Wood Work

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Amber was ridiculously horny, she had been overworked for well over the past two months, grad school and a job, along with extra voluntary work, made for an exhausting few months. She only just realized it had been that whole two months since she had been out with friends and hooked up with a brilliant one-night stand, he had eaten her out for so long, she sobbed in overstimulation.

But alas, she had only got herself off once in those two months, and her body was very much protesting. She had those constant hot tingles that were tempting her to get herself off, but she knew after this long it would have to be a marathon session to satisfy her cravings. But with only other grad students about (none of whom she fancied, other than one she refused to think of), and in a remote country house hours away from a tiny town, her options were slim. There were always her own fingers of course, but she craved one of her dildos or vibes, none of which she had bought with her. She craved being edged and forced into multiple orgasms until she cried.

She sighed after the evening meal, returning to her room, the rooms were beautiful and had so many historic features, her friend had a huge clawfoot tub. But the centrepiece of Ambers room was a huge wooden bed, carved with beautiful cherubs up top and curved twisted bedposts at the end. A deep dark wood that shone smooth and gorgeous.

Then she blinked, and focused on the bed posts at the end. They were longer than most, carved smooth globes at the top that then flared twisted thinner slightly before becoming even wider circular columns that then led onto the flat bed end itself. The posts were probably about 8 or 9 inches and very thick, the globe itself barely fit when she put her hand on it. It was all extremely heavy, solid and obviously hand made from some long-ago time. Beds just did not come made this solid and huge anymore. The wood was so smooth it had obviously been worn over years.

She eyed the posts again and pondered, if she put the nearby heavy foot stand at the end of the bed, she may be able to straddle the bed post with one leg on that and on knelt on the bed at the other side. Then she laughed at herself, was she really considering this? Sure, she had thought of similar in the long distant past, but it was when she was far younger and less experienced.

But it wouldn’t leave her mind, she even pulled one of the stash of xl condoms from her purse (a joke gift from a friend when she had admitted to wanting to try finding a guy with a huge cock). And placed the condom on the bedside table. She had the room to herself and although there were no locks on the rooms, she doubted any of the other stressed grad students would walk in.

She pondered it for ages, feeling the post to check its smoothness and wondering if her pussy could even stretch enough to take it. She pondered so much the dinner bell rang and istanbul travesti it was (mostly) forgotten about for a couple of hours. Until she took a walk and saw one of the grad students being absolutely railed behind the gazebo in the darkening gardens. It turned her on again seeing the guy’s furious passion and the rough way he fucked the brunette as she moaned. She had even considered coming on to the groundskeeper, who was older but very hot, until she heard he had left for a few days. So, she sulkily returned to her room.

Although she could hear others in the rooms down the hall it was mostly private. So she stripped down, had a quick shower to cool off and trying not to think too much she cleaned the bedpost, just to be safe, stretched on the condom, thankful that it just about fit on and even more thankful that it was pre lubed.

She did not need to get herself worked up, she already was wet and throbbing with need after seeing that in the garden. Finding a position was harder than she thought, as the bed was quite tall. But when she felt stable and safe, one knelt leg on the bed, another on the solid wood foot stand which was thankfully wide and very sturdy. She started rubbing her clit and pussy against the solid wood. She bit her lip, holding back a moan, even this little tease had her on edge, she was so wound up.

She pulled her blonde hair over her shoulders so she could watch as she pushed at the post, it very slowly pushing inside her. The solid hardness of it made her gasp, so unlike a cock, or even her toys, so unyielding it was almost harsh. It took a lot of relaxing to eventually feel the large globe at the top pop inside her pussy, she panted as the stretch was ferocious and she froze in place shaking, wondering if she had bitten off more than she could chew.

But OH, it stretched her so well, like nothing else she had ever felt. Her hips flinched and as she moved slightly, she moaned and threw her head back, It felt so fucking good. More lube would have been good, but the stretch and burn gave it even more of an edge of pain that she enjoyed. She started moving slightly, her pussy clenching as it still tried to adjust to the sheer size and hardness of the globe.

She came the first time with just the big globe inside her, barely a touch on her clit and she was shaking through an intense orgasm, eyes tearing up as she clenched down on it making it seem even bigger. She gasped for a moment at the thought of being stuck, but she was wet enough she slid off it, then right back on, teasing herself to try take more of the twisted post below. The post was no issue, much thinner, but the wide base was a hell of a stretch, that and the feel of the globe deeper inside made her whimper. She was shaking so much, it felt so good, so intense. She wasn’t usually so overwhelmed so fast, but it felt so taboo to be doing this where istanbul travestileri anyone could walk in. She managed to get slightly further down before she almost fell and decided to just enjoy that heavy, hard thickness inside her. She came again before pulling off, stumbling bambi legged onto the bed. After another shower and a gulp of water she fell on the bed again and into a deep sleep.

