and set akyurt escort their purses on the bench for James to rummage through. Now that they faced him, James could see Red was worried, flashing her blue eyes sideways at her partner for signs of reassurance. He friend just stared forward with her arms across her small but perky chest.

James fished out their pocketbooks and IDs, passed several fake ones and settled on their authentic licenses: Amanda, 5’3,” red hair, 100lbs… 19 years old; Maria, also 19, brunette, 5’10″and 120lbs. He took a moment to silently appraise the young thieves before him.

Amanda continued to fidget; her boobs wiggled and threatened to spill out of her dress with each shift in her weight. Maria was much more collected, probably the instigator, and maintained a stoic look on her face.

“We were going to pay for that stuff, we were just holding it!” Amanda blurted out, earning a severe glare from Maria.

James simply held up his hand and threw the pocketbooks back into one of the bags. He took a short step across the small changing room to confront Amanda directly, “Hands up, legs apart,” he commanded. Amanda nervously complied.

Starting behind her head, James massaged her scalp and neck with his large hands, moving to her shoulders and then under her arms. As he continued on his way down he leaned in close, breathing in her ear and smelling her lavender body wash. He cupped her breasts with each hand and felt her nipples poking through the strappy sundress. He gave each a slight swirl with his thumb before continuing down.

He knelt in front of her and worked down her curvy body to her hips; James grabbed a handful of the teen’s firm butt and kneaded circles around to the back of her thighs before slowly working his hands down her legs and calves.

As he stood, James traced the inside of her legs to her thighs and gave Amanda’s panties a slow rub while observing her for any reaction.

Amanda felt her body tingling at the agonizingly slow strip search and bit her lip at the stranger’s massage of her slit. She was a straight A student, now being groped because her friend talked her into shoplifting. But the strange thing was she kind of liked it—the guilty appraisal, the loss of control. She could feel her arousal warming up—the thrill of getting caught and this man’s firm hands exploring her body without her explicit permission.

James turned his attention to Maria; she would be a bit tougher to loosen up. He moved behind her and started in much the same way. Maria lifted her hands and spread her legs; James took his time, palpating each inch of her torso and making sure Amanda could see each tender movement of his hands. He made sure to overtly grope Maria’s B cups, with no pretense of a search in his admiration of her figure. He pressed her body tight against his own and felt her muscles tense with resistance.

“How do we know you’re with security?” Maria scathed against his wandering hands.

“I never said I was with security,” James whispered coolly, as he grabbed the bottom of the striped shirt and peeled it up over Maria’s head.

Maria’s skin bristled with goose bumps while James worked his hands back down to her hips. She wasn’t sure what to think of this man—he obviously wasn’t an employee, but he could still blow their cover.

Maria willed her hands to stay up while her nipples hardened in her bra.

Amanda was clearly turned on; her mouth was agape and jealous of the attention Maria was receiving. Truthfully, Maria was enjoying it too. It was rare that she wasn’t in charge and the loss of control was heightening each touch from this attentive man.

James finished the sweep of her legs with the same long rub of Maria’s cooch. He pressed his lips into her ear and gave her a few soft pecks before slurping her earlobe gingerly into his mouth. Maria shuddered at the ticklish tease—at once both annoyed and thrilled.

James unbuttoned her jeans and slid them to the floor; Maria stepped out of them without protest. Her mom would kill her if she was caught again and it was obvious this man could be bargained with.

“Sit,” James commanded to Maria.

She obeyed and sat in her best posture, facing James and Amanda. She then watched while James lowered her friend’s top, folding it to frame her large perky breasts. Amanda’s boobs hung gallantly in the cool air, her hard nipples heaving with each breath. Amanda simply looked towards Maria in disbelief—searching for any comfort while her creamy boobs remained on display.

She received none from Maria.

James whispered quietly to the teen, “If you want ayaş escort me to stop, tell me you were shoplifting and I’ll let you go.”

Amanda’s mind raced with the thought of escape but her lips remained pressed tightly together.

