With Three You Get… Ch. 03

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Clothes Tearing

Day 4

Mark woke, naked, with the two equally disrobed woman and disentangled himself. He paused for a moment, comparing their physical attributes. Dinah was fairly tall at 5′-7″, and lean. Her pale complexion went along with her red hair and green eyes, now closed in sleep. She had a broad mouth which would light up a room when she smiled. Her smallish pert breasts had almost no sag when she stood and were capped with wonderful pink nipples, nipples he knew turned red and extended when she was very excited. Her red hair fell to her shoulders and was matched by the small patch of pale red pubic hair. Janet was shorter, around 5′-0″ he guess, but compared to her height was a little heavier. The workouts at the gym she mentioned must have worked because she was fairly firm all over, like a woman in her late 30’s, early 40’s should be. She wasn’t a taut Olympic athlete but she looked good. He knew her eyes to be a great blue and she had a mass of wavy brown hair down to her shoulder blades. Her skin, too, was fair, not as fair as Dinah, but definitely needed to wear sun-block in the tropic heat. Her breasts were larger than Dinah’s and had a touch of sag to the side as she lay on her back sleeping. They were topped with larger, but equally pink nipples. Her brown pubic hair was thicker than Dinah’s, even though she had trimmed it, and the shaved area between her legs showed her puffy lips to be darker than Dinah’s pink ones.

The boat was slighty heeled to starboard, as far a catamaran can be said to heel and the engine was off, the only sound was a slight gurgle as water rushed along the hull. He knew there was a long way to go today to the next dive site so they wouldn’t be diving until late today, and the crew had promised a night dive so there was no rush. He pulled his shorts on and left the cabin. There were a few passengers reclining on the bow tramp and a few more in the galley looking at pictures they had taken the previous day. He snagged a couple of cups of coffee and some fresh fruit on a tray for the girls and returned to the cabin.

Both woman looked up when he entered and set down the tray, handing each a coffee as they sat up. “Breakfast in bed, what a treat,” Janet said.

“Not much to do this morning,” Mark told them, feeding Dinah a piece of mango.

“Are you going to feed us, too?” Janet asked.

He held up a piece of pineapple and she took it in her mouth. He took turns feed the woman and they giggled as he dripped it on their lips then licked it off. They continued playing for a few minutes until they finished their coffees. “Time for massages, roll over” he said.

Both women rolled onto their tummies and he began by spreading the vanilla oil on Dinah’s back and rubbing it in, kneading all the areas he knew she liked. Then he turned to Janet and repeated the massage, except continuing it down her arms to her fingertips. Dinah received the same arm treatment before he moved to her ass, rubbing it firmly. Back to Janet, he rubbed her butt, too, and spreading her cheeks he lightly rubbed around her little puckered hole. Janet wiggled her butt, “That’s kinky!” Dinah didn’t care for anal and Mark had never pursued it but the thought of ass-fucking was one of his personal fantasies. Sliding further down her legs he continued kneading and rubbing his way down to her feet where he rubbed each foot, and each toe. As he moved back to Dinah he lightly kissed and licked the back of Janet’s knee, receiving a “mmmm” of contentment for his troubles. Back at Dinah he repeated down her legs, paying somewhat more attention to her feet (knowing she especially liked that) and then her toes. He had her turn over and started back up the front of her legs, stopping at the top of her thighs. He took a few licks on her pussy (for breakfast, he said) before having Janet roll over and doing the fronts of her legs and her stomach before briefly tasting her pussy, too.

Both women’s nipples were hard by this time. He started up Dinah’s tummy before reaching her breast. With one fingertip he started at the bottom of her right breast, spiraling around and around it as the fingertip neared her nipple. As he reached the areola he stopped and repeated on the other breast. When he reached the areola this time however; he didn’t stop but gently pinched and pulled both nipples and kissed her on the mouth at the same time. He pinched her nipples harder as her he raised his head and caught Janet rubbing her pussy. “No, no, no,” he said, “hands above your head.”

Pushing her bottom lip out in a pout she raised her hands. Leaving Dinah’s reddened nipples he moved to Janet’s breasts. Instead of the long spiral though he spread each hand as open as possible he cupped them over her breasts with just the fingertips touching. Slightly twisting his hands as he did so, he lightly drew his fingertips up to the top of each breast, culminating in a light 5-finger pinch of each nipple. He repeated the motion several times, each pinch getting harder until Janet moaned long and low. He smiled back at Dinah and kissed her again before laying on escort tanıtımları his back between the two woman, his cock tenting his shorts. He laid one hand on the pubic bush of each woman and began to finger their pussies. Both were soft and wet and opened readily to his probing fingers. Sliding in and out, rubbing their clits he masturbated them both in a mirror image. With their hands clenching the headboard they both writhed and panted as he brought them near orgasm, then backing off. On the third such tease he went slightly past Janet’s point and she went over, her pelvis thrusting into his hand, panting as she swept through until it was over. Dinah’s climax started about halfway through Janet’s, her own orgasm bursting over her, too, until she lay trembling.

