With My Son’s Ex-Wife

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Laura and I always had a close relationship. My son, John’s wife was five years older than he, and had been married briefly, before they met. Much to my dismay, John was not as considerate and respectful of Laura as I thought he should be. It was clear to me that their marriage wouldn’t last, unless he cleaned up his act. I tried to stay relatively neutral, so that, at least John would listen and not shut me out completely.

After nearly ten years of a stormy marriage, I believe Laura was right to file for divorce. What I didn’t realize until much too late was that John was addicted to meth. In fact, he financed his habit by helping set up labs and selling meth and other drugs. He’s managed to avoid going to prison, so far, but he’s made a sorry mess of his life. Laura had desperately tried to protect John from being discovered, and kept urging him to get help.

Laura and I would usually have lunch together and visit, when I drove out to see John. She said that she wanted to stay in touch with John’s family, no matter what happened to their marriage. I continued to visit both of them, whenever I could, though we felt it was best to avoid having the two of them in the same room at the same time. No point in throwing gasoline on the fire. Laura always greeted me and said good-bye with an affectionate hug. As disappointed as I am with John, he’s still my son and I can see that he’s at least trying to stay clean now.

I’ve always had very erotic fantasies about women I know personally. Of course, I’m constantly aware of the distinction between what a man carries around in his head, and what he actually does. Almost from the first time I met Laura, I had to suppress what I was really feeling. Though there were only a few times in nearly ten years that we were ever by ourselves. I noticed that she seemed unusually nervous when no one else was present. I wondered if she somehow sensed the terrible lust I was hiding.

As soon as John and Laura separated, and during the time John spent in jail, I found that Laura was far more relaxed. Obviously, their relationship had been stressful for her. As we got to visit more, Laura began to talk openly about the problems they’d had. I reassured her that she didn’t need to put up with any more eryaman escort abuse. John’s attitude and some things he said about her gave me a clear picture of what was really going on. I know John all too well and have seen his destructive anger. Laura was very relieved when I told her that I understood and that I supported her decision.

One day, after they’d been separated a few months, Laura and I were talking and she asked if we could continue our conversation at a nearby park. As we sat in the cab of my pickup, she began to reveal some very intimate things about herself. I’m very open-minded about sexuality, but I had to ask her, “Why are you telling me all this?”

“Because, I’m as much to blame as John is.” She continued, “I’ve been unfaithful to him too.” Laura went on to describe how they had a friend of hers in bed with them. Not only had John made love with both of them, the two women apparently put on quite a show for John. This open talk of sexual intimacy created an obvious bulge in my pants.

I suddenly surprised myself, by telling Laura I had something to confess as well. She’d bared her soul and I was about to expose myself to her. Before I could really begin, she asked if I found her attractive. God! She could read me like a book! How could I deny any of it. I confessed what I’d been thinking and added, “I hope you understand, having these private thoughts, and actually doing anything are two entirely different things.”

“You must think I’m a dirty old man. I’m sorry.” I began to see a change in her expression and sensed that she was looking straight into my soul. In a soft, but clear voice, she said, “It’s OK, the feeling is mutual. For the longest time, I’ve wanted to have you make love with me.”

As much as I wanted to, I told her that we both needed to think this through, as it would be a total disaster if anyone found out. She’d spent most of her life in the same small town, so almost everyone in the area knew her or her parents. We did discuss this again, about six months later, and finally ended up going to an isolated area near a lake.

One thing that’s nice about the rural environment is that there are places where you can have almost guaranteed privacy, without esat escort the cost of a motel. After we parked, she sat next to me and I began kissing her and softly caressing her breasts. Before long, her top and bra were loose and I could play with her nipples. After a good 20 minutes of this intimate play, she unzipped my fly and took my rock-hard penis in her mouth. I released the latch on my seat back and she happily slurped on my aching member.

She stopped and half screamed and half whispered “FUCK me NOW!” I had to get out and walk around to the passenger side. Laura finished removing her jeans and exposed the shaved pussy I’d been fingering. She was now crosswise on the front seat and placed her feet on the dash and the door frame. Her position was now much the same as being on a gynecologist’s examining table, with her feet in the stirrups. Standing there, I bent over and ate her until she begged me to put it in.

I saw a growing wet spot on the edge of the seat, but I didn’t care. I hated to take the time to slip on a condom, but we’d agreed that this was best. Her vagina was dripping wet, but I found it difficult to get my member in. She was so turned on, that it felt as if I would rip her pussy apart. Her vagina relaxed momentarily and my shaft slid home. Then it felt like she had wrapped her fingers around my penis and squeezed. We both groaned in the incredible sensation.

Until that moment, my sexual experience was almost exclusively limited to my first wife and my current wife. I’d lost my virginity in a one-time encounter with a friend of my sister’s. Shortly after that I met the young woman who was my first true love and later, my first wife. After our separation, I was fortunate to meet my second wife, before our divorce hearing took place.

For the first time in my life, I felt a mixture of pain and exquisite pleasure as I plunged my rod in. Laura groaned as her first of several orgasms milked me completely dry. It was then that I knew I’d have to come back to give and receive the full treatment. Feeling my member, now limp, but aching, reminded me of some of my first experiences with masturbation. I’d sometimes get carried away and make my penis sore for a while afterwards. I gently ankara escort asked Laura if she felt OK and she just smiled and said, “Oh my GOD, YES!”. We had about 20 miles to drive, to get back to town, so we were both able to cool off and try to act as if nothing unusual had happened.

About a month later, I made plans to spend the night at a motel, while visiting. When we had a few moments to talk privately, Laura said she’d stop by in the morning. Early the following morning, Laura knocked on my door. As soon as the door was secure, she stretched out crossways on the bed. We kissed and began to undress each other. Between licking her pussy and sucking her nipples, I aroused her to an orgasm. I began to work in earnest on her pussy with my mouth and tongue. Laura began to suck on me. She has an incredible talent for sucking cock! Finally, I got to enter her red-hot pussy and she went almost berserk with pleasure.

Following that initial blast, I started playing with her ass. She rolled over onto her knees and begged for me to try doggie style. I amazed myself by coming again and we both collapsed onto the bed. Laura finally asked if I’d like to do anal sex. While it surprised me that she enjoyed this, I was happy to oblige. This was the first time any woman had asked me to penetrate her ass. My first wife had allowed me to try it a few times, but she finally said it was too disgusting for her. After two hours of lovemaking and penetrating every available orifice at least once, we had to finish.

I can hardly wait to go back for more. Laura is far and away the best woman I’ve had the pleasure of being with. On the way home, I had three hours to think about the experience and allow my penis to recover. I felt that I’d just eaten the most forbidden fruit, and found it exquisitely delicious. I know that Laura wants to find a man closer to her age. However, as she put it, John and other men she’s been with are a little too rough. It’s exciting at first, but she feels like she’s just been used afterwards.

What she told me is that she likes the way I treat her and she feels totally safe and comfortable with me. I certainly enjoy whatever time we can spend together, but when she does find a significant other, I’ve vowed to end our intimacy. I’m grateful for every minute that I can spend with her, but she needs and deserves to have her own life. I am about to go for another visit and we’re planning to spend a night together. That will be the subject of my next story, and it should be a very juicy one.

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