“If you’d rather stay, then kiss me.” James continued. He cupped each milky breast and began fondling them softly. She turned and pressed her lips to his. The two maintained this embrace for some time, basking in the feel of each other’s skin. James worked his hands down to Amanda’s curvy backside and began kneading it firmly, rolling her tight ass between his fingers.

Between kisses James looked to Maria, “You’ll get your turn, too.”

Maria continued to sit obediently and watch while she spread her legs and her hand drifted to her pussy; she began slowly petting her soft kitty through her panties.

James reached under Amanda’s skirt until he found her wet panties and removed them with a hard tug, stretching the fabric until it tore and dropping them to the floor. James undid his belt and sprung his stiff cock into the teen’s backside.

James clutched a fistful of red hair and passionately kissed Amanda before thrusting her forward to her friend; the two instinctively began kissing while Maria masturbated and James lined up against Amanda for entry.

The teenagers continued to swirl their tongues sloppily around each other’s mouth—neither one truly wanted this, nor wanted to break the kiss. So they continued. And gradually began enjoying each other’s soft lips and eager tongues.

James pressed his large cock under the dress and sank into the teen’s tight pussy. Her silky warmth hungrily accepted his cock and forced a soft mewl into her friends mouth. James began rhythmically sloshing into the hot, wet teen; each thrust caused her body to rebound. Amanda’s boobs swayed in rhythm to James’ pounding and each shockwave forced her tongue deeper into Maria’s throat.

Amanda could feel tears welling in her eyes; the gravity of being caught and the helplessness of her lust for this stranger’s cock surged through her. She simply wanted to be at home and be innocent, but each plunge satiated her desire to be taken. Her slick pussy adored each blissful thrust and begged for another.

Maria clutched her friend’s boobs and tenderly kissed her lips; she could feel Amanda’s confliction and did her best to assure her with passionate kisses—she hoped this was their get out of jail free pass. Perhaps the better they did for this man the sooner they’d be set free? Despite her attempt to stay detached, the ever present feelings of helplessness and public indecency continued to heighten Maria’s arousal; they swelled in her stomach and gushed into her slick pussy.

Maria guided Amanda’s hand down to take over her wet petting. She was soaking wet and Amanda’s hand coaxed her further into the grips of an orgasm. The sight of Amanda getting pounded while slurping her tongue only heightened her arousal. Maria sat in a puddle of her own juice while Amanda got railed from behind. James continued his methodic pounding and could feel Amanda contracting around his shaft as she got closer to orgasm. Her hot, wet pussy pulsed against James’ shaft and sent an intense wave of pressure through her throbbing body. She began to spasm, pushing James over the edge.

James slammed in as deep as he could and erupted several loads of cum into the teenager; Amanda’s tiny body shuddered with release and she collapsed into her friend.

James leaned down and whispered to Amanda, “It’s ok, you’re safe honey,” while cum continued dumping into her tiny body. Amanda felt a wave of relieve sweep over her as her orgasm passed and that last assurance allowed her to abandon her doubts. She closed her eyes and savored the warm cum filling her womb.

With Amanda full of his hot semen, James withdrew from the sweaty, disheveled teen and pressed his cock to Maria’s now idle lips. Maria opened her mouth and relaxed her jaw, allowing James to slide to the back of her throat; she slurped Amanda’s juices along the way. After a few pumps James withdrew his softening cock, traced by a thick contrail of saliva, and laid Maria onto her back.

He picked Amanda up, still full of cum and recovering from her orgasm, and set her on Maria’s face. Amanda’s swollen pussy began oozing James’ cum and drooling her own onto Maria’s face; Maria dutifully lapped at her sensitive friend causing Amanda to shudder with delight.

James knelt down between Maria’s legs and started working his tongue in circles around her cute, waxed pussy. From his vantage point he could see Amanda grinding her hips into ankara escort her friend’s face, thoroughly enjoying the feel of Maria’s tongue on her wet pussy, while cum dribbled down her friend’s chin.