They lay silently as they caught their breath then Janet sat up. She slid her hand up under Mark’s shorts and fondled his balls. Dinah lay there watching, she had an idea what was coming up. She knew Mark well.

Mark suddenly moved Janet’s hand and stood up, surprising her. “No hands,” he said pulling the front of his shorts down to pull out his firm, but not hard, cock. Janet closed her eyes and opened her mouth as Mark held her head and guided his cock into her mouth. With her hands at her sides she sat, sucking his cock as far as he could put it in her eager mouth. He drew his now hard cock up against his stomach, having her lick and suck his balls before returning it to her mouth, precum just starting to form. He held the sides of her head with his hands and fucked her mouth until his balls reached her chin.

Without warning he withdrew his cock and tucked it back in his shorts. Janet opened her mouth, in protest this time. “Later,” he said, kissing her. Moving over to Dinah he bent over and kissed her, too, longer. “I’m going up on deck, it’s beautiful sailing.” Kissing Dinah again he thanked them both for letting him get them off and quickly disappeared out the cabin door.

Janet turned to Dinah questioningly, “Did I do something wrong? I’m just a beginner but I thought he liked it.”

Dinah sat up and kissed Janet’s cheek. “He did like it, but sometimes he just likes getting me off. Probably doubled his pleasure with both of us. And sometimes he likes me to suck his cock, just for a minute, without any plan of coming. That submissive thing again, I imagine. Don’t worry, we’ll get him back, later. I have a plan….”

The rest of the day they spent lazing around the deck, Janet got a chance to “drive” the boat. Mark got a tour of the engine room, and Dinah laid on the bow tramp, reading. Several other passengers spent the afternoon sunning on the bow, too. The passengers were mostly men with only five women onboard. Janet and one other woman, Ivana, were the only unattached women. Janet and Dinah guessed Ivana to be in her mid-twenties, she was blond, around 5′-10″, with a firm muscular body. Her smooth skin was tanned a golden brown and since she spent most of her time on deck topless, her large firm breasts sported the same even tan as the rest of her. It could be assured that wherever Ivana was, most of the men would be nearby. Mid-afternoon found Janet, Dinah, and Mark in one corner of the bow with Ivana and her would-be boyfriends spread out on the other half.

Dinah put her hand on Mark’s back and whispered in his ear, loud enough for Janet to hear, “Quit staring, your eyes are bulging.” She swept her hand across his crotch, giving his half-hard cock a squeeze and then smiled at Janet, “Men are so easy.”

Janet whispered to them that she had heard Ivana had spent the previous night “entertaining” several of the crew and passengers in her cabin. “That must be how she stays in such good shape,” Dinah considered aloud..

They reached the dive location after dark and neither woman felt up to a night dive yet. Mark set off with a few others for a night dive on a wreak. Dinah and Janet sat in the galley watching the movie, “Captain Blood” with Errol Flynn, with the rest of the passengers and crew. “It’s getting late, Dinah said, they should be back by now,” she was clearly worried. Janet slid in behind Dinah and rubbed her shoulders, “He’s fine, he’s a big boy, they’ll be back any time now.”

And sure enough the divers returned, Mark gushing about the wreck, and diving at night, and the eels, on and on. “Maybe not so big a boy…” Janet whispered in Dinah’s ear as he went on and on, the excitement showing clearly in his face, like a little boy at Disneyland for the first time. Finally Mark tapered off, “I’m tired,” he said, “I’m gonna hit the sack.” Dinah caught Janet’s slightly disappointed look. “I’m sure he’s going right to sleep, but you’re welcome to sleep with us again.”

Janet swept the comment away with a shake of brown, wind tossed hair. “Thanks, but you guys need your sleep tonight. I’ll see you in the morning.”

Mark and Dinah kissed Janet goodnight in her cabin then went into theirs where they fell quickly to sleep, Dinah snuggled up in his arms.

