Womanly Pleasures Ch. 01

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A bit of exposition is needed for our two “girls” before the story starts as we’ll be dropping right into the middle of the action.

When Clark and Mike step into their personas of Sophia and Olivia, whom they live as almost all the time these days, they appear to the rest of the world as two goddesses. They are both very much male, with no surgeries or hormones to make them more feminine, but rely however on alternate means to deceive the eyes of those who see them. Both are Caucasian, fair skinned and have natural, wavy, mid-back length hair. Sophia’s is a chestnut brown and Olivia’s is a platinum blonde. Sophia stands at 5’8″ with Olivia standing just an inch shorter. They each sport small waists, long legs, narrow shoulders, skinny arms, and overall toned bodies. Their expensive prosthetics fill out their hips and give them perfectly shaped c cup breasts which turn their figures into hour glass shapes. These prosthetics naturally blend with their skin, with no seam visible, and feel just like real flesh.

Attaching them is a long process though, and once on will stay on indefinitely unless intentionally removed which is both time consuming and painful. This has lead Sophia and Olivia to only changing them every six months or if damaged so as not to draw attention to the slight wear and tear that can develop. Sophia has a smokey alto voice, whereas Olivia has a silvery soprano. They worked very hard to achieve their vocals, and now neither have a hint of boy in them. With their very high quality prosthetics and inherent physiques alone, their beauty would outshine that of even a well blessed natural woman, but with their flawless makeup applied by their own professional and knowledgeable hands, their beauty turns into irresistibility.


Identically dressed in white corsets, stockings, garter belts, and 5 inch stiletto heels, the duo dripped with raw sex appeal. The laces tying up the back of their corsets and the decorative trim along the edges, as well as the garter straps on the garter belt and the underside of the stiletto heels were all coloured a hot pink. Their hands drew the eye with white tipped French nails and each had a pair of dangling diamond earrings with matching necklaces and bracelets.

Olivia sat on the bed propped up with a pile of pillows behind her back. Her legs were extended straight over the edge and her hands grasped the underside of her thighs. Sophia stood at the foot of the bed with the tops of Olivia’s high heeled feet cradling her testicles. She held one of Olivia’s ankles with her left hand and her penis with her right.

A moan heavily laden with ecstasy escaped from between Sophia’s lips as she felt the toes of Olivia’s heels slightly push up into her groin. Tightening her grip around Olivia’s ankle, she began to stroke her stiff and yearning penis. The nylon covered leg she felt in her grasp was electrifying istanbul travesti to her sense of touch and caused a wonderful feeling that started in the pit of her stomach and worked its way upwards through her body like a warm liquid.

Looking down with heavy, lustful eyes she saw her hand, French tips on the ends of each finger, wrapped around her rock hard penis which threatened to explode with each downward pump. Her mouth opened in a soundless gasp as the world around her started to spin. Olivia urged her on, not with words but with her stark blue eyes.

She was so close now, her senses were going wild. The scent of the sandalwood incense on the dresser filled her nostrils and she could feel every little strand of the nylon stocking she was gripping in her hand. The sound of Olivia groaning with pleasure was all that filled her ears, and the taste of anticipation sat on her tongue.

Then suddenly it was as if lightning shot down her spine. A rainbow of colours flashed before her eyes and she yelled out from the bottom of her lungs, her voice bursting forth with the sound of lust just as her body succumbed to it. She arched her back and the stems of her heels lifted off the ground; everything went still for a moment as Sophia teetered on the edge of ecstasy. Suddenly a jet of milky white cream shot out of her pulsing penis leaving a thick line of cum from Olivia’s mid shin to just past her knee. Sophia felt all her pelvis muscles relax then contract again in a split second causing a second jet of cum to rush out of her. This one exploded in all directions, causing it to bead up all over both of Olivia’s shins. Her third and forth contractions after that left a mess of lines and beads of thick, warm cum all over the rest of Olivia’s legs.

Sophia shuddered uncontrollably for a short time before looking up at Olivia through her waves of chestnut hair, her pupils fully dilated and green eyes swimming in ecstasy. Still holding on to Olivia’s ankle she brushed her hair back with her free hand and, without breaking eye contact, reached down and scooped up some of her own cum off of Olivia’s leg with her still shaky little finger. She enveloped it in her mouth and slowly pulled her finger from between her glossy lips and swallowed. Pleased, she smiled, gently letting Olivia’s legs down and getting on her knees in front of her.

Sensually she touched the sides of Olivia’s thighs as she proceeded to slowly lick her nylon legs clean of the mess she had made on them. Sophia’s penis not once showed any sign of growing softer and as Olivia watched Sophia eat her own cum from off her legs, her own penis stiffened and grew rock solid as well.

After Sophia had finished licking the cum from Olivia’s white nylons she moved her head upwards towards her erect penis. Starting from the base she ran her tongue along the underside of anadolu yakası travestileri it, moving slowly as to bring Olivia as much pleasure as possible. Once she reached the tip she flicked her tongue which caused Olivia to inhale sharply and grab hold of the loose bed sheet. Without hesitation she wrapped her lips around her throbbing penis and took it as deep as she could. Moving up and down the shaft with her mouth, she used her right hand to caress her testicles.