So overwhelmed had she been, that she hadn’t thought to shut the curtains the night before. She had cleaned the bedpost and disposed of the condom though. After breakfast and some work, she returned to her room like a guilty kid. The hallways were quiet as most people were off out or practically chained to their desks in the library.

The cleaners had already been and all was quiet. Amber took no time in slipping another of the huge condoms onto the bed post and spreading the lube over it. Being a bbw lady, it was a hell of a workout to straddle the post and balance whilst fucking herself, but it was a workout she wished she could do daily. The stretch this time was just as fierce and she panted with just the globe inside her. In such a hurry that she had just slipped off her panties and lifted her long summer dress skirt up to grab in her teeth.

That was when her door opened, Sasha standing there as imperious and tall as ever, at six foot she was a good few inches taller than amber, with thick long dark hair, sharp green eyes and golden skin that belied her mixed Thai and Hawaiian heritage. She was as breath-taking and as terrifying as always. Sasha was a well-known Domme, Amber had a crush on her once and they drunkenly made out at a party, Amber being Bi, wasn’t particularly bothered about gender.

But Sasha was like a forbidden fantasy, great to look at from afar but a bit too overwhelmingly dominant to approach. So nothing had come of their encounter. Though a friend had been a rope bunny for her and told Amber she was amazing, extreme and overwhelming, but brilliant in bed.

So when she stood there with an eyebrow raised, Amber had already dropped her dress skirt, hiding the post inside her dripping hot pussy. She was no doubt blushing red but she tried to steady her voice and stay very still. Sasha had a smirk that said she knew what was happening but would rather tease than say outright. “Amber…struggling there? Were you trying to reach something hmm? Want my help? I needed to ask you for advice on a research point”

Amber just gulped, not trusting her voice as she was visibly shaking. Sasha stalked closer and Amber tried to jerk backwards, making a high-pitched noise that she would never admit to, as the thick globe pushed deeper inside her and she teetered in place.

Sasha was fast, holding her steady and smirking “You ok B?” That irritating nickname made Amber frown and glare

“I…I’m fine, I’ll be down to the travesti istanbul library in an hour. I need some time to shower if you could leave”. Her voice shook and she was pretty sure Sasha caught the flash of desire on her face as she eyed her low-cut shirt and skin tight jeans, she definitely caught Amber licking her lips.

Sasha’s hand was fast as it gripped the back of her neck, her other hand on Ambers hip. She leaned forward and nipped at Ambers lip “I’ll repeat it again B, do you want some help?”.

Amber flushed red and growled under her breath, desperate to come “Yes please…”

Sasha grinned “Good girl”

She pulled Amber dress up and off, mouthing at her nipples through the lacy bra. Stroking her all over and whispering praise. When her long pianists fingers felt around her pussy where it was stretched around the globe Amber cried out and shook, Sasha steadying her.

“Look at you taking that all in, such a good girl, now I forgot to say we only have half an hour, a teacher needs you. So, you need to get yourself off in ten minutes, think you can? But no touching yourself, just using the bedpost, ok?”

Amber whined and Sasha tutted at her, slapping her ass and telling her to start.

Sasha’s eyes were dark and intent on her as she fucked herself slowly on the post, until she stalked forward and gripped her throat, fingers pressing in just the right places to make her breathing difficult at points and make her fuzzy headed. It wasn’t usually her thing, but the casual way Sasha wielded her Dominance made her want to do anything for the praise. Sasha let go and went behind her, spanking her ass harshly until she glowed red, leaning down to lick at her pussy around the post, but avoiding her clit.

Then Sasha stood, eyes blazing as she had one hand on Amber’s throat and one pushing her down on the post more as she half leaned on her. Amber was fuzzy headed, feeling fucked out and desperate to cum.

Sasha stepped as close as possible, her jean clad leg pressing against Amber’s clit and Amber drooled as she tapped her cheeks “Such a messy girl B, one more minute or you won’t cum for the rest of the week”. Amber only needed to feel the press of that hand on her throat, the harder press of that leg on her clit and the harsh thickness of the post inside her to cum with a scream.

She just remembers cumming for what felt like ages, Sasha helping her off the post and onto the bed, stroking her hair as she felt her pussy still throbbing in aftershocks. She doesn’t recall much of the shower but knew she had one, waking to a hot sugary tea on the bedside table and Sasha sitting next to her typing with one hand and stroking her hair with the other.

She was blushing madly when Sasha patted her head and laughed, “Whilst that was a delightful surprise to walk into B, it was far from the kinkiest thing I’ve seen and done, so don’t be shy, how are you feeling? Don’t worry I told the teacher we were busy”.

Amber hid her head against the pillow and muttered “I’m ok, just tired and mortified”.

Sasha lifted her head, laughed and kissed the end of her nose “Cute as a button, now drink that tea, we have work to do.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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