Maria began rocking in unison with Amanda, her engorged clit sensitive to James’ swirling tongue. James could feel his cock swelling again and backed away from Maria; he traced kisses up her thighs as he lifted her legs and positioned his tip against her aching pussy. Maria rocked down, trying to envelope the stiffening cock that was teasing her wet slit.

James held fast, teasing her for a few more agonizing seconds before finally slipping into the second teenage pussy of the day.

The incessant foreplay meant Maria was already approaching her climax when James entered her. His thick cock spread her pussy taut, constrained by his grip that held her legs together; the added fullness surged over her body with a heavenly shudder, followed by a wave of sensual pleasure—the thrill of giving into this stranger, the intoxicating swirl of resistance eroded by lust. Each slosh of his thick cock massaged her wet pussy and radiated pleasure through her senses. Maria began mewling into her friend’s pussy with each thrust; the soft humming drove Amanda wild.

Amanda turned to face James and resumed kissing him passionately; she was thankful to have met a man who would comfort her while she wrestled with her guilty pleasure. James returned the kisses and quickened his thrusts into Maria, who in turn had to focus intently on Amanda’s gyrating pussy as it smothered her face.

Maria could barely breathe under Amanda and continued to surge higher with pleasure; each time she thought her wave would crest and crash, it simply grew taller and hotter. Each gasp of air from under Amanda’s wet cunt brought a fresh wave of euphoria to Maria’s stunned, oxygen starved body.

James continued pounding the slender teen; he savored each stroke through her silky flesh, each wet slap and each hot slosh. Maria was clenching her pussy tight around his shaft; Amanda worked sloppy kisses into his mouth. James could fee his own release building yet again—slower this time, but steadily growing.

Amanda’s breathing grew erratic; Maria’s tongue found her sweet spot and in a matter of moments Amanda was cumming for the second time that day, gushing fluid all over her friend’s face.

Maria struggled for air as Amanda clamped down and quivered her orgasm into Maria’s mouth. The oxygen starvation added to the tidal wave of heat surging from her throbbing cunt. Unable to hold back any longer, Maria shuddered and came; her deep groan grew into a girlish yelp that was stifled by Amanda’s sopping wet pussy; Amanda grunted into James’ mouth while deep throating his tongue.

With Maria writhing in pleasure under him it was only a matter of moments before James erupted yet again, spewing a hot load of cum into yet another teen. His cock was lodged in Maria’s womb; his tongue in Amanda’s throat. Wave after wave of cum flooded Maria; James let her orgasm milk every last drop from his shaft before plopping from her swollen pussy.

The trio slowly slid from their positions and collapsed on the bench. After a while, their heaving chests slowed and their breathing evened out. Reality began to seep in. The air seemed to get a bit colder and their fluids became cool and sticky.

They dressed silently, using the clothes the teenagers lifted to help clean up and give some semblance of normality. Amanda was still dripping with cum, unable to capture it with her torn panties. Maria attempted to smooth out the wrinkles in her shirt and straighten her bra. James, for his part, was largely unruffled. After using Maria’s panties to wipe up his cock he dropped them into her bag and was ready to go.

“Follow me,” James stated in a low voice. The three filed out of the changing room and into the stock room, past a loading area and into the service corridor.

“Head straight; take the last door on the right with the ‘exit’ sign above it. That’ll put you in the parking garage.”

“What about these?” Amanda inquired, nudging her bag of stolen clothes towards James.

“Like I told you, I never said I was security,” James responded with a smirk, “From one trouble maker to another though, you should try to do a better job at blending in. You might not be so lucky next time you’re caught.”

The girls looked thoughtfully at the man for a moment before silently nodding.

“What your name?” Maria asked.


“Will we see you around here again?” Amanda asked.

“Well, hopefully not; the idea is to blend in, not stick out,” James replied with genuine amusement. “Try to stay out of trouble. Now git.”

James kissed each teen on the forehead before ushering them towards the exit with a slap on the ass. He ducked into another service corridor and disappeared from view before they could protest again.

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