Sophia cradled Olivia’s penis with her tongue as she blew her, using every trick she knew to bring her closer to orgasm. It didn’t take long. Olivia reached out with both hands and grasped Sophia’s hair, forcing her up and down for the final strokes, screaming out in pleasure.

Sophia noticed all of Olivia’s muscles tense up in an effort to hold back the impending ejaculation just a moment longer. It only worked for a few passing seconds before she exploded into Sophia’s mouth. Sophia, feeling her mouth quickly filling started to pull away from Olivia to allow more room. Streams of thick cum lined the inside of her mouth and in no time she was filled. She swished the creamy mass around; tasting the sweet pineapple Olivia had eaten earlier.

Before Olivia had even fully recovered from her intense orgasm, Sophia got onto the bed and threw her arms around her neck and locked lips with her. As soon as Olivia opened her mouth to Sophia she pushed all the cum forward with her tongue. Unflinching, Olivia accepted her own load and let her sweet juices bring her taste buds pleasure.

After exchanging the cum back and forth a few times Sophia finally broke off the kiss and slightly parting her lips allowed half of it to dribble back into Olivia’s open mouth. They each swallowed their portion with a smile then embraced their lips together once more, exploring each other’s bodies with their hands as they kissed.

A few minutes later Sophia was taking her lingerie off as Olivia lay on the bed, fondling her fake breasts. She couldn’t actually feel stimulation from them of course, but she loved pretending she could.

“These prosthetics are insanely realistic, no wonder anyone has found us out,” she said, her voice perfectly feminine.

“I don’t know what we’d do without them, it’d be so much harder to get boys to fuck us,” answered Sophia as she grabbed some skin tape and two short catheters with what looked to be condoms on the ends from the dresser drawer.

“I think we’d manage to still get a few,” Olivia giggled.

Sophia proceeded to begin rolling on one of the catheter condoms onto her now soft penis, “Come over and help me, would you?” she said. Olivia slid off the bed and began undoing her corset as she came over.

“I fully plan on tricking a few boys at tonight’s party,” Olivia said with istanbul travesti a grin, “I want to beat last week’s record!”

Sophia laughed, “You can be such a little slut!” she replied jokingly, her condom catheter now fully rolled on. She grabbed a hairdryer and started applying heat to the condom. She felt a slight burning sensation as it heated up and turned into a sort of glue, bonding to her skin and creating an airtight seal. The tip of her penis was the only part that didn’t bond, which would allow urine and cum to pass through the catheter tubing.

“Well, don’t forget to give Greg a good time in between all your other boys.”

“Greg?” Olivia said with a puzzled look.

“The guy we met at the coffee shop silly, the one who invited us to the party.”

“Oh yes!” she said with a giggle, “I totally forgot his name!”

“Well he couldn’t keep his eyes off you, and you know me, I believe you should always say thank you to the host,” Sophia said with a wink of her eye.

Olivia smiled and went into their large walk in closet and reappeared with two medium sized boxes. They were decorated with purple and blue but had no name on them. Opening one up, Olivia pulled out an incredibly detailed and realistic prosthetic vagina. She grabbed the hair dryer and started pouring heat onto the underside of the prosthetic. The glue started to bubble and move as it activated, a glue which once dried, no amount of heat or pulling would break its hold.

As she was doing this, Sophia gently tucked her testicles up into her inguinal canals the pulled her penis back between her legs and taped it down. Olivia got on her knees in front of Sophia and attached the loose catheter end to the urethral opening on the vaginal prosthetic then carefully applied it to her. It was a warm sensation, Sophia thought, and it started to turn her on. Immediately she started thinking of other things as her penis needed to stay soft for the glue to properly bond.

The edges of the prosthetic melded with her skin, creating a seamless line. Once fully applied, Olivia held it with both hands for a minute. It tingled as the glue started to melt and mix with her skin. Soon enough it was done and Sophia looked in the mirror. There was absolutely nothing that would give her away as a guy, her breasts, curves and vagina were so lifelike that no one would ever suspect. The only way would be to deeply inspect her vagina and they’d find out there’s no cervix attached.

Sophia rubbed a finger along her vaginal lips and circled her clit. It felt and moved so realistically! She could feel herself getting hard again as she watched the beautiful woman in the mirror looking back at her, lightly touching herself, but the prosthetic didn’t budge or give way.

Olivia grabbed her hand away, snapping her back to reality and said, “Hey, maybe you want to help me get mine on first before you get anymore distracted, hmm?”

Smiling devilishly, Sophia then helped Olivia apply her prosthetic and soon afterwards were touching each other again, but this time as real girls would. If anyone had saw them they wouldn’t have blamed them though, for they did look after all just like goddesses.

The story continues in chapter 2

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