Janet lay gaziantep escort tanıtımları down and tried to read for a few minutes but just couldn’t get into the book. She thought about her vibrator lying in her bag and wasn’t ready for that, either. She had been looking forward to another evening in the cabin next door and was a little frustrated. She rose from her bunk and quietly opened the door to the adjoining cabin. Mark and Dinah lay sleeping, both were naked and Mark’s cock was half-hard, laying on top of his leg. Janet licked her lips, imagining that cock in her mouth again, the smooth hardness sliding along her lips and tongue, the thick vein along the bottom, the taste of the precum as the tip of her tongue probed the opening in that large pink head. Dinah lay on her back, too, her legs parted and, although the shadows were too dark to see her pussy, Janet imagined the pink lips and sliding her tongue between them.

Janet was stimulated now but couldn’t bring herself to wake the two, and she didn’t feel like masturbating, so after closing the adjoining door she slipped out her cabin and went up to the galley. The galley was deserted, a glance at the clock said it was almost midnight. Janet hadn’t realized it was so late, although she still wasn’t sleepy. She headed for the bow, thinking she would stretch out and watch the stars for awhile.

Her bare feet padded along silently and she smiled as she remembered the sight of Mark and Dinah making love there the first night. A voice drifted to her from ahead and Janet slowed, ‘What if …’ she thought. She silently moved forward, finally making out the words, “Fuck me … fuck me … harder.” Recalling that Dinah had seen her, Janet was more careful this time as she peeked around the corner of the cabin, the vision before her making her draw in her breath, mouth agape.

Ivana was on her hands and knees, her large breasts swinging. A man knelt behind her, his hands on her hips, pulling her back into him as he rammed his cock into her. “Harder,” Janet heard Ivana say again. Another man laid in front of Ivana, his cock hard and shiny. Ivana lowered her head and took the cock in her mouth, pumping it with one hand. She sucked him as he rubbed her breasts, pinching her nipples and pulling them hard. The man behind her was slowing, “Harder,” Ivana said again, taking her mouth off the cock in front of her, but it was over for the man fucking her. He moaned loudly, obviously cumming as he made a few more weak thrusts.

With a swear Ivana pulled off him and swung her leg over the man on his back, sitting on his face, “Lick me.” Ivana was rubbing her crotch on the man’s face when another man who had been sitting nearby offered her his cock. “Don’t cum in my mouth,” she said before opening her mouth and swallowing the cock to the root. Janet gashed, ‘The cock must be halfway down her throat,’ she thought to herself.

Janet looked at the laying man, his face hidden in Ivana’s crotch. Janet could imagine the mixture of cum and pussy juice oozing out of Ivana and down his face, into his mouth. She slid a hand down the front of her shorts and let it roam through her wet pussy, scooping the wetness onto her finger and sucking it into her mouth as she continued watching.

Ivana rode the man’s face, sucking the other’s cock for a few minutes then stopped both motions and instead slid down, impaling herself on the laying man’s cock. With an amazing display of athleticism she fucked him, using her legs to rise almost completely off him before slamming back down. The man held onto her powerful thighs, trying vainly to control her. She slowed at last, Janet could hear Ivana’s and the man’s breathing, Ivana’s slowing down, the man’s speeding up. Ivana leaned forward, putting her breasts in the man’s face, “Suck them, hard,” she ordered as her hips rotated around on his cock. To the man standing in front of her, his cock standing hard in anticipation of more sucking she said, “Lick me.” He moved around her and buried his face in her ass, Janet imagined his tongue licking from Ivana’s full pussy up to her puckered anus. Janet’s hand slid back into her shorts, rubbing her pussy again.

The man on his back began bucking his hips into Ivana as she continued humping him. He moaned, “Fuck yeah,” as he released into her before collapsing onto his back. Ivana groaned and pulled off him, leaving his shiny shaft laying on his belly, and laid down, spreading her legs wide to the remaining man who was still on his hands and knees behind her after licking her. “You’ve graduated to licking my cunt,” she said, “Do me good.” The man crawled over to her and buried his face in her dripping crotch.

Janet extricated the two fingers she had deep in her pussy and buried them deep into her mouth, loving the taste of her own pussy.

