Winter Retreat

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The highway was well plowed, nearly free of snow and ice as we made our way higher and higher into the mountains. Pines and spruce lined the sides of the road, bent over with the weight of their thick winter frosting. Everything looked so fresh with the new layer of snow which was falling in huge feather-like flakes. As we turned off onto the side road the evidence of a few tire tracks were the only sign of human passage; the further we travelled towards our destination the fewer the packed traces. The cabin was nearly 5 miles off the highway and then deep in the woods, tucked beside a bay on a small lake. We knew we’d have to abandon the truck before we ventured far off the old logging road and had brought along snow shoes and a toboggan to haul our gear along the last part of the trail.

As we entered the woods with our sleeping bags, wine and food tied down to the toboggan we revelled in the utter silence that surrounded us. Only the sigh of the wind could be heard whispering amongst the trees as we made our way through the fresh powder. Here and there bare patches still showed us the remnants of last fall’s dried grasses, stubble left to feed the deer that frequented the area. As we passed along it was hard to keep quiet but we both knew we felt the same way, total bursa escort and utter peace. Finally away from our busy lives in the city we began to relax with the rhythmic motions of our snow shoes. At the last bend in the trail we stopped, both of us as always, amazed at the sight of the cabin nestled amongst the pines, knowing we had but two days to enjoy it before we would have to return to the rat race that awaited us back in town. Our time was precious so we pushed on and rushed about starting the wood stove and getting unpacked.

It wasn’t long before the big cast iron stove delivered it’s warmth to us allowing the removal of several layers of clothing. Lying in front of the fire, snow cooled wine in hand, we listened to the soft sounds of Eric Clapton as he strummed his guitar singing his tale of loves lost and found. The lanterns turned low, we watched as night fell as softly as the flakes mounting on the window sills. Snuggled on the rug, we held each other tightly talking of times past here at the lake. Our dinner lay wrapped in layers of foil on the stove top to heat as we relaxed and enjoyed our wine.

The warmth of the fire surrounding us now, we slowly undressed each other, the buttons, buckles and cloth falling away as our skin was revealed bursa escort bayan to the warmth of the fire and the heat of our passion. Kneeling, facing each other we couldn’t help but reach out and touch, fingers lingering, teasing our senses, gently stroking and kissing each other. My fingers glided over his smooth skin, so dark against mine even now in the midst of winter. The bottle of massage oil placed by the stove earlier was well warmed now and he poured it generously over my breasts and stomach. Small rivers of it ran down my sides and between my legs, the scent of it filling the air. Running my own hands down my stomach and now throbbing breasts I gathered some of the oil and slowly rubbed it into his chest and stomach muscles. Both of us breathed deeply of the aroma as we massaged and kneaded each other’s bodies.

As he slid his hands over my thighs goose bumps erupted over my flesh, a shiver running down my spine. Thinking I was getting cool he reached for another piece of wood and stoked the glowing embers of the fire. As he once again knelt in front of me I took a sip of my icy wine and bent over him taking his now hard penis into my mouth. The coldness of the wine caused a sharp intake of breath but I could tell he liked görükle escort bayan the sensation. Slowly I ran my lips and tongue up and down his shaft leaving it wet and shiny in the lamp light. I stroked his back and buttocks with my hands, gently running my nails over his skin as I sucked him deep within me.

He slipped a hand into my hair, taking the curls between his fingers, encouraging me to do what I knew he enjoyed so much. The long fingers of his other hand slid down my back and sides, then down between my thighs meeting the wetness gathering there. As always, he knew exactly where to touch me, stroking my clit ever so softly and running the length of his hand down my wet folds. Slowly, back and forth, slipping a finger deep into me then retreating and returning once again until I moaned with building passion. As I sucked harder and quicker he kept pace with his fingers on my pussy, until we could wait no longer. Pushing me back until I lay across the rug, he spread my thighs and slid his erection into me, each inch slowly disappearing until he was fully enclosed in the hot wetness. I could feel his length inside me as he thrust in and out, each time bringing new waves of heat to my body. The oil made our skin glide over each other as he slid back and forth, in and out, bringing us both to the mutual orgasm that erupted within me; his hot seed meeting my juices as we both groaned in ecstasy.

Lying there in each others arms, the warmth of our lust and the warmth of the fire enfolding us we lay holding each other in our perfect winter retreat.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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