Ivana had her hand on the top of the man’s head, holding his face in her crotch. “Suck me, ” she ordered. She lay back, her hips raising and lowering as he pleasured her. “Make me cum,” she said, less gaziantep escort bayan tanıtımları commanding now. “Lick me, make me come,” she said, almost pleading now. Ivana slid a hand down to her pussy in front of the man’s face, “Keeping licking my ass,” she said, her fingers taking over her pussy. Her hand sped to a blur before her other hand grasped the back of the man’s head again, forcing his face in deeper. “Oh, yeah,” she moaned, “Lick my ass.” Suddenly her hand slowed and Janet knew Ivana had reached her “spot.” She lay, the hand on her pussy barely moving, the slurping of the man at her ass audible in the near silence. Suddenly, Ivana arched up off the trampoline, her shoulders and feet the only parts touching as she came, gasping, moaning, crying…

When at last she finished she reached up for the ass licker, “Fuck me, slow,” she said, the commanding tone had returned to her voice. He eagerly moved forward, burying his throbbing cock into her oozing pussy. Janet pulled her hand out of her shorts, she hadn’t come yet, (she didn’t want to risk being heard,) and crept away, hearing Ivana’s low moans as she left.

Janet returned to her cabin, seeing it was after 1 AM now, minutes later she heard people moving down the corridor, probably the four she had been watching. Janet stripped and lay back on the buck, allowing her fingers to slowly stroke her soft, open pussy, too tired to find the vibrator. A low-key orgasm washed over her and the relaxation that followed carried her off to a deep, dream filled sleep.

Day 5

Janet woke from her extremely pleasant dream to an equally pleasant reality. She was lying on her back, her legs apart, with a delightful feeling radiating from her pussy along the whole length of her body. She was aware of a soft, warm body up against her right side and felt an occasional warm breath on her chest. She lay luxuriating in her half-awake/half-asleep state for a short while, her hips occasionally rotating up of their own accord to the presence pleasuring her pussy. When she finally forced herself to full consciousness she opened her eyes to find Mark’s face in her crotch, licking her pussy. The warm body beside her was Dinah’s naked form. Dinah was watching Mark lick Janet and smiling at the response of Janet’s body to Mark’s oral ministrations when she caught the flutter of Janet’s eyes as she came awake.

“Morning babe,” Dinah said, her hand now softly stroking Janet’s stomach, chest, and breasts. “He woke me up the same way then suggested we come in here and do the same to you.”

Mark raised his head, his cheeks and chin shiny with Janet’s juices. “This is so good, hope you like it. Just lay back and relax.”

Janet closed her eyes as Dinah start licking her breasts, her tongue swirling around the erect nipples while her hand continued stroking her stomach. Dinah felt Janet’s stomach tighten as she held her breath in response to the stimulation. “Relax Janet, relax…just enjoy it, don’t force it. It’ll feel so much better.” Dinah’s fingers played over Janet’s nipples and breasts as she kissed her neck and whispered “relax,” in Janet’s ear as Mark continued his oral play on her pussy. With tingling in her toes and fingers, Janet consciously willed her body to relax and the tingling spread further up her extremities.

She looked up into Dinah’s face as Dinah watched Mark and saw the love and pride she had for him. Dinah looked back at Janet, “He loves this,” she said. Then Dinah kissed her, a warm wet, soft kiss, their tongues softly dancing. Dinah’s fingers were gently pinching Janet’s now wrinkled areolas, switching from one to the other. Mark, meanwhile, had slid two fingers into Janet’s vagina and was fucking them in and out of her as he continued licking all around her pussy. He pulled his now juicy fingers out and sucked hard on her clit while he slid one finger around her anus.

“Oh, my … that is so good …I can’t … I can’t … relax …” Janet’s hand reached down and held Marks head, pulling it into her crotch, her stomach and thigh muscles clenching of their own accord. Then she felt the finger slid into her ass and then proceeded to slide in and out, fucking her sensitive ass. “arrrrgh,” Janet exploded, “oh my …” she looked up with confused eyes into Dinah’s caring one. The orgasm shot through her, lights flashing in her eyes. Mark had slowed his licking and fucking, till he was barely touching her but Janet’s orgasm continued until she lay still, whimpering slightly. Dinah stroked her face and hair until Janet’s eyes opened and focused again. “I didn’t … know … it could feel … like that,” Janet said as she caught her breath.

Dinah continued to stroke her face, “You OK?”

“Oooooh yeah,” Janet said, still recovering, just beginning to move her legs again. “I’m just tingling … all over.”

Mark stood up, his cheeks, chin, neck shiny with Janet’s juice. “That was great,” he said, “you came so hard, almost cut off the blood supply to my finger,” smiled, holding it up. Janet smiled up at him meekly. Mark leaned down and kissed her, she tasted herself on him. Wiping off his face with the back of his hand he then gave a long lingering kiss to Dinah. “Thanks babe, that was two great breakfasts. I gotta get washed up and get going. I’ll see you guys this evening.” And he disappeared into his cabin. The sound of water splashing in the sink was closely followed by the sound of the passageway door opening and closing.

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